The Lawyer and the Doctor

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: At first acquaintances only, Conner and Kim develop a seamy relationship that begins with her delivering one of the biggest surprises of his life. Romance blossoms from there. An Erotic Romance!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Establishing a Carnal Friendship:

It started for Conner Evans as one of the most shocking incidents of his life, and quickly turned into one of the most erotic. He was in the little hallway at the hospital rehab facility, getting water from the water cooler. With the water he took a step backwards to be able to put the used paper cup in the waste basket, when a hand grabbed him from behind.

His surprise was total! The hand urgently pulled him into the doorway of the women's locker room. Right there the doors were side by side, one leading to the women's locker room and one to the men's.

He had only time for a "Whaaaaa..." as he was propelled backwards into the locker room.

At that point he spun around and realized first that it was Kim Stump, Dr Kim Stump, that is, that was pulling him into the locker room. The second, and maybe most important, thing that he noticed was that Kim had her usual light, off green workout top on but now, as she pulled him along, a huge grin on her face, she was also wearing only a pair of white, nylon panties.

He was, at first, too dumbfounded to react at all. He simply went in the direction that she had chosen, until they were both ensconced in a cubicle.

(In the women's locker room, there was a series of cubicles for private clothes changing. It was into one of these that Kim had propelled Conner Evans.)

He was about to say something; he wasn't even sure what it was going to be, but she put out a finger along his lips and silenced him. At about the same time, she hauled her light green top up and off and, very quickly, had her bra off too.

Dr Kim Stump was a prominent staff member of the hospital. She was a lovely 35 year old, and was fairly thin. She had small breasts but a pair of the largest nipples that Conner had ever seen. They were very dark, in contrast to Kim's light skin color and exceedingly puffy.

He simply stared at her breasts and nipples.

Then he stopped to take in the rest of her also, in her white panties. She was smiling at him, apparently completely pleased that her little plan had worked. She knew herself well enough to also know that she was now displayed to the best advantage.

Despite her slim features, Kim had a world class, perfectly upside-down, heart shaped ass. It was fabulous and she turned now to let Conner stare at it.

She had one more little plan before doing what she had pulled him in for. She strode out of the cubicle, after telling him softly: "Now watch!"

As she went over across the room, with him gaping at her all the while, she 'put the walk on him', so to speak.

The play of her ass cheeks beneath the pitifully thin white, nylon material, kind of shiny material, of her panties was mesmerizing, to say the least. As she strode back to where he was, she was grinning at him. It was the kind of grin that an animal receives, when it's about to be done in.

When Kim was back in the cubicle, he asked her softly, but with a broad smile:

"What is this all about, doctor?"

"Just this, counselor," she said. "I've wanted to do this for such a long time!"

In fact, Kim and Conner knew each other well. They were on the medical board of the hospital together. He, as the hospital's main counsel, was given a complementary membership allowing him to use the workout facilities. He took advantage of that gladly.

At his present age of 42, Conner Evans was fairly settled in his ways. He knew of the family history of heart problems and was doing everything in his power to stave off that possibility. So, he used the rehab facilities 'religiously' at least three times a week.

It was there that he ran into Kim Stump, whom he'd met briefly at a meeting of the medical committee. Over a time period, they were first on a nodding acquaintance basis and then they spoke at least once, when they were there together.

Kim was always dressed in her workout clothes. Plain black running shorts with white piping, and a light, green colored top, which she often enough would pull up to a height above her navel, for a cool down, during her workout. On at least one occasion, he complimented her on her dangly earrings, which she always wore, and were usually colorful and varied. It caused her to give him, at the time, a huge smile and a soft 'thank you.'

It was also over this time period that Kim, Dr Kim Stump, started to become at least 'in lust' with Conner Evans. It was only after this all settled into her mind that she actually began to plot this little scene, which they were in the middle of right then.

She liked his curly hair, already sporting some gray curls, and, she thought, he was physically almost perfect: about 6'2", she thought; she'd guess him at about 200 lbs and thought that he carried it well.

The more she did this kind of speculation, the more she was 'in lust' with the man and determined to do something.

"Foolish, it might be," she reasoned with herself, "But exciting it will certainly be!"

With those words, Kim reached down and swept her panties off and handed them to Conner, actually pushing them toward his nose.

"Hmm," he said softly, "Sweaty doctor! I like that!"

She grinned and then she was on her knees.

"Ohhhhh!" he moaned, "You're going to... ?"

"Hang on, counselor," she said, "It's like a roller coaster ride, only the jumpers get hurt!"

He chuckled but the chuckling was short lived, because now she had his erection, standing up straight and paying attention to what she was doing, in her mouth.

Conner Evans discovered one thing immediately about Ms Stump, Dr Stump, she was wickedly good at giving head.

He leaned back against the cubicle wall and put his hands lightly on her head.

"Yes," she said urgently, "It's what you want to do; grab my hair, control me, do that, Conner!"

"Yessssss," he hissed, as he now had her by the hair.

By then his erection was approaching the back of her throat, and Conner Evans was about to unload. With a barely suppressed growl, he came in her mouth and into her throat. She controlled it all wonderfully, even, toward the end, pulling her mouth off and taking his continuing load in the face: on her forehead, on her cheeks and on her chin.

She stayed there kneeling for another few minutes, and, with him watching, used the panties to wipe her face.

Then she got up and kissed him. It was a quick kiss but a sizzling experience.

"Thank you, Counselor!" she whispered.

"No, thank you, Doctor! I've never been treated like that before!" he admitted.

"That's because you've never had me kneeling in front of you!" she said.

"I guess!" he replied, putting his, now softened, penis away.

She took him by the hand then and led him out.

"It's okay now but let me peek outside," she said, and then, still somewhat dazed, Conner Evans was back at the water cooler, just shaking his head.


Conner found it difficult, if not impossible to turn the video of it off in his mind.

(In this respect, Dr. Kim had certainly gotten from it what she wanted. That thought, of Conner playing with the mental film of her actions so often that day, would please her certainly!)

It just seemed to be always there, ready to reassert itself. He thought constantly of the lovely, dark puffiness of her nipples. They were astonishing, he conceded. But the best of all —- let's take into account here that Conner Evans was a confirmed 'bottom' man —- was the view of her walking across the locker room dressed only in those thin, white, nylon panties. The whole picture constantly flooded his mind, accompanied by the siren-like words: 'thin, white, nylon'. They were like candy in his mouth that day. And the very fact that all of this was topped by her giving him the most wondrous blow job that was possible! It was indelibly impressed on his mind, popping up now and again to reassert itself.

There were meetings and issues to deal with that kept him at the hospital far into the morning. He decided, finally, to grab a quick lunch in the cafeteria, which was uncommonly good.

As he made his way with a tray of salad and coffee, with a yogurt for a kind of dessert, he saw Kim Stump sitting by herself at a corner table. He stood next to her smiling. She looked up at him then and got a huge smile on her face too.

"Counselor!" she said softly.

"Doctor!" he answered. "May I join you? Not bothering?"

"Please do," she answered, "This reading can be done later."

They sat and talked companionably. He felt a little awkward, not sure if she would welcome him bringing up their encounter or not. She ultimately put him out of his misery. With a smile she excused herself and came back in just a bit, and handed him something.

Looking down he saw that it was a pair of those 'thin, white, nylon' panties that he loved so much.

"These are for you," she said, with a warm smile.

The gesture certainly emboldened him. He took the panties and, smiling back at her, simply placed them folded up on the table.

She began to giggle into her hand, when he did.

"You have them with a condition," she said.

"Yes?" he inquired.

"You have to wear them tonight, and every night 'til you give them back," she said.

"Granted!" he replied.

"And, when they come back," she continued, "I want them stained from what you do into them every night!"

"Granted also!" he said, and slipped the panties into his pocket.

"It will be a few days," he said, "I have a busy schedule coming up."

"Fine," was her reply, "Just do what you're told!"

"Certainly will!" he said.

They were both smiling, as they left the cafeteria. There was an unused office not far from the cafeteria, that Kim knew about and she steered Conner into it. It had a desk and chair and some filing cabinets.

When she got him into the room, she grabbed him by the hips and reached for his zipper, going to her knees right away.

"No!" he said, and shocking her, brought her up from her knees.

He then took her, bodily, to where the desk was and put her on the edge of the desk. Once she was there, he pushed her skirt up, with her moving her hips to help him; the smile never left her face.

When he had her exposed, he just stared for many minutes.

"I love your curly pubic hair!" he commented, getting a grinning response from her.

"Wonder how it tastes," he said pleasantly.

"Please!" she said hoarsely.

"Oh!" he replied, "Is the Doctor begging?"

"Yes, she is," Kim said softly.

"Well, the Doctor gets everything that she wants," was his reply. "This time and every time!"

Then he moved forward and, kissing his way up her inner thighs, began. After he'd

licked at her and kissed her pubic hair and vaginal lips for a few moments, he lifted his head and said: "The Doctor tastes so good!"

"This time and every time!" she said triumphantly. "This is wonderful!"

"This?" he asked, and inserted his tongue into the folds of her vagina, getting a barely suppressed squeal from her and a vigorous nod of her head.

"Why don't I just continue then!" he said.

"Wish you would!" she replied, and he did.

He worked at her then, with her, lifting her into his hands, so that he now had possession of her butt cheeks.

"Lovely, lovely, lovely ass!" he whispered to her and she smiled at him, as he went back to his licking and tongue work.

She had to press her mouth against her arm to keep from shouting during her orgasm, and at the same time, she held his head firmly between her thighs.

He finally looked up at her, grinning at him. But she was off the desk quickly and now on her knees again, pursuing her original idea.

"One good deed deserves another!" she said, taking his erection out and pulling it into her mouth and the back of her throat almost immediately.

His reaction was swift and powerful. After only a little bit, telling her that he wouldn't last, and getting the message that he didn't need to, he came. As before, she took him in her mouth and handled it well.

It left him slumped against the wall and panting. He righted himself then and said: "Doctor Stump, it's been a treat!"

"Mmm," she said, "Counselor Evans, it has indeed."

"I'm away for a few days," he reminded her. "But I'll do what I've been told!"

She grinned at him and said: "Call me, when you're doing it." She fished in her skit pocket and gave him a card with her office number, and wrote her private number and cell number on it also.


Her phone rang fairly late the next night. She had been wondering how it was going, though her 'campaign' with Conner Evans seemed to be taking a life of its own, she still wondered.

The phone rang and she answered, hoping it wasn't the hospital.

"Dr. Stump," he said in a soft voice.

"At your service, Counselor," she said. "I'm so glad you called. I hoped you would."

Right then for the first time me detected some hesitance in her voice, as though she were not sure of herself.

"Said I would," he answered. "Especially since it's you!"

"Oh, yes," she said, her voice getting back its edge of playfulness and surety.

Then she giggled and said: "That's not only what you said you'd do!"

"Yes, I know but thank you for reminding me," he said, now with a dirty laugh, "Am doing that too!"

"Wearing them?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "They are like you, soft, white, silky and sexy!"

She giggled: "Love to hear you talk that way."

"Yes, but it's you that I'm talking about!" he assured her.

"Conner," she answered, "You're making me giggle like a school girl!"

"That's good, I think," he said and she agreed. "But school was never a place where I got dragged into an office and had..."

"Say it!" she said.

"Had my cock sucked!" he said, giving the dirty laugh again.

"Aren't you glad about my campaign then?" she asked.

"Am I that?" he wanted to know, "Your campaign."

"Yes, you are!" she said, and once again the uncertainty crept into her voice.

He spoke to assure her immediately: "I'm so glad that I am, Kim; I need you, want you to know that."

She sighed into the phone then and said a soft 'thank you.'

"But tell me, me what you want!" he said.

"Your face between my thighs," she said, her mood swinging to erotic again.

"Yes, yes, with that curly hair scratching my face, cheeks, chin!"

"Exactly," she said. "My curly hair!" She giggled then and said: "Didn't know that this gal was hairy, did you, Counselor."

"Absolutely didn't," he said, "But I love the hairiness!"

"Goodie!" she said, giggling.

She thought for a few seconds and said: "So, since we can't have that..."

"Soon again, I promise, but excuse me for interrupting," he put in quickly.

"Quite alright," she said, "In a good cause. But, as I was saying, since we can't have that, I want you to play with yourself. I want to hear you. I want you to tell me what you're doing and used the rough and dirty words to describe it to me."

"Well," he began his narration, "It's dark here. I'm on the bed and am wearing the doctor's pretty, white, nylon panties. Quite a good fit, though a little bit tight."

She giggled.

"Leaves nothing to the imagination!" he said.

"Cock showing?" she asked in a sly voice.

"Yes," he said, "Cock showing; pressing against the white, nylon fabric."

"Very pretty picture! Thank you for that, Counselor!"

"You're welcome, pretty Kim, pretty Doctor!" he said, and had her giggling again.

"Pushing down the waist band now, and you know what happened?" he asked, playfully.

"What? Tell me!" she demanded.

"My cock popped out!" he said.

"At attention?" she wanted to know.

"Yes," he said, "Because I'm thinking about the panties' owner, you!"

"Oh, goodie!" she said. "Jerk off for me now, Conner!"

"Yes, I will, after all," he went on, "You said that you wanted stains."

"Yep! Stains are what I want, when I get them back," she affirmed.

"Not washed?" he asked, playfully.

"No, stains! Definitely stains!" she said.

"Yes, well that's happening right now," he said, beginning to get raggedy in the breath.

"What, what, Conner?" she said.

"Playing with my prick now; pulling skin up and down; going to ... cum ... soon!"

Then his voice was lost in the brilliance of his orgasm.

"Oh, that was wonderful!" she said softly into the phone.

"Mmmmmm!" he sighed. Then he said: "But it's your turn."

He listened then as she described what she was doing, talking about playing with her nipples, and her ass and then her pussy. She was so riled up by then that she didn't last very long at all. He enjoyed her 'performance' as much as she had enjoyed his!"

They spoke briefly after that.

"When will you be back in town?" she asked.

"Day after tomorrow," he said, "Shall I call?"

"I'd like that!" she said, with pleasure in her voice.

"Then I will," he said, "Pleasing you is at the top of my list!"

"Aren't I the lucky woman!" was her response.

"Hope so!" he said, "The woman that I eat!"

"Yahoo!" she cried and they both laughed. "My campaign is working!"

"Got the counselor!" he said.

"Yep, I do!"


He did, in fact, get back earlier than he'd thought. Instead of calling her, he decided to surprise her. He entered the cafeteria, just as two of her friends were getting up from having their lunch, though she still had some time left. She was reading a medical report, and didn't notice him, until he sat down.

"Ohhhh," she said, obviously, pleasantly surprised by him sitting there.

She leaned across the table and they kissed briefly.

"Hmm," he said, "We need to do much more of that!"

She grinned: "I agree, Counselor. It's so nice that you're back!"

"Yes," he said, "And I have a gift for the doctor."

"Gift!" she said enthusiastically, "I love gifts!"

He handed her a package, and smiled, while she opened it. She barely suppressed a screech, when she had it open and saw four pairs of panties.

He commented: "One pair, as you see is stained. Sorry about that."

"Wonderful!" she said, "No 'sorries' needed."

The other three were extraordinary pairs of panties. She looked around quickly and noticed that no one was paying attention to them.

"They're lovely!" she said, smiling broadly,

"Ran across a place where they hand make these!" he said, "Thought of you immediately."

"That's so nice!" she said, riffling through the small pile.

The panties were pink, violet and white. They had a band of lace at the waist and a lace panel on either side of the leg holes.

"My pussy will show," she whispered to him, confidentially.

"Goodie!" he said, "Then I won't lose my way!"

She put her hand over her mouth and giggled then. Then she frowned and looked at her watch.

"Conner, I have rounds in a few minutes; I have to go."

"I know that," he said, "I have some work in my office here and will be here for a bit. I'll call you later. Dinner out? We can practice our kissing, and other skills that I promise to get better at."

"Can't imagine you being better at that but I'm willing to try," she giggled.

"You go now," he said. "I'm going to have a light lunch before going to my office. Today is hospital business day for me."

He was in his office later, working, when there was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" he said.

The door opened and it was Kim Stump.

"Doctor!" he said in a pleasant voice.

"Counselor!" she answered.

She stepped in and closed the door, as he stood from behind his desk. She was wearing her full length doctor's white coat. Then with a flourish, she took the coat off and stood there wearing only her heels and the new pair of pink panties.

Conner simply groaned, as she made her way across the office saying: "I'm coming to get you, Counselor!"

He never answered: They were locked in an embrace and kissing quickly.

"I don't have much time and want to be screwed!" she said into his ear.

"Oh," he replied, leaning back and looking at her, "And what do I get if I do the screwing?"

She was rubbing up against him, and could feel the effect, the hardness of his erection pushing against his trousers.

"Anything you want!" she said.

"Good!" he proclaimed, "I want you to be my slave girl sometime soon!"

Her eyes lit up at the suggestion, and she sighed, saying: "Conner, you make the nicest suggestions! Slave girl! Yes! The very thing! You must be reading my fantasy book!"

"Mmmm, what a treat that would be!" he said.

"Yes, definitely," she said next, "Slave girl and anything that entails; please screw me now!"

There was no finesse involved with what they did next. He had his pants down, and his shorts in almost record time. He pushed her so that she was leaning against his desk. Then he took her panties off and pushed on her back. She was grinning over her shoulder at him, and began to pant almost as soon as he approached her with his erection, pushing it into her.

"Yesssssss," she hissed, "Conner's mine and I'm going to be his slave girl! Yes, yes, yes!"

He quickened his pace and she rasped: "Fuck me, Conner! Screw me good!"

The loudest noise for a few moments was the slap of his thighs against the back of her thighs.

As they approached their climax, she said, through clenched teeth: "Cum in my face, all over my face, please! I promise to be a good slave girl! Please, Conner, my Conner."

Just as she tipped into her orgasm, he pulled out, getting an involuntary shout from her and had her turned around and on her knees, as he emptied himself all over her face.

It went everywhere: her chin, her eyelids, her forehead, her cheeks. She stuck out a tongue to lap at what she could and heard a noise.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Phone," he said, "Photo! Hospital newspaper!"

"I'll bite you!" she proclaimed.

"Slave girls don't bite!" he said.

"Sometimes, if we can!" she said.

"Then they get punished!" he answered.

"Yes," she said, "I want to be punished. That's what I want."

He used his handkerchief to wipe her face and then, when she was cleaned up and they were both dressed again. She pressed herself against him and kissed him.

"You are so much fun, Conner!" she said. "I want to be your slave girl!"

"Next time!" he said.

"Yes, she answered, "Next time!"


They were scheduled that evening for dinner together. Conner was certainly looking forward to the projected 'slave girl' incident. But his phone rang, in the early evening, as he got out of the shower.

"Hello!" he said.

It was Kim. "Conner, there's been a bus accident and we need all hands right now. It might be hours."

"Please come to me, when you're done," he said. "I know how tired you'll be. Just come here."

"Yes, thank you," she said. "Sorry about dinner."

"No sorries," he responded, "We'll talk later."

"I haven't forgotten the slave girl!" she said.

"Nor have I," he replied, "I'll be waiting for you, at any hour."

His doorbell rang, actually, at 11:20 PM. She'd been there, at the hospital, all day since her shift began early in the morning. He answered the door, with his house companion, Sargon, a large orange striped cat, at his heals.

She was leaning against the door frame and smiling a very tired looking smile.

"Oh, don't you look all in," he said, reaching out to her and gathering her in for a hug.

"This has to be the best of the best," she said softly, while in his arms, "I mean coming home and being welcomed like this."

Then she glanced down and said: "But who is this?"

He laughed and said: "That's Sargon, or Sarge, as he's known. I am an avid reader of ancient history. He's my pal."

By then Sargon was wrapping himself around Kim's legs, to leave his scent on her, and purring loudly, as he proceeded.

"Oh, I like this!" she said. "The whole welcome home thing and the rubbing cat and the gorgeous counselor. I like all of it."

"Well, come in," he said, still partially holding on to her.

"Yes, the slave girl is here," she said, smiling at Conner.

"No, no slave girl tonight," he said, "Another time, another day for the slave girl. Sarge and I simply intend to take care of the weary, weary doctor."

"Yes, that's the best," she said, "Take care of the weary, weary doctor."

They were inside by then and he led her down the hallway and into the master suite, which was across the hall from his den, and at the other end of the house from the kitchen and dining area, and off the dining area was a sunken family room.

"Lovely house!" she said.

"Thank you, Sarge and I work at making it comfortable."

Just then, Sarge, hearing his name began to meow and got some scratches for his efforts both from Conner and from Kim.

"He's so lovely!" she said.

"He is a pal," he said, "But here we are. You just stand there."

"Not moving at all, Counselor; showing that I know how to take orders."

"Good," he said, tacking her suit jacket from her and putting it on a bedroom chair.

Then he was unbuttoning her blouse.

"Hmm," she said, "Getting interesting but I'm too tired to be very aggressive."

"I know, love," he said kissing her lightly, and causing her to smile warmly at him. "Just let me do this."

"Let you do about everything," she said, "Anything and everything!"

He put her blouse on top of her suit jacket and then wrapped his arms around her and unhooked her bra.

"Mmmm," she said, "Like your style, Conner!"

"Good," he said, "Then we'll continue!"

"Good, yes," she answered, "Continue."

Before proceeding, he did give in to one temptation and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and scraping his teeth across the skin. She went rigid and just made moaning noises, causing Sargon to join her with other noises.

"See," she said, "We agree!"

"Other one?" he asked softly.

"Yes, definitely, other one!" she said, "Light biting is allowed."

"Hmm," he replied, proceeding to the other nipple, "Better and better."

He gave the same attention to the other nipple, adding a little bite at the end of his sucking and teeth grazing. It caused her to make even louder noises.

Then he was unhooking her skirt.

"Oh," she said, pressing her face against his shoulder. "I've been working for hours and hours, all smelly me!"

"Smells just like my Kim," he said. "No complaints from me or Sarge!

(Again it incited cat noises!)

"You're just the best! Both of you!" she said, lightly licking his lips.

Her skirt was off then and on the pile of clothes and then he was kneeling and taking off her pantyhose and then her panties.

She put her arms up in the air and spun around and said: "All naked me!"

"Come on, Grace the dancer," he said, "Shower for you!"

"I'm not Grace," she whined, "That's your other girlfriend!"

She giggled at the end of the sentence. He joined her in the laugh and stepped back. Taking her by the arm, he sat her on the bed. She watched then, often with her hand up to her mouth to join her enchanted grin, as he took his own clothes off, until he too was naked.

"How nice!" she said, "Coming home to the Counselor and this lovely house, meeting Sarge the wonder cat and now having the Counselor naked and all."

"And all!" he agreed and went to her, after putting the clothes on another chair, and picked her up in his arms.

"Mmmmm," she said, "Strong too!"

They kissed properly then. They kissed, while he held her in his arms, with his one arm beneath her knees and her held up against him.

"Lovely kisses!" she said. "What you gonna do now?"

Then, before he could answer, she gave a great yawn, and then grinned and put her hand over her mouth.

"So tired!" she said.

"I'm gonna shower you now," he said.

"Yes, full treatment," was her comment.

He got the water ready then and, with the water set, got Kim in and under the stream of hot water. She sighed and just let it run over herself. She gave herself over totally to the care that he was taking with her.

He washed her, thoroughly, and then washed her hair. She simply smiled her way through the entire episode, at times humming pleasantly, as he worked with her, on her.

He finally had her washed and dried her. He sat here then on the bed again.

"Now?" she asked.

"Now bed," he said, "It's what you need the most."

"Yes, I think so!" she said, and giggled, as he brought her a tee shirt to put on, one that came down to the middle of her thighs.

"In you go," he said.

"Yes, in I go!" she echoed, acting more like a child being taken care of than anything else, due to her bone weariness.

He got her into the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin, giving her a long and soft kiss, before moving way.

"Where you going?" she asked, yawning in the middle of the question.

"Just here to sit and read a bit," he said, "I'll be coming to bed in a little bit."


Kim slept; she simply slept, peacefully for the entire night. She didn't hear Conner come to bed and slip in behind her, pulling her to him and holding on to her. She didn't feel Sargon rubbing against her and settling behind her knees. She simply slept.

She didn't have to be at the hospital early the next day, because of the long shift that she'd worked that day. Her night was peaceful.

She woke because she smelled something and only slowly opened her eyes. She felt the warmth of Sarge's fur against her leg and, opening bleary eyes, she saw that Conner was sitting in a bedroom chair by the bed. He'd been reading the morning newspaper and had a cup of coffee that he was drinking.

"Ohhhh," she yawned, stretching. "How wonderful was last night and how wonderful were you!"

"Morning, pretty," he said, smiling at her.

"What are you drinking?" she said, in an eager voice.

"Strong coffee!" he said.

"Oh may I please? I'll do anything!" she giggled as she said it.

She also moved then and kissed Sarge on the head, as the big orange tabby stretched and moved off of the bed.

"Didn't you two take such good care of me last night!" she said, holding her arms out to receive Conner, who came to her on the bed and gathered her into his arms.

"Mmmmm," she said, "This is even better than coffee but I want some of that soon."

"Your wish, my command," he said, "Or as we used to say in the old country: "Ihre wuensch ist meines Gebet!"

His German made her giggle and then he moved and brought her a cup of the coffee that she was seeking.

She sat up and drank the coffee."I was so tired last night," she said.

"I know," he acknowledged.

"Sorry about the slave girl!" she said.

"Time for that!" he answered, "We did what was needed."

"Yes," she replied, "Took care of Kimmie!"

He laughed and said: "Exactly! And," he went on, "I laundered your bra and panties and pantyhose, so that they're ready for today. You might want to get to your place for another suit to wear but you at least have clean undies."

"Aren't you the best!" she said reaching out for another hug and a kiss from him.

Then, her coffee finished, she looked toward him, a pixyish grin on her face, put her arms up in the air and said: "Here's Kimmie!"

He laughed but she went on: "Here's Kimmie's Titties! Here's Kimmie's mouth! Here's Kimmie's pussy with its curly, curly hair! Here's Kimmie's pretty ass! Does Conner, Conner want something?"

He laughed again and she moved quickly, saying: "I know what! Kimmie has a talent."

With her movement on the bed, she now had her feet toward the pillows and her head lolling off of the bottom of the bed. She had her arms outstretched and was wiggling her fingers for him to come to her.

"Oh dear!" he said, "Realizing what she had in mind."

"Let's play Kimmie's game now, 'Gag the Gal'," she said.

"Kimmie's game!" he repeated, "I like Kimmie's game!"

"Goodie," she said, "Because Kimmie's games, all of Kimmie's games are for Conner, only for Conner, no back alley or back hallway blow jobs for Kimmie, no Sir!"

He laughed again and said: "Where has this wild woman come from?"

"Conner took her in!" she said but he was standing right there by then and grabbed her roughly by the hair and snarled at her: "Suck me!"

"Yesssssss!" she hissed, "Play... 'Gag the ... Gal!" with her already mouthing the head of his erection, as she spoke.

He moved a little bit closer to her then, his pj bottoms long taken off, and moved into the angle provided by her head and pushed himself into her mouth. She took him relatively easily and held onto him, her hands behind his thighs.

"Oh," he moaned, "No hands!"

"MMmmmmmpppffff!" she replied.

"Don't talk with your mouth full!" he said, chuckling and slapping her cheek lightly.

She continued what she was doing but blinked her eyes at him twice. He understood and said: "You're welcome!"

He seemed to be in charge but in a way she had him fairly captured. He came that way, pumping into her throat, and she was able to take it all in. He moved away then but she sprang up from her prone position and was sitting on the edge of the bed. She reached out and captured his fading erection once again and pulled him so that it slid into her mouth again. She held him there until he was ready again.

He grabbed her then, getting an appreciative squeal from her and hauled her up in the air. His simple strength impressed her. When he had her up in the air, he let her down slowly, impaling her on his up-standing erection in the process.

"Ohhhh," she sighed, "Kimmie likes this; No! Kimmie loves this!" she gazed at his face, as he settled her down on his erection and she said, lips to lips: "Kimmie loves this, the way that Kimmie loves Conner!"

"Yes," he said, "Loves Conner! The way that Conner loves Kimmie too!"

"Oh, nice for us!" she said, "And now Kimmie's getting fucked! Fucked in the morning!"

"You're loud!" he said, pausing and chuckling. She grinned and then put a tune to the phrase and began to sing it to him:

"Fuck me in the morning, fuck me in the evening, fuck me at super time! Be my all time fucker, and I will make you mine!"

It left him laughing, and he said: "Woman, I'll drop you, if you make me laugh too hard."

"Don't drop!" she replied, "Just fuck me!"

He did!

They settled on the bed afterwards, and talked, kind of pillow to pillow.

"Work today?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "Have to go soon."

"Shall I give you a pair of running pants and a tee shirt to wear instead of yesterday's suit?"

"Oh, that'll be nice!" she said, "And my undies are all clean?"

"Yep, all clean! Part of the house service!"

"Hear that, Sarge?" she said, talking to the big tabby, "He's so grand this lover man of mine!"

Sarge yowled at that and they both laughed.

The last thing that she said, through a kiss, at his door was: "Slave girl soon! This morning was practice!"

"Yes," he answered, "Grand practice!"

He spoke to Sargon, when she was gone. "Sarge, she's like a whirlwind!"

Sarge meowed at that, and Conner said: "Yes, I'll be sure to tell her that."


Both Conner and Kim were busy for a number of days. They were in contact daily, however, and did manage to spend some time together, mainly for love making, which was exciting and fulfilling for both of them.

During that time period, Conner did some shopping. He whistled to himself, as he selected what he thought he'd need and gathered it all together.

The Christmas holiday was right around the corner at that point and the two of them agreed that the following weekend would be a 'get together time' for them.

Conner greeted Kim at the door that evening. He gave a low kind of whistle, when he opened the door and saw her, wearing a pair of white leotard like pants and an over tee shirt.

"Sexy, Doctor!" he said.

"Sexy for you, Counselor!" she replied and then she complained: "This is, was terrible, I mean us being busy and not being able to be together."

"Yes, I agree," he said, and then he moved into a kiss with her. All the while, Sarge was winding his way in and out of their legs, rubbing against both of them.

"Mmm," she said, "Sarge is rubbing against me."

"I love his taste!" Conner said, "And don't blame him."

She kissed him again and said softly: "So, hi, Conner, my Conner."

"Hi, yourself!" he said.

Then he gave her a look with a twinkle in his eye and said: "I have gifts for you!"

"Gifts!" she said.

"Well," he went on, "It is almost Christmas!"

"Oh, gifts," she said, "Aren't you the lovely one!"

He led her by the hand into the bedroom, with Sargon constantly in attendance.

She positively shrieked, when she entered the bedroom door. There on the bed was all of the 'slave' stuff that he'd bought.

"Thought that I'd kind of tweak your imagination," he said with a smile, as she was hugging him and kissing him again, and then giving a kiss on the head to Sarge, who was now on the bed and making contented cat noises.

"Wonderful!" she said, beginning to go through the pile of gift items.

(He'd bought her a pair of slave girl pantaloons with clear, filmy legs but gathered at the ankles. There was a matching pair of beige panties, bikini style. The filmy top wasn't really a bra but was a kind of halter top with puffy sleeves at the shoulders but it hid nothing at all. There were plastic, toy hand cuffs. He also had actually found shoes that were rhinestoned and had toes that curled up —-This made her giggle! There was a selection of whips and paddles, which, he explained, were for him to use. He had some clothes pins there also, getting yet another giggle from her.)

As she was rummaging through the pile, she said: "You've really thought about this!"

"I like to be thorough," he said.

"Yes," she replied, "I've noticed that about your love making."

Then it was kiss time again, and following the kiss, she went back to the pile of goodies. It was then that she noticed the small box with green felt covering.

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