The Teachers' Conference

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1995 by Ann Douglas

Erotica Sex Story: Doreen Doyle had come to the teacher's conference with a desire to learn more about her profession. What she learned was something about herself she never suspected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Fiction   Cheating   DomSub   Oral Sex   .

"Damn," Doreen Doyle said under her breath as the sunlight from the open window forced her to open her eyes and greet the new day.

Rolling over in bed, the 26 year old was immediately reminded of the indecent amount of alcohol she had consumed at last night's teachers' party. Sitting up in the bed, she discovered that her head still hurt a little. Who'd have ever thought that a bunch of teachers could party so hard. Doreen hadn't felt so wasted after a party since her senior year of college.

Still it had been fun, at least as much as she could remember of it. When she had been selected as a delegate from her home town of Parkerston, Indiana, the brunette had expected to spend four days listening to boring lectures and maybe having a little time for sightseeing. After all, a free trip to San Francisco was worth a little sacrifice.

What she had found instead was a few quick, quite interesting meetings every day, followed by a nightly party. Every night being a little wilder than the last, with last night's being the grand finale. She wondered if every conference was like this. If the school board knew of it, they'd never foot the bill to send anyone next year. It then occurred to her that was why every teacher who had attended an earlier conference had given her the same advise. "Just go there with an open mind and enjoy yourself." She had thought at the time they were referring to opening her mind to different theories of education.

Moving to the edge of the bed, Doreen noticed her clothes from last evening scattered across the floor. She must've really been out of it when she dragged herself back to her room. Usually she would at least pile her clothes on a chair or something. She had also been surprised to find she had slept naked, something she didn't even do with her boyfriend back home. Sliding her lower body from beneath the sheets, she was presented with an even greater shock. All of her pubic hair was gone.

"What the hell did I do last night?" She asked herself as she ran her fingers across the now smooth skin between her thighs.

Before Doreen could ponder the question too long, the sudden sound of running water from the bathroom made her jump with a start. There was someone in there. Grabbing her glasses from the night table, she took a good look around the room. While the room was almost a mirror image of her own hotel room, there were enough small differences to tell her she was in someone else's room. A quick glance at the other side of the twin bed showed that someone else had slept there. The inescapable conclusion was that she hadn't spent the night alone.

Rubbing her head, Doreen tried to remember what had happened last night. Now fully awake, pieces of the puzzle fell into place. It wasn't the fact that she'd slept with someone that upset her so. She had, after all, been sexually active since she was 17 and slept with her boyfriend Tim on a regular basis. It was that she couldn't remember who it had been.

The image of Billy Thompson suddenly filled her mind. The delegate from Seattle had been trying to hit on her since day one. Was he the guy from the other side of the bed. She did remember him trying to buy her a drink last night.

The sound of running water from the bathroom abruptly stopped. In a few seconds, Doreen would see if it was Billy or not. Hopefully it wasn't someone worse.

Doreen's eyes nearly popped out of her head and her small mouth dropped open in shock as the bathroom door swung open and a tall form walked into the room. Walking over to Doreen, the blue clothed figure bend over and kissed her. It was a warm touch, but Doreen was too much in shock to respond. As her mystery lover moved away from her, Doreen barely heard herself being asked to lock up behind her as her lover in blue was late for a meeting.

The hotel room door closed behind her lover before the reality of the situation fully hit Doreen. Her lover had been tall, blonde and gifted with an incredible body. In addition, her lover had been the last person she could ever have imagined coming out of that door. Her name, Doreen remember now, was Evelyn Howard. Doreen had spent the night with another woman.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Doreen thought as she jumped out of the bed. "What did I do last night?"

Grabbing the various pieces of clothing scattered across the floor, Doreen quickly made for the bathroom and after a quick wash proceeded to dress. As she buttoned up her blouse, she noticed a small razor in the sink, still covered with small brown hairs.

"Guess that explains were my hair went." She noted as she ran her hand through her long dark hair.

Exiting the bathroom back to the main room, she carefully opened the outer door and looked into the hall. Thankfully it was empty. Closing and locking the door behind her, she quickly moved to the elevator and hit the up button.

During the short two floor ride, Doreen felt like every person in the small elevator was staring at her. As if they all knew what she had done. When the doors finally opened on the twelfth floor, she almost ran out of them.

It wasn't until the 26 year old was safely in her room that Doreen was able to relax. Thankfully her assigned roommate was already out for the day, attending some conference or other. The school board back home hadn't been willing to pay for a private room so she had been forced to share accommodations. She'd had little contact with her roommate, only having met her twice. A tough old bitty twice Doreen's age, she'd made no secret of her dislike of the night time parties and was usually already asleep by the time Doreen made it back to the room.

"I need a shower." Doreen said to herself as she began to strip out of the clothing she had so hurriedly put on only twenty minutes before.

The hot water felt good against her skin as the fog in her mind began to clear. She began to remember images from the night before and by the time she had towelled dry, was forming a good picture of the events that had led her to Evelyn's bed.

Wrapping herself in a warm robe, she dropped onto the unused bed and closed her eyes. As her thoughts drifted, the last ten hours began to replay in her mind like a movie.

The noise of the Flamingo Room filled Doreen's ears, thankfully drowning out the sound of Billy Thompson's voice. The grammar school teacher from Seattle had been going on for almost twenty minutes on some subject or other, all the while stealing glances down Doreen's blouse whenever he could.

Normally, Doreen liked showing off her breasts. They weren't very big, only a 34C, but she worked hard to keep them firm and pert. It was just that Billy Thompson, while sort of cute, was also an incredible bore. Over the last few nights, she tried every way she could think of to let him know she wasn't interested. She'd mentioned her boyfriend back home at least a dozen times, but still he kept coming back. Eventually she was just going to have to tell him to bugger off, something she really hated doing.

"So I was saying to the Principal..." Billy went on as he took another deep look down Doreen's shirt.

Doreen had finally had enough. Filled with liquid courage, she opened her mouth to tell Billy off when a tall blonde woman stepped alongside her. There were plenty of empty seats around the bar so it was obvious that she wanted something from one of them.

"Maybe she had the hots for "Mr. Rogers" here and is going to take him away from me." Doreen thought hopefully. "Maybe she's a long lost girlfriend."

That hope faded as quickly as the annoyed look on Billy's face appeared. Whoever this woman was, she was no friend of his.

The blonde in the bright green dress looked at Billy for a moment, then turned to Doreen and smiled.

"Sweetheart, I've been looking all over for you." The older woman said in a musical tone. "I thought we were going to meet in the Kiki Kiki Room."

Doreen hesitated for a moment, then quickly replied.

"Oh my goodness, I'm such a airhead at times. I've been having this fascinating discussion with Billy here, by the way, have you met Billy Thompson from Seattle. I must've lost all track of time. You will forgive me, won't you?"

Doreen put all she could into the statement, trying to convey the idea that she was indeed supposed to meet this woman. It would've helped greatly if she knew her name. She'd seen her on a couple of discussion panels but really hadn't paid that much attention.

"Oh course my pet, how could I ever stay angry at my little pearl."

"I thought you said that you came to the Conference all alone?" Billy said to Doreen.

"I ... I ... err ... did." Doreen replied. "But..."

"Doreen and I are very old friends." The blonde said as she reached out and took Doreen's hand in hers. "Very close friends..." She added with a special emphasis that couldn't be mistaken.

"I see ... I mean I didn't know..." Billy stammered as his face turned a bright crimson. "I ... have to go ... excuse me."

With that he was gone.

"I hope that's what you wanted." The older woman said as they watched Billy disappear from view. I've seen him following you every night and you looked like you'd just about had enough."

"Oh yes." Doreen gushed as she smiled at the woman. "I just can't believe you got rid if him in a few minutes. I've done everything but write him a note spelling out that I wasn't interested."

"Evelyn Howard, from San Diego." The tall blonde said as she reached out and again took Doreen's hand, this time for a firm handshake.

"Doreen Doyle from Parkerston, Indiana." Doreen replied as she returned Evelyn's firm grip. "My friend's call me Dee Dee."

"Well the first part I got right away," Evelyn grinned. "You're still wearing your name tag."

Looking down, Doreen grimaced on seeing the small name plate clipped to her blouse. She quickly removed it. At least that explained how Evelyn had known her name.

"Well anyway, I'm grateful." Doreen said as she slipped the tag into her pocket. "Can I at least buy you a drink."

"Certainly," Evelyn replied. "But lets move to a table. Standing at the bar attracts too many guys."

By the second drink, Doreen and Evelyn were fast on their way to becoming the old friends Evelyn had fictitiously created earlier. Evelyn, Doreen learned, was 39 and the assistant principle at an junior high school back in San Diego. This was her fifth conference and she sat on three of the permanent discussion groups.

The conversation turned away from education and Doreen talked a lot about her boyfriend, Tim, back home. He was a nice enough guy. A lot of fun, both in and out of bed. But she really wasn't sure she was ready to settle down. This was only her third trip outside of the state, and the other two had been supervised. There was so much to see and do.

"Well no one is watching over you on this trip." Evelyn said. "And there are a lot more interesting people to meet than that bore from Seattle."

"Your right," Doreen said as she lifted her glass in a toast. "To so many men and so little time."

So intent was he on draining her glass that she didn't notice that Evelyn didn't share in the toast.

"How did you ever come up with that idea to get rid of Thompson. I never would of thought of it." Doreen asked as she put her empty glass on the table and signaled for another.

"Well, sometimes with people like that, all you have to do is present them with something they just can't deal with."

"Imagine," Doreen said as the waiter replaced her empty glass with a full one. "Pretending to be a lesbian and that I was your date."

"Oh I wasn't pretending," Evelyn said calmly. "I am a lesbian."

Doreen nearly dropped the drink she had lifted halfway to her mouth.

"It was only my date with you that I was pretending about."

Doreen slowly placed the glass back on the table, her face still registering surprise.

"Is that a problem?" Evelyn asked. "I really wasn't trying to pick you up or anything."

No, of course not." Doreen stammered out. "You just caught me by surprise."

For the moment, Doreen took a long look at Evelyn. Lesbian. The word had never been part of her vocabulary. Back home in Parkerston she had never even know anyone who had ever met a lesbian. At least no one who had ever admitted to it. Of course there were always those rumors about Sylvia Johnson back in high school, but she had moved away right after graduation.

Evelyn had said that she hadn't been trying to pick her up, but just the same, Doreen began to wonder if the older woman was attracted to her. While she never considered herself beautiful, she knew that men found her pretty. Was a lesbian attracted in the same way men were?

A few moments of awkward silence covered the table until Evelyn finally broke it.

"I can leave if you like, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Oh no, please stay." Doreen responded. "I'm sorry for staring but you really don't fit what I always thought a lesbian would look like."

Without thinking, Doreen had whispered the word lesbian. Just like she sometimes heard the old women in her family lower their voice when they wanted to say something about someone. Like "they drink you know" or "They had cancer surgery". It was usually something unpleasant.

"You really don't have to whisper the word, Dee Dee." Evelyn said. "I don't hide the fact that I'm a lesbian. It's not some kind of disease."

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize I had done it." Doreen apologized. She really felt kind of foolish. After all, she was so far from home, who would ever know she had drinks with a lesbian.

As the conversation went on, Doreen found herself being captivated by the woman on the other side of the table. More and more she found herself staring at Evelyn's ample breasts, wondering what it would feel like to touch them. It had been a long time since she had such thoughts. Back in her sorority in college, it was rumored that a few of the girls engaged in lesbian practices, but Doreen never found out if that was true. There were a few nights when she saw girls sneaking into one another's rooms, but she had never been invited. Sometimes she wish she had, just out of curiosity.

Finally, the bartender called last call, and the two women got up to leave. Doreen felt a little unsteady on her feet, a combination of the alcohol and the strange excitement she felt from being with Evelyn. She knew the folks back home would never approve.

Waiting for the crowds by the elevator to thin out, Doreen continued to stare at Evelyn. In return, the tall blonde seemed to be ignoring her gaze. Finally Doreen concluded that Evelyn might be thinking that she was looking at her as if she was some kind of curiosity and decided to stop. She was curious it was true, but it wasn't fair to treat another person as such.

As the two women entered the elevator, another man joined them. Doreen noted that Evelyn hit the button for the tenth floor while she hit the twelfth. The stranger had pressed four.

No sooner as the doors closed on the fourth floor behind the man, when Evelyn stepped over to Doreen and abruptly kissed her. Caught totally off guard, Doreen instinctively opened her mouth to protest, only to have the protest stifled by Evelyn's probing tongue.

Then as abruptly as it had begun, Evelyn broke the kiss and stepped back.

"All evening, you've been wondering what that would feel like." Evelyn said as she smiled. "I could see it in the way you kept staring at me. So now you know."

Doreen was still too taken back to respond. It was been both abrupt and exciting she had to admit.

Anything she then wanted to say was cut off by the chime of the elevator door's opening on ten. As Evelyn stepped off the elevator, she paused for a moment and turned to Doreen.

"If you really want to see what it's like, I'm in room 1005." She said as the doors closed behind her.

While the elevator moved upward, a dozen thoughts ran though Doreen's mind at once. Could she do something like that? Who would ever know? Would she ever get another chance? What would Timmy think? Did she even care?

The doors opened on twelve and she took one step out, then hesitated. Taking a deep breath, she stepped back in and pressed the button for ten.

Over ten minutes passed as Doreen stood outside the door to room 1005. What am I doing, she asked herself for the tenth time. The elevator chimed down the hall as she heard a few people getting off on this floor.

Thankfully, they went in the other direction and entered their own room. She could tell they were drunk and hadn't even noticed her.

"Can't stand here all night." Doreen said to herself in a low voice. "Either go forward or back."

Taking a deep breath she finally knocked on the door. Long seconds passed and she thought Evelyn might have already gone to bed. She was thinking of leaving when a voice called from behind the locked door.

"Who is it?"

"Doreen..." She managed to stammer out.

A second later, the door swung open and she stepped inside.

The room wasn't much different than her own. Same color, same furniture, same boring art on the walls. Her head turned as Evelyn locked the door behind her.

The tall blonde was now wearing a blue terrycloth robe. Her hair had been unclipped and combed out, hanging loosely around her shoulders. It was also slightly damp, telling Doreen she had just come out of the shower.

"Did you forget something?" Evelyn asked as she smiled.

"I was thinking about what you said in the elevator." Doreen said, her eyes fixed on the soft valley between Evelyn's breasts that was visible through the folds of the robe.

"And... ? Evelyn asked.

"And, I think I'd like to know more." said Doreen somewhat hesitantly.

"You think... ?" Evelyn said in a strong voice. "Either you do or you don't. Now which is it?"

"I want to learn more." Doreen said, this time with conviction.

Evelyn smile grew larger. She reached out and ran her fingers down across Doreen's cheek. The school teacher from Indiana found the touch unbelievably erotic. Her long index finger slid down across Doreen's face and caressed her small lips. Evelyn slid her finger into Doreen's mouth and let her suck on it for a few moments. Pleased with the young woman's willingness, Evelyn removed her finger and took a step back. The bright smile grew to it's fullest.

"I told you in the bar that I was a lesbian." She said as she took the same finger and ran her tongue across it. "What I didn't mention was that I'm also a dominant. Do you understand what that is?"

Doreen had seen the word in a few books, she wasn't totally ignorant. She nodded a yes.

"Tell me what you think it is?" Evelyn demanded.

"I would guess that it's someone who's into Slave and Master situations." Doreen said, proud of her being able to answer. "A person who was a..." She hesitated a moment as she tried to remember the word. " ... Dominatrix." She finally remembered.

"Very good." Evelyn said. "But there are various levels and situations that go with that."

Doreen looked confused for a moment, her reading hadn't covered anything like that.

"I'm not into whip, chains, leather or anything like that." Evelyn laughed softly as she now ran her finger down the deep valley of her 38D's. She could feel Doreen's eyes glued to it's journey. "I just enjoy the feeling of being in total control. Do you think you could handle something like that?"

Doreen thought about it for a few long seconds, her eyes riveted on the drop of saliva running between Evelyn's mounds until it disappeared beneath the robe. If Evelyn had asked her this a half hour ago in the elevator, Doreen was sure she would've ran as fast as she could. Now after taking the giant steps which had brought her this far she only felt exhilaration instead of fear.

"Yes I could." She replied in a solid tone.

"Really now?" Evelyn countered.

With a flourish, the taller woman turned and walked over to the edge of the bed. She motioned for Doreen to follow.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Evelyn hiked her left leg up onto the bed. She pulled loose the sash around her waist, allowing the robe to fall open. Doreen took a long hard look at the naked body that had just been unveiled. It certainly wasn't that of a 20 year old, but neither was it that of a woman pushing 40. Her large breasts were still full and only sagged a little. They were capped by silver dollar sized aureole, which in turn were topped by erasure sized nipples - already hard and erect. So enthralled by Evelyn's endowments, the younger woman didn't notice at first something she hadn't seen since junior high school gym. A totally nude pussy.

A wicked grin on her face, Evelyn reached down and spread her vaginal lips with her hand, drawing Doreen's attention to it's bareness.

"I want you to lick me!" She commanded.

Doreen dropped to her knees without a moment's hesitation, so compelling had been the command. She looked up at the tall blonde and saw a pair of piercing blue eyes bearing down upon her. Then she looked forward into the pinkness stretched open in front of her.

"Last chance to back out..." Doreen said to herself as she dropped her gaze to the floor and removed her glasses.

Then with less hesitation then she showed the first time she took a boy in her mouth, the 26 year old grammar school teacher reached out with her tongue and stroked the sex of another woman. "Mmmmm, this is pretty nice." Doreen thought as she explored the inner reaches of Evelyn's canal.

The young woman found it pleasantly surprising that she actually liked the taste that now filled her mouth. Prior to this moment she had never sampled the juices of a woman, not even her own. Based on the comments of both her boyfriend Tim and two previous lovers, she had expected it to be somewhat gross. At least that was the excuse they had always given for not doing it for more a few minutes. Just enough to help get her wet before intercourse.

After giving Doreen ample time to become comfortable with exploring her womanhood, Evelyn took a gentle grip on the back of Doreen's head and helped guide her tongue to the most sensitive spots.

"Not bad for a novice." Evelyn chuckled as she pressed the brunette's face deep between her legs.

Doreen took that as praise and increased the motion of her tongue. Her face was now smeared with the sticky juices, but she didn't care. Without even checking, she knew that her own pussy, still covered by her panties, was also wet.

"I guess you can handle it." Evelyn said as she released her grip on Doreen's head and guided her back to her feet.

As soon as Doreen stood up, Evelyn pulled her close and kissed her again. This kiss was much more aggressive than the one in the elevator. Evelyn really loved the taste of her pussy on another woman's lips and after running her tongue along the interior of Doreen's now willingly open mouth, she began to lick it off her cheeks.

"Strip for me." Evelyn whispered in Doreen's ear as she nibbled on the lobe. "Make me hot for your body."

Doreen took a big step back and reached behind her for the zipper of her dress. She had never stripped for anyone before. Usually the men she'd been with wanted her naked as quickly as possible. She remembered an old adult movie she had seen in a motel she and Tim had once spent a few hours in. Incredibly, he had switched on the television after their lovemaking and watched part of an adult film for the last hour of their stay. Dropping her dress to the floor, she tried to copy the woman she had seen that night.

Cupping both breasts in her hands, Doreen played with them for a few moments before releasing the front clasp. Then with an exaggerated shimmy, she let the plain white bra fall away from her mounds and drop off her arms. She returned her hands to her breasts, now running her fingers across the nipples. The girl in the film had breasts large enough to pull up within reach of her own tongue, Doreen knew she couldn't duplicate that. Instead she wet the tips of her fingers and rubbed the last remnants of love juice from her face, then spread it across her nipples.

Evelyn had laid back against the headboard and was playing with her own breasts with one hand and sliding two fingers of the other into her pussy.

"That's right." She purred. "Put on a show."

Doreen's slip followed the bra to the floor and she stood only covered by a cheap pair of cotton panties. She slid both her hands beneath the waistband and let out a loud sigh. Then thrusting her shoulders back and her chest out with each motion, she began to rub her own clit.

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