Karma Is a Bitch

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Tania was sacked by her boss Jim for not having sex with him. His wife Sue and daughter Kate made her life miserable too. Tania's boyfriend helped her get even. With Tania's permission he fucked both mother and daughter then turned them over to his war buddies to be participants in a gang-bang. Jim got his just desserts in the end.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Male   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

"I can still taste her young cunt juices" my girlfriend Tania commented whilst she licked my cock. She was waiting naked on our bed - waiting for me to return home, knowing that I had just been fucking young 16 year old Kate Manning.

Tania and I had been together for the last 2 years, since I returned from the Gulf and my tour of duty as a Special Forces soldier who also specialised in comms and computer hacking. I was 28 years old, she was 25. She is a stunning blonde with long curly blonde hair, a very beautiful face, and a killer body with the most amazing set of tits. Oh ... and I must mention that she was sexually insatiable ... with me being the lucky guy.

The Manning family, Jim, his wife Sue and their daughter Kate had put Tania through hell in the last 8 months. She had worked as a personal assistant to 40 year old Jim Manning. He had fired her when she refused to have sex with him; and he had tried unsuccessfully to have her charged with stealing by the police.

She had avoided that trap when I had covertly recorded his threathening conversations with her - thanks to my army training.

His wife Sue was a total bitch, going out of her way to be nasty to Tania. She accused Tania of trying to seduce Jim, and trying to blackmail him. She was 35 years old with long black hair and a surgically enhanced body, looking more like a Playboy centrefold.

Kate, the daughter, was a daddy's girl who had lied to the police when interviewed about Tania.

Tania and I had decided to take the whole family down.

I had planted cameras and listening devices all through their house about 6 months ago when I broke into their home.

We had learnt much in the last 6 months and saw many interesting things courtesy of our cameras.

Jim was providing money laundering services for a local drug cartel, and he had been skimming money from their profits into his Cayman Island bank account.

Sue would book a young male masseur to come to the house where she would lead them on before sending them away frustrated with blue balls.

Kate would tease her boyfriend in her bedroom most afternoons, sending him away with blue balls unless she reluctantly gave him a hand job. She had also been working under a false name at a local rub and tug, posing as an 18 year old, and teasing the patrons with her youthful naked body to fleece them of their money.

Kate had been the target that night. Tania had given me her full permission to fuck young Kate ... provided I came home and gave her a blow by blow description of the session. Our plan was to hopefully knock her up.

Through our surveillance, we had been tracking her period cycle, and knew that she was ovulating at the moment. Her new sheath of birth control pills were ineffective because I had swapped the good ones with useless ones at the start of the month.

I had booked a 2 hour session with her at the rub'n'tug - nude massage with body slide, with time spent in the spa together.

Kate was a younger version of her mum, minus the plastic surgery enhancements - long black hair, B-cup tits, hairless pussy on a slim body standing 5ft 5ins tall in her bare feet. She would be much prettier if she had a genuine smile rather than the false one that most people got.

I had stripped off fairly quickly however Kate had been slow and still had her bra and panties on. I paraded my half hard cock as I walked up to her saying "C'mon ... this is a nude massage session isn't it?".

"Are you in a hurry?" she replied sarcastically.

"Fuck yeh ... I want you naked now rubbing that sexy body against mine" I told her.

Reluctantly she popped her bra catches with it tumbling from her youthful tits, revealing their nice shape and their hard red nipples.

I walked closer, picking her up and sitting her on the edge of the massage table. My hands went immediately to her tits, playing with their shape and weight.

"Hey ... hands off buster" she said objecting to my behaviour.

I responded by tweaking her nipples.

"Fuck you mate" she raised her voice a little louder, but I cut off the rest of her tirade by mashing my lips to hers with my tongue invading her partly open mouth.

"That's it ... you're out of here." she spat at me when our lips parted.

I walked over to my clothes as she jumped down off the massage bed heading towards her clothes. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs and my fake police id, and headed her off at the door. Picking her up over my shoulder, I carried her back to the massage table again, dumping her on her back. She was stunned by my quick movements.

But she was about to scream so I placed my hand across her mouth whilst showing her my fake id and the cuffs in the other.

"Shut the fuck up Kate." I told her forcefully.

"What ... how do you know my name?" she asked. She had been using a fake name whilst working there.

"Kate Manning ... I am placing you under arrest for..." I started to say before she wrestled her mouth free of my hand.

"Stop ... stop ... you can't do this." she gasped.

"Oh yes I can ... you are underage, and working as a common prostitute" I replied.

"No ... I haven't."

"Well I have witnesses that will swear that you took money in exchange for providing sexual services." I told her.

She looked worried before she said "It's a lie officer."

"Who are they going to believe ... a common prostitute or a trusted citizen of this city?" I countered with.

She started to cry. I let her stew for a couple of minutes before I offered her my deal.

"I can make this all go away ... it will never have happened." I offered. That got her interest.

"What ... what do I have to do?" she asked.

"Fuck me." was my simple reply.

"No ... no ... there must be something else." she gasped as I dangled my cuffs in front of her nose.

"Choose now ... fuck me or be cuffed and arrested." I challenged her.

She paused then in a whisper said "I will fuck you."

"Oh wow ... you meany." Tania gasped as she continued to play with my long fat cock.

"Tell me more ... what happened next?" Tania enquired.

I then continued telling Tania what happened...

Kate was still laying on the massage table so I moved closer to her head, offering her my cock to suck.

"Don't bite ... suck me well" I told her as I pressed my cockhead against her lips. Her lips stayed closed, so I again dangled the cuffs in front of her. She reluctantly opened her mouth, allowing me to push my cock between her lips and into her mouth.

"Suck me" I repeated as I tweaked her right nipple again. Her lips latched onto my cock before she started bobbing up and down on my shaft.

"Use your tongue too" I told her.

Her tongue came into play, and within a few minutes she was doing a passable job at sucking me. I slid my hand down and across her hairless mound until my fingers encountered her moist pussy lips. I ran my fingers across her lips before using one of them to part them. Between her lips was much wetter.

My cock was much harder now, approaching full hardness and length. That's what Tania loved about me - a long 10 inch cock, and fat to go with it. It filled her just nicely. I would soon be finding out whether young Kate could take my size.

Sliding my finger up and down between her lips, I teased her inner lips and the entry to her tight canal.

"Ummm ... hmmmm" she groaned when I lingered over her clit for a few moments before returning that finger to penetrate her tight canal.

"Nice ... tight and wet ... just how I like a cunt" I told her.

I stepped back from her head, freeing my cock from her mouth before moving to the end of the massage table. I pulled her down the table until her ass was level with the edge of the table and her legs were hooked over my shoulders.

I nudged my cockhead between her wet lips.

"Please ... please ... can't I do something else for you?" she pleaded.

I paused before saying "Hmmm ... maybe ... let's see ... cunt fuck ... or ass fuck ... your choice?".

"Oh god ... please" she muttered just as I pushed forward with my cockhead parting her inner lips and sliding slowly into her wet pussy.

"You're too big" she squealed. Progress was slow but steady with over half my cock inside her now. I stopped pushing forward, instead rocking in and out in a fucking motion. I could feel her pussy getting used to my size, with movement becoming easier.

"See ... you're liking it now" I commented to her as I fucked her faster and harder. My cock was sliding deeper and deeper by that time until almost all of me was inside her.

Tania interrupted my re-telling by asking "Was her cunt better than mine?"

"No baby ... yours is unique ... your taste, your tightness, your heat ... and your pussy muscles when they grab me during your massive cums" I explained.

"Good ... please continue" Tania responded.

"Oh god ... oh fuck..." Kate moaned, her previous reluctance having been replaced by some enjoyment of her current situation.

"You have a hungry cunt bitch ... it's swallowing all my cock".

My balls were coming to a boil, and her cum was close too so I lunged harder and deeper, wishing to push her over the edge too. I figured she should get some enjoyment from the sex act that hopefully should impregnate her fertile eggs.

Her pussy started to spasm. I knew her cum was close.

"Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!!!!" I shouted with my cum racing from my balls into the far reaches of her now orgasming pussy.

"Yes ... yesssssssss!!!" she shouted as her cum exploded to join mine, pouring her juices all over my cock and mingling them with mine.

"Oh god ... can't wait" moaned Tania with her mounting my rejuvenated cock, impaling her hot pussy on my rigid flesh rod".

Sue, the wife, made a call to organise another masseur visit. This time we intercepted the call, and arranged for me to pay her a visit. She had never seen me before - I had always been in the background during her family's tormenting of Tania.

The plan was for me to keep Sue busy whilst Tania accessed Jim's computer in the study. We had learnt his bank account logon through our camera recordings, so she would clean out his Cayman Island account plus take some money from his drug cartel account to get them interested in him quicker.

Sue showed me in, and took me through to the back family room where she had a massage bed already setup. Tania was going to wait about 10 minutes before she used a key that I had made for her to access the house. Kate was at school and Jim was off seeing his regular hooker for the afternoon.

Due to our video recordings, I knew her mode of operation - how she teased the other masseurs. She would lay naked face down on the bed with just a little towel over her butt. She would part her legs just slightly to offer a peek at her pussy then she would close them again.

I came prepared - I had a small needleless syringe filled with a powerful aphrodisiac that was fast acting and gave the recipient a hunger for sexual gratification if squirted directly into a pussy. I waited for the first peek-a-boo that she offered me before I thrust the syringe into her pussy and squirted her full of the potent liquid.

"Fuck ... what are you fucking doing?" she screamed at me as she bounded off the table giving me a good look at her voluptuous body - big firm tits and a hairless pussy with fleshy lips.

"One ... two ... three ... four ... five..." I counted as I waited for the liquid to take effect.

"Oh god..." she moaned as she thrust a hand between her legs with fingers straight between her pussy lips ... with the other hand grabbing at her tits and pawing at her nipples.

I peeled off my shirt and shorts before turning her around to face the table, bending over with her ass poking out at me. With my cock in hand, I lined my cock up with her pussy before jamming it deep inside her flaming hot sheath.

"Ahhhh ... fuck ... fuck me ... fuck me..." she screamed with her hips bucking against mine in desperate need of a good shafting. I slammed my cock into her depths, with my body slapping against hers as I held her hips for leverage.

"Ahhhhh ... cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggg!!!" she screamed with the quick arrival of her first cum.

With her in the throes of a massive orgasm, I slapped her ass with my open hand. Repeating my slapping on each ass cheek until her ass was red from my slaps. I continued to lunge forward filling her pussy to the hilt until another massive cum rocked her body. Her pussy was streaming her juices all over my cockshaft and my balls.

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