The Professor and the Master's Daughter

by Joe Buckworth

Copyright© 2013 by Joe Buckworth

Erotica Sex Story: While on vacation at Tim's cabin in Maine, Tim role plays being a slave to Paige as the Master's daughter. They both enjoy the game and the result is early morning hot sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   Oral Sex   .

Tim was splitting wood for the cabin stove on a mild August morning. It would get to the high 70's this afternoon, but would dip into the 40's tonight. The daily temperature swing was one of the things he liked most about Maine in August. He was nearly done, having spent the last hour creating three weeks' worth of wood.

Paige cradled the warm cup of coffee to her breast as she watched through the window as Tim's long, sinewy muscles glistened with sweat in the morning sun. She felt a familiar tingle between her legs as the axe made contact with the log, the halves flying off the tree stump. Is there something wrong with me? We've made love at least twice a day for the last week and I'm still horny! A hand rubbed her breasts through her tee shirt and the nipples hardened immediately. She put the coffee down to concentrate on her needs. One hand left her marvelous breasts and slid into her panties, directly to her damp lips. She continued to watch Tim as a finger urged her clit to attention. She moaned softly as it continued inside her slick pussy, so joined by its next door neighbor. Within minutes the tension mounted to the point where all Paige could think about was Tim's thick cock replacing her fingers. She hurriedly striped off her shirt and panties, replacing them with a thin summer frock.

The slamming screen door drew Tim's attention to the front porch. The sight of Paige in a thin shift caused his loins to stir. Jesus! I just can't get enough of that! His mind flashed back to the incredible sex they had during this past week. Down by the lake, on the porch, in the shade of the dam, and just about every other place possible up here. Plus, their love of sexual roll playing made their relationship unique. Tim's favorite so far this week was "The Lost Girl Scout." When he inquired where Paige had gotten a real Girl Scout uniform that fit her, complete with badges and knee socks she smiled. "I have my sources," she giggled and that was the end of it.

Watching her brought him another thought. 200 years ago I would be the slave and she would be the Master's daughter. How far we've come. We can go out anywhere and people don't give us a second look.

"Tim!" she called. "Can you come here please?" Seeing an opportunity to have some fun, Tim replied in his best slave drawl. "I's comin' Missy." He dropped his axe and strolled over to the porch. A knowing grin and lustful eyes met him when he got there. "I need something fixed. Come inside." His eyes widened in mock fear. "Oh no missy! I cain't do that! The Massa wup me somethin' awful if he caught me in the house when he warnt here!"

"Well, I need something done, and if you don't come in the house I'll tell my Pa that you tried to get in, but I had to fight you off! So get yo cute black ass in here now!"

Tim hesitated a moment then shuffled up the steps past Paige and into the cabin. She gave him a playful smack on the ass as he went by. "If you ain't good there's more where that came from!"

Paige went in and locked the door behind her. She looked Tim up and down. His sweat covered muscles rippled from the morning's wood splitting. She stared at his crotch, noticing a slight swelling. She licked her lips in anticipation.

"I have an itch," she explained, "and I need it scratched."

"Cain't you scratch it yoself?" he asked.

"I tried, but I can't reach the spot."

"Where is it?" he inquired.

She lifted her dress up to her waist, exposing her pale blonde pussy. "It's here."

Tim stared at her cunt. He could tell that she had been playing with it while he was outside. The lips were red and swollen. "Oh Lordy!" he exclaimed. "Dat's one purty pussy you got there. But I scared Missy! Ifin' yo Papa come home while I scratchin' you, he surely will kill me."

"That's the risk you'll just have to take. Either that or a definite beatin' when I tell him that you tried to break in and rape me! Now get over here and get down on your knees!"

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