Rose's Dirty Knickers

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl learns all about life from her uninhibited Auntie Rose.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Clergy   .

My older Auntie Rose was a bit of a drinker. I never saw her quite drunk, mind you, but she had the reputation of having quite the "hollow leg". When she lived with us in our house at the end of Pokebottom Mews, she was always entertaining all sorts of strange men with varying degrees of mute adoration of her nylon clad legs. My mum told me that Aunt Rose had "lost" her true love when they were a lot younger and were both walking out with different young lads from the area. My mum met me da at that time and they were married before the next full moon.

I was always a bit in awe of my mum's older sister Rose. That sense of respect deepened especially after I saw her getting it from the married minister in the upstairs bathroom whilst looking at herself in the steamed up mirror. I was only a young girl of 18 but I knew she was getting in her tiny little hole and not the wide slit that such foolishness is meant for. I had heard the girls at school tell tall tales about getting it "up the bum" but I had sort of suspected a lot of it was made up and just related to shock us younger girls.

She wasn't making any sounds at all but the steady squish ... squish of the reverend's smallish cock sliding in and out of her nether regions left no doubt as to her full impalement. I could smell the scent of Rose's bath water and her distinctive perfume mixed in with the heady aroma of raw sex in a closed space. The married man with four children had his eyes squeezed shut tightly but I found myself in eye to eye contact with my hip-rolling Aunt as she pushed her heart-shaped bum back for more of what the man of the cloth was dispensing with steady strokes.

I have to admit my fingers had wandered down to my own little female slit just to assure it that it was safe in this unusual set of circumstances. After reverend Bailey departed with a guilty look over his shoulder, I asked Rose about her relationship with a married man.

"I know he is married, child, but that don't mean he can't have a little fun to break up the boredom. Besides, I let him do to me what he would never suggest to his tight-lipped wife."

I decided to pursue this line of questioning a little bit further.

"But what about letting him shove it up your private hole in your bum? Surely that is meant only for husbands or fiancées when the timing is not right for the normal way of doing things?"

Rose just laughed and told me that I would find that all out in due course. She warned me I should keep an open mind and not be afraid of letting my male friends experiment with things other than just a quick missionary position with the lights turned off.

That was about two years ago. Now, I was traveling over to Rose's house in Derbyshire to keep her company while her broken ankle healed properly. My mum told me to not get into any "foolishness" with Rose because she was sort of a "pretty young thing" even in her late thirties. She really didn't have to warn me. I had a pretty good idea of just how unrestrained my Auntie Rose could be.

It was only two in the afternoon and the bottle of red wine on the bed stand was half empty. With Rose that really didn't mean anything because she drank the stuff like water with very little effect. Her danger periods were in the evening hours when she started in on the gin and tonics or some type of vodka martini that was all the go. It was at those times that her inhibitions vanished and she did some naughty things she would not normally do.

I don't know what got into me but when she dared me to taste the martini concoctions; I succumbed to her persuasive powers and had two of them without blinking an eyelash. Now we were both forearmed with enough bravado to risk making fools of ourselves with the several young men and even older men who were in residence on other floors of her boarding house. I had been introduced to all of them but they all seemed a jumble in my brain at that particular moment.

Moving things along more rapidly, I found myself in a compromising position on my knees and elbows under the weight of a married constable with a rod the size of a Billy club. Thankfully, he was more attuned to the placement of his equipment into the right opening and I was treated to non-stop pounding for some considerable length of time. Just when I was getting ready to ask,

"Are you quite finished yet, Constable?" I felt a change in the sensation between my legs and suddenly a gush of liquid flooded my female interior space. I was certain he had done the dirty deed but since he was still sawing away with great enthusiasm, it seemed more likely I was the culprit who had allowed her emotions to be released in a powerful and wet orgasm.

It was my very first experience of that nature and I was caught up in a swirl of inner tumult that threatened to move me quickly to a second one. Fortunately, my Aunt Rose walked in on us and reported to the constable that some criminal had filched her favorite knickers whilst she was otherwise occupied. Despite the seriousness of the charge, the good constable managed to "finish" his business depositing a goodly load of serious proportions deep inside my quivering vagina.

Rose watched with interest but she made no comment since I was over 18 and free to copulate with whomsoever I desired. We all went down to the study room on the first floor where the scene of the crime had taken place. The gentleman in room 101, the kindly Mister Whitechurch had stayed behind since he was an eyewitness to the incident.

Upon questioning, Mister Whitechurch or Horace as he is better known to the residents of the boarding house stated that he was in the throes of poking the lovely Rose when she noticed her "darling bloomers" were missing. He was certain they were there when they started because he had removed them from her personage personally and had taken the liberty to inhale the seductive scent before placing them on the end of the sofa.

Rose was a female that seldom blushed but I noticed her face was beet-red at Mister Whitechurch's accounting of the facts.

When it came her turn, she admitted to allowing "Horace" to remove her knickers for the express pupose of giving her some advice on the way to best trim her unruly bush. He was a well-known aficionado of such niceties and had a reputation of tending female gardens like a true professional.

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