The Taming

by Westside24

Copyright© 2013 by Westside24

Sex Story: A man visiting his mother in Florida meets a woman who has an interesting side to herself that he discovers much to his delight.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .

On the drive back from the cruise terminal at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Fred Stallings had a lot of time to think. He had just dropped his mother and her sister off for a seven day cruise. His mother who was a widow had moved down to Fort Myers to live with her divorced sister. He tried to visit his mother three to four times a year which also enabled him to escape the cold weather from up north for a little while. Fred hoped that his mother and her sister would have a good time on the cruise but now he was more concerned with the pain he was feeling in his chest.

There was a history of heart attacks in the male members of his family. His older brother Dennis had a heart attack at age fifty one and died. His father had a massive heart attack and died at age fifty two. Because of this family history and even though he was only forty six years of age, Fred was concerned every time he felt a pain in his chest. The fear that he had and lived with was that this could be an indication that he was going to have the ‘big one’ which told him he need to get checked out.

While he was driving back to Fort Myers he remembered how some of his older friends had talked about death and they just seemed to accept the inevitable. They were calm when this subject was discussed and it didn’t seem to worry them at all. All Fred knew was that it scared the shit out of him and he would do whatever he could to avoid that happening.

Because of that fear he had previously gone to a hospital emergency rooms four times and after saying the magic words of “chest pains” was admitted to the hospital. Various tests and x-rays were done and all came to the conclusion that it wasn’t his heart causing this pain he felt. One time however, the tests showed an elevation of an enzyme which indicated that there could be some heart problems. An angiogram was done and a blockage was found. The blockage was opened and a stent put in which solved that problem.

Fred still would periodically have these chest pains and concluded on his own that if it wasn’t his heart that these pains probably were either caused by either his hiatal hernia or the GERD or a combination of both. While those two conditions he had probably were the cause of his pains, he couldn’t afford to take the chance that they weren’t. He was constantly afraid that it was his heart causing the pain or irritation that he felt

He thought it was a waste of money and everyone’s time if this pain he was feeling wasn’t that of heart attack. His insurance would cover the expense of this medical treatment if he was confined to the hospital but he was brought up and raised to not waste money or people’s time. He therefore didn’t want to be confined to a hospital and have a multitude of tests run only to come up negative for heart problems as that would be a waste.

He drove himself to the large hospital he had seen in Fort Myers and walked into the emergency room entrance. After saying the magic words he was wheeled into a cubicle in the emergency room and he knew the standard tests of EKG, chest x-ray and blood tests would be ordered.

A bright spot in being in the emergency room was the female Doctor who came in and listened to his complaints before the tests were ordered. He guessed that she was somewhere in her late thirties, about five foot six inches tall with a slim figure and looked sexy the dark blue hospital scrubs she was wearing. Her shoulder length brown hair outlined a very pretty face.

She introduced herself as Doctor Lembert and was all business as she talked to Fred. There was no wasted time as she asked Fred some questions and after she heard his responses she left him to order the tests.

Fred enjoyed looking at her and became curious about her. When the male nurse assigned to him came in Fred asked him about the Doctor.

“That is Doctor Kimberly Lembert. She is good at what she does and doesn’t waste any time in doing it. She will be back here after she gets the test results which should be in an hour.”

It was two hours later and the Doctor still had not come in to see him. Fred asked the nurse if the test results were in and was told that they were. The nurse said all the results were negative and the enzyme which could indicate a heart attack was in the low normal range.

Fred was getting anxious for the Doctor to come back in to see him. It was another hour before the Doctor came in and said that while the results were all negative she was going to admit him for observation.

“Why are you admitting me?”

“You are a high risk patient because of your family history and because you have stent in you.”

“Doc, I think that is a waste of money and resources. My problem is probably gastro and not heart related.”

“It is my best medical judgment that you should be admitted.”

“And what will be done then?”

“We will do another blood test.”

“What is that going to show if the first test was normal? Thanks but forget it... , I don’t want to be admitted.”

He could see when he said that that the Doctor was a little pissed and she responded, “You can sign yourself out against medical advice but I would advise you not to do that.”

“I appreciate what you say but I think I will sign myself out.”

He could see she was even more pissed that he was ignoring her advice and decided to leave. As she was leaving the cubicle she stopped, turned and said, “I hope I don’t see you in here again.”

As Fred was dressing the nurse came in with the forms for Fred to sign.

“Does she always get pissed when someone disagrees with her?”

“No, but the way things are now-a-days with medical malpractice and law suits, the Doctors can’t afford to take any chances. They need to make sure patients are okay before they release them.”

Fred left the hospital hoping that he made the right decision about not being admitted.

At his aunt’s home he took some strong anti-acid medicine that he had stopped to purchase. He was careful to watch what and how he ate and thought the pain that he felt in his chest seemed to be diminishing. He couldn’t however stop thinking about the Doctor, both as to how attractive she looked in her scrubs and her attitude when she didn’t get her way. He wondered if in some way she was graded or rated in the number of patients she admitted since the hospital was still a business, a very expensive business judging from the medical bills he had previously seen.

Because of the interest he had in her he did google her name and found out a few things about Kimberly Lembert. She had graduated from USF and done her internship at the University of Chicago hospital. She had been doing emergency medicine for twelve years which he thought would put her at about thirty eight years of age. He couldn’t find any other information on her nor was her picture available on google images.

Five days later the pain in his chest was completely gone. Fred was at the local Walmart purchasing some items when he heard, “I see you are still among the living.”

He turned and saw an attractive lady looking at him who had said that. At first he didn’t recognize her and then he realized it was Doctor Kimberly Lembert. She wasn’t wearing scrubs but she was attractive and looked sexy.

“Doctor Lembert, at first I didn’t recognize you outside of your scrubs.”

“Outside of the hospital please call me Kim. How are you doing?”

“I am doing find and I guess the pain I was having was gastric as it seems to have gone away. How come you are shopping at Walmart? I thought all the Doctors who are rich shop at the more expensive places.”

Laughingly she said, “How do you think we get to be and stay rich?”

“You got me there. I have some time on my hands and if you are not in a rush, will you let me buy you a cup of coffee at the McDonalds over there. I promise not to ask you any medical questions.” He nodded his head toward the restaurant that was in the store.

Fred sensed a little hesitancy on her part but she said, “Let me check out first and I will meet you there.”

Fred had a cup of coffee waiting for her as she walked up to and joined him in the booth he was sitting in.

“I am sorry I didn’t take your medical advice as you looked... , ah... , let me just say maybe a little perturbed when I said I didn’t want to be admitted.”

“Maybe I was, it’s just that we need to be very careful because of all the malpractice law suits that can arise if we aren’t. I am glad you are okay.”

They talked quite a bit about her being a Doctor and the hours she worked and why she selected emergency medicine as her field.

“I am kind of am an adrenalin junky and I pride myself in accurate diagnosing what the problem is and what needs to be done. I also like the field because when I leave work I am not subject to being called after work and I can lead a relatively normal life and work close to a forty hour week. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself as there is very little that I know about you.”

“As you probably know I am older than you and live in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. As to you your age it is a guess on my part because I did look you up on google. Besides your schooling and years in practice that’s all I could find. The reason I googled you is that you interested me. I own a restaurant in Lake Geneva which is a resort area and work keeps me quite busy during the summer. In the fall and winter business slows down so I can get away and come down to visit my mother who is a widow and lives here with her sister. I try and get down here to see her three or four times a year. She is presently on a seven day cruise with her sister. I am single, never been married and outside of doing a little fishing and golfing spend most of my time managing my business which has been quite successful.”

Kim asked Fred a few questions which it seemed he answered to her satisfaction.

The coffee was finished and it looked like Kim was starting to leave when Fred said, “I have enjoyed talking with you. I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me.”

As Fred was looking at Kim he saw a change in her facial expression as she said looking at him in a very serious voice and said, “Are you hitting on me?”

There wasn’t a smile on her face as she said that and it looked to him that she was deadly serious in asking him that. He didn’t know what to think but then he thought two could play the same game.

With a serious look on his face and with a stern voice he said, “Yes I am, I find you to be an interesting and attractive lady and I don’t see a wedding or engagement ring on your finger. That is why I am asking you out to dinner. Now do you want to go out to dinner with me or not?”

There was hesitancy on her part and then he saw a change in her facial expressing as she now looked like a scared little girl as she said in a quiet voice, “Yes, that would be nice.”

He told her he would pick her up at six tonight as she wrote her home address on the back of a business card.

They walked out of the store together and he did admire her nice small butt in the tight tan slacks she was wearing as she walked to her car.

Before the dinner date with Kim, he couldn’t help but wonder about this defiant look and then the change to a meek look that she gave him. What the hell was going on with her was what he wondered about. For some reason when he talked back sternly to her it seemed like she backed off completely. He would keep that in mind this evening.

When Kim opened that door to her condo Fred was in for a treat. He knew she looked good in scrubs and looked good in tan slacks but she looked even better in the simple black dress and high heel shoes she was wearing. He told her that she did and could see the smile on her face she had in receiving the compliment. She asked him if he wanted a drink here but he said he would wait till they were at the restaurant. With her taking a sweater just in case the restaurant was too cool, they left her condo and were on their way.

It was a pleasant evening and dinner. Kim at times was laid back and at other times was energetic in leading the conversation. Maybe the two cocktails she had loosened her up a little. During the meal every now and then she would say something that Fred didn’t agree with. When he raised his voice a little he could see that she back down from her opinion and tended to moderate her opinion to where she was almost in agreement with his opinion. Fred noticed this reaction in her and thought that maybe he could use this approach later tonight.

The most interesting part of their conversation was when he asked her, “As a medical professional what do you think about the current debate going on in Washington on healthcare?”

“Don’t get me started on that fiasco, I could give you chapter and verse on it.”

“No, if you don’t mind I would like to hear your opinion.”

“Well before I get to that, those dunderheads there need to do something about reducing the cost of healthcare. Letting insurance companies sell across State lines could help in bringing down the costs of insurance policies but they also need to address and curtail these malpractice law suits that just drive up medical costs because of the defensive treatment they have us doctors doing to avoid being sued. The trial lawyers are in bed with the politicians so it probably will never happen. You do know that most of the lawyers take at least one third and sometimes more off the top of any settlement they get from a malpractice case. After they then take the expenses incurred, the injured party isn’t left with much. Now I am not saying that Doctors who make mistakes shouldn’t be punished either, they should, and some of them should have their licenses pulled if they make too many mistakes. But if litigation were curtailed or made not that lucrative the price of medical treatment would be reduced.”

“Now as to what is going on in Washington, it’s nice that they have the noble idea of trying to have everyone have health insurance but they are going the wrong way about doing it. Of the forty five million people who don’t have insurance, that basically breaks down to some who want it and can’t afford it and some who don’t want it. What they did in requiring all people to have it and most of the people or their employers to pay more for it, was to create a pool of money that could be spread around to cover everyone. Some people would call that a socialistic endeavor and others would call it communistic in taking that approach because all it is, is a redistribution of wealth.”

“What they need to do in my opinion is to scrap the present law and start over. If the other political party was to come into power I doubt that they would have the balls to do that although they talk a good game. For the people who don’t want to buy health insurance they should pay a yearly penalty on their income tax, maybe a certain percentage of their income. If they get sick, they are going to go to the emergency room and the hospital will treat them but the hospital should be able to receive some sort of a reimbursement from these fines these uninsured people pay to the government.”

“For the people who have pre-existing problems and can’t get insurance, the government should handle them like they do Medicare now for those over sixty five. But this handling shouldn’t be free or at a low cost. Maybe the cost for treatment should in some way be deducted up to a certain amount of their net worth if they have any. That is something which needs to be worked out. These people need to take some personal responsibility for not having insurance when they could have had it but choose not to have it. It’s like the person who smokes a pack a day of cigarettes for fifty years then sues the cigarette company for giving them lung cancer. People do need to take some personal responsibility as I said and try to get insurance before they get sick if they can.”

“What the present administration is doing is destroying the finest healthcare system in the world. People come from other countries to be treated here. I could go on about other things but that is enough shop talk for tonight.”

Kim told him that she had never been married although she came close to it right after college and before medical school. She said she enjoyed her work and the hospital where she worked. Her hobbies were reading mystery novels, swimming and working out.

It wasn’t overly late when they left the restaurant and with it being a nice night they walked along the waterfront. Fred went into a store and purchased a single red rose he presented to Kim. It was a joy for him to see her surprised reaction to this rose when he presented it to her.

He drove back to her condo where he parked his car. She thanked him for a very enjoyable evening. To him it looked like that was going to be the end of the evening but he remembered her reaction when he raised his voice a little to her.

He wondered if maybe she was somewhat submissive and since he had nothing to lose he said in a somewhat commanding tone of voice, “You are you going to invite me in for a drink aren’t you?”

Fred could see that his request confused her a little but she said in a quiet voice, “Do you want to come up?”

“Yes I do.”

As they went to her condo he thought he could see that the self-confidence this lady exhibited at work had diminished and now she was a little nervous in being with him.

Once inside her condo Kim asked Fred what he wanted to drink.

He thought it was time to find out if she was as submissive as he thought she was. He said again in a somewhat forceful voice, “It isn’t a drink I want, it’s you that I want, come here.”

He purposely avoided using the word please in making that request and could see a little reaction in her because of what and how he said it. She slowly walked to him where he took her in his arms and kissed her. She was a good open mouth kisser as her tongue did battle with his.

The kissing continued as his hands which were initially around her, started to go up and down her body exploring her womanly curves. He had guessed that she weighed in the area of one hundred and twenty pounds. He bent and put one arm around her waist and the other under her knees to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. Kim with her arms around his neck did not object to where they were going nor did she seem surprised.

In the bedroom she just stood and didn’t say anything as he undressed her. In taking off her bra he was pleasantly surprised at her breast’s size. While she was probably a thirty four, her breasts were at least a C cup which was very nice. Fred could see that the nipples on her breasts were stiff. He had to kneel as he pushed her thong down her legs. In looking at her most intimate part he saw that while it was trimmed, there still was more pubic hair there than he liked.

Standing back up to her he remarked paraphrasing and old cowboy who once said to his Indian sidekick, ‘Little Beaver needs a haircut.”

He indicated that they should recline on the bed which they did and the kissing resumed. She was a very good kisser and he could do this all night with her and be satisfied. His hands which were exploring her body told him she was wet and excited. That her nipples were stiff further told him that she was ready for him but he wanted more.

Fred started to move down her body kissing and licking the nipples on her large breasts but then he continued to move further down her torso.

“You don’t need to do that, I am ready for you.”

“I know you are but I want to... , relax and enjoy.”

His lips descended down to her mound where he licked and explored and then concentrated on her clit.

Her hips were churning and her hands where on his head directing his efforts as she was lightly moaning. He didn’t know how long he did this but he knew by her actions and what she said that she had a number of climaxes.

Finally he moved back up her body in between her spread thighs and said, “Put it in.”

Her cool hand grasped his stiff shaft and directed it to her entrance. In going into her he knew she was wet and warm but he found her to be surprising tight. He took his time until he finally bottomed out. She was spreading her thighs as wide as she could as well as raising her knees to help his erect shaft go into her. After he felt she was accustomed to his intrusion into her his hips started to move.

“God, I love what you are doing. It feels so good, so very good. Love me, make me come again.”

Her language surprised him a little but he tried his very best to do that and thought he did before he deposited a very big load of his spend into her.

They cuddled afterwards and for a while no words were spoken. Finally Fred said, “That was nice, you are a good lover.”

“So are you.”

They were just content to lay in each other arms which they did for a long while.

Fred said, “I would like to make love to you again but I need some help from you.”

“What kind of help?”

“Oral help.”

She gave a quick response of “I don’t do that.”

Saying strongly, “Yes you do” and with a little pressure on that back of her head Kim moved down and started to give him head.

As she was doing this he thought that if she doesn’t do this, she certainly is a fast learner because of what she was doing. She started off by licking up and down his shaft which was rising to the occasion and then she licked his balls and lightly took each one into her mouth where she hummed a little. With his shaft in her mouth, her hand was cupping his balls and lightly massaging them as her head moved up and down.

He knew if she kept this up he would come shortly so to avoid it happening to soon he said, “That’s enough... , come up her and ride me as I want to lick your nipples as you do it.”

Kim moved up and inserted his shaft into her. Her hips went into motion and she bent so his lips could lick and nibble on her nipples. It didn’t take long before he made another warm deposit in her.

Resting and spooning up against her afterwards, he didn’t ask her if he could spend the night and just assumed he could. They both fell asleep, each lost in their own thoughts of what had just happened.

When Fred woke in the morning he momentarily wondered where he was but he quickly remembered. He was alone in bed and the clock on the nightstand said it was almost seven. He felt good and well rested as he has some nice thoughts about what had happened between him and Kim. She was an excellent lover.

Rising from the bed, he went into the bathroom to take care of his morning business. After doing that he noticed on the sink counter top was a new toothbrush, tooth paste, disposable razor, shaving cream, towel and a terry cloth bath robe. His thought was that this was service with a smile. He took his time as he used what she had laid out and took a shower.

Putting on the robe, he walked into the kitchen and found Kim sitting there drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper. She presented a very pleasing picture.

“Morning sleepy head, I was going to go in there in a few minutes and check on you to see if you were dead or alive if you didn’t wake up.”

Kim rose and went to press a button on the microwave. He noticed that she was wearing a robe such as he had on but it was short and just came down enough to cover her hips. She also had on slippers but they had two inch heels which made her nicely shaped legs look very appealing.

When the microwave beeped she took out a plate that had scrambled eggs, ham and potatoes on it and place it in front of him. She also poured him a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, this is very nice as for some reason I have a big appetite.” He smiled at her as he said that. He thought maybe she blushed a little because of his remark.

As he ate he asked her if there was anything new in the paper. She said there wasn’t anything except for coverage of a large storm which was going to cause havoc up and down on the east coast. He didn’t know what time she had woken up but he could see that besides having the time to make this breakfast, she had time to put on her make-up not that she needed that much. She really was a very pretty woman.

When he was done eating she took his plate and went to the sink to wash it. As she was doing this he was looking at her nice legs and the tempting picture she presented which was causing his love tool to become aroused.

As she finished drying her hands on a towel she turned to him and heard him say in a stern voice. “Lose the robe.”

She understood what she wanted and seemed to lose some self-confidence as she untied the belt leaving the robe to slide down her arms for her to catch and throw it onto her chair.

Standing there in the light of day just wearing her slippers he noted that she had gone from the pretty category to the beautiful category. The pose that she took told him she knew what she had and was proud that she had it. A pretty face, large pink nipple breasts, a small waist with a flat stomach tapering into womanly hips with nice legs made the complete package of a very desirable woman. Fred immediately noticed that she had complied with his previous comment of “Little Beaver needs a haircut” because now her most private part was almost void of pubic hair. Seeing that brought him to a full state of arousal with his shaft now completely erect.

“Come here.”

She started to walk the few steps toward him and saw that he had loosen his robe and that his shaft was erect.

In a little girl voice she said, “Are you going to put that in me again?”

“Just come here and straddle my hips and put me in you.”

She did what he said. He enjoyed kissing her and being in her wet warmth but with her sitting on him it was awkward to move his hips. He managed to stand up with his arms around her waist and keep his shaft still in her. With her arms around his neck and her ankles locked around his hips he carried her back into the bedroom and made love to her.

It was as good as the first time and he told her so when they cuddled afterwards.

“Besides being an intelligent good looking lady, you are a very good lover. I enjoy making love with you and I hope you feel the same.”

In her little girl voice she said, “I do but do you mind if I ask you a question and maybe burst your bubble?”

Without thinking he said, “No, ask away.”

Changing back into her regular voice and giving him a questioning look she said, “Do you really think I got to where I am or do what I do if I really was a submissive?”

That questioned stunned Fred and initially he didn’t know what to say as he stammered, “I... , well I thought... , well it seemed... , ah... , well.” Finally he was able to say, “Well... , it seemed like whenever I raised my voice to you, you did what I wanted you to do.”

“That’s because I wanted to make love with you.”

“Well you sure fooled me.”

“I saw when you were in the hospital that your home address was in Wisconsin and that you were single. Further you are a good looking guy which I normally don’t see in the emergency room and when you went against my medical advice that further sparked my interest in you. I also googled you and found your restaurant’s web page. Seeing you at Walmart in those tight pants you were wearing showing your nice tush sealed the deal. I didn’t know how much longer you would be here so I couldn’t do the three date thing with you and had to move things along. That’s why I acted like a submissive. I did fool you into thinking I was, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did you rascal. I am glad that you did as you are a very desirable and exciting woman. That being said, it has excited me to where with some help from you I think I might be able to go again. How about some head?”

Reverting back into her little girl voice and with a look that said it all, Kim said, “Are you going to fuck me again you big stud?”

“God, I hope so.”

Kim moved down and gave him some wonderful head to make him ready to go again. As she was doing this he had the somewhat challenging thought that she could possibly be more woman than he could handle. That was a very intriguing possibility and he was hoping to continue this relationship with her and find out if that was true.

Before he left her condo Kim had said that she was off duty today and didn’t need to go into the hospital. He asked her if she wanted to go out again with him to dinner tonight and with a big smile on her face she said she did. Fred told her he would pick her up at six.

It was a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky Fred could see as he drove back from Kim’s condo. Fred thought he knew a good thing when he saw it and Doctor Kimberly Lembert was a good thing. To say that he enjoyed spending the night would her would be a gross understatement. Without a doubt he considered her to be a ‘keeper.’

Since he was staying at his mother and her sister Grace’s condo, he needed to stop to purchase some food to re-stock the refrigerator as the cruise ship they were vacationing on was due back in port at Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. He would be driving there to pick them up and bring them back.

Promptly at six that evening Fred pressed Kim’s doorbell button. When she opened the door she looked as good as he remembered her to be. The simple tan colored dress she was wearing was tailored to show her very feminine curves.

“You clean up well Doc.”

“Thank you kind sir, it’s nice to hear you say words like that.”

“Any preference on where you would like to go to eat?”

“No, I will leave it up to you to decide.”

Fred thought about it and selected the Bonefish Grill since it was his opinion that most women preferred fish over meat.

Dinner with Kim was another pleasant experience. She was intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas to include current politics. He didn’t bring up the Affordable Care Act as he had learned it was a hot button item with her and he didn’t want to put a damper on the evening. Fred during the meal he looked at Kim and couldn’t help thinking about spending last night with her and was anticipating spending another night with her.

During the meal Fred mentioned that tomorrow he was going to drive over to Fort Lauderdale to pick up his mother and her sister from the cruise. He said that he would spend the time with them and the next day he would catch his flight to go back to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and get back to work at the restaurant he owned there.

Kim said that she was scheduled to go in tomorrow to work in the emergency room at the hospital.

They arrived back at Kim’s condo and it was sort of a given that he would be invited in but he still waited for her to extend the invitation.

“Are you coming in?”

“I will if you will have me.”

With a sly expression on her face she said, ‘Oh I will have you alright, you can count on that.”

As soon as the door to her condo closed they were in each other’s arms and were involved in some serious kissing.

When the kiss ended she pulled back a little from him and said, “I have wanted to do that all evening.”

“You and me both, there is just something about you that just turns me on.”

They went into her bedroom where they undressed themselves and then reclined on the bed to resume their kissing. Since they were somewhat familiar with each other because of last night they took their time. There was no rush for them to have intercourse. They were content to prolong the kissing while their hands roamed and caressed each other.

Kim wound up lying on top of him and with her doing a little wiggling of her hips was able to insert his stiff erection into her. She just laid there with his shaft in her and continued to kiss him. He felt her warmth and her wetness which gave him the thought that it doesn’t get any better than this.

She raised herself and then stated moving her hips looking down at him into his eyes watching his reaction to her movements. It was obvious to her that he enjoyed what she was doing.

Not to be left out, he moistened a thumb and placed it to caress her clit as she moved her hips. With his other hand he reached up and lightly twisted the stiff nipple on her breast. He watched her reaction as he did this and could see she enjoyed his actions. Both of them were anxious to please the other in making love and it was apparent that they did.

After they both climaxed, they rested for a while with each of them telling the other sweet nothings. It wasn’t that much longer before they were back at it making love again. It was a wonderful way to spend a night were the thoughts they both had.

Just before six in the morning, Fred left the bed to go and tap a kidney. When he returned he saw that Kim had also left the bed and must have gone to do the same thing.

When she returned to the bed she cuddled up against him and with a tinge of mischief in her voice said, “In about a half hour I am going to need to get up and get ready to go to work at the hospital. Any idea of what we can do to past the time till then?”

Bringing her to him for a kiss he said, “Oh yeah,” and spent the time in making love to her.

Prior to his leaving her condo Fred exchanged his contact information with her and made sure he had her contact information. She did confirm that she had Skype on her personal computer as he said he would like to communicate that way with her.

His remark of “You don’t need to bother to dress when we do Skype” earned him a little poke in his ribs from her. It was one long last kiss and then he was on his way.

He stopped to shower, shave and change clothes before he left to pick up his mother and her sister from the cruise.

Arriving a little early, Fred waited in a parking lot for about twenty minutes before he received a phone call from his mother saying that they had cleared customs and were standing off to the eastside of the terminal waiting to be picked up.

On the drive back to Fort Myers his mother and her sister told them about the good time they had. They couldn’t find anything to complain about and talked about the fine food, entertainment and the shopping they did in the various ports of call. They both said they would like to do another cruise and maybe go out of Tampa next time in order to visit different ports.

Back at Grace’s condo they asked him what he had done while they were cruising and Fred was non-committal in his response and didn’t mention meeting Kim or in spending two nights with her.

Later that evening when his mother could talk privately with Fred she said, “I think you should know that I met with a nice attorney, a Ronald Melton and had him draw up a living trust for me. It seems you are doing well with the restaurant that you don’t need any of my money. Since I don’t have any grandchildren Grace and her family are going to be the beneficiaries of this trust. They have treated me real nice since I moved down here. Of course if I was to have any grandchildren I would make some changes to this trust. I would suggest you also do some estate planning as well and decide where you want your estate to go should something happen. Does any of what I said present a problem?”

Fred caught her dig about not having grandchildren but he responded, “No it doesn’t, I know they have treated you well and you are happy down here. I don’t want you to rule out having grandchildren at least not yet, but until that happens and I am not saying it will, I don’t see anything wrong in what you are doing. I have been putting off setting up my own trust but you are right, that is something I need to do.”

Leaving the next morning and on his flight back to Milwaukee, Fred had a lot to think. Kim was his main thought and he already missed not being with her. She was an exciting lady and a good lover. For sure he would stay in contact with her and would make plans to come back here to visit his mother and Kim in the not to distance future.

Back at the restaurant in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin he was greeted warmly by his staff who kiddingly welcomed him back to the cold weather. He answered their questions about how his trip was omitting any reference to meeting Kim.

During this time of the year business was slow when compared to the summer months. During the summer the area drew a lot of vacationers and tourists. There was however was a steady flow of business from the people who lived in the area and appreciated the fine food and atmosphere of Red’s restuarant. A number of full time residents to include some celebrities who lived here or had summer homes here frequently came to Fred’s restaurant.

Fred knew the celebrities didn’t like to be bothered by other patrons when they were dining. To that end Fred had the sides around three of his booths raised so that when someone was seated in these booths they would be afforded a degree of privacy from the other patrons. These three booths came to be known as the VIP booths.

Nothing out of the norm usually happened at the restaurant. That was until one night in the middle of January at about six in the evening. Fred who was in his office heard a buzzer and saw the small red light on the wall flash. That buzzer and light were a signal from the bartender that Fred was needed.

In walking into the lounge he was met by Mark Jensen the bartender, who was down at the end of the bar waiting for Fred.

Bending over a little and talking quietly Mark said, “I am glad you are here as we have a situation developing. Down at the other end of the bar there is a single guy and about three stools over is Judge Tucker and his wife Lori. That guy had the nerve to ask Lori if her breasts were real or artificial. He then followed up with a comment that she shouldn’t be with her father and should be with a young guy like him who could show her a good time. I think the Judge is ready to go after him in spite of their age difference.”

“Okay, I will handle it. Just be ready to give me some backup if I need it.”

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