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Mystery Sex Story: The X-Files' Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a man who may be using mind control to turn sexual attraction into sexual action

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

An Erotic X-Files Story

Trudi Bowman slowly unwrapped another soft cube of strawberry Bubble-Yum and added it to the now nearly flavorless glob already in her mouth. The surge of flavor did little to lift her spirits as she shifted her feet behind the counter of the nearly-empty Road Pantry convenience store just outside Hallville, Pennsylvania. It was eight- thirty on a Saturday night, another hour before her shift ended, and time seemed to be standing still for the sixteen-year old girl. Her boyfriend, Gene, had finally gotten his car running and he was picking her up here after work. They were planning to celebrate by driving to the nearby reservoir which supplied the small town of Hallville with its water and its horny teenagers with a secluded spot for romantic encounters.

Trudi was trying to decide how far to let Gene go tonight at the reservoir. Having a boyfriend with his own car was going to make this quite an enjoyable summer (only two more weeks until summer vacation), and she wanted to reward him for his success in reviving the 1977 Chevy Camaro he had bought for $700 a few months ago from the local junkyard. She fully intended to go all the way with Gene, who was pretty cute in addition to being good with cars. But not tonight - the first time they had sex shouldn't be in a car, that was kind of tacky. They could wait until Trudi's mother went to visit her sister in Gaithersburg some night and have the house to themselves.

Leaning her back against the counter, she stretched her arms over her head and yawned before turning her attention back to the People magazine she was leafing through. Trudi was an attractive girl with long slender legs, narrow hips, and surprisingly large breasts. With her full lips and sparkling brown eyes she could easily be considered beautiful, except for the short, punk haircut and off-the-wall makeup she favored. Tight denim shorts, a leather vest, and a nose ring (her mother had flipped out when she came home with that) completed the standard 1990's uniform of a rebellious teenage girl.

Tonight she would give Gene a blow job, she finally decided. Her best friend, Amy Archer, had given her boyfriend a blow job last month (and had been giving them regularly ever since). Amy had even showed her how to do it, giving Trudi a spirited demonstration on a cucumber, and although it sounded gross at first, the more she thought about it the less gross and more interesting it seemed. Besides, Trudi didn't want Amy to get too far ahead of her - she had already slept with two guys and Trudi was still a virgin.

The Road Pantry was quiet, as it usually was in the evenings - two boys in Little League uniforms in the candy aisle discussing the relative merits of Atomic Fireballs and Sour Patch Kids were the only customers. The owner, Vince Lansing, was in the back room taking inventory. Outside, the air was just starting to cool down after the hottest day of the young summer. Inside, the air conditioning kept the store at a constant, chilly 68 degrees.

The "ding" as the door opened roused Trudi from her reverie, and she looked up as a man in a green windbreaker and a baseball cap came in. She caught a glimpse of his face - a brown mustache and glasses - but before she could get a better look he turned his back and began browsing through the magazines on the opposite side of the store. It seemed odd to Trudi that anyone would be wearing a jacket on such a hot day, but before she could finish her thought the Little-Leaguers came up to the counter with armfuls of candy.

When she was finished ringing the boys up, she noticed that Vince had come out of the back and was selecting a candy bar for himself. In his late thirties, he had the body of a former athlete who was just starting to get a little thick around the middle. With his wavy blonde hair and easy smile women found him attractive, and the fact that he had been a legendary high-school football player 20 years ago didn't hurt either. Trudi had daydreamed more than once about what they could do in the back room when business was slow, but Vince was happily married with two little girls. She didn't realize that Vince had a serious crush on her, or she wouldn't flirt with him as much as she did.

"Now don't forget to pay for that," she said with a smile.

"This is my store and I can eat whatever I want, little missy," replied Vince playfully as he bit into his Snickers bar.

Trudi liked working for Vince - he was pretty casual about work rules, letting his employees wear whatever they wanted, and he didn't ask the checkout girls to do other stuff like restocking and sweeping the floor when business was slow, like some other stores in town she knew of.

As she and Vince chatted about the weather and about Trudi's plans for the upcoming summer, neither of them noticed that the man in the green windbreaker was staring at them intently with a strange half-smile on his face.

"I guess you and loverboy have an exciting summer planned, now that he's got those hot new wheels of his," teased Vince.

"There's not much exciting to do in Hallville, but I guess we will think of something to pass the time." Trudi blushed a little as she said this - it had come out sounding a bit more suggestive than she had meant.

"I guess you will," laughed Vince. "Just watch out for police patrols over by the reservoir - this is a Christian town you know, and they don't much like the kids fooling around. With all the recent publicity I wouldn't be surprised if they stationed a permanent lookout up there this summer."

Vince was referring to a local newspaper article chronicling the sudden jump in teenage pregnancies in Hallville over the last few months. Trudi knew at least three girls from her high school class who had somehow managed to get themselves knocked up. Wrinkling her nose into a puzzled look, Trudi said "I really don't understand it you know? I mean, we get sex-ed in eighth grade now, and everybody knows the guys gotta wear a condom. And some of those girls just don't seem like, you know, the type."

As Vince opened his mouth to reply, he was distracted by a sudden strange warmth inside his chest, which was accompanied by a faint buzzing inside his head. The room seemed to spin, and he put his hand on the counter to steady himself.

"Are you OK?" asked Trudi with a concerned look.

Vince didn't respond. Looking at Trudi he felt a sudden, overwhelming surge of desire. He licked his lips and began edging around the counter towards her, his eyes moving up and down her body. Behind them, the man in the green windbreaker shifted his gaze from Vince to Trudi and his eyes narrowed with concentration.

"Vince, what's going on..."

Before she could continue she was startled to feel a warm, pleasant feeling move through her entire body, starting in her chest and moving outward towards her hands and feet. Her eyes locked into Vince's for a moment, and then dropped to his crotch, where a noticable bulge had appeared. She suddenly realized that she had never felt so horny in her life, and she could think of nothing else but having sex with Vince.

"Why don't you unzip his pants and let that thing out," said the man in the green jacket softly. He had walked partway up the aisle toward the counter and was standing about 15 feet away, but neither of them looked over at him. Moving as if she was in a dream, Trudi stepped towards Vince and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his khakis, giving the zipper a little extra tug to get it over the growing bulge of his cock. Reaching into his pants, she slid his jockey shorts down, revealing the head of his penis.

Vince moaned with pleasure as Trudi's hand closed around his thick cock and pulled it away from his briefs. The buzzing in his head had subsided a bit, and he now felt a not-unpleasant lightheadedness, as if he was under the influence of some strange drug. He slid Trudi's vest back off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, and then he eagerly lifted her Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt up over her head, revealing a black satin bra which contrasted sharply with her smooth white skin. Trudi finished pulling off the t-shirt herself, and then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Leaning forward, she let it slide off her chest, down her arms, and onto the floor. Vince drew his breath in sharply at the sight of Trudi's exposed chest. Her large, round breasts had the firm, upright posture which was the unmistakable hallmark of very recent development. A small gust of air conditioning caused her small, brown nipples to contract and harden into pebbles before his eyes.

As she stood topless in front of Vince, Trudi could hear a tiny voice in the back of her head telling her that this was very strange and very wrong. But the sight of Vince's rigid cock pointing up at the ceiling had a mesmerizing effect on her, and she found herself unable to hold onto that thought.

"Now, don't you think it would fun to suck on that fine-looking cock?" said the man in the same low, even tone.

He was right -it would be fun to do just that, thought Trudi. In fact, she didn't know when she had ever heard a more appealing idea, and she had to swallow a lump of desire in her throat as she looked at that thick organ with its glistening drop of liquid forming at the tip.

She dropped awkwardly to her knees, conveniently bringing her mouth to the level of Vince's cock, and then she grasped it in her left hand near the base, pulling it down and towards her. Trying to remember the pointers Amy had given her on giving head, she leaned forward and began licking the tip with short, exploratory flicks of her tongue.

As he felt Trudi's impossibly warm tongue begin caressing him, Vince let out an involuntary groan. He thrust his hips forward, causing the end of his penis to slide between Trudi's lips and into her mouth. A shudder ran through his body as her teeth scraped against the sensitive skin of his cock head. Trudi began running her tongue in exploratory circles around the head of Vince's organ, lubricating it and savoring the faint manly scent. She was amazed at how warm and velvety- smooth it was - it was like sucking on a cylinder of almost-melted chocolate.

As her saliva began to flow and things became more slippery, she began pushing her head forward, letting more of the thick shaft enter her mouth. She soon found a rhythm that matched the movement of Vince's hips, and she became vaguely aware of a delightfully obscene slurping sound each time she drew her lips back along the shaft toward the tip. She was also aware of a warm tingling between her legs, and she was surprised to realize that she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts with her free hand.

After a while she glanced up at Vince. Her boss had his head tilted back and his eyes closed, and small groans and exclamations escaped his lips as his brain tried to process the waves of intense pleasure coursing through his body.

In the meantime, the other man had walked up to the counter, and Trudi and Vince were both startled when he spoke again.

"You're doing a fine job sucking that cock ... maybe too good a job. I would hate to see this fella come before we get to do anything else, wouldn't you?"

Trudi stopped her cocksucking and looked up at the other man. Her face was flushed, and she was unaware of the strand of saliva still connecting the corner of her mouth to the tip of Vince's cock. She had a feeling that she had seen the man before, but she couldn't remember where. Again she heard the voice in the back of her mind telling her that something was very wrong, and she made a desperate effort to follow that thought through the whirling haze of sexual images filling her head.

"Who ... why are you making us... ?"

"I want you to stand up and take off the rest of your clothes," interrupted the man firmly. "You two have been dying to get it on, and now you are finally going to get the chance."

Trudi rose shakily to her feet and looked over at Vince. His eyes were half-closed and glassy, and she could hear the rasping sound of his rapid, shallow breathing. Clearly, he was completely overcome by whatever force the stranger was using on them.

Slowly, she unbuttoned her shorts and worked them down off her hips, and then stepped out of them. As she removed her black panties she could see that the crotch was darkened with her juices, and she was overwhelmed by the thought of Vince's cock, still slippery with her own saliva, parting her virgin pussy and sliding into the warm core of her body. Despite the lingering feeling that it was ridiculously inappropriate to be standing behind the Road Pantry checkout counter wearing nothing but sneakers and socks, she realized that she was looking forward to what might happen.

"Sit up on the edge of the counter and spread your legs."

Trudi complied, jumping slightly to lift her ass onto the counter. Looking down, she could see that the dark pink folds of her pussy were glistening with moisture where they pushed out from the wispy thatch of her bush. The man was standing directly behind her on the other side of the counter, and Trudi was suddenly afraid that he would touch her. Instead, that soft, even voice continued to give instructions.

"Go ahead and put it in her, buddy ... but do it nice and slow."

Vince, his khakis and undershorts down around his knees, shuffled forward between Trudi's outstretched legs until his cock was inches away from Trudi's crotch. Pushing his stiff organ downwards, he pressed the head into the moist pink opening. Trudi moaned as her pussy lips were pushed apart and Vince's cock begin to slide into her. Despite the lubrication, her virgin pussy was tight enough to provide considerable resistance.

"That's it ... slide it right on in there..."

Trudi leaned her head back and let out a low moan as she felt the thick shaft spread her open and begin filling her up. It seemed to go on forever, providing a constant stream of intensely pleasurable sensations and creating an ever-increasing pressure inside her pussy which left her feeling helplessly impaled when Vince's stiff cock was finally completely inside her.

"Now fuck her nice and slow ... make it last."

Vince hooked his arms under her knees, supporting her legs and steadying himself, and began to slowly thrust in and out. Trudi leaned back on her elbows and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the waves of pleasure which filled her body. As her pussy continued to relax and lubricate, the pace began to increase, and Vince was soon bumping his hips firmly into Trudi's ass at the end of each stroke, causing her breasts to bob up and down rhythmically on her chest. The man in the green windbreaker stared at them with a look of dreamy pleasure on his face, and made no attempt to join in or interfere.

When the "ding" of the door alarm sounded, Vince and Trudi were completely oblivious, but the other man flinched and swore sharply. With a grunt of displeasure, he tore his eyes away from the couple with an almost physical effort and then made his way quickly towards the door, turning his face away from the two middle-aged women who had entered the store. When the shocked shouts and screams began, he was already slipping away into the warm, dark night.

It was 8:15 am on the following Monday morning, and Special Agent Fox Mulder was already in his cluttered office deep within FBI headquarters looking over the stack of incident reports that had accumulated in his internal mailbox over the weekend. A cup of coffee steaming on the desk next to him, the boyishly handsome agent was glumly sifting through the reports looking for anything that might qualify as a genuine X-file case: an incident or series of events that suggested some sort of paranormal or supernatural phenomenon.

Whenever a case anywhere in America without an obvious, logical explanation came to the attention of the FBI, a summary was forwarded to Mulder or his partner, Agent Dana Scully - a policy which generated a lot of chaff that needed to be separated from the occasional grains of wheat. Years of experience allowed Mulder to dismiss many of the reports into the circular file next to his desk after only a cursory glance - he had become adept at distinguishing crackpots searching for attention, drug-induced hallucinations, and cases of honest misinterpretation from possible paranormal phenomena.

In reality, there was often no way to tell from a short case summary whether or not further investigation was justified, so anything that sounded promising went into a thick folder labeled "Possibles." Mulder and Scully spent a lot of their time looking over the reports in the "Possibles" folder, looking for patterns. One report of guy who says he saw a sewer monster through a storm drain probably wasn't worth following up, but if a second report of a sewer monster sighting from an independent witness came in the next day, then maybe you had something worth looking into.

Or, more likely, you had two kooks with the same fantasy, mused Mulder sourly as he dropped a report about a middle-aged couple who claimed to have been abducted by aliens on their way to their bowling league into the wastebasket. Normally even-tempered and optimistic, he was feeling a bit depressed on this sunny morning. Another relationship had self-destructed over the weekend, and Mulder, who had trained himself to look for patterns in his job, had to admit to himself that there was a definite pattern developing in his love life. He would meet someone, hit it off well, and things would progress nicely for a few weeks. But as soon as things started to become serious he would back off, retreating into his work, and the relationship would wither like an unwatered houseplant.

As he picked up the next report and began to skim it, he suddenly felt the welcome tickle of recognition that often signaled a pattern beginning to develop. Police in Hallville, Pennsylvania had arrested a man and a teenaged girl for allegedly having sex on the counter of a convenience store during business hours. Faced with reliable eyewitness accounts and the videotape from the store's security camera, the couple had made the somewhat lame-sounding claim that they had been overcome by a strange sensation which had forced them to have sex against their will.

"I'm sure the Hallville P.D. is having a lot of fun with this case," thought Mulder to himself with a smile. But the titillating nature of the incident wasn't what had caught his attention. Opening the "Possibles" folder, he began flipping back through the reports, looking for another recent incident that had stuck in his mind.

He didn't have far to go, as it turned out. Just one week before the unfortunate Hallville couple had been caught in the act at the Road Pantry, an even more bizarre incident had taken place inside an upscale restaurant outside Baltimore. Mulder put his feet up on his desk and tried to recreate the second incident from the terse two-page report.

Around 1 am, shortly before closing, a busboy came out of the kitchen of Elgin's Steakhouse and noticed that the elegant dining room had suddenly taken on the appearance of a porn movie set. One well- dressed couple was having sex on top of their table amid the half-eaten remains of their creme brulee, while another couple stood by watching and groping each other. At another table a man appeared to be receiving fellatio from his dinner companion, who had disappeared under the long tablecloth. And at yet another table two topless women were kissing and fondling each other while their waiter masturbated behind them. All of the diners had been concentrating entirely on their sexual activities, and had shown no fear of getting caught.

The busboy had apparently stood watching this rather surreal scene unfold for at least 15 or 20 minutes before finally calling the authorities (Mulder could hardly blame him for the delay). In their official statements to the police, most of the bawdy diners claimed that they had been overcome by a "strange impulse" which caused them to lose their inhibitions, and that they remembered nothing specific about what had happened.

After rereading both reports, Mulder picked up his phone and dialed his partner's extension.


Agent Dana Scully had been about to go downstairs from her office to the morgue in the basement when the phone rang. Her red hair was pushed back from her attractive pale face by a hairband and she wore a shapeless, green scrub suit.

"It's me. I've just come across something interesting that we might want to bring up with Skinner this afternoon. Do you remember that incident report about the orgy in the steakhouse last week?"

"Yes, Mulder, how could I forget that one ... Are you going to tell me you think it should be an X-file?"

"Maybe. A similar incident took place in a convenience store in Hallville, Pennsylvania on Friday night. A couple was caught while having sexual intercourse on the checkout counter, and then they made a lame excuse about a strange impulse to have sex. The diners in the steakhouse said the same thing. Also, in both cases the participants claimed to not remember any specifics about what happened. It would be a pretty big coincidence if it's not related."

"Sounds a little far-fetched, Mulder. Cases of people having sex in public aren't all that rare. But we might as well mention it to Skinner, and in the meantime I'll ask around about any other cases that might match."

"OK, see you this afternoon."

As he hung up the phone, Mulder's thoughts turned back to his love life, as they often did after talking to Dana Scully. He wasn't sure if he was in love with her or not, but he had come to realize that she was the reason why he was unable to have any lasting relationships with women. After working together closely for years, he and Scully had an odd sort of intimacy. They were more than friends, he was sure of that, but taboos about office romances, which were particularly strong in the Bureau, had kept them from exploring the next logical step. But those taboos didn't keep him from fantasizing about Dana whenever he was sleeping with someone else. Forcing his mind back to safer and more useful subjects, Mulder picked up the phone again and asked the operator to connect him to the Baltimore police department.

In the morgue, Dana was thinking along remarkably similar lines as she looked dispassionately at the cold, gray body on the table in front of her. When she first started working with Fox Mulder she had been annoyed by his tendency to flaunt FBI regulations and bemused by his belief in the supernatural. When she was assigned to be his partner, she had been told to "keep him under control," and she had naturally fallen into the role of the skeptic non-believer. Now, after three years of working X-files with Mulder, her professional opinion of him was much higher, and she had become more open-minded about paranormal phenomena.

As for her personal opinion of Mulder, that had undergone some unsettling shifts recently as well. Maybe it was inevitable, she thought, as she made a long vertical incision with her bone saw; you can't work with someone every day, often under dangerous, stressful conditions, and not develop feelings for that person. And her feelings for Mulder were definitely straying well beyond professional respect.

When Scully arrived at Assistant Director Skinners office at a few minutes past 3 pm for their weekly X-files meeting, Mulder was already there. In the past, Skinner had been almost antagonistic towards X- files investigations and he had maintained a policy of refusing to investigate suspicious phenomena as long as there was a chance that they might just go away on their own. As Mulder had indelicately put it, Skinner didn't like to start an investigation until at least two or three bodies had turned up. Naturally, this had caused a lot of friction between the two, and they had come to blows on at least one occasion. After a while, Skinner had recognized that Mulder had a unique talent for sniffing out cases, and he now gave a much freer rein to his agents.

However, perhaps out of habit, Mulder still treated a request to open a new investigation like a lawyer trying to keep his client out of the gas chamber. As Scully sat down in the empty chair to his left, Mulder glanced over at her but did not interrupt his spirited monologue aimed at Skinner, who was leaning back in his chair with a bemused expression on his face. She noticed a videotape sitting on Skinners desk, and she smiled to herself - Mulder loved to use props to strengthen his case, and if that tape was what she thought it was it should make interesting viewing. Mulder was still talking.

" ... and although it's true that thousands of cases of public lewd behavior and indecent exposure are reported every year, these two incidents don't fit the profile at all. I talked to a detective at the Baltimore P.D. today and he said he had never heard of a similar incident in all his years on the force. And as for the convenience store incident, that doesn't fit the profile either: the man is married and the girl is a good student who was working behind the counter. Neither had been drinking. Both of them had a lot to lose by getting caught in the act, which was pretty much inevitable considering the security camera which they both knew was there."

Mulder paused to take a breath, and Skinner took the opportunity to break in with a question.

"Is there anything connecting the two incidents other than the claim by the perpetrators that they were compelled to act by some sort of sudden, powerful impulse? That sounds like a pretty predictable response ... Maybe you've heard the phrase 'The devil made me do it?'"

"Yes, I think there is something else connecting the incidents. I'd like to play the videotape from the security camera for you. I spoke to the officer who was at the scene, and he sent me a copy by courier. It's only about 10 minutes long, and I think it clearly demonstrates the nature of the incident."

"I'm sure it does," said Scully dryly.

Since Skinner had a TV/VCR setup behind his desk he could hardly refuse. Without comment, he pushed the tape into the VCR and moved his chair to the side to give Mulder and Scully a clear view. Mulder provided the voice-over.

"As you can see, the camera is set up to monitor the checkout area. The girl behind the register is Trudi Bowman - 16 years old, high school honor student, raised by a single mother."

"Nice nose ring" added Skinner, who didn't miss much.

"Yeah, lots of kids have one these days. Anyway, in a couple seconds you'll see the owner ... there he is. Vince Lansing, age 37, married, 2 kids. See, right now they are just talking - no lovey dovey stuff."

The tape showed Trudi from above as she stood at the register, and provided a frontal view of Vince as he took a bite out of his Snickers bar. They could clearly see the change in his expression as he suddenly lost his balance and grabbed the counter.

"Did you see that? I believe that's the point at which he fell under the influence of some outside force. And I imagine the same thing happened to the girl ... they rapidly begin having sex now - no foreplay or fooling around." Mulder's voice was cool and even.

"Good Lord," said Skinner as Trudi's bra fell to the floor. He gave an embarrassed glance towards Scully, but she was watching the screen intently.

There was no conversation for the next few minutes as all three of them watched Trudi perform fellatio on Vince, who had a faraway, slack- jawed look on his face. Suddenly a third figure appeared on the screen.

"Pause the tape," said Mulder.

"See the guy at the counter? The two having sex seem to be ignoring him, which is odd. In their statements to the police they gave conflicting reports - the girl said that this guy was controlling them, telling them exactly what to do. Lansing doesn't remember him being there at all, even after seeing this tape."

"You can't really see this guys face under the baseball cap," commented Scully.

"Whoever installed that security camera was a moron," added Skinner. "It's aimed in the wrong direction to see the customers."

"Mulder, do you think that man used some sort of hypnosis to coerce them into having sex?", asked Scully.

"I think that's what we should investigate. Here's the interesting part: Out of the nine patrons in Elgin's Steakhouse at the time of the other incident, only one man didn't participate in the orgy. He disappeared before the police showed up, but they got a rough description from a waiter, which more or less matches the man in this videotape. During questioning none of the other patrons remembered seeing him that night, or any other details for that matter. The investigating detective felt that he might well have had a connection to the incident, but there was no way to find him."

"Any description could more or less match this guy, for all you can see here," said Skinner, squinting at the screen. He reached over to the VCR and restarted the tape.

Trudi was now sitting on the counter. They watched silently as Vince shuffled between her legs, his stiff cock bouncing in front of him. As they started to fuck, Trudi threw back her head and looked directly into the camera. The look of intense pleasure on her face was unmistakable. Skinner shifted in his chair without taking his eyes off the screen.

As she watched the tape, it occurred to Scully that it had been months since she had made love to anything but her shower massager - a long time for a healthy woman who enjoyed sex as much as she did. As she watched the piston-like motions of the lovers on the tape, Trudi now with her eyes closed and her lower lip clenched in her teeth, she felt a warm tingling between her legs.

With a start, she brought herself out of her reverie. They aren't lovers, she reminded herself. If Mulder is right, they were both raped, despite their obvious pleasure.

Mulder was having similar thoughts. He too was aroused by the videotape, but his strong sense of right and wrong caused him to feel outraged at the incident. He felt certain that the man in the baseball cap was exerting some sort of control over the couple, and he was anxious to launch an investigation. Still, it was going to be hard to forget the mesmerizing image of those large breasts bouncing in perfect counterpoint to the bucking of the mans hips. He found himself wondering what Dana would look like in the same position.

The man in the cap looked around suddenly, and then walked away.

Mulder cleared his throat, and said "At this point two women have entered the store. Unfortunately, they didn't get a look at this guy either. And obviously he was long gone by the time the police arrived."

Skinner stopped the tape, mercifully cutting off the desperate efforts of Vince and Trudi to get back into their clothes. He looked over at Mulder and sighed.

"So you think this is some kind of mind control? Maybe the couple was just playing a crazy joke or something - the guy in the cap is a friend of theirs and they decided it would be hilarious to put on a show for him in the store."

"In front of the security camera?" asked Mulder.

Skinner didn't have an answer to that. "You're pretty quiet," he said to Scully. "What do you think?"

They both looked over at her. Scully had torpedoed more than one of her partner's proposed investigations at this point, and Mulder looked worried. But this time she agreed with him. Something about the security video was kind of creepy; maybe it was the look on the owner's face, like he was a zombie or something.

"I can't think of any reasonable explanation for what happened," she said. "I think that at the very least something criminal went on in that store."

Skinner nodded. "OK, I suppose this is worth looking into, since you don't have much else going on right now. How do you want to proceed?"

"I think the key is the girl," answered Mulder quickly. "She's the only one who seems to remember this guy, although she couldn't give a description. She may have been able to circumvent the hypnosis somewhat, if that's what was going on. I think we should drive out to Hallville and talk to her - see if we can get a better description of our mystery man.

"It would also be worth talking to the Hallville police again - if anything strange is going on in such a small town they would know about it," added Dana.

Mulder looked at Skinner, who nodded.

"Sounds good. Let me know as soon as you find anything." He didn't stand up as the two agents left.

The man behind the wheel of the blue Chevy pickup rolled down the window and took a deep breath of the warm evening air. He had just parked in a small dirt parking lot overlooking the Hallville reservoir, which was a small pond in a heavily-wooded area on the outskirts of town. The reservoir had been his favorite hunting ground since he had taken up residence in Hallville; it was a secluded spot much favored by horny couples, particularly high school kids. As he lit a cigarette, he noticed that his hands were shaking. He hadn't fed off of anyone for a few days, and he could feel the need rising in his body, making his heart pound and his blood tingle. As always when he hadn't fed for a while, he was jumpy and his senses felt unusually acute.

Taking a deep drag on the cigarette, he tried to relax and gather his thoughts. He had to feed soon or risk losing control over his hunger, but he didn't want to make any more mistakes. His recent behavior had been unacceptable - although the restaurant caper had been incredibly amusing and had satiated his hunger for days, it had been much too risky. He had just managed to slip out before the police arrived, and a few of the staff could conceivably remember him, although he was pretty sure he hadn't aroused any suspicion.

He had vowed to return to his safe, time-tested ways after that episode, but less than a week later he had made a bold, spur-of-the- moment decision to run a scene in the convenience store. It had been a tempting setup, he had to admit, but he had managed to make it this far without getting caught by avoiding just that sort of reckless behavior. Not surprisingly, he had been interrupted before he could fully satisfy his hunger, and he hadn't fed since then.

"It was something about that girl," he mused as he watched a nearby fisherman make lazy casts into the water. He had always had a weakness for young, spunky teenage girls, and this particular girl, with her tight shorts and her nose ring, had caught his attention a few weeks ago while he was cruising the area around Hallville high school. He had even found out her name: Trudi Bowman. He had looked for her up here at the reservoir, but she never appeared. Then the other night he had walked into the Road Pantry to buy a pack of smokes, and there she was behind the counter, looking hotter than ever. When he had sensed the attraction between her and the beefy blonde guy that came out of the back room, he had gone for it before thinking it through.

Seeing her pretty mouth wrapped around the guys thick meat and then her big, firm titties bouncing around while she was getting fucked had almost made it worthwhile. For the hundredth time, he wondered whether she could identify him. She had been unusually resistant to encouragement (that was the word he had always used in his head when thinking about his unusual ability), even for a female, and he had been interrupted before he could apply a final dose of amnesia. He was going to have to keep careful track of Trudi Bowman for a while.

The man finally tossed his cigarette out the window and looked around the small parking lot, which had three or four other empty cars in it. Satisfied that he was unobserved, he reached under the seat and took out a small plastic box, from which he selected a pair of non- prescription glasses with thick plastic frames and a mustache that matched the dark brown of his own hair. After checking his face in the rearview mirror, he put on a floppy fisherman's cap to complete the disguise.

Armed with a small fishing rod he kept in the bed of the truck, he started out along a well-worn path that encircled the reservoir. The sun was just starting to set, and there would be at least another hour of light. When he reached the water he started slowly strolling along as if he was looking for a likely spot for his first cast.

As he relaxed his mind and concentrated, he immediately sensed the presence of sexual attraction all around him, and his blood started to sing with anticipation. He smiled to himself - tonight he could afford to be picky and find a perfect setup - lots of privacy, no interruptions, low risk. One by one he analyzed the couples as he passed near enough to sense their sexual feelings. Some were out in the open where it would be too risky, others didn't have enough mutual attraction between them.

Twice he was able to quietly home in on couples in secluded areas who were already having sex, but he needed to control the encounter from the very beginning in order to feed off of the sexual energy. In both cases, he watched for a few minutes and then moved on.

Finally, he found the perfect couple. Before he even saw them he knew that they were young and horny as hell, but inexperienced and unsure of themselves. Stepping as quietly as a cat, he located them about a hundred yards from the path in a small clearing surrounded by thick brush. They were lying side by side on a blanket, making out and petting. Nearby was the remains of a picnic dinner, including an almost-empty bottle of Blue Nun.

This was just the right situation, plenty of privacy and plenty of hormones, and he settled down about 10 feet away to watch. The kids were both around 18; the girl was waif-thin with shoulder-length blond hair and the guy had short brown hair and the thin, well-muscled body of a high-school athlete. Their necking was following a timeless high- school pattern: while their lips remained locked together, the guy would fondle her small breast from the outside of her white tank top, rubbing and squeezing gently. Then he would slip his hand under the top and rub her back, but as soon as his hand started to slide along under the tank top towards her breasts she would block him with her arm. The chastened hand would come out from under the tank top and go back on top of the breast, and then the rather comical cycle would begin again.

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