Aunt Cecelia

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: They'd worked together, Jake and his 'Aunt' Cecelia, his Mom's best friend, and now all of his Mom, Susie's, stuff was taken care of. The funeral was over and it was time to settle down. Cecelia had been a part of Jake's life 'forever'; he'd been, in fact, 'in lust' with her always, it seemed. He didn't know that she felt the same way but was about to find it out, and the romance began.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   .


The hard work was about done. Both of them sat briefly, before hauling one last load off to the GoodWill store. They smiled at each other. Both seemed a bit tired; after all, they'd been working on this for two days now and were only seeing 'the light at the end of the tunnel' at this point.

For Jake Wattss it was the end, kind of, of a whole huge part of his life. He'd even come back home to take care of his Mom, the lovely Susie Wattss. But now 'his Susie', Jake's Susie had finally succumbed to the problems that attended her MS. She was gone, that's the thing that still amazed and confused Jake, Susie, his lovely Mom was actually gone.

Sue Wattss and Cecelia Morgan went back a long way. They'd been best buddies as girls and always remained close: being part of each other's weddings, going to school together. Both, due to the way life at times treats people, ended up living alone. Cecelia, having married a much older man, who'd died on a business trip, never had children. Her pal Susie Wattss very early in life had her Jake. It was one of those teenaged pregnancies but in Susie's case she was helped, protected and encouraged by her wonderful parents, both gone now too.

Jake was always Susie's pride and joy, and the slim difference in age, a mere 16 years, made them, over the years, more like pals than Mom and Son, especially once Jake was grown and away.

But Jake had come back from his army tours to live at home. By then his Mom wasn't doing all that well and he took an active hand in helping her out. But Cecelia Morgan was always there to help. As a matter of fact, as Susie began to really fail, Cecelia became the major factor in her care. At the time Jake was busy working in the construction business, outside in the good weather and on inside jobs in the winter.

(Jake had had some good training as a construction worker, while in the army and topped that off with a degree in engineering, once he was finished with the army.)

At 32 Jake was both good looking and in great shape. He treated both his Mom and his 'Aunt Cecelia' at times with great romance, dancing with them, taking them out and being a general swain for both of them. It was, in this respect, a lovely relationship.

And when Susie finally died, Cecelia was there both to console Jake and to help him with the arrangements. They'd made it a fairly private family kind of funeral, which Susie had wanted. But then, afterwards, there was the huge task of going through Susie's things.

At first Cecelia stepped in to help sort out and move along Susie night wear, and underwear, sparing Jake that kind of job. After a conversation with each other, Jake and Cecelia decided against having an auction sale of the items and simply went on with the task, once the 'unmentionables' were dealt with, of boxing and carting off the other things that needed to be moved out.

It was a long process and provided Cecelia and Jake a busy, busy two days but now they were finished, and resting.

Cecelia Morgan was much like Susie Watts. She, at the time of the funeral, was 49 years old but just lovely. She was petite, like Susie had been but she was, of the two of them, the busty one. Often enough Susie had told Cecelia that she envied her 'chestiness'. Of course, at her age, Cecelia was beginning to put on a small amount of weight, not so much noticeable by others but all too plain to her. She worked out to keep the 'spreading', as she complained about it, both to Susie and also, at times, to Jake, under control.

Jake's normal reply to Cecelia's complaints about getting a big butt were frequent sallies into an area of kidding and jibing at her that always had the effect of bringing her out of her thoughts. He took to calling her, at those times, Callipygious Cecelia.

She, of course, looked it up and it always made her squeal with delight, when he called her that. At times it was only 'Cal', when he spoke to her, and was in the right mood.

She'd frequently tell him to 'stop that' and complained, in a fake manner, that he was being disrespectful. But his answer was always a variation on saying that the term was one of endearment for him and meant as an out and out compliment. That also made her squeal or giggle, and frequently enough, hit him ineffectually with her fist. It certainly left Jake grinning every single time.

"We're done, Cal," he said, looking over at his 'Aunt'.

Cecelia giggled at the reference; plus, it had the effect of lightening the mood of the two of them right then.

"Yes," she said, "Thank heaven for that."

"I can't hardly thank you enough," he said. "Your help has been sensational. I'm forever in your debt for helping me out."

"Oh, honey," she said, going to him and putting her hand on his cheek. "Of course I helped. We're family; that's what we are: you, me and our lovely Susie!"

Cecelia began to cry then and Jake simply rose and put his arms around her and let her cry.

"She was so wonderful!" Cecelia sobbed. "And I loved her so!"

"Can I take you out for some dinner?" he asked.

"Why don't we go to my place," Cecelia said, "I have some steaks that I can broil for us, and we're both beat."

"Thank you, love," he said, kissing her on each cheek.

(It probably should be mentioned, at this pointed, that Jake Watts had had the 'hots' for Cecelia Morgan for years. In his teenaged days, she was constantly the companion of his masturbation fantasies. He simply enjoyed ogling her and worked hard at keeping that from being obvious. But that kind of attention to Cecelia never faded for him. It was still part of his everyday feelings. )

The decision was made then. They went to Cecelia's, which was actually next door so that she could make a dinner for the two of them.

During dinner, she asked him about plans. She realized, when she asked it, that she was a bit anxious about the possibility of Jake leaving the area. She decided to store that information in the back of her mind and only bring it up to look at it later.

"I think that I'm going to do a rehab on the house," he said, and she smiled. "I've talked to my boss and we're slow right now. I'll spend a couple days a week doing it and the rest of the time with the regular job."

"Oh, that sounds grand," she said. "What are you going to do specifically?"

"Well, I have to look it over well and do some sketching," —- Jake had a good hand at drawing and frequently added sketches for the jobs that he was working on. "Then," he went on, "I'll maybe begin with the bedrooms. I don't like the way that those rooms are set. The two on the one side of the hall with the bathroom there I'll turn into a master suite, making the bathroom en suite in the process. Across the hall, I'm going to simply turn that bathroom, between those rooms, into a free standing one. Then both of those rooms will be guest rooms."

"Sounds cozy," she said. "I know that no work has been done there for such a long time."

She yawned at that point, putting her hand over her mouth, and blushed. "Sorry!" she said quickly.

"Hey," he responded, "It's been a long day and you've been helping me since morning. You get to be tired." He chuckled then and said; "Sounded like a kind of sexy sound to me, anyway! That's my sexy Cal!"

That made her blush again, and she put her hands up to her cheeks automatically. He reached out his own hand and stroked her cheek.

"Cecelia Morgan," he said softly, "You are the best of the best! Momma's best friend forever and, I have to tell you, the love of my life!"

Cecelia blushed again and tears formed in her eyes. She put her own hand over his and said: "I'm so pleased that you're going to stay, Jake. It wouldn't be the same without you here."

She thought a moment and asked: "But I was wondering: if you're going to do the bedroom rehabbing there, why not come and stay with me? It'll get you out of the mess and you'll have a hot meal at the end of your day and a place to stay."

His smiled broadened and he said: "Why, aren't you just the best of the best! Thank you, thank you; that's a great idea. Are you sure that I won't be putting you out?"

"Absolutely," she said, "And I do intend to help with the work next door. I can hold the ladder and fetch the hammer and bring the coffee and all sorts of things." She was grinning at him, when she was finished.

"I guess you can!" he said. "That means Carpenter's apron and hammer, boots and hard hat for Cecelia!"

"Goodie for me!" she said, noticing right away that he had stopped using the normal 'Aunt Cecelia' for her. In her own mind, she saw that as a bit of progress. She certainly wasn't sure for herself what that 'progress' was in aid of but it struck her as progress.

"Clean up?" he asked her then.

"No," she replied, "You're the construction boss and I'm the 'gofer', the scullery maid. I'll clean up."

"If I'm the boss," he said, smiling, "Then I insist on helping with the clean- up."

"Thanks, boss!" she said, returning his smile.

"Any time, Cal!" He made her giggle, once he called her that again.

They worked companionably on the clean-up then and, once it was all done, Jake admitted that he was tired and was going home to bed.

"You'll bring your things over this week?" she said.

"You know," he returned, "I will; I'm intent on getting this started right away. It'll be kind of therapy for me at the same time."

"Yes," she offered, "I'm sure it will be."

They walked to the door then. He turned to her, when they were at the door and put his arms around her. She, for herself, sunk into the protection of his arms and sighed to herself.

"Thank you, thank you, Cecelia, for always being her pal, her buddy and for being such a support and help for me! I can hardly even think of any way to repay you for all that!" he said.

She put her finger on his lips then and said: "Hush with the 'repay' talk. It's that we're family and have always been that way. You know that."

(Though at the very same time her mind was throwing up erotic kind of fantasies about how he might just 'repay' her. She submerged those kind of thoughts again very quickly, promising herself to come back to them later.)

He held her for a few moments. (Jake, for his part, was just enjoying being this close to Cecelia. His own agenda closely matched hers, though it was undetected on either of their parts at that time.) Then he reached down and kissed her brow and with one last hug, left to go home next door.

They each, separately, as he left her at the door, had their thoughts about what had happened just a moment ago.

"Boy, didn't she feel great," he mused, and then, with a chuckle: "Hope she didn't feel my erection growing." It only left him chuckling and opening his fantasy doors about 'Aunt Cecelia' naked and at his disposal. With that thought, he let himself into the house.

Meanwhile, Cecelia was simply having a session of heavy breathing, telling herself: "Didn't he feel wonderful, pressed up against me." She giggled then and said: "And I felt that thing growing!" This caused her to laugh and said: "Maybe you've still got it, girl! But she quickly chided herself for having 'dirty thoughts' about Susie's boy. That chiding, however, didn't stop those thoughts from running through her mind.

"Oh," she said finally, "A bath for me and then I can think like that." This made her giggle again.


Jake moved in and they quickly set up a schedule. He went to work right away on the rehabbing of his Mom's house. He worked long hours and periodically Cecelia would come to keep him company or to fetch him a snack or lunch. They made it a practice, once he was finished for the day, to be sure to have a good dinner at home, her home.

Both of them, in the process, were becoming aware of the tension that existed between them, as living together became the norm for their lives. They also, independently of one another, were each rather pleased with the growth of that tension.

For Cecelia it was often just a treat to go to where he was currently working in the house, to see him, talk to him or bring him something. He wore, usually, a pair of cargo pocket shorts, work boots and a tee shirt. For her, for Cecelia, he was simply on display, and she reveled in that constantly happening.

She'd often enough giggled to herself about what he was going to look like, when she went to see him. There were things that simply appealed to her; they were things that she kept to herself, however. Among those was his constant sweatiness. Sweatiness, especially Jake's sweatiness was a secret turn on for her. She kept that information hidden for herself and her private moments, when she'd trot such thoughts out and have a time playing with herself, while thinking about Jake and the way that he looked that day at work.

And of course there were times that were just scintillating. She went to him with coffee and hot cinnamon rolls one late morning. He was working on a ladder and his shorts that day were shorter than usual. Looking up at him, she could see his butt cheeks, and they were covered by a sheen of red nylon underwear. It fairly made her gasp. She collected that image and kept it to herself, promising herself to trot it out later and allow herself to play with it in mind.

For Jake it was much the same. He was as entranced by Cecelia as he ever had been. He made sure, however, that he kept that to himself, not wanting to be in a position to take advantage of her good nature, in letting him stay with her.

They went on that way for most of a week and a half, with Jake working long hours in Susie's house and then coming home for dinner with Cecelia, talking to her about his work day and explaining what he'd accomplished with his own work day. It was a constant schedule for him right then of working on the rehab and doing his construction work during the remaining days of the week.

Time went by pleasantly for him, for them both.

A change did come along and in an unsuspected form.They would periodically, when Jake wasn't working on the house in the evenings, sit and watch some tv, movies or just shows.

On one such occasion, they'd watched a late night movie and Jake, after having a beer, that Cecelia fetched for him, fell asleep on the couch where they were sitting. By the time the movie was over, Cecelia didn't have the heart to wake him. She left him there on the couch and covered him with a blanket and then went to take her evening shower and go to bed. She crawled into bed wearing only a pair of panties that night and gave herself time to both think of how he looked, asleep and vulnerable, but still gorgeous, and that led to her playing with herself.

Jake woke only later, not realizing immediately where he was. He was a bit stiff from the couch and stopped to stretch, when he realized where he actually was and what his situation actually was.

As he awoke it was therefore with some disorientation. What he did next, fairly significant for their relationship, was done with just a touch of fog in his mind. It was fog based on not knowing immediately where he was and what had happened, due to the relatively unfamiliar surroundings. But even once he was sure of what had happened and where he was, he went ahead with what was on his mind.

He went up the stairs, having left the blanket on the couch, where he'd been, and entered not the bedroom where he'd been staying but rather, the room, Cecelia's room, where she was sleeping.

She had gone to bed and slept peacefully that night. She was pleased, secretly tickled to have Jake there with her. Of course, she chided herself like a school girl about fancy romantic notions but still she went to bed with a giggle and those romantic notions wearing only a pair of pink panties for the night. She thought that she could dream then of being, she didn't really know but the thoughts ranged from: 'being loved' to 'being had'. She settled down with that kind of notion and only barely kept her 'hands to herself'.

Jake was still pretty much on automatic pilot, when he finally climbed into bed. He went to bed, as was his custom, naked. The reality struck him immediately, when he felt Cecelia's almost naked closeness, once he'd gotten into bed. Instead of correcting what had begun for him as an error, he simply said to himself: "Live a little, Jake."

His reaction to this message was to crawl up against the lushness of Cecelia's naked back and butt and just press himself against her.

Cecelia was wandering just then in some kind of dream of her own. It was all about being in bed with Jake and giving in to that lovely situation. Reality only dawned for her slowly, as she realized that Jake had indeed just gotten into bed with her. Her wonder, like his at that moment, was short circuited quickly by her fading back into sleep, the peacefulness, the loveliness of what was happening enveloped both of them right then.

Her sigh, once he put an arm around her was audible but to the night and whatever spirits might have been tuning in —- maybe her and Jake's Susie's spirit was watching and guiding.

They woke, strangely, almost simultaneously at about 3:30 AM. For Cecelia it was the insistent poking of Jake's erection against her butt cheeks, as he moved around just a little bit. For Jake it was almost the same, coming from the pressure that he felt on his erection, as it pushed against her butt.

She turned and the first thing that she saw was Jake staring at her and smiling.

"Cecelia," he said softly.

"Yes?" she replied.

"I bet if I were to take these covers off, you'd be the grandest sight in the world!" he said.

"Don't you go kidding an old lady!" she replied.

"Cecelia," he answered quickly, "I absolutely forbid you to ever mention the word 'old' in relation to yourself, when you're with me!"

"Ohhhh," she said, smiling with the loveliness of it.

"But is that true?" he asked.

"You mean taking the covers off?" she enquired.

"Yes!" he said, and then, without waiting for an answer from her, pushed the bed covers down and off. It was a kind of revelation moment for both of them.

It made Jake haul his breath in. There she was as 'zaftig' as he always thought she'd be, all beautiful lines and curves: large breasts, and big nipples and a lovely, rounded ass.

"Look at you!" he said, and she moved then to kiss him, right between the nipples on his chest.

Cecelia was simply, from the moment of the moving of the covers, in a kind of heaven. He was gorgeous. That was the thought that flitted across her mind just then. She knew that he would be all muscles and good smells.

Right then she was assaulted by one of her favorite 'Jake' fantasies. It was more on the side of 'being taken' than merely 'being loved'. It was one of those little scenes that entered her mind, when she was alone and gave in to some sexy thinking —- her big secret.

Nor was she willing to wait to see if doing it would be okay. She simply moved, once she was hit by the possibility of living out this fantasy. He only watched her as she started to make her move. First, she was kissing his nipples, then it was his belly button, and then she ran her tongue down the long line of curly, dark hair that began at his belly button and ran down into the full bloom of his pubic hair.

Once she arrived at her goal, with his erection now staring her in the face, and Jake watching with a conquering smile on his face, she willed the courage to give herself to act the fantasy out.

"Jake," she said softly.

"Yes, sweetie?" he responded.

"Jake, I want you to hold me by the hair! Hold me!" she said softly.

"Hold?" he asked, not quite understanding.

"Yes," she said, "It's my fantasy; my fantasy about you, with you holding my face in place and feeding it to me, making me take it all in and not letting me get away or anything."

He chuckled and said: "Cecelia, you are one walk on the wild side! 'Hold you', yes, yes!"

He did then; he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her face closer, with her making loud but very contented noises, for Jake was 'taking her' just then, taking her as he always had, when these fantasies played out in her mind so often.

"Open your mouth, Cecelia," he whispered hoarsely.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed at him, with her lips now in contact with the head of his erection, just on the underside of the head and her tongue contriving to work with the lips in the assault on his erection's head.

"Ohhhhh," he moaned, and pulled on her hair a little more, getting a corresponding moan from her.

"I'll be damned if I'll let you go, lady, until you've sucked my cock!" he said, using the words deliberately, sensing, correctly, that it's what she wanted to hear just then, as part of this scene, her scene.

She had him in her mouth then and he held onto the back of her hair, and he crooned to her: "Lovely, big assed, big titted bitch has a wonderful mouth!"

To this statement he got only a kind of oral grunt from her.

"Suck me!" he demanded, knowing that he was approaching his climax, and as he made the demand, the demand which thrilled her and made a reality of her often played fantasy, he reached out and slapped her panty covered butt, getting a squeal from her, around the erection in her mouth.

He chuckled and hit her butt a few more times, and it drove her to take even more of his erection into her mouth. He came then, having reached the peak of sensations.

It went into her mouth at first but then he jerked it out of her mouth and he kept cumming but now in her hair and on her face. When he was finished, she could hardly see but was giggling about it.

"Let me get a cloth," he said. He did and then cleaned her face and the edge of her hair.

She smiled at him and thanked him and said, by way of explanation: "That has always been my fantasy; it's always you and you always take me and hold my head until I serve you correctly."

He grabbed her into his arms then and she snuggled against him. She spoke then into his chest: "Do I, Jake, need to apologize for that? I mean for my little fantasy foray?"

"You kidding?" he asked. "Apologize for one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me? I guess not!"

"I was playing!" she said, "My fantasy!"

"Yes," he replied, "Playing; it was grand. But we're not done here," he said.

"We're not?" she asked, looking up in to his face.

"Not by a long shot!" he said, and began to move now himself.

Then he showed her. He moved into position, with his face between her legs and his hands under her butt and, with her almost singing loud songs, he proceed to eat her. Now and again, he moved in order to see her grinning face looking down at him, before he went back to his task.

She finally gripped his whole head with her thighs and held on tight, as she finished her orgasm. Then they lay there and this time she got up and got the cloth to come and wash his face.

They lay entwined then in the darkness.

"Do we need to talk about this?" she asked softly.

"Maybe we do," he said.

"Go downstairs?" she wondered.

"No, right here is comfortable and just fine," was his answer.

They both made admission to each other then. He told her of his 'lust' for her 'forever', as he put it. It made her giggle.

"Never thought to act on that," he said, "After all, you were Mom's best friend!"

"Yes, I know," she answered, telling him of having the same kind of reaction to him and putting off doing anything about it for exactly the same reason.

There was a silence, as each thought about where to go with this. Jake spoke up first: "You know, Cecelia," he began, "I have this sense that my Susie, our Susie is looking down on us and smiling."

"Oh," she responded quickly, "I know what you mean. Her two best, most beloved people in the world, and here we are together."

"Yes," he said, "Together!"

Then she said softly but in a tone that made him understand that she was opening the final little bit of her to him:

"I love you, Jake! I guess I have, since you were just coming out of your teens."

"How lucky am I," he responded, "For you to have waited for me!"

"Yes," she said, "Those long months, when you were deployed, were tough for your Mom and me. Having you back meant the world to both of us, especially, when you decided to settle down here." She hesitated then and finished with obvious emotion: "And took care of that wonderful woman!"

He moved her then, and kissed her, with her clinging to him.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"This!" was his answer, as he shifted her around until her back was to him, and fit himself inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed, "Never felt like that, not ever, ever!"

He was deep inside of her and his face at the back of her head, when he whispered to her: "I love you too, Cecelia!"

They slept peacefully afterward, with him spooning her, his arm around her waist and periodically moving up to cup one of her breasts, getting, invariably a sigh of great contentment from her.

Cecelia was awake and up first in the morning. She went to the kitchen to get some coffee made for him. By morning time she was feeling, already, ashamed of having asked him to participate in her little head holding fantasy the night before. She tried to reason with herself that this might be her only chance and if that were the case, she wanted to have her fantasy with Jake fulfilled.

It was that simple kind of process. The more she thought about it the more she was convinced that he'd get up disgusted with her and either laugh at her or just leave. She had gotten herself almost to the edge of tears, by the time the coffee was ready.

But she hadn't reckoned with Jake. She had poured herself a cup of coffee and just had a sip, when he came into the kitchen, more like a force of nature than anything else.

He was naked, and erect and marching toward her. She made a little squeal of something like delight or surprise but that's all that she had time for. Her moroseness vanished in an instant, as he got to where she was and hauled her house dress off, and then her panties. He had her in his grasp then, and turned her, pushing her over the table, so that she was, from the waist up, lying on the table.

He was inside of her in an instant.

"Last night you wanted to play and do you know what? Do you know what, Cecelia?"

"What?" she asked in a small and giggly voice.

"You woke the tiger!" he said, biting the back of her neck.

"Eeeeeeeee!" she squealed. 'The tiger!"

Then he hauled her up, getting a mewling noise from her, as he moved her; he spun her around and had her front to front with him, with her legs splayed around his waist. She threw her arms over his shoulder and sought his lips with hers.

"The tiger that fucks me!" she whispered urgently. "The tiger that screws me!"

"The tiger that grabs you by the hair and hauls your face to his cock!" he answered in a panting voice.

"Yes, yes!" she said.

She simply gave in to her fantasies at that point. "The tiger who'll take me one day soon, while he's sweaty and demanding tongue worship from me!"

"Yes," he said, only now striding toward the back door with her, still dangling astride him like a puppet.

"Wheeeeeeerrrrrre?" she wailed, as he took her to the back porch.

It was early but if any neighbors were awake and looking, they'd see the two of them fucking on the back porch.

She giggled loudly and then made a louder throat noise as he began to bounce her up and down on him, again like the puppet.

"Yesssssss," she hissed. "Let the neighbors see what fucking is supposed to look like!"

"Cecelia the fuckee!" he said happily, as they both approached their orgasms.

"Jake the fucker!" she whispered into his shoulder.

The last thing that she heard, as she tumbled into her orgasm was his statement: "Cecelia the cock sucker!"

It was a loud and confirming 'yesssssss' that escaped her as she began to jerk and writhe against him, in the throws of her passion. He held her then, until they both calmed down. Then he set her down and made a move to go inside.

"Nooooo!" she said, now sinking to her knees and taking his shrinking penis into her mouth, again providing the neighbors, with no one looking, alas!, with the next part of the morning show.

She reveled in what she was doing. She knelt and attended to him, his erection having grown in her mouth again. She reached around and had his wonderful, muscular ass cheeks in her hands as she bobbed her head up and down on him.

She looked up at his smile and scraped her teeth along the edges of his erection, causing him to cry out and explode in her mouth.

Cecelia sat back on her heels then and grinned at him. "Got you finally!" she said, pleased with herself.

He reached for her then and picked her up. He sensed what was coming, and in that he was correct. He took her into the living room and settled into a large, padded chair with her. He let her lounge on top of him and kind of snuggle into the total protection of the position.

"Ohhhhh," she said, the sigh escaping her lips and her inevitable tears coming next. "This is so nice, Jake!" she said then. "I know we have to talk about this, about us, with me so much older but this is so nice!"

"Yes," he said, confirming her thought, "We'll talk. This morning. We'll talk."


After a while, she asked him if he wanted coffee.

"Yes," he answered, "Coffee and a shower."

"Fine," she said, going to the kitchen and fetching the cup of coffee. "We can talk, when you're finished."

"Hey," he answered, "I'm not about to shower alone." He picked her up at that point, with her smiling and holding the coffee, giving him a drink of it now and then.

"Oh, better and better!" she sighed, holding the coffee out to him.

"Mmmm," he said, "Good coffee."

"The only thing that Susie and I disagreed about," she said. "I like my coffee strong; she didn't!"

"Strong is better!" he said, "Make hair grow between your legs!"

She giggled then, as he got her to the bedroom and got the shower ready for the two of them.

They were, at this point, intent on 'the talk'. They'd had the opportunity before but much more happened for them, to them since then and it seemed like a necessary thing for them.

Cecelia was constantly aware of how much older she was than Jake, and had a sense of not wanting to tie him down to an 'old lady', which she determinedly called herself in those moods, where she was chiding herself as ridiculous and selfish in her attitudes toward Jake. These kinds of thoughts assaulted her now and again.

For his part, Jake was totally enjoying the developments with Cecelia. He sensed the periodic backsliding in her and thought it was a matter of her not really caring for him. He could make himself enjoy an affair for its own sake but he realized full well that he was much more interested in Cecelia Morgan than that: only an affair.

It was evening, and they'd had a lovely dinner. Jake was making spectacular progress with his rehab of 'Susie's House' and was close to having the upstairs as he wanted it.

That, of course, set up the possibility for the two of them of his having to move back 'home' in a relatively short period of time. This certainly put some urgency on 'the talk' that they were going to have.

They sat and each had a glass of wine but it was Cecelia who got them started.

"You'll be moving home soon?" she asked, trying to keep her voice on an even keel.

"Well," he answered, I will be certainly finishing soon. I just have to decide what I'm going to do."

"Ohh," she said and lapsed into a silence. It was a silence that Jake was anxious to fill.

"Cecelia," he began, "In order for me to have you completely understand where I'm at, I need to go back a number of years. That's when it really started. Do you remember our vacation at the lake?"

"Yes," she said, "That was just before you were assigned for the first tour."

"Yes," he said, "But do you remember the bathing suit that you wore?"

It dawned on her then, and she giggled and said: "You mean my tan suit? The one piece one?"

"Exactly," he said, "Do you know what I called that suit?"

"What?" she asked, not sure where he was going with this.

"That was 'the pussy suit'!" he said. She immediately put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"I remember that Susie gave me all sorts of playful grief about wearing that suit. Told me not to venture into the water and get it wet!" She continued giggling, after telling that part of the story.

"I was hoping every day that you'd wear it into the lake; I even thought of taking the law into my own hands and throwing you into the water," he said chuckling.

"But it was from that time," he said, "Cecelia, from that time that you were the whole of my vision, the whole of my world. That has never, ever changed!"

She sighed, and was about to speak but he held up his hand: "Age has never mattered to me. The difference in our ages means nothing. Life was wonderful for you, me and Susie and I see no reason to change that now."

He thought for a moment and said: "You know, I see no real reason for me to move back into Susie's house, unless we both want to do that!"

"Ohhhhh," she said, now almost totally overwhelmed.

She went to him then and moved herself up against him. "I've been so sure," she began her reply, "That what we were doing was temporary and that you were not going to stay or at least not going to be mine!"

"Wrong thinking, Cal!" he said and she giggled and wiggled herself up against him.

"Can we, should we," she asked then, "Take a look at it and decide? I mean, is that what you are asking, saying, Jake?"

"Certainly is!" he said, "Here or there, we can decide but it needs to be the two of us deciding."

"Oh, yes," she said urgently, holding him then.

"Bath? Shower?" he asked her then, as he got up.

"Bath, I think!" she said.

"Let's go then, beautiful Cal!" he whispered into her ear, picking her up and carrying her off toward the en suite bathroom.

She laid her head against his shoulder then, and he whispered: "Gonna grab you by the hair later and make you do what I want!" She giggled at that and said: "I dare you!"

"Oho," he cried out, "Listen to the tone of this gal's voice!" He leaned down then and kissed her.


He did indeed play Cecelia's 'hold me by the hair' game that night and then they made love in a slow and wonderful fashion. Cecelia lay there in the dark, pressed up against him and a plan was forming in her mind. She knew that she'd have the courage to do it also!

Cecelia was pleased that it was warm. She knew that Jake was warm in Susie's house, since he was working upstairs and hadn't gotten around yet to the central air, that was part of his final plan.

She looked at herself in the mirror one more time and was totally pleased with what she saw. Once he told the story about the 'pussy suit' that she'd worn for that vacation a number of years back, she went on a hunt for it and eventually found it, in one of her trunks of 'cast offs'.

She held her breath, when she tried it on and found, much to her great pleasure, that it did indeed fit. It was a bit tight and a little more revealing for that but she got into it and, looking at herself in the mirror, simply gave a low whistle.

"You wore this in public!" she said amazed.

Then, with the suit on, she went about fixing a snack for Jake. When that was done, she took the tray with the snack and went to the back door of the house next door. It was left open for her and she went in.

As she got to the stairs, she called: "Jake?"

"Up here," he said, and she went up the stairs.

"Snack time!" she said and went into the bedroom, where he was working, all smiles.

"Oh, shit!" he said immediately, when he saw her.

The tan bathing suit barely covered her interesting parts; she couldn't keep her pubic hair within the confines of the suit. Her nipples, large at any time, but now a bit swollen from her current feelings, were simply poking against the thin fabric of the tan bathing suit and were completely apparent.

"Look what I found!" she said.

"Woman," he warned her, "You are in so much trouble!"

"Me?" she asked in a voice that exuded innocence. Then she turned around and picked up something from the floor, flashing her totally apparent butt cheeks at him.

It was the last straw. She heard him first, kind of growling and hurrying across the room. She had time only to squeal and not to react at all, when, suddenly he had her, had a grip on her.

"You fuckin' beautiful siren!" he said.

"Jake likes?" she said softly against his chest, having rucked his tee shirt up, giving her access to his sweaty chest.

"Oh, damn!" she said, "It's my sweaty Jake! That's who it is!"

He gave a growl and slapped her ass, getting a loud 'yip' from her. "Get on your damn knees," he rasped at her, pushing on her shoulders.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned loudly, as he took hold of her by her hair and pulled her face into the front of his nylon bikini underwear. He had gotten his shoes off and then his shorts and now had her face captive.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" as he moaned and was licking at the front panel of his underwear.

"Don't you let me go, Jake Watts!" she said, meaning his almost death grip on the hair on her head.

"Never, never in this world or the next!" he said. The words were soft and meaningful but his done was totally rough.

"Now suck my cock! Suck it, Cecelia! Suck it, my Cal!" he demanded.

"Yes, yes!" she said getting lost in the heat of what they were doing, "Sucking my Jake and licking his sweat! My world! Just my world right now!"

Then the talking ceased and he kept his hold on her head, and constantly fed himself into her wide opened mouth. Cecelia loved it, kissing and sucking and licking to her hearts content. He held her there until he came and even then he didn't release his grip on her head, until he was finished, totally finished.

Then he had her up and on her feet; he pulled the bathing suit down until it was around her waist, and he was licking at and nibbling her nipples, getting not so silent moans from her.

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