On the Way to Sweden

by Robin

Copyright© 2013 by Robin

Erotica Sex Story: On her way to a new life, she stops off to fulfill a long held fantasy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

The first part of this was sent to me by a reader who is on her way to Sweden and a new life with a new husband. They had had less than a few months together in the States before he had to return to his homeland. I have edited her text a bit to make it a little more readable, but essentially, this is her story.

Without any in depth thought, I find myself walking over to your chair where you are sitting, massaging your member, watching me with a look I cannot explain. It is as if you are looking right though me, exploring me from the inside out. Such is the intensity of your unwavering stare from those brown, deep set eyes. My near nakedness is forgotten. All thoughts of self-awareness have been left behind, along with the vestments of everyday. Discarded in an untidy heap behind me on the floor of the hotel bathroom.

I slowly place my hands on your shoulders. I feel your muscles, defined under your skin, revealed to my touch. Then, teasingly, I run my fingertips up and down the surface of your arm, scraping my nails over the goose flesh. The reaction of your skin is getting me excited, as is the anticipation, watching you, wanting you. I can almost taste you on my hungry lips as I moisten them with my tongue, sucking my bottom lip as I breathe in deeply.

The desire I feel for you, (I'm wearing nothing more than a black lace teddy with a low cut front, without panties) ... is achingly screaming for release. Reaching down, I take your hand and place it between my thighs as an invitation to that moist, hidden centre of precious need. You start fingering me, a single digit toying with my lips and inner folds and then, barely touching my clit in fleeting electric impulses. I'm still gently holding your hand, looking in to your eyes that are devouring my body, my soul, my whole being while my sex offers up its secrets.

I'm getting really hot and my pussy is aching for you. The exploration of my sex continues as you slide a second finger into my body. I part my legs a little to make your exploration that much easier. I lean my head back, exposing my throat. Your fingers are working pure magic, bringing me to a point when I will cascade over in a crashing climax.

You kneel fluidly, leaving the chair and keeping your fingers buried inside me. Changing the angle. Your other hand lifts my sheer teddy a little so you can lick at my sex and suck me with your very skilled lips and tongue, fingering me as you mercilessly tease my clit. You know what you want and it turns me on, knowing that a master, a virtuoso performance on the taut strings of my body, is playing me.

I'm so hot now; the combination of fingers and tongue has brought me to a threshold, a quivering pinnacle of heat and need. You slide the third finger into me, moving in and out slowly, relentlessly, sucking at the juices that my pussy so willingly produces for you. Yes! A long drawn out hiss escapes from between my teeth. You know how to bend my body to your will and bid my juices to flow, almost on command as if I have no say in the betrayal of my body to your desires.

And then I smile as a thought occurs, I push your hand away gently, I still had hold of your wrist, then, leaning down I whisper in your ear.

"Sit back in your chair baby, I will ride you".

You smile a very pleasing, but hungry smile as you do as I ask, sitting on the edge of the rattan chair which had almost been forgotten in the heat of our sex. I brace my weight on your shoulders, placing my hands, palm down and slide my left leg over your outstretched limbs. I pause for a moment, relishing the heat of my sex and the beseeching look in your eyes. Then, deliciously slowly, I allow my body to drop until you slide your cock deep within the depths of my, longing, awaiting and soaking wet pussy. It devours every desirable inch that you have willingly offered to me.

Facing you, I lean in and kiss you, lovingly, softly our tongues and caressing each other through parted lips. I lightly suck in your bottom lip and then the top, drawing blood into the sensitive tissue. God you taste so fresh, reminding me of newly ripe peaches in the springtime. My sensitive and hardened nipples brush against the hairs of your chest, adding to the calumny of feelings that threaten to overwhelm me.

Leaning forward further, I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you closer to me, putting pressure on the base of your cock so that it rubs against my clit as you slide in and out. The slight friction is pure magic. I can feel you deep inside of me, filling my depths with your length.

Oh! I'm in pure heaven. Still kissing you with all the desires I am feeling. I start moving back and forth slowly with a pelvic rock, in time with your thrusts. Your hands explore my body, until they find my cheeks. Feeling your hot caressing hands on my ass, squeezing and rubbing gently, I am aware of feeling, of wanting more, as I move back and forth, deliciously slowly. You pick up the rhythm and begin to move with my motions, a little in and out of me burying your hot cock deeply into me.

Mm, it is as if I am in paradise or someplace I have yet to encounter, perhaps utopia. You pull up on my ass as to lift it up a bit and change the tempo of our movement. I begin moving up and down slowly on your hard cock, driving you deeper yet.

As if of their own mind my fingers are running through your hair while my lips are kissing you very softly and lovingly, our tongues entwined in a lovers embrace. I can feel your heartbeat and see the pulsing of an artery on your forehead. I can see and feel it quickening with the pace of our passion, of wanting and being as one.

We start moving faster with deeper, longer thrusts as the heat of our passion grows. I hear you moan with pleasure, a low sound from the back of your throat, it excites me even further, brings me closer to a climax. My pussy is sucking at you, enveloping and caressing the slickness of your hard cock. I feel you pulsating deep within me. Wanting more I kiss you deeply, biting on your lip as I feel my hunger for you growing out of control. You respond in turn with an equally consuming passion. I feel your heated breath on my cheek as it escapes from your mouth in ragged gasps.

The kiss is too much now, a contact that cannot be maintained where we are moving in unison, faster now with me moving up and down rubbing up against you. We reach fever pitch of emotions that combine and cause a height of passion that I had never quite felt before.

And then, as the culmination of our desire reaches a crescendo, you whisper in rasping breaths.

"I'm going to cum deep inside you please cum with me".

That is all it took. It was you, simply asking, stating what is was you wanted from me that caused me to explode with so much force in a gut wrenching paroxysm that I never knew my body was capable of. My orgasm took me like a tremendous cramp without the pain. My cum washed over your cock, released and expelled forcefully.

I can hear your breathing, heavy now, laboured, laced with the grunts of exertion and moans of delight. Those sounds drive me to find a little more, another orgasm as our arms pull each other close. Painfully I bite on my lower lip as another orgasm devastates me. You drive your cock further into me, deeper somehow than before. And then, I feel you cum in shudders of orgasm, your seed spurting in hot pulses, filling my being with your spend. I orgasm with you, with my pussy milking and sucking at your throbbing muscle, drawing every drop you gush, deep inside of me, I cum all over your hard shaft, adding my own essences to the mixture of our love making.

Oh! That was beyond any experience I had ever felt before. It was pure heaven. We hold on to one another caressing each other's hot sweat soaked bodies. A tear runs down my cheek, the result of the intensity we had shared. I kiss you very softly, smiling as I look in to your loving eyes and say.

"That was wonderful. I loved it" I'm looking in your penetrating eyes searching, but knowing that this was to be the first of what I hoped would be many such explosive encounters in the short time we have.

This time may have been at my command, it was how I wanted it to play out, the dominant one if you like, but I knew that, in this partnership, dominance was not an issue. It would be however we played it at that time. This was the culmination of all of those hours spent describing what we thought would be a fantasy only. Striking our keyboards, conveying our hearts desires.

It was as if I were in your mind, reading your thoughts, hearing through your ears and looking through you mind. I could anticipate exactly what you wanted to feel, what your body craved. That first time, when we had overcome the frenetic first meeting at the Airport, was an experience of sharing, of, for the first time for me, having a special insight into what makes a woman tick. It was a privilege and a sharing of minds I had never before received.

I had hoped that we would knit together. I couldn't be sure because, although we had been talking through our chosen chat room forum and had formed something of a special bond; we hadn't met in person and therein lay a fundamental difference between the sexes. Man usually needs a visual stimulation whereas a woman looks for something else, something more ethereal and intangible, perhaps a genetic trait that she wants her offspring to carry, perhaps a throw back to our animal instincts.

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