The Fantasies

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The desire for the development of sexual fantasies by two separate individuals leads to them being fore-filled - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   .

The BBQ was finished and the paper plates disposed off, now these four friends of many years were sitting on the back patio finishing the day off with a glass or two of beer. It was just general chit-chat till the subject of 'fantasies' was raised. "Tell me Jack", one of the group said. "What is your fantasy?" There was just the usual 'wish list' of what an individual would like and this was the general remark till Trevor was asked. Trevor was the oldest of the group. He had been married for many years but on a mutual agreement, especially in the field of finances between himself and his wife the marriage had broken up. He had no idea where his wife went, they didn't keep in contact. A break was a break and as far as Trevor was concerned his marriage was finished and both parties could take what ever path they wanted, it was no concern to the other.

"My fantasy", he said. "Well you all know I live alone. I would like two plump but not overweight women with heavy sagging tits, around the fifties and belonging to one of the many mythologies that are around to come with the intention of converting me. I would have been washing the floors and cleaning the bathroom, I would be naked and I would greet them in such a fashion. I would like them to be so intoxicated by suppressed desires that those desires would break free and they would fuck without restrain and would even drag their tits through broken glass or through a naked flame just to get to my cock; that is my fantasy", he concluded. All the men had voiced similar sexual desires in getting unstrained women on the end of their cocks, but none were so precise in their description of their inner and secret desires. "Why the religious women Trevor", one of the men asked.

"I can answer that" said Graham as he poured another beer. "Trevor told me ages ago that it was religion or the interpretation that was accepted then, that broke up a relationship he had with a woman, a woman that really he has never forgotten. His desires in 'his fantasy' would be 'payback' to make such women as he described eat there moral documents, to throw away all that was drummed into them and become nothing but cock hungry sluts. Am I pretty near the spot Trevor?" Graham asked.

"Spot on mate", Trevor replied as he also helped himself to another beer. The men finished their day and after making arrangements for another get-together they bid farewell to the host for the day. At that precise moment on the other side of the city another man was also speaking about 'fantasies' in the privacy of his church office. His fantasy that bought on a bout of laughter from other church officials was to seduce a recently separated woman who had recently joined his flock. Little did he know that his fantasy and that spoken of around a table in another suburb were going to collide in the not too distant future?

Trevor's revenge fantasy was just a thought that came to the surface during the discussion on 'fantasies', it wasn't one that he really thought would ever eventuate. Although he lived alone he always kept his abode clean and well managed and many times as he did the washing he would do so in the nude. He had once been a member of a nudist colony and still enjoyed the freedom of working in the nude so this day, weeks after the BBQ with his mates; he was doing what was a weekly choir, when the door bell sounded. 'Fuck!' he muttered to himself. He had removed the security door for one of the hinges needed replacement, it was job for later that day, so when he opened the door there was no screen to shield him or those that knocked from his appearance.

Two women stood at the door, both with a bundle of literature. Both were well endowed in the tits area, in fact both set of tits would have rested at navel level, if they had been naked. Both wore hats and their clothes would have been the high fashion in the late fifties. "Yes ladies", he said. The reaction of the women was comical, the bundles of literature fell onto the patio, their mouths opened but no sound came forth, they were as though frozen in time. "I'm house cleaning", he said with a smile. "When I doing the bathroom and because of the amount of water being thrown about, a work nude. However, come in". The women were like robots, they obeyed his request like dogs coming to a call or two individuals, hypnotized. The literature that was scattered on the patio was walked over; there was no attempt to pick up what was dropped. He guided them into the bathroom where the mop, sponges and bucked were. "You best undress", he said. "For if you are going to help me you will get your clothes wet and that wouldn't do, would it". He handed an item of cleaning to both women. For seconds they just held what was given and then as if a bell had sounded, they began to undress and as each article of clothing was removed, Trevor's cock began to stir.

It was like being in the audience of a slow motion movie. Each item of clothing was removed and dropped and he smiled at the amount of gear these women were wearing, but at the same time not surprised for they were so 'brain washed' that total covering, even to the point of wearing gloves, must be fully endorsed, he even wondered if they were Muslim for he hadn't asked what 'Alice in Wonderland' rubbish they were following. Both wore knee length petticoats but when they were removed the old fashion underwear of bra and panties, or more correctly bloomers, the type that grandma would have worn almost had him double up with laughter; he refrained just in case this slow motion strip would come abruptly to a stop and the women would wake up and run screaming down the street. He had no idea of the size of a bra, what cup size meant but so big were the bras that these women wore and so heavy were their tits that there was evidence that the fabric was straining under the weight. At this point the women paused, their faces still registered shock for he made no effort to cover himself and now his cock was definitely erect for great mounds of flesh were bulging from areas not locked in by elastic or hooks and plump women were very much his favourite. "Everything ladies, otherwise you will get all wet" and to enforce his statement he squeezed the sponge over both those enormous melons. "Oh!" they both gasped and immediately the hooks were undone and there was a definite smack of flesh against flesh as those tits flopped free. It was difficult to hold back the word he wanted to say, for he was and always had been a tit man and what was now wobbling before him made his cock throb so hard it began to hurt. Again he squeezed the sponge on their stomachs, just above the bloomers and again there was that single utterance of 'Oh!' and the bloomers were removed. He couldn't restrain his comment. "Fuck your hairy". Many women he had encountered would trim that triangle of hair, make it attractive, give it a bikini cut with only a strip of hair, or totally shave themselves; something that he opposed. However, these two had never put scissors near the unruly forest that was at their groins. Hair crept up their stomachs and down the insides of their thighs; it was an absolute jungle of unattended hair. He gave them a sponge each and then went directly to their groins and not only rubbed them where most likely no man had been but began to ram his fingers up those unexplored cracks.

Only unrecognized grunts came from them but the harder he thrust the more, to his amazement, their nipples on those wobbling mountains began to harden and lengthen. Saliva began to dribble from their mouths. "Bend over and wipe the bath", he commanded. Both women obeyed, their tits banging against the edge of the bath. Their cunts were covered in hair, he position himself behind the nearest, reached around and grabbed both tits, pushed his cock in between all that hair and thrust. She rose, her feet almost off the ground, her cry of pure astonishment echoed off the walls. She shook like a jelly, her whole being vibrated that even the liquid bottle on the cabinet rattled. He thrust and he fucked, driving his cock till his balls were banging against her lily white bum. He then pulled out and she almost collapsed into the bath. "Your turn", he snapped to her companion. He pushed her down till again that great tangle of hair was level with his throbbing length and like her companion as he cock penetrated that virgin crack she also performed, this time sending the liquid bottle crashing to the floor. He pumped her till only a gargle came from her throat; he then returned to the other woman still bend over the bath and rammed his cock home. From cunt to cunt he went till he emptied his balls in both the women and as they received their first cunt full of cum they howled like a wild beast, either from sheer surprise or sheer pleasure, he didn't know or for that matter care.

He left them suspended over the bath with a comment. "Your bums are the next on the list. I have fucked your cunts and boy I'm going to fuck you both up the bum. It was some time before they immerged from the bathroom, cum was sliding down the inside of their thighs and their tits were red from the crashing and banging they received against the side of the bath. "Come here", he snapped. "Get down; you are both now going to suck my cock". He pushed the head of his cock against the woman's lips and again snapped. "Your mouth, open your fucking mouth". She did and as he pulled her head into his groin, thrust himself forward so that his entire length was somewhere down her throat. She rocked and rolled but he held her till saliva was dripping from the corners of her mouth. He then pulled out and forced his cock into the mouth of the other woman and she also performed but couldn't dislodge him and she like her companion sucked till saliva was dripping down her chin.

With his cock now lubricated he pulled the first woman up pushed her over the table and drove his cock between the cheeks of that attractive bottom and fucked himself onto cloud nine. Like in the bathroom he serviced both woman and when he emptied his balls both bottoms had received a portion of the contents of his balls. He wiped his cock over both their bottoms and then said. "You have been both good girls so you can have a break, but the moment I get hard again you perform, you give my cock the satisfaction that it demands. Now coffee, tea or something stronger?" he asked.

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