Meeting Your Match/Mate

by Everydayguy

Copyright© 2013 by Everydayguy

Erotica Sex Story: A sexy story of two horny people getting together

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   .

I was petting the hair of my sexy wife who was still nursing on my semi-hard cock. There was still some gooey cum on her lips and around the base of my male interest.

Man, I am one lucky dude to have a lady who loves to suck my cock. She'll play with me while we watch TV or chat until I'm standing tall then dig me out to suck her toy and slurp until I give it up. She knows exactly how to keep me on edge for what seems like hours before she does one of her tricks to trigger my burst of cum.

She's always said one of the big reasons we got together was that I wasn't put off by her always wanting to suck a load. There were other reasons we became life partners but sex was definitely a big one. Lydia doesn't only suck but also wants us to be intimately joined as often as possible. Thanks to eating right, exercising and running daily, both of us stay fit and I can respond to my lady constantly after one more load. We make an effort to get a good nights sleep and almost always sleep with a wet spot.

Let me tell you how Lydia and I met.

As a young hard working guy, I didn't have time for much of a social life. Another problem was that I often preferred men for sexual partners, as there was less bullshit about hooking up. Men don't usually waste time and go straight for the gusto without a bunch of verbal ass kissing. If you pay attention and play safe, you can have your cock buried in a warm friendly ass within minutes of meeting a potential partner. Or if you prefer you can have your cock being sucked or suck a cock or even have your ass filled with a cock rubbing across your prostate. All of which is good and expedient.

However, it's still nice to have a warm friendly woman to hold, kiss, and if it works out, make love with.

My enjoyment of men led me to a couple who loved to have me play with both of them. They both loved to watch the other having great hot sloppy sex with a guy. They told me they often invited another woman to join them but usually it was another guy that tripped their trigger and I was the one who interested them the most...

One night after the male half of the couple had thoroughly fucked me after receiving one of my great blow jobs, he was watching as I was slowly sliding all of my cock into his wife then just as slowly sliding back out to repeat the movement over and over. John was kissing his wife and sucking on one of her breasts while Julie showed us both that she was multi-orgasmic and kept coming and coming. Julie said between exclamations that she was cumming, "John, we have to get Dean and Lydia over here at the same time so we can enjoy them both. I just know she'll love to have Dean's whopper doing to her what Dean is doing to me right now. What's best is I know he's going to fill my pussy up with enough juice to make me a sloppy cream pie mess."

John got down behind me to rim me for additional stimulation and said, "Oh yeah, those two together would be some good sex. Can you imagine the first time Dean unloads one of huge doses of man juice. The way she vacuums up everything I can shoot in a night we are together, makes me think she might actually get enough for a change."

Julie was cumming again but now had reached her nirvana point as her own juices were pouring from her with each of my thrusts. "Oh Dean, Oh John, do me together. Are you ready yet John? I really need both of you."

John moved up for Julie and I to suck him back into a solid hard state. I rolled over on my back so Julie could attempt to take all of me into her pussy but always stopped with more than an inch to go. Meanwhile, John licked and tongued Julie's other hole. She lay on me while reaching behind her to pull apart her two gorgeous peaches to give John easy access.

Well the evening went on like that until my last shot of the evening was directed at the couple's faces and then I watched as the two licked each other's face clean while sharing multiple kisses.

When I prepared to leave, Julie asked me, "Can you come Friday? I really want you to meet Lydia and I think John and I will be primed and ready for you to juice us some more by then."

How can you turn down a couple of good friends especially if your date book doesn't have any entries.

That Friday evening came and I showed up at John and Julie's condo with a bottle of good wine along and a bag full of various cheeses and crackers.

My usual attire for visiting the couple was shorts and T-shirt with sandals but since there was to be another guest I figured it might not be as laid back in the beginning. John and Julie usually wore just light robes and nude beneath but I didn't know how this Lydia person would react to my being too casually dressed so I was in nice slacks and a knit shirt.

The couple's condo had good security and you usually had to wait while the desk guard called to make sure you were expected. This time, the guard just smiled at me and told me to go on up. As soon as I rang their doorbell, the door cracked a little and a very naked Julie reached out to pull me inside. She turned me toward the door then advised me, "How about some fun Dean? I want to blind fold you so you can meet Lydia a little differently than usual."

"Okay, I'm game," I replied thinking this was going to be interesting.

As soon as the blind fold was secure, Julie began undressing me. She commented, "What's with all of the clothes? You always come over prepared for total access."

I said softly to Julie, "I wanted to make a good impression on Lydia and I didn't want to embarrass you."

"That's so sweet but I have to tell you, Lydia won't be able to see you either. I want you to meet and play with us blindfolded for a while. I want you to give her all of the attention you do me all the time so she knows how good you make me feel. Come on, John is getting her ready for you right now."

Julie guided me from the entryway to the living room and I kept expecting to bang against the coffee table that was usually in front of the couch. Instead I was standing about where the coffee table should be. Julie took my right hand and moved it out until I touched a small hand that was just a little sweaty. John said, "Lydia, meet Dean. Dean, Lydia. You two should kiss to greet each other."

Julie told us, "Go ahead and give each other a hug and kiss."

This was very strange but I reached out to feel the side of a nude body as a hand reached my side. Something about the excitement of our meeting had my wanger at full mast. The small person in front of me pulled me to her and I responded by pulling her to me. When we were against each other, I could feel the stiff points of nipples against my chest but I continued and bent to find her lips. Wow, the kiss was electric. My maleness throbbed and the body that had been against me pushed harder against me and rubbed back and forth.

Our lips separated but our bodies didn't. A voice said, "Ah, I think I want to get intimate with that thing poking my tummy. Do you think we could find the couch or just lie on the floor?"

Julie whispered, "We have sheets over plastic on the floor. Just sink down and get acquainted. Come John, get down here with me so we can watch our friends."

We did sink to the floor but Lydia pushed me to my back and took hold of me. She huskily whispered, "Prepare for the best hungriest mouth you'll ever meet."

A mouth instantly captured the head of my dick and swirled a tongue around for some nice stimulation. What happened next was remarkable as Lydia began sliding my dick deeper into her mouth until I could feel the head pressing into her throat. She kept right on going and sliding down and down until her nose was against my pubic bone and a tongue was licking my swollen balls.

I groaned as I had never had anyone take me down their throat completely. John gasped and exclaimed, "Holy shit, she has all of him in her throat. I can't believe it."

"Darn, I wish I could do that," Julie whispered, "I gag on you and you're a slim eight inches."

At that exact moment, Lydia began gagging and choking before pulling off and recovering. She said, "Damn, no one has ever made me gag since I learned the trick."

I groaned and told Lydia, "You can practice on me as much as you like. No one has ever done what you've done before. You damn near got me off doing that. I was trying to hold back but you are just too good, too amazing for me."

"Don't you hold back giving me what I deserve. Julie told me you come gobs and gobs and I want it all. Maybe John should help me and fuck you while I suck. That should push the express button."

Lydia kissed me on the lips, neck, my nipples, then dove again for my tower of power waving at my waist. She pulled me to my side and told John, "Get that dick in this hole and help me John. I want juice. Julie, get that pussy in Dean's face to give him something to suck on. Come on guys, let's flip his switch."

Well, the combination of John sliding across my prostate, Julies delicious pussy, and Lydia's special mouth did the job. Cum began gushing from me causing Lydia to choke and cough but she continued to keep sucking trying to capture everything that kept pumping from me.

I was panting, John was filling a condom, Julie was almost squirting, and Lydia was trying to lap up the escaped juices. She said with cum running from her nose, "Enough of this blindfold. I want to see what near choked me to death."

As Lydia said, "Oh wow," Julie pulled my blindfold off. My first look at Julie was at a very pleasant face covered with my cum. Some of my pearly essence was still coming from Lydia's nose and she was attempting to wipe her eyes to get some cum that had sprayed her face into her mouth.

Julie moved to kiss Lydia and to lick some of the cum off but Lydia swatted at Julie saying, "Mine, my cum. Let me get it all in my mouth then you can lick my face. So much, so good, I'm in love Julie."

I moved to between Lydia's legs and spread her tight pussy lips and gave them a long slow swipe with my tongue. Lydia jumped and humped her pussy into my mouth. "Damn, you hit the button the first lick. Slow down so I can lay back and relax after I suck up all this extra cum."

I continued to snack on the very succulent pussy until her hips were near vibrating. At that moment, I slid up her body and began trying to feed my dick into her tight pussy. Lydia groaned, "Oh shit you're big. You'd think my pussy could handle what my throat can. But then, the throat didn't handle it either."

As Lydia pushed back at me to get me deeper into her she groaned, "Go good, keep fucking, keep pushing. How can you be hard again after I sucked you dry. That's why I never get fucked. I want all of the cum in my mouth. John, give me the rubber so I can have all of your cum too."

While I fucked Lydia with a slow steady rhythm we were able to watch John and Julie stimulate each other into joining and matching our thrusts. Julie told John, "Get Dean to put Lydia on top so you can fill her up. I'll put my pussy in her face and she can be busy everywhere."

Lydia responded to Julie's directive by groaning, "Oh yeah, Julie, I would love that. Put some slime on your pecker John so it will slide up into me. With this monster in my pussy and you in my ass, I'm going to squirt as much as Julie does."

I watched John sheath up but also lather lots of gel on his pole. While he was preparing his pecker, he was lapping and tonguing Lydia's back hole. Her groans announced she was looking forward to the extra filling. John slowly slipped his long skinny dick into Lydia's fundament and immediately began sawing back and forth eliciting moans and groans from Lydia as she feasted on Julie. Julie was now into her full fire hose mode as Lydia was sucking her pussy and I was tonguing her back hole. The excitement of all of this had me nearing another bombardment of sperm.

Whispering to Lydia, I asked, "Do you want it in you, in your mouth, or all over you."

"Oh God, I'm cumming so much I don't think I want to stop even for another big mouthful of your delicious cum. John's dick feels so good and you are racking across something inside of me that is making me squirt as much as Julie. Fill me Dean, I'll let John and Julie lick it out unless you want the honor."

Julie was rolling away from us and said, "No way, it's mine this time. Fill that pussy Dean and I'll be right there to lick it all out."

John was into his short strokes and was filling his rubber. Lydia locked her lips to mine and was sending her tongue into my throat. Her pussy was near vibrating as she fucked me fast and furious to milk all of the come from John. That did it and I kissed her back and pushed up into her as I began shooting more and more cum.

Lydia rolled us back over so I was on top and said to Julie, "If you want to get it all, push Big Dick off me and get down baby."

I willingly rolled off and was surprised to have John instantly attack my dick. I was in the perfect place to lean down and suck on Julie as she vacuumed Lydia. The stimulation of being cleaned by John, and being drenched my Julie's squirting was firming me right back up. As soon as I felt firm again, I moved up and slid into Julie doggy style.

Julie groaned and said while still eating out Lydia, "Oh so good Dean. Your so damned big and fat, you stretch me out all over. You make my pussy feel so good."

Lydia exclaimed, "No way. That fucker just dumped a huge load into my pussy and he's fucking you already? Dean, you must be some kind of satyr."

I continued to fuck Julie until she had made Lydia a quivering mass of sloppy pussy and I was making Julie cum over and over again, continuing to soak the sheet. I didn't want to cum again so soon so when Julie indicated she had enough, I pulled out and let her collapse. John was stretched out next to Julie and Lydia was trying to sit up and look at her pussy at the same time. She said, "I think you stretched it all out of shape. I may not be able to fuck for a week."

John moaned that whenever I came by to play with Julie and him, he said he was usually cut off except for some head for at least a couple of days. Julie sat up and kissed me sweetly and then kissed Lydia before stating, "See, I told you Dean would fuck you into submission and still want to cum some more. John and I don't want any more tonight because we're supposed to go to a party tomorrow. I hope my pussy will be back in shape for some fun. You know, you two should come with us. Lydia, you might get your tummy full of what you crave and you and I can keep Super Stud up so he stretch all of the available pussy out of shape."

Lydia said, "I may not be up for that tomorrow after being so stretched out of shape tonight. Invite me next time and perhaps Dean and I will be able to come together. I want to spend some private time with Dean if he wants."

John said, "Dean and I didn't get a chance to do much tonight together but this was an awesome display of great sex. We definitely have to do this again."

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