First Swing Party in a Prom Dress

by KissedMany

Copyright© 2013 by KissedMany

Erotica Sex Story: Cindy is a sweet innocent recent high school grad who has been talked into going to a swingers party by her new boyfriend. The host and his wife have a plan to separate the two and show them what an orgy is all about.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   MaleDom   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Cindy and Dennis stand outside the large mansion that has a swinger's party tonight. Dennis had called yesterday and got an enthusiastic invitation. Cindy was a cute blonde 18 year old recent high school grad. She is wearing her beautiful pink prom gown that barely holds in her full breasts and shows off her slim figure and firm small ass. Dennis told her to dress very nicely and Cindy had learned the hard way not to say no to Dennis. He had spanked her sweet ass until it was beet red when she had said no once before. She looks up at Dennis nervously and whispered, "Do you really want to do this, baby?" Dennis is looking at the mansion with anticipation and without even looking down her says, "Yes, I want to do this."

Dennis is a freshman who is a bull of a young man with a football scholarship at a local university. He is vain and thinks himself quite the lover. He has gone out with plenty of girls and prides himself on having taken the virginity of a dozen or more young high school girls. He has had great success with innocent, unfucked, submissive types of girls. He could spot them in a crowd before zooming in and sweeping them off their feet and thrusting his stiff cock into their untouched pussies. But he yearns to expand his experience to older, more knowledgeable women. All of his relationships had been short term. He enjoys the hunt for new pussy.

Cindy, beside him, is his most recent conquest just a couple of weeks ago. Even though she is drop dead gorgeous, he is already itching to move on. He had taken her virginity in his dorm room the very same day he had met her at a local coffee shop. On the second night, she had said no when he told her to suck his cock. He had spanked her sweet ass and she had sucked, licked and gagged on his cock for almost an hour as he held back his orgasm just to make sure she learned a lesson. She swallowed his cum and then licked him clean as he instructed afterwards. He had to admit to himself that his cock had never been harder than after he punished her insolence. She did whatever he wanted after that. In a way, that disappointed him since he wanted another opportunity to spank her ass. He even fucked her in his friend's truck at a tailgate party. It was in broad daylight and she was wonderfully shy as he made her strip totally naked and made her straddle him and sit upright on his cock. It made him feel good to know his friends could see him and her through the window with her firm breasts jiggling up and down. He had an earth shattering orgasm.

This new exhibitionist turn-on gave him the idea to find a swingers club and give it a try. It was a "couples only" club and Dennis brought Cindy along for that reason. This is his opportunity to try MILF pussy. He doesn't much care what happens to Cindy and tells her that they will 'go with the flow' at the sex club. Cindy does not dare to ask what that means. She is relieved when Dennis takes out a fifth of bourbon. The liquor burns her throat and eases her nerves. It makes her feel warm and even a bit giggly. Dennis takes her hand and guides her towards the big double doors and unknown beyond.

They are ushered through the mansion doors into a huge formal hallway by Rachel, a beautiful blonde hostess of the cougar former cheerleader type with a wide red lipstick smile and a cheery attitude. She has a deeply cut white blouse whose buttons seemed to strain to hold in her beautiful breasts. Although she is a foxy forty, her tits are perky enough not to need a bra. Dennis's keen eye sees the distinct outline of her nipples showing through the sheer fabric. She wears a tight blood red knitted skirt that shows off her womanly curves in all their glory. The hem is just that far above the knees that is a bit naughty and shows off her slim firm legs. Dennis thinks lustfully, "This is a woman that takes great care of her body." This was exactly the type of attractive MILF that he had dreamed about since he learned how to masturbate. He had fantasies as he stroked his cock about his English teacher with the luscious tits, the sexy girl's gym teacher with the beautiful ass, and the next door MILF that sunbathed in the nude. Now his desires are close to being fulfilled.

Rachel first gives Cindy a big hug and said, "Great to see some young people at our party. Girl, that is a beautiful dress." Her perfume is intoxicating and her friendliness makes Cindy feel a bit less nervous. But Cindy is taken back when the lady gives Dennis a big hug and at the same time squeezes his buttock and says, "Whew. Nice ass, big guy." A man who appears to be the woman's husband comes over to greet them. He wears a nice sports jacket with a casual but manly shirt and matching slacks. He introduces himself as Richard. Cindy sees he is a handsome man who carries himself with confidence. Dennis gives his name. Richard turns to Cindy with a look in his eyes like a male lion looking at his prey. When he asks Cindy her name, she looks down shyly and is too flustered to answer. She fears he might grab her ass and does not know what should be her response. Rachel sees her innocence and says, "Richard my love, this is sweet Cindy. Isn't her dress quite lovely?" "Yes, it most certainly is. Nice to meet you Cindy." Richard then takes her tiny fingers in his strong hand and bends and kisses it as he drinks in her beautiful breasts so close to his eyes. Richard is instantly smitten and his mind swirls as he envisions sliding his cock between those heavenly ivory titties. Cindy has never had a gentleman kiss her hand like this but had seen it in the movies. The grand mansion, the wealthy couple that greeted them and their manners all made Cindy think that this is very much like a movie.

Richard and Rachel had discussed a wonderful plan after Dennis had called and asked Rachel for information about the swingers club. They love to introduce new young couples to the joys of group sexuality. They planned to separate the two young things and Rachel would offer herself willingly to the young stud to keep him busy while husband Richard would seduce the barely legal teen angel and show her the true joy of lust. They had both been incredibly horny just fantasizing about it and had fucked like bunnies after hatching their scheme. Richard has been walking around with a raging erection almost all day and almost creamed his pants when he saw the yummy 18 year old young lady and touched her soft hand.

The hosts guide the young couple into a large living room with a dozen or more well-dressed couples chatting and laughing merrily with wine and mixed drinks flowing. Richard pours them a strong drink and introduces them to a number of nice people. Cindy is a bit surprised to see that they are all quite normal, attractive folks that seem to be very much in love with their partners. She notices they do have wandering eyes and several of the men seem to take a real interest in her but Richard hovers over her and quickly moves her and Dennis along after only a few quick words are spoken. Cindy thinks it was very gentlemanly of Richard to be so hospitable. Little does she know that Richard is simply staking out his territory and the experienced men could see the signs and back off. Dennis has eyes as big as saucers as he ogles the beautiful variety of MILFs around him. He is so absorbed in the scene that he almost forgets that Cindy is even here. Several cougars wink at him and touch him even though Rachel holds on to his arm to stake out her territory too.

Soon, the sounds of merriment are louder with the alcohol stirring people's blood. Someone turns on some slow dance music and dims the lights a bit. Cindy feels a bit tipsy with the effects of the drink Richard had given her and Dennis's bourbon before the party. Rachel turns to Dennis and asks him to dance and off they go to the dance floor that is in an open area surrounded by four large sofas and many large upholstered chairs.

Richard's Viewpoint; As planned, Rachel has taken the young stud off to dance and here I am with the lovely Cindy. Her face is so beautiful with high cheekbones and a youthful glowing skin that needs very little makeup. Just a touch of powder and a little eyeliner. Her golden hair falls in large natural curls to her bare shoulders. The pink formal satin dress must be from her high school prom. It is low cut and tight to push up her breasts in a style that young girls like to wear to show off their new bodies. There are pink embroidered flowerets around the waist and the skirt clings sexily to her ass and faintly shows the crack between two firm buttocks. The skirt goes down modestly to a bit below her knees but I can see she has beautiful calves. No doubt she played some sports in school. Well, tonight my dear I will introduce you to a new physical sport. I am a firm coach but we will have a winning session. Ha.

"Let's dance, Cindy." The music is slow and the lights are dim. I pull her firmly towards me. There is just a little gasp and no resistance. That is good. I am a head taller than her and I can smell the earthy odour of her soft hair against my cheek. She feels a bit warm but that is likely the alcohol. I can feel her tremble a bit. That is very good. I see Rachel and Dennis dancing on the other side of the dance floor and they are grabbing and massaging each other's asses. That was quick but that is Rachel's style. Many of the others around us are doing the same. My hand is on Cindy's back and I can feel the zipper of her dress and in a brief fantasy I picture myself pulling it down and freeing those wonderful breasts. Later, it will be reality.

My God, I am getting an incredibly hard erection. I love anticipation. It is almost better than doing it. I am no porn star but I have a very useful eight inches of thick cock. Better still, women tell me I know how to use it well. I can feel her stiffen a bit and I know she feels my manhood. I better calm things down a bit before she runs off. "Are you having fun Cindy?" "Yes, sir" "Please call me Richard." She looks up with her innocent girl's eyes. "Yes, Richard." I think I better tell her the rules. "Cindy, you know this is a swinger's party? We have a few rules. First, you do not have to do anything. We say no means no. But if somebody wants to play with somebody else's spouse that person's partner must also play. That is what we call swapping. You only have to go as far as your partner Dennis goes. We call that going with the flow. " She seems to react to that phrase. "Is that alright? Do you understand our rules?" "Yes, sir. I mean yes, Richard." "Now Cindy, look over at Dennis and Rachel. You see he is feeling my wife's gorgeous ass. That means I should be able to feel your nice ass. Is that O.K. with you?" I look into her eyes and I can see the wheels turning in that brain of hers. My heart was beating rapidly in anticipation. Please say yes. Please say YES! And then I know I will be fucking your tight 18 year old pussy very soon because I just know the young stud will be fucking my horny MILF wife's pussy tonight, guaranteed. She is looking away embarrassed without saying anything. Just as Rachel and I planned, if the girl was reluctant I should say, "Well Cindy, you don't have to do anything but if you say no I will have to go over and stop Dennis and he looks like he is really enjoying himself. Do you want me to do that?" She shakes her head no. Yeah! Yippee! That is as good as a yes as far as I am concerned.

I take my left hand out of hers and slip both my hands behind her back as the music throbs to strong rhythmic beat. I slowly move my hands lower on her back. I am in no rush. I want to enjoy every last second of this experience. She has a thin waist and I pull her a bit closer and nestle my hard cock against her firm tummy. I can see a blush form on her cheek and she trembles slightly. Rachel is looking over at us with a big knowing smile. I move both of my hands quickly down and caress Cindy's perfect ass cheeks firmly. She gives a little gasp. That is very, very good. Rachel gives a big wink and grabs a handful of Dennis's ass. I massage the young blonde's cheeks and grind my cock into her stomach. The satin dress is so thin and I can feel her tiny panties beneath. I wonder if they are pink like the dress? I envision the camel-toe outline of her pussy lips in the undergarment. I did not think it was possible to get my dick even harder but that thought just made it like granite. I slip my middle figure down the crack of her perfect bottom. I lift her up a bit so that the tip of my cock can slide into that wonderful V at the top of those perfect legs. It is everything I can do not to cum right now. But I must wait. There is plenty of time. Anticipation is almost as good as doing it. I cannot help but break out into the biggest grin in the room. I see the eyes of many people are on us.

Cindy's Viewpoint: Rachel has taken Dennis away to dance and the nice man Richard is dancing with me. He seems such a gentleman and a very nice dancer who leads me firmly. The drinks are making me a bit warm and a bit woozy. His hands are strong and he must work out because the muscles in his arms are very hard. I can smell the manly scent of his cologne and I must admit that I have an urge to run my fingers through the hair on the muscles of his chest that I can spy between the few unbuttoned parts of his silk shirt. I see many people around us feeling each other all over as they dance but thank goodness Richard is not like that. I am very lucky.

Oh, my goodness, I am sure that is Richard's erection! It is so huge and hard. Maybe if I say nothing he will not be embarrassed. Hmm. I am having a naughty fantasy of pulling down the zipper of his pants and reaching in to feel his hard penis. I must try to not think those naughty thoughts. Oh, MY! My private parts are getting so hot and wet. Thankfully, it is not as obvious as an erection. I see Dennis over with Richard's wife Rachel. He is feeling her bum. Oh, my heavens, I hope if the gentleman I am dancing with sees that he will not be angry. He looks down at me with his handsome face and says, "Cindy, you know this is a swingers party?. We have a few rules. First, you do not have to do anything. We say no means no." Well that is a big relief. "But if somebody wants to play with somebody's spouse that person's partner must also play. That is what we call swapping. You only have to go as far as your partner Dennis goes. We call that going with the flow. " I remember Dennis saying that exact phrase. I didn't think Dennis is going to do anything very extreme. "Is that alright? Do you understand our rules?" "Yes, sir. I mean yes, Richard." "Now Cindy, look over at Dennis and Rachel. You see he is feeling my wife's gorgeous ass. That means I should be able to feel your ass too. Is that O.K. with you?" My heart starts beating out of my chest. I don't know what to say. No man but Dennis has touched my bum. I am feeling so embarrassed. I am sure my face is so red. "Well Cindy, you don't have to do anything but if you say no I will have to go over and stop Dennis and he looks like he is really enjoying himself. Do you want me to stop him?." Oh no. That cannot happen. Dennis will be so mad and he will spank my bum so hard. I bite my lip and nod no. Richard feeling my bum is not such a bad thing to do. A bit naughty sure. But I think Dennis won't go any farther.

Richard pulls me firmly to his body and put both of his hands on my waist. I think his erection is even bigger now. I can see a couple over on a sofa kissing deeply. My goodness she is taking his hard penis out of his pants. Her partner is pulling down her dress top and is massaging her bare breasts. It makes butterflies in my stomach and my vagina is starting to throb and get wet. I was right. Richard is a gentleman. He only has his hands on my waist. Our bodies are swaying to the hypnotic beat of the music. He pulls my head to his strong chest and the chest hair slightly tickles my cheek. I feel a bit safe and more comfortable. Oh, WOW! He grips the cheeks of my bottom. Wow. What a shock. Richard is not such a gentleman. But his hands feel so good. He should stop. But I kind of hope he doesn't stop too fast. I am having all these mixed feelings. He is lifting me up with his strong arms! He is sliding his penis between my legs. I am up on my tippytoes. Even through my dress, I feel its hard tip touching my clitoris. That feels so delicious. He is pushing his finger into the crack of my ass. My word, I feel the tip of his finger right on my anus. Hmmm that feels so very naughty. Even Dennis has not felt that secret spot. Juice is dripping from my vagina down the inside of my leg. I hope it doesn't drip on the floor. That would be so embarrassing. My legs are feeling so weak and my head is so light. I think all the blood in my body has rushed has rushed to my crotch.

"Richard, may we sit down please. I am feeling a bit light headed." We are walking to an empty couch. Richard has his hand on my bum as we pass a woman giving oral sex to a man in loveseat. Others are kissing and stroking each other. There is a rising tide of moans and slurping sounds mixing with the strong beat of the music. I breathe in deeply the spunky smell of sex. Primitive parts of my brain seem to open up and call me to a state of mind I have never been or even imagined. I can feel the wet folds of my vagina rubbing together as I walk. It feels soooo good especially when I sway my hips even more. My clitoris is rubbing tantalizingly on the wet silk of my new panties as I move forward. I must fight these urges that are coming up from these primal depths. I see Dennis and Rachel are moving to a sofa across from us. Thank goodness. Now that he and Richard's wife have finished dancing, maybe he will want to go back to his dorm room where we can make love. I really need to feel a stiff cock, I mean Dennis's stiff cock, in my throbbing pussy. I try to catch his eye but I he is too interested in Rachel who is whispering something in his ear.

Richard's Viewpoint: I walk slightly behind Cindy towards a sofa. She is instinctively grinding her sweet young ass more than before. More like a woman in heat. My erotic wife tells me this stimulates a woman's private parts when they are wet with sexual anticipation. The folds of their vagina stroke their swollen clitoris as they wiggle their ass and crotch. The other men are hungrily eyeing us and drink this image into their testosterone filled brains. The whole room seems to rise an erotic notch or two. I slip my hand on the center of her ass with my index figure nestled into her crack. I cannot help but have a big grin on my face since I am the luckiest man in the room or the world. The others can share in my conquest later when they see me thrusting my hard member into her wet pussy. They know this is a veritable sure thing when a woman walks like Cindy is grinding now. I think, "Anticipation, my fellow cocksmen is almost as good as doing it." Maybe I will even let them fuck Cindy just like that horny new swinging wife last month that screamed with lust at each of many, many orgasms from the cocks of strangers to her, friends to me. Anticipation, my comrades.

I am sitting on the sofa with my left arm around Cindy's bare shoulder. She is looking shyly down as I look down on the perfect skin of her thin neck and sweet breasts that seem to be straining to be released. The pink dress is perfect with the red embroidered flowers on the waist and hem. Her shoes are pink satin to match with a low heel that young girls with little experience in high heels tend to use. Cindy looks over at the sofa opposite. I look and can see my sexy wife whispering in the ear of the young stud Dennis just as we had planned. He nods an enthusiastic yes. I turn to Cindy as she gazes over at the horny couple wondering what will happen next. I smell sex in the air as women's pussies and men's erect staffs around us are exposed and stroked. There is a subtle honey scent of young pussy juice wafting up from the hem of Cindy's dress. I have a huge urge to plunge my hand up between her legs but fight the heat in my brain to follow our plan. Rachel drives her tongue into his ear and, as instructed, she carries his hand up the inside of her thighs to massage her hot crotch just like we discussed. Cindy bites her bottom lip nervously. She knows what is next.

I kiss Cindy's blushing neck and whisper in her ear. "Cindy, do you see what Dennis is doing?" She nods and whispers breathlessly "Yes" I want her to be totally willing to go every step of the way. I slipped my right hand onto her knee. She instinctively closes them. I am not deterred. That is a natural first reaction for a new girl. "Now, if you want me to go over and stop your friend, I can and we can stop. But if you don't want me to do that then open your legs so that I can put my hand up your thigh to your womanly secret region." She seems to think and hesitate a bit when she sees the lustful eyes of other men around the room looking at her. Each face she looks at breaks into a knowing smile and ogles her body openly. Her nostrils are flaring a bit as she smells the musty scent of sex in the room. Slowly, she parts her knees a bit. "Open them more, my dear" She follows my instructions and opens them wider. "Now, lift the hem of your dress up so I can stroke you." She does not pause this time and raises the bottom of the dress. One of my male friends is having his cock sucked in chair across from us and he is looking up Cindy's dress with hungry eyes. I can see that the young lady beside me also sees this and blushes deeply but continues to spread her legs wider. She looks up at me with big eyes. I pat her head. "Very good, Cindy. Very good." She smiles up at me like the teenager she is, getting approval.

I move my left hand to her soft cheek and turn her face to me. I look deeply into her eyes and then kiss her soft lips. She kisses like an innocent, inexperienced girl. I joyfully kiss her cheeks and her eyes. When I return to her full lips, my tongue urges her lips apart and I search for and find the tip of hers. Our tongues dance together and with urgency pick up momentum. I can feel her body shift on the sofa and I believe she is ready for the next stage. Our lips part and I look deeply into her large blue innocent eyes. I want to see her reaction as move my palm up her soft thigh. Slowly, I move my hand. I see her eyes look down in surprise but then they return to look deeply into mine. Slowly, my hand travels to the edge of her panties. Her mouth opens slightly and I can feel her hot breath on my neck. I can feel her legs open invitingly more. My palm moves to her love mound and she gives a sigh. I look down and see I was right. They are pink like her prom dress and those little red flowers and the bow on them are so girlish. There is a large wet spot from erotic desire. I slowly massage the silky fabric over her private area. There is a camel toe and beneath the sheer material I can feel soft pussy hair above her pubic bone. I slip my fingers over her vagina down to the divide of the cheeks of her ass. She gives a husky sigh. She is still looking into my eyes deeply but I know she sees nothing but a world of deep, dark primal urges where she is the instrument of passion and I am the master musician. When I raise my hand, I trace my thumbnail up the split of her pussy to her swollen clit. Her eyes open wide, her pupils expand and she gives an audible gasp that ends in glee. I know others in the room will enjoy that squeal. She puts her hand on the back of my head, strains her head and lips up from the sofa, and kisses me passionately. Her legs lock on my hand and her hips thrust rhythmically as she rides my palm roughly against her clit. As her tongue searches urgently and successfully for mine, I know I have her. She moans as secretly as she can with an orgasm as she sucks on my tongue. She is mine. This is just the beginning my little flower, my instrument of lust.

Cindy's Viewpoint: All of the men are looking at me with hungry eyes. They seem to like me and that makes me proud and sitting here with Richard, I feel safe. He is strong and the other men acknowledge his superiority in subtle ways. I see Dennis and Rachel in the sofa across from us. Dennis seems like such a young man among these mature males. But it looks like Rachel is having great fun with him. I wonder what she is whispering in his ear. Oh my goodness, Dennis's hand is right up the lady's skirt.

Richard whispers in my ear as well. "Cindy, do you see what Dennis is doing?" I nod "Yes." Richard puts his right hand on my knee. Oh my goodness, what do I do? He says, "Now, if you want me to go over and stop your friend, I can and we can stop. But if you don't want me to do that then open your legs so that I can put my hand up your thigh to your womanly secret region." I can see the other people, especially the men looking at me. The sounds of the music mixed with moans and slurping sounds are making me so horny. The man right across from me is having his penis sucked by a lady but he is staring openly at me. If I open my legs for Richard, I am sure this man will see my underwear. Oh, no. I just remembered how wet they are. There is going to be a dark spot on the pink silk for that man to see. What will he think of me? I am glad I bought new panties for the party. I had better open my legs or Richard will go and stop Dennis and I will be in big trouble. Here goes. I can feel a hot breeze up my dress as I part my legs. The man eyes across from us has his eyes glued to my crotch. "Open them more, my dear" I do open them wider and now I am sure everyone can see my wet stained panties. The man opposite is licking his lips and grinning. "Now, lift the hem of your dress up so I can stroke you." I raise my dress. "Very good, Cindy. Very good." I am glad that Richard approves.

Richard leans down and kisses me with his strong lips. Then he chuckles with delight as he kisses my cheeks and eyes. His hand is still on my knee and my legs are wide apart. When he kisses me again his tongue pushes my lips aside and finds mine. This is like no kiss from Dennis. It is like a lovely dream. My pussy is starting to throb again and my hips are starting to move rhythmically to the beat of our tongues. Richard's confident eyes look deeply into mine like he knows all the strange new feelings that are welling up from some new place. Wow, his strong hand is starting to move up the inside of my thigh. It is electric as he moves slowly and my legs part even more without me consciously willing it. That hand is my whole universe. Finally, it is stroking my satin covered pussy like nothing I have felt before. His strong hands seem to know every sensitive part of my private area. I smell his musky cologne and I am panting with anticipation. I hear sounds coming from my throat but they seem far away. Only the hand and its wonderful knowing fingers are my universe now. We kiss and the throbbing of my clitoris is getting stronger. I vaguely see the man across from us pumping the brunette woman's head up and down on his penis and she greedily sucked. A thousand volts of energy explode from my crotch. Oh my heavens, this must be what an orgasm is. AHHHH. OOOHHH. EEEEEAAH! My body closes over the wonderful hand that continues to stroke my vagina and I my hand locks on his wrist and does not want his hand to stop. I hear sounds from my throat but it is through a haze in my brain. I feel like such a slut but the pleasure breaks like waves throughout my body overwhelming my brain.

Richard's Version: I look over at my gorgeous wife Rachel kissing Dennis's ear as he unbuttons the front of her dress and quickly reaches into to her Victoria Secret flaming red bra and released her mature but beautiful left breast. She has wonderful large nipples that Dennis starts greedily sucking. They are both in full heat and oblivious to all around them.

I look down at Cindy with her thighs tightly clamped around my hand. I pull it away from that hot moist place and she snaps out of her reverie. She looks over at our partners and looks up to me with more of a hopeful look than one of apprehension. I want her total cooperation. "Cindy, my wife is baring here beautiful breasts to Dennis. I want you to stand up and slowly unbutton the top of your dress." She looks at me nervously with thought of standing and showing herself to all the men. "Do you have a bra on?" "No, Richard." "That is good my sweet. The men are going to love looking at your tits. Now get up and do what I said." She hears my firm voice and stands up. She bends at the waist and starts to unbutton her dress quickly before everyone notices. I say in a loud voice that makes everyone turn to see "I said slowly my little slut. I want everyone to see your beautiful titties. Am I clear?" She nods. Slowly, she unbuttons her top and two magnificent tits come slowly into view. Her hands are in fists below them as if she has to fight the urge of her mind willing her to cover the globes in modesty. Then she hesitates and then pulls back her shoulders and shows them in all their glory. She has puffy nipples that pointed up nicely from her perky 18 year old tits. I can hear mummers of appreciation from every corner of the grand room. I am surprised to see her give a little wiggle that sent her globes bobbling after she had exposed herself. But if I had a body like hers I would give a little show too. She seems to be getting into the swing of things after her strong orgasm.

She nestles down at my side and I bring her even closer with my left arm. I move my right hand to her breast and slowly massage her nipple. It is already as hard as a diamond and she emits a little groan as I pinch the puffy part and roll the hard end between my thumb and forefinger. I see envy in the eyes of other men as Cindy kisses my ear. Ha! That rascal Mike is sitting down on the sofa with us, naked as a jaybird with a stiff erection poking under his gut. I wonder how sweet Cindy will react to this? Hell, it's a good thing so that we can move her learning curve along. He says, "So Richard, who is this pretty young thing with you tonight?" He is talking to me but his eyes are staring at Cindy's naked ivory globes and boldly stroking his member. I say, "This is little Cindy, Mike." I know Mike. He loves to move in and get some action. He is pretty harmless. I feel my bladder is about to burst. I say, "Mike, I have to take a piss. Do you mind keeping Cindy company while I am gone?" His eyes do not leave her chest as he nods yes with a huge grin. I will give him some time to let him do a few things with her just to teach this young lady that we share at this club. I turn to Cindy, "Be nice to my friend Mike while I take a quick leak." She looks up nervously without a word. I get up and leave and I look back from rear of the sofa, I see that horny bastard shifting over towards her immediately. He is single minded when he sees hot young pussy. I better not take too long or his dick might split her pussy lips before mine. Ha. Ha.

Cindy's Version: I look over at Rachel and Dennis and he is greedily sucking her breast. I hope Richard sees this because my body aches to be touched all over and my breasts are so sensitive. He does see them and says, "Cindy, my wife is baring her beautiful breasts to Dennis. I want you to stand up and slowly unbutton the top of your dress." I don't mind doing that for Richard but if I stand up, all the men in the room will see my breasts. Only a real slut would do that. I am starting to wonder if I really am a slut. "Do you have a bra on?" "No, Richard." "That is good my sweet. The men are going to love looking at your tits. Now get up and do what I said." His firm voice seems like a command and I am standing before I realize what I am doing. I unbutton my dress quickly so that only a few might notice. Richard speaks in a loud voice that all can hear, "I said slowly my little slut. I want everyone to see your titties. Am I clear?" Yes, he is clear and I now slowly undo my buttons on the pink prom dress that my mother and I had picked out. I could see the eyes of the men in the room drilling into my chest area as I slowly stripped my top. I could feel Richard's hand pressure one side of my ass as a signal to slowly turn so that the men in all parts of the room could get a good look at my breasts. I know they are great. I have seen many girls in the showers after gym at the high school. When the last button was undone and they were fully exposed several men clapped in appreciation. I give a little jiggle to show off how firm they are. My goodness, my nipples are soooo hard. This morning I had no idea I would be proudly showing my breasts to these mature men.

Richard looks very pleased and that makes me feel very happy. I sit and snuggle into Richard. He is squeezing my breasts and nipples with an incredibly simulative style totally unlike Denniss pawing. I kiss his ear and say "Yes. Yes" He cups my other breast and squeezes the nipple. This is driving me crazy. I cannot even form words now and just make animal sounds. I feel on the brink of another orgasm. My hips are circling in a primal rhythm. My vagina feels like it is gushy fluid. I pray Richard would stroke it again like before. Maybe he will put his hand inside my panties and feel my private area skin on skin. I think I might die of pleasure. Oh my goodness! A nude man is sitting beside me! He is slightly balding and has a bit of a beer gut that does not hide his very erect uncircumcised penis and hairy ball sack. He says, "So Richard, who is this pretty young thing you are with tonight?" He is staring at my breasts and licking his lips as he talks. My word, he is jerking his fist up and down on his hard uncircumcised penis and I can see the red swollen head peek out on every down stroke. This must be what they call masturbation. I have never seen it. This man is so brazen. "This is little Cindy, Mike." Then Richard says, "Mike, I have to take a piss. Do you mind keeping Cindy company while I am gone?" Oh noooo, I shout in my mind. I am going to sit with this lecherous hairy man? I look up at Richard and hope he can see in my face that I do not want to stay here. But he just says, "Be nice to my friend Mike while I take a quick leak" and gets up and goes.

Oh well, I should be nice to his friend. My goodness, he has come over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. I can feel his wet penis bump up against my hand. He says, "You sure put on a nice performance when you showed us your titties. I told my wife Maggie those nice titties were natural and she said they were silicon. Let me feel them to see who is right" He is squeezing my breast without waiting for me to say anything. He is a bit rough. "Ummmmmm, they are as natural as honey in a beehive. I was so right." The man named Mike reaches over and cups and squeezes my other breast. I dare not stop him since I know Richard will be angry. "I haven't tasted nice young tits like this in a long time. Do you mind if I give these beauties a little lick?" My face feels so hot as I blush and again he does not wait for my agreement before diving his nose between my globes and I hear his muffled, "Yum, yum" before he starts licking my breast all over and biting my puffy hard nipples. I look around and others in the room are watching us. How embarrassing.

He pushes my leg open and starts to rub my crotch. That is not the hand I wanted but my body betrays me and my womanhood starts to burn with desire. My hips are grinding my pussy up to his fat kneading fingers as if they have a mind of their own. He chuckles, "You like that eh?" He strokes the wet spot over my slit and then before I can catch my breath he moves his hand above the waistband of my panties and then plunges his hand inside. The instant his fingers touch my engorged clitoris I explode and wave of orgiastic pleasure washes over my entire body. AHHHH. OHHH. AHHHH. He plunges his middle finger into my soaking vagina and I can feel it spasm and try to draw his finger inside. Another pleasure wave breaks over me and I fall back panting onto the back of the sofa. When, my mind clears a bit I see this nasty man with his stiff erection positioning himself on his knees between my legs and staring with greedy eyes down at my crotch. He is pulling my hips down across the sofa towards his red stiff rod. My goodness, he is going to fuck me!

Then I see Richard's strong hand grip the balding man's shoulder and he says, "Thanks for keeping my little woman company, Mike" The man named Mike looks guiltily up at my man and quickly stands up and departs. Richard sits and takes me into his arms. I kiss him in that new wonderful way with our hot tongues swimming together. In my mind I scream, "Please, please take off my panties and make love to me." It would be too brazen to plead aloud but I hope he can hear my thoughts reaching out to him.

He is looking over at Rachel and Dennis.

Richard's Version: I take a quick piss which is very hard to control with the stiff boner I have that will not go down. On the way back to the dance area a couple of horny women reach out to me in a flirtatious way but my mind is fixed on fucking that 18 year old blonde high school graduate. I better get back before ... Whoops! I see Mike on his knees in full heat aiming his weapon with singular purpose. I rush to his side and put a stop to this. "Thanks for keeping my little woman company, Mike" No need to say more. He gets the message and slinks off. I sit down and pull Cindy to me and we kiss deeply.

I look over and see that Dennis has pulled his dick out and my horny wife is stroking it with a practised hand. It is a decent size piece of equipment. I am happy to know that Rachel will put it to good use later. My cock is also crying to be let loose. I pull back the blonde curls from her ear and whisper to my high school graduate. "You see Dennis has his cock in my wife's hand. I want you to unzip my pants and reach in and take out my cock. Do you understand?" She looked up at me with those big blue eyes. "If you understand, repeat what I said." "You said to take out your penis." "No, Cindy it is called a cock. A cock is what is used for sex. Now, tell me again exactly." She looks down shyly and says, "You want me to unzip your pants and reach in and pull out your ... ah ... cock" "That's good Cindy." She pulls down my zipper. I thought my erection would explode out of my pants but it was caught in my briefs. She reaches in with her tiny hand. When she touched the head of my cock it was like an electric shock. She pulls it out. With a surprised look she says, "It is so big, Richard". As I said I have a good thick 8 inches and when it is hard like now it seems to be a foot long. "Take out my balls too and just hold the shaft in your hand, my little one." She obeys and is gazing down with rapt attention.

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