The Guessing Game

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2013 by mysteria27

BDSM Sex Story: Can you guess what this is?

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Food   .

I am sitting here remembering my interesting day with my boyfriend. As I am thinking about it, I am playing with my vibrator and remembering all the naughty things that happened.

My boyfriend, Jack took us somewhere special. I was given a blindfold to wear in the car. The rules of his game were explained to me. I would wear a blindfold for the entire day. Jack would be giving me things to taste and I had to figure out what they were. If I was right, he would then taste them on my body. I was going to be at his mercy. I agreed and thought it would be fun.

I blindfolded myself and made sure I could not see. Jack helped me into the car and then got himself in. He said, where we were going was about thirty minutes away. The radio was on and we were just singing and passing time. My heart was beating so fast, as I was feeling nervous and excited all at the same time.

After what seemed like a long while, the car stopped. Jack came to my side and helped me out. He held my hand and took me to the location. We walked for what seemed like a long while. Finally, we got to where he wanted us to be.

Jack started to undress me. He instructed me to lift my arms and he helped me take off my shirt. He removed my shoes, took off my bra, pulled down my jeans, and removed my panties. Jack said he was putting a quilt down and helped me to lie on my back. He said not to move as he had more work to do before we were to start.

Jack started hammering and said he would be putting stakes into the ground so he could restrain me. My hands would be crisscrossed and tied to a stake. Jack spread my legs and tied each one to each of the stakes he had put there.

I was nervous and my heart was beating fast. I felt the sun beating down on my naked body. Jack got on top of me and started to kiss me. It was finally time to officially start our game, a game called the guessing game. Jack was going to put things into my mouth and if they were correct, he would then taste them on my body and give me pleasure.

I heard him opening something. Jack put the substance on his finger and told me to open my mouth. It was very sweet and sticky. I told him it was honey. He poured the honey over my breasts and licked it off of me. I could feel how erect my nipples were becoming.

I heard some noise and it was time for the next item. Again, I opened my mouth and this was a very sweet tasting thing. My guess was chocolate. Jack poured the chocolate syrup on my pussy and started to lick it off.

I could feel his tongue licking the chocolate syrup that was poured onto my pussy lips. His tongue parted my pussy lips. His tongue was fucking my sweet bald pussy. I was moaning uncontrollably. My pussy started to release my cunt juices onto his tongue. He was lapping my juices up and eating the chocolate at the same time.

I heard him opening something else. This time he told me to take a sip of something. I took a sip and again it was something sweet with an after taste. My guess was soda. Jack poured the soda all over my pussy and began to lick it all out. The carbonation felt strange on my pussy, but his tongue was licking and slurping and brought me to orgasm.

There was some more noise. Jack said this item needed to be shook. I opened my mouth and the substance was sprayed into my mouth. My guess was whip cream. He sprayed it onto my nipples and all around my pussy. Jack's tongue was all over my nipples. He was licking and sucking my nipples that were rock hard. He was licking and cleaning my pussy up from the whip cream. The idea of the game was always to give me pleasure and that he did.

I heard noises again and something cold was being rubbed around my nipples. My guess was ice. My nipples were hard and erect as the ice was very cold. The ice cubed shape, was not that of a cube, but rather a long object that was cone shaped. The ice cubed cone, was inserted into my pussy. It felt so cold, but my pussy was hot and I started grinding as he fucked me with the iced cone. Since it was ice, it melted rather quickly.

Jack mentioned that the guessing game was over. My hands were untied, as were my feet. It took some time for my eyes to adjust, as they were blindfolded for awhile. After I could see, Jack said it was time for me to give him pleasure. He said he wanted a blow job.

I helped him take his pants and his boxers off and his cock was standing at full attention. I licked and kissed his balls. Kissing the tops and then the sides of his balls. I slowly began to suck each of his balls. He started to moan. I kissed and licked his cock in an upward motion. Once I got to his head, I gave him a slow sensual suck. I continued down his shaft with more kisses and licks. I slapped his cock across my face hitting my nose and chin. I wanted to tease him further. I rubbed his cock across my lips, but I did not open my mouth. Jack was begging for me to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and started slapping his cock across my tongue. His pre-cum oozed onto my tongue.

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