Mrs. Marlow

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Romantic Sex Story: It all started when he cleaned a pair of half-glasses for a lady whose daughter he wanted to date.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   .

I was raised in a family of seven, two brothers and four sisters and like millions of other fa- milies every brother has a favorite sister. Mine is my middle sister Robin and since way back, I always felt closer to her. Close to forty years later that bond is still there. When I was a teen age guy and had a few girls, Robin was the sister I would want to talk to about those things, like what to get her for her birthday and how to fix up a screw-up, most likely caused by me and my awk- ward attempts to get into her panties.

My sister Robin was rather annoyed I went to her friends house and planned on asking her out, not that that was a bad thing but when her Mom asked me in as it was over ninety degrees out there, I saw her gold half-square style glasses which were a bit smudged, so I cleaned them with my t-shirt.

Her Mom stood there with her hands on her hips and asked,

"Just what do you think you are doing?"

"Cleaning your reading glasses, Mrs. Marlow?"

"I don't need you or anyone else to clean my glasses. That is really rather personal and I can't believe you don't know better than to get familiar with an older womens things and NO I don't want my Darlene to have anything to do with you."

Yeah, that went around the supper table for quite a while, CRAP I got it from everyone! and one would probably think I'd want nothing to do with older ladies and their half-glasses.

A month later Robin told me,

"You really ought to go and tell Mrs. Marlow you are sorry for messing with her things."

"You are right but I think Mrs. Marlow would be very pleased if I never showed up there again."

"Well Chuck, I'll leave it up to you."

What bothers me is that Robin is right and did she know something I was not privy to? So I made up my mind I would tell Mrs. Marlow I am sorry and that should be the end of it. I was hanging out with her son Ron, we were always working on gas engines for generators or pumps out in the garage and there were so many times we came in to get a coke out of the fridge and she would be donning those gold half- square glasses down her nose and reading the paper with her glass and purple beaded chain hanging from them and I guess on some unconcious level I really like that look.

Another six weeks went by, the weather was surely cooler and I headed off to the store to get groceries. I guess it was Murphy's law that I would run into Mrs. Marlow and that is what happened. She saw me and I did what I could to avoid her. But the next thing I know her groceries cart is coming my way and I dreaded getting my ass reamed again. But I was going to be courteous to Mrs. Marlow.

"Oh Chuck, I have been wanting to talk to you for a while now."

"If you are still mad, I don't blame you at all. Frankly I was very wrong, just that ... well I was wrong. to have cleaned your glasses with my t-shirt."

"I was going to say, 'I was wrong for being so mad at you, and I wanted to ask you why you'd want to clean an older womans half-glasses to begin with, but if you don't want to talk. O.k."

"Ah Mrs. Marlow?"


"I would be happy to answer your questions, obviously I had a reason to clean your half-glasses, want to talk in your car?"

"No I am just about done here, come to my home when you are done shopping, is that good for you?"

"Fine Mrs. Marlow."

Half an hour later I'm knocking on Mrs. Marlow's front door and she is very happy to see me and I had to wonder about this one hundred an eighty degree turn in her attitude towards me.

"Cup of coffee, Chuck?"


Damn she looked hot, a red plaid skirt and a white blouse; pair of low pumps in patent black and wearing her half- glasses, nice ear rings.

"So Chuck, why did you clean my half-glasses for me?" I thought it interesting that she is wearing them as she is asking me why I wanted to clean them.

"Probably because you are a very nice looking woman and I just love the way you look in half-glasses. To be very frank about it."

She seemed to have said more by the way she looks at me than by words alone, sort of between serious, at peace with herself and liking me.

"I believe you Chuck, it is something that only a guy who likes older women would do. If you still have an interest in seeing my daughter Darlene, that's o.k."

"Thanks Mrs. Marlow but she is seeing someone now, a football player."

She knew what I was thinking and I was surprised when she said,

"I know you'd rather see me, am I right?"

"Yes, Mrs. Marlow you are.

"Chuck, that is the kindest, lovliest comment I have heard in a long time. I am almost sixty, why would you want to be friends with a woman of that age.?"

"Oh I just like talking to older ladies, like if I talk to a girl my age, she usually thinks I have one thing in mind. I am not going to say I don't like sex, I know I could but it is not the only thing I like."

"I do have to tell you Chuck, that my half-glasses were never as clean as they were when you cleaned them for me."

She took them off and handing them to me said,

"Would you please clean these for me.?

I did so and she had a nice pearl beaded neck chain for them. The newspaper was on the table and I figured I would use it as an excuse to try her glasses, but just before I was going to Mrs. Marlow said,

"Try them first, put the beads over the back of your neck and wear the glasses at the end of your nose and see how they work with the legal section of the paper. Then look over the tops of them to see farther away."

"How did you know that Mrs. Marlow?"

"Just call me Edna."

"Ok. thanks. I am thinking she really is nice, maybe she just had a real bad day when I cleaned her glasses.

"It just came to my mind if you liked cleaning my glasses, you would like having something to do with them as well."

"Would you be interested in doing some odd jobs and be paid for it of course?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

"Getting my carpets done."

"YUP done that and the Rug Rover is the best machine going."

So we decided when the job was going to be done and for how much and I went to get the machine.

Saturday at five in the afternoon the carpets were looking like new and Edna was very pleased.

I'd like to talk to you about some things, Chuck."


"How long have you had this feeling about liking older ladies?"

"Last couple of years anyways, Working over at the Barrows-ville Bleachery I work with older ladies all the time."

"Would you really want to chum with an older woman?"

"I know I would but the lady also has to like this and if she does not like it, well it just won't work out.

Has any girl done anything with you? south of the belt line?"

"No, but if a girl did do something nice, I would of course want to do something nice for her."

"Say I did something for you, what would you like to do for me?"

"Well Edna, I'd like to kiss, lick and suck on your breasts and rub those half-glasses all over your nipples and run the beaded chain along your nipples."

"Well I think I could do something quite nice for that, Chuck, and I bet you'd love me to touch you down there with my glasses and beaded chain."

"You really know what I am like ... Edna."

"Follow me Chuck."

I am very pleased what is happening. I am going into her bedroom and she is taking off her white blouse and bra. She is sitting on the side of the bed and tells me to lower my pants. Edna took from her bedside table a pair of silver half-moon style glasses and swapped them for the half- square style and the bedside lamp was seen in them, and I really liked that. She is wrapping the beads of her half- square glasses round my cock and rubbing them under my balls at the same time and it is so nice, a fantasy actually taking place. She is now jerking me off slowly with her right hand, her red painted nails around my cock and she lowers her head and starts licking the top of my cock as she rubs her half-glasses under my balls. She saw the stuff start to ooze out and she squeezes tighter and jerks me off faster and is now holding her half-glasses to catch the ropes of cum she knows will land on her glasses. I feel the pressure build up and I know it is not long at all, I stiffen up a bit and start fucking her hand and as she looks up to smile at me, the lamp light shining in her half-round glasses, I blow my load. Rope after rope of thick white cum landing on the square glass lens of her glasses. GAWD that felt great. She takes the glasses to her mouth but keeping the beads wrapped around me and licks my cum off them.

I threw my arms around her and thanked her most sincerely. Indeed I have never experienced something so great, sexually and emotionaly as well and I know Edna is very content as well.

"Now Chuck I want you to do things to me, with the glasses and beads too. I want you to do everything you said."

"Well you need to get up on the bed for this."

Damn she is happy and I am too, what she just did, MMMmmm.

I buckled up again as I could see no sense in trying to do what was just done. I am sucking her tits, all over her tits not just the nipples and yes under her breasts too and they taste so sweet and feminine. What does femininity taste like? who cares! they are nice. Now I am rubbing the lens of her half-square glasses over her nipples then running the beads past them, slowly then fast, more licking and kissing.

Edna seems like she is going to cum big time then I figured I'd finger her. What can she really do? she is starting to wriggle at the hips and I go in with my second and third fingers pointing up as I wanted to hit the magic spot that would send her into an orgasm and by the way she is breathing I know it will be pretty quick.

By now she is uttering things, she is turned on way past the point of saying "That's enough." and I gave another finger and am plunging in even deeper and my hand is sopping wet with her pussy juices and I licked my fingers clean, as clean as she licked my cum off her half-square glasses. Well I put my three fingers back in and resumed fingerfucking Edna and she is loving it. She stiffened up a few times so I know she came. YUP her mind came back as well, knowing she needed a fucking good orgasm from time to time so she would feel more womanly, that she is desired and loved.

We cleaned up after that and she wanted to get supper going.

"Stay for supper Chuck?"

"I don't want to be a bother."

"If I felt you were, I would not ask."

"Sure, thanks very much." I had no idea what she was making but the way I felt I would have eaten every vegetable grown.

Her sexy bum was looking at me and I could imagine her vertical smile saying, "Thank you thank you thank you." In my mind I am running my hands down her hips and over her smooth sexy ass cheeks and my hands go to her front and into her soft silky pussy and...

"What are you looking at Chuck and why are you so quiet?"

Edna is smiling and walks to me. I stand and walk to her, throw my arms behind and start feeling her ass and hips and she is now pulling me into her, her lovely boobs pressed into me. I begin dry humping her and she is pulling herself to me even tighter.

"Oh Chuck." Two words but how she said them, dripping with lust.

Edna is now matching my thrusts and damn I came in my pants!

We had a great meal of meatloaf, mashed and string beans with a cold beer.

That night I pulled her bra from my back pocket, she never looked for it after our time together, she just put her blouse back on. But I knew what I was going to do and did I ever. That bra took in my thick ropes of my man sauce and I was wondering if I should just bring it over and show her.

Sunday morning came and she called me on my cell fone.

"How are you Chuck?

"Oh I could not be better Edna."

"I so feel the same." Did you see where I put my bra yesterday?"

"Don't bother looking for it Edna, I'll wash it, dry it and bring it over."

"MMMmmm, you naughty boy! That is sweet, You love Edna's bra don't you?"

"I love Edna."

"I am surprised you did not take my glasses and beaded chain as you so love them."

"I'd rather you just do things with them, It is so nice that we can make each other happy Edna, it really is."

"Well, please drop that bra by later today?"

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