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Erotica Sex Story: A three part story of when an sexual opportunity arose. Each part is one story - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Chapter 1

The season finished and like he had been doing for some months gave Joyce a lift home. It was just chatter till he pulled off the road and stopped in front of the entrance to the village she lived in. "Thank you Greg", she said with a smile. "I am grateful for the lift you have given me over this season. Would ... would you like to come in for a cup of tea? I made a chocolate cake but haven't cut it yet, so this would be a good opportunity and a more practical way to say 'thank you', she concluded. "Thank you Joyce", Greg replied. "However, I just can't park here I'm blocking the entrance to the village". Joyce smiled and directed him to an empty parking spot at the back of a number of units, of which hers was one. "We were all allotted a parking spot, but since I no longer drive it has remained empty. Occasionally a friend visits and she parks here", she concluded as Greg opened the door for her. She gathered her bag, for once before she had forgotten it and he had to deliver it later in the day. "We can use the back gate that leads to all the units, I'm the last one, the one with the hanging baskets", she said as he opened the gate.

The unit was small and although neat was very Spartan. What Joyce had were the essentials, there were nothing that one would call 'decorations'. "Sit down Greg", she said. "I will just be a moment". With that she put her bag down and disappeared into a room; that he was later to know was her bedroom. There was the paper, plus a couple of magazines on the coffee table, he picked up the paper and was scanning it when Joyce reappeared. She had changed and now was wearing a house coat. "Tea or coffee?" she called.

"Tea thank you", he replied as he put the paper down. Joyce put the jug on and bought out a container that held the cake, as well as two plates and a couple of small desert forks. As she bent down the house coat opened and he gave off a soft gasp for her tits, and they were not small, swayed before him. She straighten up as the kettle began to whistle and turned, making no attempt to tighten the belt so by the time she returned with the tea pot, two cups and a knife the gown was open, revealing totally her womanhood, from the sagging but heavy tits to the forest of hair at her groin.

"Do you take milk?" she asked. He nodded but noticed there was no milk on the table, but hanging above his cup was a tit; was it her intention for him to milk it, she offered milk but didn't supply a jug. "Yes ... yes I do", he stammered and then reached for and gripped her enlarged nipple and as he squeezed it, it began to leak, but when he grabbed and squeezed the tit, milk gushed out and it only took two grabs to supply the required milk. "Do you take milk?" he asked. Joyce smiled and gave a nod. Again he repeated the performance, this time on the other boob. Twice he squeezed and grabbed but this time as the cup began to fill, she whispered. 'Could I have more milk?' It was a quest that he gladly obliged, but this time a little rougher, so that Joyce gave off a moan of delight and saliva began to drip from her mouth and her gaze was of one 'off with the fairies'. "Another cup?" she asked while positioning herself so that her tit was again the milk jug and while she cut the cake he fingered her, pushing not one finger but nearly three into that hair covered cunt.

With the afternoon finished, Greg said I have something that leaks as well would you like to milk me. Joyce's grab of his cock was so hard that he gave a grunt. She pulled it and then sucked it, taking the lot into her mouth, while he bounced her tits, which were still leaking, up and down. Finally he stood her up and pushed her onto the floor, spread her legs and rammed his saliva covered cock up to his balls in her very accommodating crack. They fucked like animals. Again and again she gasped 'More, more, more cock'. Finally in her bedroom he took her doggie style and while her tits swung and bounced he rammed his prick up her bum and her cry of lust echoed around the unit. It was dark when she finally got a mouth full and as he emptied his load, he held her till every drop had been drained and only then did he release her. She was all smiles when he left, again thanking him for not only driving her home from the weekly meeting but for the best fuck she had, had in decades.

Chapter 2

One thing Warren hated was wedding, especially ones in which he knew that it was his wife's friend that was getting hitched and he would be left to his own devices for he would know no one. He knew his wife wouldn't consider him for once before when he had raised an objection she had smirked and told him to 'grow up', and not spoil the day for her.

The bride welcomed his wife with glee, just giving himself a mild recognization but then taking his wife, who was all smiles and chatter to meet the bridesmaids and other members of the official party; leaving him standing like a 'shag on a rock'. 'What to do?' was going to be the question for his wife totally ignored him and even during the ceremony, although she did at least sit with him, it was all about the bride, how beautiful she was, how lucky the man was etc. etc. Not once was he asked how he was doing. Finally with all the paper work signed he was again on his own as the bride again needed his wife for another round of introductions.

There was nothing for him to do, but wander. He knew no one, but finally decided after hearing one of the cooks say that the meal was still some way off, to go and have a snooze in his car. He ventured down to the end of the property, just for something to do, he stood for a few seconds and just as he turned, a female voice spoke from behind a number of shrubs. "You seem bored?" It was only when the voice appeared did he respond. "You are right Madam, I am bored. I know no one. My wife is very friendly with the bride; she has known her for some times and therefore is considered a 'special guest'. I believe she is going to give a speech later. As for me I'm left to entertain myself. I hear the meal is sometime off, so I was going to have a bit of a cat nap in my vehicle. That gets me out of the way", he concluded. The woman was silent for a few seconds and then 'in a matter of fact way' said. "I know something that you could do, that could account for time".

"Oh! What is that?" he asked.

"You could fuck me", she said. "My husband is away for this weekend, we have a very active sex life, and generally he mounts me at least twice a day, sometimes even three times, now I'm randy. I haven't been fucked since Friday evening; it is now late Saturday evening. So if you would like a nice slow screw..." She didn't finish for he made it clear her idea was welcome. "Just one question", he said. "Where can we go? I wouldn't recommend down in the undergrowth and I don't think the bridal party would appreciate a public showing". The woman laughed. "You said you had a car". He nodded. "Well it wouldn't be the first time for me and maybe even you that you haven't mounted a woman on a car seat".

"You are right", he replied. "But it was decades ago". It was then just ideal chatter till they reached his vehicle. "Tinted windows", she said as he unlocked the vehicle. "Yes! They do cut the heat a bit and for occasions like today, are very useful. You would have to be very close to gauge what was inside or what activity was going on. There is a lever beside the seat that will lay the seat back. It doesn't form a bed but would be suitable for the activity that we are going to engage in", he concluded. She laughed as she sat down and adjusted the seat. "Will you unzip me", she asked.

As the dress fell away, revealing two lovely although not enormous tits. "Nice tits", he said as he began to remove his trousers. She pulled her dress well up above her waste and removed her panties, revealing a very attractive and almost perfect triangle of dark hair. "I'm glad you have hair between your legs. I think it is so very much a cock raiser" he said as he positioned himself so that his prick was level with her mouth. He didn't have to suggest or ask her to suck him, she immediately knew what he wanted and obliged till it was covered in saliva; then altering his position till he was between her legs he inserted the throbbing head into that hair and then thrust his hardness into her already lubricated crack. She gave a grunt as he shoved, not once, not twice but three times till his length was fully inserted. "Make it last", she whispered. Anchored he moved to her nipples and sucked till she was offering soft moans that were replaced with gasps of appreciation as he cock began to massage that lovely crack. Slowly, every so slowly be began to fuck, each thrust being equalled with a raised bum as she followed that withdrawing prick, not for a second wanting it out. For nearly fifteen minutes he pumped her till with an almost desperate cry gasped. "I can't hold any longer". He then gave the thrust that emptied his balls as she responded with a cry of pure delight.

"Don't go", she muttered. "Get hard again and then turn me over and bang my bum"

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