Returning Home to Daddy

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Julie became a daddy's girl after the death of her mother when she was 14. On her 17th birthday she gave her virginity to her father Brad. She spent 2 years away at uni with just occasional visits to home. She returned home to daddy when she was 19 bringing her lover Sy with her. Daddy Brad now had two adoring females in his home.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Lactation   Cream Pie   Size   Big Breasts   .

I was sitting at my home office desk, trying hard to process a new batch of orders but my mind kept wandering to the iminent arrival home of my 19 year old daughter Julie. She had been away at the state university for the last year with only fleeting visits during the year. For this end of year visit, she was bringing a girlfriend to stay. That perplexed me a little.

Julie had been studying away for the last two years. I had buried myself in my business when she wasn't there. I was alone having lost Julie's mother in a car accident when Julie was 14 years old. Julie and I had found it hard to survive in the early days without Carla, but we did survive with our relationship becoming very close.

It was on the occasion of her 17th birthday that our relationship cross the line. We had become lovers that night. My mind drifted back to that night...

I had organised to celebrate Julie's 17th birthday by taking her to a very exclusive hotel restaurant for dinner. We had agreed to go the whole hog by dressing up in our finest for the occasion.

I was standing in the lounge room in my tuxedo waiting for Julie to join me for our limo ride to the restaurant. She had been very secretive about her dress. Earlier in the day I had given her a set of fine gold jewelery containing a necklace, a bracelet, earrings and an ankle chain.

"Oh daddy ... I absolutely love it ... I love you so much" she exclaimed when she unwrapped her gift.

"It will match really good with my nose stud and my toe rings" she added.

I'd originally been opposed to her nose piercing but now that it was done, I was impressed at how it looked. She was 5ft 5ins tall with a slim curvy body - with shoulder length curly sandy blonde hair that framed a beautiful face. She was a younger version of her late mother, including having a huge rack of rounded tits like her mother. The toe rings had been a recent addition to her slim petite feet, an addition that I did approve of from the start.

"Daddy ... I'm ready" I heard from behind me.

Turning around was a revelation. I was thrown back about 20 years to when I first dated Carla. Julie looked so much like her mother, but the dress was something else. It was to say the least - revealing and so fucking sexy on her body. My cock went rampant in my trousers ... even tho she was my daughter.

The dress was black, mid thigh length ... but it was the plunging top that told me that she was braless under the top. The inner surfaces of her large breasts were visible in the plunging neckline. She turned to show me that the dress was backless. Her skin looked so smooth.

"Well ... do I pass?" she asked.

After a couple of moments silence I was finally able to stammer out a "Yes."

It wasn't until we finally made it to the restaurant and were seated at our table that I was able to register that she was wearing my birthday gift jewelery.

Dinner was amazingly tasty and good - made better by my company who some of the wait staff assumed was my girlfriend. Julie did nothing to correct them, instead she played along with the misconception.

Dinner was over, and we wandered into another area of the hotel. "Ooh look they have a band" Julie exclaimed "Can we dance?"

It had been so long since I had danced, and that had been with Carla.

"Hmmm ... yes, but be warned that I am very out of practice" I replied.

The band had started playing a slow dance tune, so Julie slipped into my arms, triggering many memories of nights past. We moved slowly about the dance floor, enjoying each other's company and a closeness that we had never enjoyed before. Julie slipped closer into my arms until her firm tits were pressing against my chest, and her lower body was teasing my awakened cock.

I should have felt uncomfortable - this was my daughter, but my mind blocked that message and told me that this was a sexy and desirable young woman. I pressed back, and any observer would say that we were almost fucking on the dance floor. We stayed dancing for about 20 minutes until the band took a break. We then made our way back to the waiting limo for our drive home - one made in silence with us thinking of what might follow.

My cock was rock hard then, and now as I sat at my home office desk. I'd unzipped my pants and taken it out to stroke. My fat and long cock was aching for Julie - it had been too long since we'd made love. We'd had our re-union fuck on the floor inside the front door on at least a couple of occasions, not having time to make it through to the bedroom.

Julie had sent a SMS a few minutes ago saying that Sy (her girlfriend) and her were 30 minutes away.

"Oh god ... why do you have a girlfriend with you ... you know how steamy and frantic that our re-union meetings can be" I said aloud to no one.

Steamy and frantic were the words to describe us when the limo dropped us off and we closed the front door. My arms were around her, with my lips locked to her sweet lips. They felt amazingly soft under mine with her inquisitive tongue parrying with mine too.

Her large firm tits bored into my chest whilst my hands slipped down to grasp her ass, pulling her lower body hard against my rock-hard cock trapped in my trousers. Her ass felt so good through her sheer black dress. I grasped the hem and slowly raised the dress higher and higher until it came off over her head.

"Oh fuck me" I groaned when I realised that she had been totally naked under the dress - pantieless. She stood in front of me in just her high heels. My eyes slipped from hers downwards to ogle her naked tits and her hairless pussy with its prominent pussy lips.

I picked her up, with her wrapping her arms around my neck as I carried her towards my bedroom.

"I love you daddy" she whispered as I deposited her gently on my bed.

I stepped back and rapidly divested myself of my tuxedo. I was soon naked standing at the end of the bed with my rampant cock standing at attention.

"Fuck me daddy ... I'm so wet and ready for your monster" Julie gasped.

I crawled up onto the bed, and up over her prone body until my cock rested on her mound with my chest pressing against her firm tits. My lips met hers again in a sensual slow kiss whilst I rubbed my cockshaft across her clitoral hood.

Breaking her lips from mine Julie gasped "Please don't tease me ... I've waited 17 years for my perfect lover to be my first ... please fuck me now."

"Oh god ... she's just told me that she is a virgin ... that I am her first" I thought. I was apprehensive now, but also mighty proud of my daughter.

"Please daddy ... do it now. Just like you used to fuck mummy" Julie pleaded.

I eased back from kissing her until I could kneel between her thighs. My cock still rested over her mound. Taking it by the root, I slid it up and down across her very wet pussy lips before I used the head to part her lips, revealing a soggy entrance to her inner core.

I nudged my cockhead against her canal entry. It was wet and tight ... and I could feel the heat from her inner core wafting out to greet my cock.

"Fuck me" she groaned as she wiggled her hips until my cock had firmly engaged with her canal entry. I eased forward, pushing into her tightness and heat.

"Oh yes ... yessssssss!!!!" she moaned as a minor cum rocked her. I kept pushing forward slowly, feeling the ripples of her sheath caressing the sides of my shaft. Finally my bloated balls rested against her ass cheeks with her pussy lips snuggly wrapped around the base of my shaft.

Just like her mum she had a deep pussy that could take the extra length of my fat cock. I could feel spasms all along the length of my shaft. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I returned to kiss her.

Between kisses she moaned constantly.

"Ahhh ... fuck ... that's good" she moaned as I upped the ante by plunging harder and more often in and out of her wonderful pussy.

"Yes ... yes ... that's it ... so close ... so close..." she moaned before she screamed out "Cummmmmiiinnnggg!!!" with our joined bodies becoming very wet from her deluge of juices. Her body bucked against mine, with her pussy grabbing at my cock, squeezing it and trying to milk its juices.

"Cum daddy ... cum in me ... I'm safe" she pleaded with her pussy rapidly approaching another higher cum peak.

I could feel my balls go super-hot, announcing the arrival of my own cum.

"Ahhhh fuuuuuucccccckkk!!!" I shouted with my cum racing from my balls through my cock-tube into the depths of her pussy.

"Oh my god ... oh my god..." she chanted with her new explosion merging with mine.

"I love you daddy" she gasped.

"I love you too baby" I groaned.

I heard a car pull up in the driveway so I quickly stuffed my still hard cock back into my trousers. The front door opened soon after with a flash of skin and clothes running at me and plastering herself against me. Her tits (braless again) under her thin white top mashed into my chest with her arms around my neck pulling me into a lengthy passionate kiss.

When she finally broke the kiss to take a breath she gasped "I'm home daddy."

She then unplastered herself from me giving me my first view of our visitor. Sy was a sensational beauty - the same height and body shape as Julie ... and an equally large rack of tits (braless too judging by the erect nipples beneath her thin shirt). She had the most amazing skin colour - a light brown courtesy of her Eurasian heritage. Her hair was jet black, shoulder length and straight.

She walked closer to me. I expected a handshake but I got a full body hug with her massive tit rack pressing into my chest. Her lips met mine in a short kiss - one that kept my still erect cock interested and pressed against her lower body. I'm sure she could feel it but that didn't stop her from hugging me a little longer.

Breaking off her hug, I said "Welcome" to her.

"Pleased to meet you Mr Jones" she replied.

"That makes me feel old calling me Mr Jones ... just call me Brad" I told her.

"Hmmm ... OK ... Brad" she responded with a massive smile.

We headed to the kitchen to have a cold drink and a chat before we unloaded the car. After chatting and drinking for a few minutes Julie became more serious.

"Daddy ... would you like to have me home full-time again?" she asked.

"Oh my god yes ... yes ... I would love you home" I replied enthusiastically. My second thought was that we could resume our incestuous love affair on a full-time basis. We'd discussed our affair at length previously and had decided that neither of us wanted it to end just yet.

Over the course of the next hour, I discovered that Sy was 21 years old, and had just graduated with honours in accountancy. I jokingly said to her that maybe she should have a look at my books since I couldn't make much sense of what my current accountant was telling me.

"I'd love too ... just show me your computer and give me access and I'll check things out for you" she offered.

"But you came for a holiday" I replied.

"It's the least that I can do with you extending your hospitality to me" she responded.

We unloaded the car and got all of Julie's things into her room. I offered Sy the spare room but Julie said that they would share because they had a habit of having late night chats if they couldn't sleep.

Dinner was fun - we decided to order pizza. With the girls having driven quite a way, it was going to be an early night. I headed to bed about 9 PM, slipping into bed naked as usual and quickly dozing off. I must have been asleep for a while when I felt another naked body cuddling up to me from behind with a hand grasping my limp cock.

"Julie ... what are you doing?" I whispered not wanting Sy to hear us.

"I'm getting my daddy's cock all hard so I can have a nice fuck to send me off to sleep" she retorted.

"But what about Sy?" I replied in a hushed tone as I rolled over to face her in the dim light. She took advantage of that change in position to kiss me and further stroke my awakening cock.

"Daddy ... it's OK ... Sy knows that you and I are lovers ... cos she and I are lovers too" Julie explained.

My brain was a little slow processing that information. It was only just up to the part of Sy knowing about Julie and I, and becoming horrified at our situation being exposed.

Julie seeing my problems repeated "Daddy ... Sy and I are lovers ... we are in love."

"Oh ... oh..." I gasped when I realised what she had said. The news didn't trouble me at all - Julie and I had had this discussion before she left for uni about two years ago. I was supportive of whatever her life and love decisions would be - I knew that she would be sensible and make good ones.

When my brain finally processed everything I asked "And she is happy that we continue to be lovers?"

"She is ... and she told me tonight that she likes you too ... so you may well become her lover too soon" Julie explained.

"Oh god ... what have I gotten myself into" I asked with a smile and a laugh.

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