Los Angeles Shopping Experience

by Deep Blue

Copyright© 2014 by Deep Blue

BDSM Sex Story: A high-priced lawyer gets more than be bargained for when stepping out to purchase a pair of sunglasses.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Rough   Water Sports   .

Stuart Thomas looked out his window. The sun was bright so he had to squint a little. The LA smog hung like an ugly and unwanted chandelier. He hated LA. He couldn't understand what people saw in this place. It was too crowded, too polluted, too many stuck-up women. He'd been here for two years which was one year too many. His firm promised him that after one year he'd have his pick of offices. He chose San Diego with its beautiful beaches and close proximity to Baja. When the time came for him to move-on the firm asked him to stay on and oversee a merger that was that close to litigation. He reluctantly agreed and they gave him a fat raise to compensate. From his corner office on the seventieth floor of the US Bank Tower he could barely see the street below from the smog. He was restless and he couldn't sit still. He looked at his watch; ten o'clock. He felt the need to move about so he decided he needed a walk. He got up from his chair and walked out into the lobby.

'Beatrice, I'll be out for a bit. I need to take a walk. Do I have anything before noon?'

Beatrice Dexter opened up her boss's appointment schedule and saw all blanks until 2pm.

'You're clear until two, Boss' – she turned her head slightly and smiled. 'Where are you off to? Feeling anxious?' As she said that she wrinkled her nose.

'Ha ha. No, I'm feeling restless and need to get out of here before my head implodes' Call me on my cell if you need me. Want anything while I'm out?'

'Yes, stop by Hollywood and bring me a hunk' Stuart smirked.

'Anything else, Your Majesty?'

'Yes, I want him young. No older than 25! See you when you get back'

The phone rang and Beatrice answered as Stuart turned away and headed out the door and into the elevator lobby. He had a unique relationship with his assistant. She kept him grounded and complimented his manic approach to work. His colleagues were surprised that such an outspoken woman, and a black woman at that, could remain at such a prim and proper place like a high-priced law firm. Stuart liked straight forwardness and Beatrice had plenty of that and more. He could see how she intimidated the other lawyers. The woman also oozed feminine sexuality like no other he'd seen. She wasn't slutty and she always dressed impeccably. Above all though, she was efficiency personified.

Stuart stepped out of the elevator and exited the building into the bright LA sunshine. The brightness reminded him of those high-watt bulbs used in photo shoots and it made him squint. He checked his jacket pocket and realized that he'd forgotten his sun glasses back upstairs in his office. He didn't want to go back and get them, they were cheap ones anyway. No matter he thought, I'm in LA so how hard could it be to get sun glasses? He needed a decent pair the high-priced lawyer that he was. He turned right and headed towards the shopping district. Walking and thinking, he couldn't quite put his finger on what exactly it was that turned him off about LA. He hated the smog and above all, the traffic. He tried thinking of the things he liked; the women, the restaurants, Venice Beach and the wet bikini contests. And while he hated to go through with it, he went and bought himself a condo. Living at the Four Seasons was getting to him and it seemed the right thing to do. He no longer had to rely on his car. Granted there wasn't a whole heck of a lot to do downtown but he did manage to find a gem of seedy bar a few blocks east of his place. He decided that he was going to head there after work.

He rounded the corner and saw a sign that said 'Vuarnet' and headed towards it. When he entered he was relieved to find the shop considerably cooler than outside. It was still early so the store was also empty. There was no bell on the door announcing his presence and he didn't see any sales people. The dimness of the store caused him to have to go right up closely to the display cases and look. The glasses all pretty much looked the same, he thought. Save for the price of which there were none on any of the glasses he saw.

'Are you looking for something in particular?'

He looked up and almost fell over. Feeling his face flush, he barely managed to compose himself before answering. The woman across the room looked as if she'd stepped out of magazine. She was tall, blonde, soft featured with full lips surrounding a mouth that could only be described as 'pouty' He felt awkward staring at her the way he did. He felt like a proverbial deer in the headlights. Or in this case, like crosshairs. Her green eyes never left his as she walked towards him. The metal on-metal click of heels on the marble floor made him want to bolt from the store and never return. As she got closer he saw taught hips that sat atop long muscular legs. Runner's legs he surmised. He was transfixed by the way her tight black leather skirt swayed from side to side; almost like a sensual pendulum. He saw that she was wearing black leather boots that went up just above her knee. She crossed her arms over full breasts that strained under a white silk blouse and stood behind the display. He could smell a delicate mix of jasmine and vanilla. When he stood up she was eye to eye with him. The bored look on her face told him to get to the point.

'Hello. Yes, please. I'm looking for a pair of sun glasses'

'Obviously. Why else would you be in a store that sells sun glasses' Her rhetorical answer immediately made him feel like an idiot. She remained still, her eyes transfixed with his. He felt uncomfortable and fought to maintain his composure.

'Um, well yes – he chuckled. He felt like a complete and utter moron.

'How much are you willing to spend?' She asked. She walked around the front of the display and stopped about three feet from him.

He decided that he would try to be cool and gain control of the situation. He turned on his best boyish smile


"I dunno, a hundred dollars I think should do it".

'In that case this store is not for you. I suggest you try Penny's a few blocks over at the mall. They cater to the pedestrian' She never moved an inch. Her eyes bored into his. It was as if he was of great inconvenience to her. He was starting to get annoyed.

'I beg your pardon?' He tried his best to sound incredulous while maintaining his ram-rod Harvard Law composure.

'I said, why don't you take your pedestrian taste elsewhere. Somewhere more suited for your type. No offense meant' Clearly she was lying with her 'no offense meant' comment. He wasn't about to stand there and take this from a retail employee.

Stuart turned towards her and crossed his arms as if he was cross-examining a hostile witness. He was now eye to eye and shoulder to shoulder with this woman. Though he clearly was annoyed, he tried to stay cool and make light of his predicament.

'Don't you want my business? Is my money no good here?'

'It's your tourist taste that is no good here. We don't cater to customers who walk in into a store like this and expect it to have a bargain bin'

Her expression never changed and she did not move. He was able to feel her from the three feet that separated them. Not once did she take his eyes off of his. Stuart was almost at a loss but refused to give up. He was not about to give a single inch with this woman no matter what.

'I would like to buy a pair of sun glasses', he said calmly.

'I think we've well established that fact. What you clearly fail to understand is that we do not sell sunglasses for that price. Or even remotely close to it.' Her tone was even. It wasn't patronizing or apologetic, it was matter of fact.

'Well how much... '

'Now ... she interrupted him.

'This is what is going to happen; you're going to turn around and with your one hundred dollars you're going to leave my store. Run along now, there's a good boy'

Stuart just stood there gawking, unable to say anything. The nerve of this woman, he thought. Who the fuck did she think she was? He was now in unfamiliar territory being spoken to like that and was unable to decide what to do next. Clearly though, retreat was not an option. The few seconds he stood there silent seemed like minutes. Even though the store was cool he could feel himself getting hot.

'Umm, look I'm sorry. I uh, I'm new to LA and uh I guess I figured one hundred dollars would be enough for a pair of sun glasses. I actually left mine back in the office' His smile was met with an icy stare that would have chilled an Eskimo to the bone. She didn't say anything but kept staring at him as if it was some kind of contest. He started to feel nauseous and he wanted to get out of there.

'Look Miss, umm... ? He waited for her to tell him her name. She just stood there silent. He finally broke her gaze and looked down. He shook his head and turned toward the door. She still didn't move. As he grabbed the door handle she said;

'Where are you from' It wasn't a question. It was a statement that required an answer. He stopped and turned to face her. She had turned her head towards him not moving the rest of his body.

'Seattle' he said. He felt his nausea turn to a mixture of fear and anger.

'Do all men from Seattle shrink like little boys when put in their places by a woman? And then run at the first sign of danger, hmm? Is that what happens in Seattle? Tell me, what is it that you do in that suit?' There was just a tinge of sarcasm when she said 'suit. She turned and walked slowly toward him her arms still crossed. There was the hint, a slight hint of a smile on her face. Actually it was more of a smirk Stuart had decided. Clearly this woman was pleased with herself having all but neutered him. Stuart turned to face her. The slow purposeful click of her boots reverberated in the silence of the store. He began to feel very uncomfortable.

'I think I am going to leave and go to another store'

'Oh? You didn't answer me. What is it that you do?'

'I'm a lawyer'

'A lawyer' She stopped about a foot and a half in front of him. Their eyes were perfectly level with each other's.

'A lawyer – she repeated. What type of law'

'Coporate law. I'm in mergers and acquisitions for a firm up the street.' –Look, I have to go now'

'You walk into my store. A corporate lawyer who does, what was it? Mergers and acquisitions? You come into my store in downtown Los Angeles with one hundred dollars and expect to purchase a pair of sun glasses. Is that about right'?

Stuart smelled something different on this woman he quite couldn't put his finger on. In such close proximity to her he felt inadequate. He could feel himself start to perspire. Her eyes now transfixed his. Her mouth had formed into a semi-sneer as she reveled in her victory. Stuart was now somewhat frightened and he was positively sure it was beginning to show. She reached out one arm and slowly pushed the door closed behind him. Not taking his eyes off of hers he could see her arm move slightly. He heard the dry sound of a deadbolt lock into place securing the door. He turned and looked down to confirm this. Her arm then turned the 'open' sign around to read 'closed' Stuart stared at the woman unable to move. Her muscular yet feminine frame matched her commanding presence. He started to feel strangely attracted to her but in a way he did not understand.

'I've seen hundreds of guys like you. Hundreds. You're all the same". She brought her arm back. Stuart could feel his heart beat quicken. He wasn't quite sure what he should do. She then reached out her hand.


Without thinking or pausing he reached into his suit jacket and handed her his phone. She accepted the phone and without looking at it she tossed it behind her head where it landed with metallic breaking sound on the solid marble floor.

'You won't be needing that'

Stuart started to feel uneasy on his feet. He couldn't tear himself away from the hypnotic gaze of this woman. His arms were like lead weights at his side and it felt as if his feet were encased in concrete. She regarded him for a full minute. Her expression never changed. After what seemed like an eternity she finally said;

'You need to learn your place when you're in my store. Walk to the back of the store and go behind the counter. You see that door? Go through it and wait for me'

Like an automaton Stuart complied. His mind was completely blank. His fear was gone and was replaced with a feeling of resignation. He was not sure what was back there but at that point he didn't care. He made his way to the room at the back. He could hear the woman move behind him but he did not look back. When he reached the door he turned to look and she was gone. The room was empty. He opened the door and went in. The room was all but dark. When his eyes got accustomed to the low light he could see what looked a rack at the far wall. A rack? He went to back out when he felt a blunt object press into the middle of his back.

'Don't move. Listen to me and do not speak.'

'What... '

Whatever she was holding pressed into his back more firmly.

'I said do not speak. I will not tell you again. When I address you I will ask you to speak. If I do not ask, you will nod your head 'yes' or you will shake your head 'no' Do I make myself clear'

This was not a question but a statement. Stuart nodded his head.

'Good boy' She said. 'Now take off your clothes'

He turned to face her and felt a sudden sting behind his right ear. At the same time the object pressed even harder into his back. Stuart turned back and began to take off his clothes. He suddenly felt very self-conscious. He also got very excited. He could feel the front of his pants start to form a tent. The woman removed the object from his back and came and stood in front of him. For a brief moment he thought he saw her smile while she looked at him. If it was a smile, it had disappeared. She was wearing the same boots and mini skirt but was now wearing leather cocktail gloves and a black leather corset with leather ties that criss-crossed the front. Her natural breasts were such that they were barely contained by the garment. He stared at her as he slipped out of his pants. With one hip cocked she regarded him with some satisfaction. In her right hand she held a retractable police baton. In the other she had a three foot riding crop, the kind you see in the movies. Her chest rose and fall with each breath. In the middle of each breast he could see outlined a perfect thimble-sized nipple that stood straight out. Though it was fairly warm in the room he could see goose bumps on her skin. She stood the expressionless watching him undress. He got down to his underwear and stopped.

'Everything' She said.

His cock throbbed against the fabric of his underwear. He pulled them down and it sprang free. He saw a brief glint in her eye as if she approved of what she saw.

'Turn around' She commanded.

She walked up behind him and reached around the front of his neck and placed a leather collar around it. He felt her hot breath on his neck and a brief brush of leather encased breast against his back. His right hand automatically went up to touch the collar when he felt a sting down the centre of his back. It was as if a million electric wires in his skin fired at once. He jolted and winced at the pain and put his hand down. He then felt the crop against the back of his head. She ran it down his back and along the welt that was surely forming. His body shuddered as he tried to remain standing. She walked around to his front. She reached out and grabbed him by the large metal ring that hung from the front of the collar. With a sharp tug on the front she forced him down to his knees.

'Now, this is how this is going to work' she said.

'You're going to do what I tell you, when I tell you. You're being here is an inconvenience to me. Though, I can see the potential for amusement'

Stuart, his head bowed looked up with his eyes. He could see her leather clad legs. The soft leather of the boot showed the outline of her slender feet and as she shifted her weight the soft light glinted off of the stainless steel heel spike. He wondered how he'd let himself get into this predicament. For a brief moment he thought about his 2pm appointment but he couldn't remember who it was with or what it was about. It didn't matter to him. He doubted very much that he'd be able to make that appointment anyway. He cleared his mind and focused on the signal his brain was sending to his body. The pain from the welt down the centre of his back had subsided. He tried to relax and but the position he was in caused him to tense his back and shoulder muscles. His knees were starting to feel his weight and they were beginning to throb.

'Miss, he said lifting his head. 'Can I please sit down or something?'

Swiftly and with no warning he heard a whoosh through the air and felt an incredible sting on his back. Then another. And another. He cried out on the last one. He then felt a hand grab a handful of hair. Yanking his neck back she whispered very softly in his ear; his nostrils filled with her scent.

'I thought I explained things to you earlier. I told you what was expected'

With that the hand released her and he heard her walk away to the other side of the room. She returned and reached down in front of him. He heard her fasten something to the ring attached to the collar around his neck. Gathering up the slack in the long leather strip, the woman uttered one command;


Stuart slowly got up to his feet. He lifted his head and stared into two green pools of fire. The longer he stared the more he relaxed. He felt his entire body relax as he tried in vain to see if he could read something from her expression. What he saw no longer frightened him and he thought he began to understand. The heat from her stare penetrated into him like a spear. His fear vanished and was replaced with an intense desire to give himself to this woman. His eyes spoke with utter submission. He straightened up, turned square to her and slightly nodded his head in both acknowledgement and deference. Without saying a word she turned and leash in-hand lead him across the room to a long wooden table. When she got there she turned and faced him. Stuart knew what was expected of him and without being told climbed onto the table. He lay back down and extended his arms above his head. Lying there for a few seconds he felt totally at ease, the remaining pain him is back a sweet memory and reminder of what was surely to come. He stared at the ceiling and took slow deep breaths. His nostrils were filled with the memory of her scent when she was close to him. He felt her attach leather straps to each of his ankles. He closed his eyes. He heard her walk past him to the front of the table and fasten both of his wrists snugly into leather straps. There was a slight give in both his arms and his legs but he remained completely still. He kept his eyes closed and attuned his other senses to the darkness. He felt a slight draft on his left side; probably coming from under the door he thought. He felt something on his face; a blindfold. It was lined with fur and fit snugly around his head. He could smell the leather; a salty, muskiness that stirred his loins. His cock was stirring with anticipation. Though he thought he might know what was going to happen, he was ready for anything. The thought of those hips grinding into him caused his member to twitch. He heard her once again cross the room and open a drawer. When she walked, she walked with a deliberate rhythm that spoke of a person taking her time and preparing for some task. Walking back close to him she stopped some distance away.

'I am going to give you a name. Each time I say this name you are to respond with 'yes Mistress' Do you understand, Slave?'

'Yes Mistress' Stuart said.

Stuart's mouth opened and he licked his lips thinking of what this woman was going to do to him.


'Yes Mistress'

'I am going to take you on a journey. A journey at whose end you will know the meaning of respect whereby you will learn your place. If it pleases me you will be rewarded. If it pleases me you will be punished. If it pleases me I will leave you here for a month. Regardless, I will be pleased'

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