Big Love

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy has been having doubts about her relationship with Gary, she doesn't think she'd giving him enough sex on her own, so she arranges for an invite to a sex party in a stately home. Amy, Gary and Pixie have a very good time, but does Amy need to go to this trouble?

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Amy is concerned that Gary isn't getting enough sex, she's more than satisfied, but worried that now they're only having sex once or twice a week, and sometimes not at all, his wild oats are not being sown often enough.

I hate that inner voice, the one you know isn't right but you still have to listen to it, and you still kind of believe it. My inner voice is telling me that Gary isn't sexually satisfied.

We've been together nine months now, and I'm more than satisfied in bed, he makes me cum so deep inside that if I'm being selfish he could stop what he's doing there and then and I'd be just dandy. I'm not selfish though, and I need him to cum, as often as he needs.

When we first met we used to make love 3 or 4 times a night most nights, but now we make love every other day, and if Pixie or Tina visit then Gary has a whale of a time, usually screwing both, or all three of us if both girls are round, morning and night.

So you see, he can satisfy multiple girls, so how can he be happy with just me? He says he's more than satisfied, but that inner voice tells me he's just being kind.

What can I do to get him more sex? I have considered getting Pixie to move in, but after thinking long and hard I decided that I loved her too much, and I wanted our times together to be a treat, something to look forward too. The same with Tina, I have a sneaking suspicion that Gary is very fond of her, and who could blame him, she's simply stunning. I don't feel threatened by her though, I know Gary loves me more than anything, and I love him, I truly feel we're soul-mates, bound together forevermore.

So, I'm at a loss as to how I can get him more sex without paying for hookers, not something I'd want to do after hearing Pixie's stories about life in the sex industry. I'm also bored. Gary is working in the kitchen, trying to get a database working or something, and I'm lounging in front of the TV, yes we bought one at last, and flicking through the channels. I've often thought that if you can't find something to watch on the first ten channels you may as well give up, but I don't give up and I'm working my way towards the lower reaches of the guide and stumble upon a documentary about dogging.

It looked sleazy, and the majority of the girls were skanky to say the least, but it set me thinking, but I needed to do some research, which would need the internet. Gary would be working tomorrow night, a software update needed to be done out of hours, so he'd be working until midnight at least.

So the next night I had sole use of the laptop, and I set about searching, starting with dogging and moving onto some topics that raised my eyebrows, I thought I was open minded but some people have perversions that made me shudder. I actually shut the laptop in horror when I saw a site about dogging using actual dogs.

Anyway, after a gin & tonic I turned the laptop back on and started afresh, and half an hour later I'd found the answer, but I had to phone Pixie to check what she thought.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do honey?"

"Yes, and no. Oh I don't know. I'm probably being paranoid, but I really think that the only time Gary is totally satisfied is when you and Tina are round. He can't be OK just having sex with me every couple of nights surely."

"I think he is, you two are deeply in love and that's enough for him."

"But how can you be sure?"

"Does he look at other girls at work, or in the pub?"

"Yeah, sure he does, I'd think it odd if he didn't."

"OK, but how does he react when they leave? Does he follow them with his eyes?"

"Err, no I don't think he does. No, he doesn't."

"See, once they're gone they're forgotten. I bet if you didn't know me, and hadn't introduced us he wouldn't give me a second thought."

"No, that's not right, you're beautiful."

"And so are you. More beautiful than I am because you're all natural, my boobs and hair colour are 100% fake."

"Hmmm, maybe you have a point."

"Hold on, I've got an idea. Tomorrow can you go & see your mum, and I'll babysit Gary. I'm willing to bet he won't try anything on while you're not here."

"Ok. I'm fine if he does molest you by the way, but it'll be an interesting experiment."

So the next morning I told Gary that I had to visit my mum after work, but Pixie was in town so she'd pick him up and take him home, he seemed fine with that, and as it was curry night tonight at Wetherspoons they'd pop round there for tea.

Mum was surprised to see me that night, and was instantly suspicious, had we had a falling out? Was I pregnant? Was I having second thoughts about the wedding? I got quite angry about the fact that I couldn't pay my dear mother a visit without her grilling me.

Once Mum's partner Dave had calmed us down we had a nice night, watching old movies streamed on Love Film.

At 11 o'clock I decided I'd given them enough time to get down and dirty, so if anything was going to happen it would have happened by now. All the way home I was nervous, did I want Gary to do the deed, or did I want him to be a gentleman. And again I found I was torn over which would be the favourable outcome. My god what a mess I'd got myself into.

All my questions were answered when I got home and they were sat on the sofa, close but separate, that friendly distance you sit when you're comfortable in someone's presence, watching Blade Runner. I realised that I was relieved about this, and loved Pixie that little bit more for what she'd shown me.

That night Gary took me to heaven many times, we made love until the early morning and when we finished we were so physically tired I fell asleep on top of Gary with him still deep inside me, and I awoke there when the alarm went off seemingly minutes later.

I'm sure I was walking funny at work, because the other girls in the office were giving me odd looks all day, just before lunch the HR girl Jenna took me aside and asked me if I was pregnant – the second time in less than 24 hours – I managed not to snap her head off, perhaps because she's a lovely girl. I advised her that it was highly unlikely, so she said I'd been glowing all day, so there must be a reason. I could be nothing but honest with her, so I just blurted out that Gary had taken me every which way for at least 4 hours last night, so I was probably still coming down from the attention. Jenna just mumbled "lovely" and shuffled off.

I phoned Pixie at lunchtime and she gave me a full account of her evening with Gary, emphasising that he was a perfect gentleman at all times, maintaining eye contact as much as possible over their curry at the pub. They chatted about all kinds of things, music, films, the upcoming wedding, in fact anything but sex, and Tina was never mentioned.

When I told Pixie how much sex we'd had after she'd gone she laughed long and hard, "well I must have got him hot for you just by sitting next to him. I'll take that as a compliment"

My mind was at rest about Gary then, he wasn't lusting after every girl in town, but I think every now and then I'll have to put some effort in to give him an extra sexy night.

A couple of weeks later though I was again channel surfing in the nether regions of the guide when I stumbled upon a fly on the wall documentary about a swingers' club, and it awoke my previous doubts. I began wondering if Gary would like to go to a swingers' night and fuck as many ladies as he liked with impunity. But what would I do? I don't want any other man, I've fucked dozens in the past but only Gary has ever made me cum.

Time for another call to Pixie, Gary was in the kitchen working again so I turned off the TV and went upstairs to call her.

"I was expecting this call sometime, what brought this up tonight?"

"A program on 5* about swingers. I got all hot thinking about Gary having his wicked way with loads of horny women hungry for his cock, but then I started to worry about what I'd do, I really don't want any other man touching me."

"Is that how you feel about other men? Are you repulsed?"

"I'd never thought about it like that, but yeah, I did shudder when I thought of other men touching me, is that how you feel?"

"Well I wouldn't go that far, but 5 years on the game really puts you off men as a species. Gary's the only man I allow inside me now, but to be honest even without our chequered past with men I think we'd have been spoilt by Gary."

"Yeah, you may be right, but I still can't shake the revulsion I felt at the thought of having another man."

"Well you wouldn't have to join in you know, and there might be a spare girl for you if you feel left out. But honestly, think long and hard before you go any further along this road."

"OK, thanks for listening, and for not shouting me down, I'll think about it and we'll talk again before I do anything."

So, another week went by, on Thursday I put on my sexiest undies and dragged Gary away from his databases for another super extended session, not quite as late this time but I spent another Friday walking bow-legged.

Friday night I called Pixie back, I'd decided I had to go along with this, at least once if only for Gary to tell me I was being silly and he didn't need to go through with it.

Pixie was her usual ultra-sensible self and decided that if I was going through with it, she'd come to for "protection" as she put it, she also offered to ask around her mates for a safe swingers club.

A week later Pixie phoned me in the evening, she'd found a club for us. One of her contacts had assured us that it wouldn't be a problem for me to sit out of the action if I wasn't willing for any reason, the club owner provided a few girls to "spice things up". The admission was a bit steep though, at £500 per couple, but this included food and standard drinks, champagne and premium drinks would be extra. I assured Pixie that the price wasn't a problem, it would be worth it to put my mind at ease. I wanted to see with my own eyes how Gary reacted.

So Saturday night we piled into the Aston, me in the back, again, and Pixie up front with Gary. I swear, next time we talk cars with Geoff I'm picking something with 4 proper seats.

The club was literally in the middle of nowhere, a gated estate somewhere around Whalley in deepest, darkest Lancashire. This would be handy, because it's not a million miles away from a fantastic restaurant I know, the Inn at Whitewell, as visited by the Queen when she's at her nearby estate, a perfect place for Sunday Lunch.

Thanks to the Aston's slightly vague sat-nav we took a roundabout route but we eventually arrived at the house around 9pm. A very pretty Chinese lady greeted us and led us through to a reception where we had to show an invite from Pixie's friend, and sign up as members ourselves. The reception was in an oak-panelled library, with floor to ceiling book-shelves packed with leather bound volumes, it looked like a much older version of the library at Geoff's house. The receptionist looked like she'd stepped out of the pages of a Playboy special edition of Vogue, one where the models have spectacular boobs instead of teenage boy's bodies.

As it was our first visit they let Pixie enter free, normally she'd be £300 extra. I used the Platinum card our bank kindly gave us after Geoff's last 6 figure deposit in my account, the receptionist looked sceptical at first, maybe we don't look that rich, but she was very courteous when it cleared without a hitch.

The Chinese lady collected us again and led the way through to a cocktail lounge. Along one wall was a table laid out with very extravagant finger food, blinis with caviar, smoked salmon, prawns; tiny little pies topped with dried fruit; a selection of fine cheeses and petit fours. The end of the table was dominated by a punch fountain which we took advantage of first. None of us would be driving until tomorrow lunchtime, so we could all have a drink, and to be honest I needed one, I still wasn't sure this was a good idea.

Gary was ravenous, so he had a plate full of food, and when a waiter wandered by he ordered a forest mushroom pizza and a bottle of Faustino I, his taste in wine had improved with the trip to Texas over the Christmas break.

We all tucked into the pizza and wine, the pizza was utterly delicious and we soon polished it off. Gary popped off to the bathroom.

"Did you notice Amy?"


"Well, there's at least three girls in the room who've displayed their admirable charms on Page 3 of The Sun, a couple of very tasty models and at least one porn star."


"Where were Gary's eyes whilst we were eating?"

"Ahh, I see what you mean, he was just looking at me mostly."

"Yes, it's always the same, he only looks at me when I'm talking, or we're on our own. He loves you so much no other girl exists."

"Well, let's see what happens in the next room."

"I know what will happen, in fact I'm willing to bet that he won't do anything in the next room until you tell him. I truly believe he only goes with anyone else because he thinks you want him to, because he thinks it makes you happy."

"Mmmm, I've not thought of it that way. It makes me happy to see him shagging other girls because I think it makes him happy. Oh what a confusing situation. Well we've never been to an orgy before, so see if it's any different, he might just blow a fuse and run off to shag the first girl he sees. Anyway, are you ready, he's on the way back."

We stood and walked across to Gary as he came back in the room, the Chinese lady appeared from nowhere like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn and led us down a long gallery that ended with a pair of double doors that opened as we approached, the sight beyond took my breath away, like a scene from a seriously horny porn movie spread out before us. Pixie gripped my hand and whispered "be careful in here, you're beautiful and still very innocent, some people in here might hurt you in ways that never heal."

"I know, I'm a little scared now, so please don't leave me..."

With a brave heart and my two lovers by my side we stepped into the orgy room.

In another life this was probably the ballroom, the lights were deliberately low, but I'd guess the ceiling was very high, and above our heads were unlit chandeliers, I could see lots of picture frames on the walls, but the paintings themselves were hidden in the gloom.

Around the floor for at least 30 feet in either direction were a variety of seats, sofas, chaise longues, cushions and rugs. On them all were people, couples, triples, fours and the occasional loner massaging themselves.

With a sigh of relief I saw tables around the walls and a cocktail bar at the end, I dragged my friends to the bar, ordered three Manhattans which we took to a table, I downed mine too quickly and was nearly sick. Pixie took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, I smiled to reassure her I was OK.

We watched the room, from where we were sitting we could only see about 2/3 of the action, but a quick survey showed a fat man spanking a schoolgirl who was sucking off an old guy; a girl straddling one guy whilst another fucked her vigorously in the ass; a pair of beautiful girls making out on a rug in front of a roaring fire; a pair of men sucking each other off and a third watched them whilst wanking a cock that looked like a rival for Gary's; and various other groups engaging in a bewildering array of sexual acts.

Whilst we watched people split off from groups and joined others seemingly at random, and without introduction.

I watched Gary for a while, he seemed disinterested, like he was watching a dull porno, full of action but nothing spectacular, he spent more time looking at Pixie and I, and sipping his drink.

"You OK Gary?"

"Yeah, why'd you ask?"

"It's just you look ... I dunno ... bored. Aren't you enjoying watching the sex?"

"Well it's OK, but it's not as good as doing it."

"So go and join in."

"What do you mean?"

"Find a couple you like and, you know, join in."

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Well, you said watching isn't as good as doing."

"I know, but why should I fuck these people when I've got you and Pixie, especially you."

I started to cry, tears of joy. Pulling Gary close I hugged him tightly.

"Oh Gary, I love you so very much. I've been worried for weeks that we weren't having enough sex for you, that you wanted to have more adventures. Pixie assured me I was just being paranoid, pre-wedding nerves, but I needed to be certain. You've just proved me wrong, and Pixie right. Thank you thank you thank you."

Pixie broke the spell, "so what are we going to do now? You've spent a small fortune, and none of us is fit to drive away from here."

"Mmmm, I'd not really considered what to do if I was wrong. What do you suggest?"

"Well we could put on a show..." she answered

"Ok. Yeah, I'm up for that."

"You're the boss here, do we have ground rules?" Pixie asked.

"What do you mean?" I wasn't sure where she was heading

"Well, if someone joins in, do we let them?"

"Ahhh, well you know what we were talking about earlier?"


"Well that still stands."

Gary looked puzzled, so Pixie explained, "we both decided that until the end of our days we don't want another man, we've both been hurt before by men, but you are different in so many ways. There's definitely other good men out there, but we don't want to go looking for them. So we're happy for other women to join in, and you've proved you can handle multiple partners, but we're not letting other men join."

"How do we stop men joining in?" I asked

"I think there's some kind of signal, but I'm not sure. I'll ask."

Pixie walked off to ask, and the Chinese lady appeared from against the wall, either there's dozens of them in the house or she's magic. Pixie and the lady spoke for a while then they came over, the lady explained to us that the middle third of the room was no holes barred, quite literally, bisexual partners on both sides. The left third, roughly were we were sitting was men welcome to join, and the far third was women welcome to join, so we moved across the room and found a space.

I striped Gary and pointed him towards a chair and he sat, waiting for his turn. Next I stripped Pixie, a girl in a nearby huddle gasped when the full extent of Pixie's stunning figure was revealed, her large, full breasts, her gorgeous heart shaped ass, her almost all-over tattoos, she is definitely the most beautiful woman I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Pixie kissed me, a long, deep, passionate kiss that quickly brought Gary's cock to life, the nearby girl gasped again, I heard her say to her friend in awe, "oh my fucking god Debs, look at the size of that monster, it'd rip us in two."

I pulled Pixie to the floor, she straddled my chest and continued to kiss me for a little while, then she slowly moved down my body, kissing me as she went, first my nipples, then my belly button and finally she settled on my pussy. For the next few minutes, using her tongue and fingers she brought me to a thunderous orgasm.

It took me a minute or two to come back down to earth, and when I did I saw Gary was still sat in the chair, his eyes only on me, and his cock visibly pulsing. I looked round and the girl from the next group had pulled away and was sitting opposite Gary, her eyes staring at his cock, full of lust and longing. She noticed I was watching and looked across at me, I nodded at her, mouthing "it's OK, help yourself." She raised her eyebrows in question so I nodded again.

This time she didn't hesitate, she stood up and knelt before Gary almost reverently. Gary for his part gave a little start, he hadn't noticed the girl at all.

"Err hello, I'm Jade, is this OK, you look shocked."

"Oh, hi Jade, it's OK as long as my girlfriend is fine with it."

"Yeah, she said I could."

"Well that's all right then, I'm Gary by the way, whoa steady on girl, easy on the teeth."

"Sorry, this is huge. Your girl is so petite, how does she manage."

"Practice, and lessons from Pixie, who's a master at most things. Go get her, she'll show you what to do."

"That's great, I've really got to try your cock for size."

Jade nervously came over to us and explained that she needed some help, I think she was still unsure that I was happy for her to have her wicked way with Gary. In truth I was excited, I always get a thrill showing Gary off to a new girl.

We moved back to Gary, his cock was full hard, I could see the head glistening from a little trickle of pre-cum.

Pixie took hold of Gary's cock, her hand wouldn't fit all the way round, she licked the head all over to get it wet, then after licking her lips she opened her mouth wide and took the whole head in. Gary closed his eyes and luxuriated in the sensation of being blown by a master at the craft.

Pixie gave Gary expert head for a couple of minutes with Jade watching her every move intently. Gary's head came out of Pixie's mouth with an audible pop and she passed it across to Jade, who followed Pixie's actions to the letter, first licking her lips before opening her mouth as wide as she could and Gary's head just fit, then without gagging she started to slowly move her head up and down, taking Gary's cock right to the back of her mouth.

The look on Gary's face showed me she was good.

Gary opened his eyes and touched Jade's head, "I'm gonna cum any second..."

"It's OK, give it to me now big boy."

Gary's eyes went wide and he tensed up, with a grunt he thrust forward, his cock must have gone down Jade's throat, I could see a bulge in her neck, but she didn't stop, taking everything he could give her.

When Gary settled back Jade lifted her head out of his lap, his cock-head coming out with a satisfying pop. She licked her lips and sat back.

"Holy shit, you just pumped about a pint of spunk down my throat, and oh ... my ... god, you're hard again already."

"Oh yeah, he can stay hard all night if he wants to" I said.

Jade lay down on the floor, legs spread, waiting. Gary didn't leave her waiting long. I sat down in the seat vacated by Gary, ready to watch the show.

Jade was a very pretty girl, hard to guess her age under the low lighting, but I'd say she was maybe a couple of years older that I was, so early to mid-twenties. She had quite big boobs, and by the way they moved I think they were real, she was carrying a few extra pounds and it did her a lot of favours, she had a lovely shape.

Gary knelt between her legs, and leaning forwards, he kissed her pussy and ran his tongue along the length of her slit. I could see him grimace a little, perhaps I should have warned him that she'd probably been fucked a few times already, so any oral work was likely to lead to a taste of another man's spunk, but maybe learning the hard way will enforce the lesson better.

After only cursory foreplay Gary lifted his head out of her pussy and replaced it with his cock, she was super slick and with only minimal effort he pushed most of his meat into her pussy, she screamed as he bottomed out, probably hitting her cervix hard as he thrust his cock deeper than expected because she was so well lubricated.

Gary let her settle down, then he commenced with the pumping, mixing long slow strokes with fast shallow ones. Jade came hard in less than a minute, and I don't think she stopped coming for the next 10 minutes as he gave her everything he had. He eventually paused so he could turn her over, she knelt up so he could fuck her doggy style.

He was pumping her so hard that she was pushed across the floor, Jade was definitely getting the ride of her life, and she was loving it. So was I, my pussy was aching and I had two fingers deep inside, god I don't think I ever thought I'd be sat at an orgy wanking myself in public, but I was so horny, and I was seriously enjoying watching my fiancé fuck a complete stranger.

Pixie was horny as well, she lay down in front of Jade, who soon realised what was expected of her and dipped her head into Pixie's pussy, and from the look of pleasure on Pixie's face I think she was doing OK.

I saw Gary slip a couple of fingers into Jade's arsehole, she lifted her head long enough to yell "oh yeah, fuck my ass hard, I can take anything you can give me."

Wasting no time at all Gary slipped his rock hard cock from her sopping pussy and wiped the head round her butt to lube the entrance, then he slowly pushed it inside. I heard grunts but no cries from Jade, so she was clearly used to hard treatment. Gary took it slow at first, but before long he was fucking her arse as hard as he'd been fucking her pussy, Jade had to stop her work on Pixie's pussy as a massive orgasm knocked her for six, she was muttering then screaming a stream of filth as Gary continued to pound her ass for another couple of minutes.

He then did something I'd not seen him do before, he pulled out and finished himself off by hand, he grunted as he shot a long string of spunk across Jade's back, some ended up in her hair and at least one blob landed on Pixie's belly.

As Pixie was currently being ignored by Jade she stood up and moved round to Gary and kneeling before him took his cock in her mouth, cleaning it of spunk, and various other juices. I was at first repulsed at the thought of what was on his cock, but I was also extraordinarily horny, and I suddenly needed a taste of it, so I knelt beside Pixie and took Gary's cock from her, she didn't fight, instead she started to kiss my face, my neck, my chest.

I took Gary as deep as I could, it tasted funky, but I could still taste Pixie, Jade's pussy, and Gary's spunk. Oh my god, I was so, so horny, I needed this cock deep inside me now, I let go of it and turned round, presenting myself to Gary, and he didn't disappoint.

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