A Tubby Tale

by Cantbuymy

Copyright© 2013 by Cantbuymy

Romantic Sex Story: Fucking a cheating pig, well sort of.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Well children, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you the entire truth. Maybe I should say children, grandchildren and a very few great grandchildren. Just let me sit back here and get comfortable, we still have some time.

It was a little over forty years ago that my husband and I moved into this neighborhood. We had only been married a few years at the time. I was twenty five and my husband was twenty six.

Next door was an older man, he was almost forty. We thought that was pretty old. Anyway he was a confirmed bachelor.

"What is a confirmed bachelor, grandma?" one of the grandchildren asked.

A confirmed bachelor is a man who never wanted to get married.

"Did he ever get married mother Audrey?" one of her daughter's in law asked.

No as of this minute he is still a bachelor and it has been forty years. Oh he did fall in love and asked the woman to marry him but she kept refusing so that is the way he lived, a bachelor.

I remember it all so well. Every moment of every day, it is still right here. Audrey said pointing to her head and her heart.

"Your pin, you remember it in your pin?" one of the giggling grandchildren said as she pointed to the Ruby and Diamond "A" pin she always wore. It was two rows of parallel diamonds in the form of an A with a center row of Rubies between the diamonds. No one ever remembered her not wearing it.

No, it is in my heart that I always remember, but this pin is a reminder too. With that she looked at the smiling silent man sitting beside her, holding her hand. They don't talk with words much anymore; there is not really any need.

My husband and I did not want children right away; well he didn't. My husband worked as a salesman selling books to colleges, so he was on the road quite a lot. He also had a business getting professors to write text books which he had them sell to their own students and put out new versions every year. He was just starting out and money was tight, or so thought, but we found this nice house to rent.

Now my husband also had a problem with my size. I was always a big girl, but not tall. As my daughters can bear witness to, our lot is to be buxom. At five feet tall I was already one hundred and thirty pounds. As a teenager I was one of the first to grow boobs and they just never quit growing. By the time I got out of high school I was pushing maximum density as the boys would say.

This is a lesson for all you girls, you are what you are, you just need to find someone who likes what you are and then you will be happy, just like my daughters did. It is not that we are fat, but a little soft. I am still one hundred and thirty pounds today, all these years later. It is what I am.

She feels a squeeze on her hand and does not need to look over to know.

Well back to that our story. Now some of this I did not find out when it was happening but I learned about it later.

"Damn Audrey can't you lose a few pounds?" Franklin said rather than asked. "You are as big as a fucking house. Shit, if you ever get pregnant I will have to roll you around like that girl in the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" movie."

"I am the exact same size I was in high school and college and when we got married. If you did not like me why the hell did you marry me?" Audrey asked.

"I liked your tits and that is why. Damn you got the biggest tits around Audrey, every guy wanted to squeeze those monsters but you did not give it up easy. But now, well you are just to fat for me. Lose some weight. 'EE' tits will not shrink that much if you drop fifteen or twenty pounds." Franklin said.

Crying Audrey said:

"What can I do? My waist is twenty four inches and always has been. My hips are thirty six and my bust is thirty eight, and that is never going to change. You never minded putting your arms around me, except you never touch me now. You don't even play with these big tits you claim are so wonderful. I am at a loss how to make it better."

Not all of these thoughts were conveyed to her children and grandchildren, but enough for them to know what was happening at that time in her life. Audrey would have to be careful not to verbalize some of what she was remembering and limit what was said, but she would never forget, never ever forget, the destruction of her marriage at the hands of what she would later think was a monster.

"Pierce, what is it you do for a living?" Franklin asked the older man who lived next door.

"I am in almost the same line of work as you are. I work on books, or pamphlets, anything actually. I am an editor. I fell into it by accident and never gave it up. Have you ever read an instruction manual and laughed at the language? Well that is what I work on. I read thousands of them and correct the language so that it says what people what it to say in English, not what some computer thinks the translation should say. I also make sure the instructions are correct for the project. When it is something that has to be put together I am sent the product and their instructions and I check them out. I also do the same with books and articles in trade publications. Anything that is published by someone who is not a native English speaker would make use of my services. No job is too small for me and none is too large. I do it all. When it is real small I ask how many times they will print it and add a little to the price for the distribution. I don't gouge but I sure don't want to get taken. I even update for a modest price so they always come back." Pierce said.

"So that is why you are always at home?" Franklin asked.

"No that is why I am always at work." Pierce said with a smile.

"Audrey, bring us another fucking beer!" Franklin yells.

"Bitch is so fat she needs the fucking exercise. But I can't just dump her or I would have done it a long time ago. It would cost me half a million to do it right now. Then there is the damn alimony and split of everything. Damn her big tits were not worth it. She was a fucking mistake that is for sure." Franklin says quietly to Pierce.

Pierce noticed the difference right away. Audrey was only five feet and a little tubby but not fat. She was firm and had a rack that any tit hunter would love to mount. Now Franklin was the typical jock. Six feet two and two hundred and twenty pounds but the muscle was beginning to give way and you just knew that in a few years he would make it to three hundred and it would not be pretty. But for now Franklin was the golden boy of the world. Blond hair, piercing blue eyes and fair skin that, with his drinking, would eventually make the blood vessels that were close to the surface of his pale skin look like lines on a map of Mars.

Pierce was just the opposite. Only five foot nine and one hundred and seventy five pounds he was officially a heavy weight if he was a boxer but no one would take him for one. He was dark and wiry as they say. He did a lot of manual labor working with his buddies and he had a lot of friends. Like any bachelor he filled in his time with other men from the bachelor herd, and they drank and whored together and tried to retain their youth by acting like they were young.

There was the sailing and the biking and hiking and running. They all had motorcycles, speed boats, mountain bikes, and when the shift came they dumped the skis for snowboards, because the younger guys rode them. They still chased the girls but were becoming invisible to the young hotties.

Eighteen became just a number instead of the age of a date. Now their main catch of the day were thirty something women, divorced with kids and looking for a man to support them all. Damn few women were never married but some were but they were like the men, confirmed as single and not the marrying type.

There was always sex, and that was easy. Funny that when you were young you could never find enough and now it was always there. Sailing you found some young stuff that would do you and "The River" was always good for some action on a three day weekend, but mostly it was work, sleep and party when you needed it.

"So what do you think about Audrey? Think she is hot?" Franklin continued.

"Not my type Franklin. I usually want them taller and athletic. I am more into speed rather than comfort with my women." Pierce responded.

"Me too. I got me this hot bitch that I travel with. Five foot nine or ten, sleek like a gazelle, and can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch. This slut keeps me hard and then drains me dry. Shit she is the best fuck a man could want." Franklin confided.

"Well why are you still with Audrey, divorce her and marry this other one." Pierce offered.

"Can't man, I just can't give up the money." Franklin responded. "You see Audrey has this trust for half a million and I want it. I have been hiding bucks from her for years, it is not much but I want this money too. If I just divorce her I don't get any of it. Now if she divorces me I get it all. Unless there is adultery and then the innocent one get the money. By innocent I mean the one who does not get caught." Franklin winks when he said that last part.

"How about you? Why don't you fuck Audrey and then I can get the evidence and divorce her fat ass for cheating and I get all the bucks. You have the time after all. You are always home working and she is always here too. You just get a few pictures and I can make it worth your while." Franklin ended.

Without saying a word Pierce got up and put his unfinished beer down and walked away. This was way to fucking much for him. As he got to the fence that separated the property he heard the words:

"Ten thousand dollars man; all you go to do is fuck a fat pig once and you got ten thousand dollars." Franklin said.

Pierce never turned around; he just opened the gate and closed it. This time he put the lock on it and made sure Franklin saw him do it.

It was almost a month later that Franklin approached Pierce in the front yard.

"Look man, I am sorry if I offended you. I did not mean to do that. It was obviously too little and you took offense. I don't blame you at all. Who would really want to see pictures of themselves fucking that disgusting pig for ten grand? Twenty grand is what I will pay. Cash on the barrel head." Franklin added.

Pierce just looked at him and shook his head and started to walk back to his open garage. Franklin followed and then got in front of him stopping Pierce's walking.

"Thirty man; you can have thirty." Franklin said.

Now Pierce was pissed and he did not want anything to do with this guy. So he decided to play.

"Half; I will do it for half." Pierce said.

"Dude! That is a quarter of a million dollars just for a fuck and a few pictures; are you crazy?" Franklin asked.

"No it is not a quarter of a million of anything; it is half of what you get from the trust. There is probably interest added to that amount. But you are looking at this all wrong. I am going to get you at least one quarter of a million dollars that you can't get to. That is a quarter of a million you are not entitled to as you are already fucking around. I will get you absolute proof of her adultery and make the bitch wear a scarlet "A" just like the story the Scarlet Letter for the rest of her life. The last part you don't need to concern yourself with, but that is the price. If you can get someone else to do it, have at it but I will bet I am not the first you came to. I will also bet that none of the others even got close. So that is the deal. Take it or leave it but no matter what you decide this is our last discussion about price." Pierce added.

Pierce was a man used to bargaining with others, especially the Chinese and Arabs who paid for a lot of his services and they were cutthroat in their dealings.

It was a week later when a somewhat contrite Franklin appeared again.

"Man how about forty thousand and we have a deal." Franklin said.

Pierce did not say a word; he just got into his car and drove off. When he got back later that day Franklin came running out of the house.

"OK we got a deal man; a quarter of a million." Franklin said. "Shake on it." He said holding his hand out.

"It is half, not a quarter of a million and I would not touch that slimy thing you call a hand for all of the money. I can't even begin to guess where that has been and what you have been doing with it. Tomorrow we meet at my lawyers to have a contract signed, here is his card, be there at ten tomorrow morning." Pierce said.

The card he handed him belonged to one of his buddies and he was a lawyer. Pierce called him and filled him in on what he wanted and why. It was ten o'clock the next morning when they met at the lawyers.

The contract was signed. It called for the contract to be a lien on any payout to Franklin for a debt owed with the terms of the contract not to be disclosed, just that there was a debt.

The next day Pierce began his seduction. It would give him something to do. A few hellos and a few cups of coffee. Maybe a repair around the outside of the house, a few lawn mowing sessions and some trimming of a bush here and there and they were friends.

Now Franklin did everything he could to get the three of them together. The best way was a barbeque and maybe a drink outside when it was warm. The lock came off the gate in the fence and two yards became one for all practical purposes.

There were outdoor dinners and when the weather was bad then inside it was. Franklin was always an asshole and Pierce always the gentleman. Even when Franklin was traveling he made a point of asking Pierce to watch out for Audrey for him because he was afraid for her. It was bullshit made up so that Audrey would not realize that Pierce was there to fuck her and cause her to lose her trust fund; the money designed for any children she was to have.

Audrey was trusting and sweet and was a little girl at heart, looking for someone to just love her. She had dark brown hair and a little kewpie doll face. When she spoke she had a little girl voice, like she never grew up. Franklin found it irritating, Pierce endearing.

Soon Pierce had Audrey having dinner with him every day and he became her main confident. She did not have a lot of friends because Franklin wanted her to stay home. That was part of his plan, to have Audrey stay home and be seduced by Pierce.

She told Pierce that Franklin was not touching her as a husband should. She was upset and did not know what to do. She was fat, unattractive. Franklin yelled at her all the time and criticized everything she did.

One day, it just happened. She was crying about how Franklin was treating her. She was just so upset. She had no self esteem at all. This was what Pierce was waiting for. He was an experienced seducer.

He held her in his arms as she sobbed and opened her heart to him. He rubbed her back and kissed her forehead as if she was a little child again. Soon she looked at him with tear drenched eyes and they moved to each other. Their first kiss was tentative, slight and they recoiled at what they had done but only for a second.

They pulled one to the other, both at the same time and their lips became as one, tongues in battle, like two snakes. Before she realized it she was naked and so was Pierce. Pierce, that was a perfect name for him because he pierced her with his fleshy lance over and over. She cried in joy as her body responded to his attentions. Her breasts were his to play with and he did. He marked her that day.

Before that day was over he had taken her many times and many ways. Once her passions were spent she went home. Even her ass was sore because he kept sticking his finger into her brown hole.

She slept fitfully. She had cheated on her husband. Should she confess? If she did he would divorce her. What could she do? She would ignore Pierce and never speak with him again.

For the next few days his "hello" went un-responded too. She ignored him. Franklin would be back in a few days and she would tell him and be done with it. She would confess and beg him to forgive her. Then there was a knock at the front door. Without thinking she opened it and there stood Pierce. He said not a word, he just handed her a large manila envelope and walked away.

She opened the envelope to find a number of eight by ten pictures of her getting fucked. Pierce was not identifiable but Audrey sure was. The last sheet was not a picture but a typed note:

"Be at my house at noon, come through the back gate. Only wear a robe and be naked under it."

Despite what she wanted to do, despite what she wanted to tell Franklin, she went to Pierce. Pictures, so many pictures means it was all recorded. Franklin may forgive the information but video and audio of her begging him to fuck her again, demanding to suck his cock clean and to push two fingers in her ass, and that would kill any chances of forgiveness. Her mind was made up, she would have to comply.

She appeared at the time and as instructed. She was used over an over and at each use she fell deeper and deeper into the trap of passion. Soon she was fucking him back, sucking him hard, riding his cock, and sucking it clean to get it hard. She was like his fuck slut. Hell, he was older and had lots of women but now he wanted her. She has just a hint of pride that he chose her for a tryst. He was handsome and he wanted her. It had been so long since she was wanted like this. It had been so long since that she had been fucked and that was just what he was doing. She had orgasm after orgasm.

When he was finished with her he sent her home to wait for her husband's evening call. That night she had difficulty sleeping and it had nothing to do with guilt, it had to do with the fact that Pierce let himself in through the back door and had her on her stomach on the marriage bed as he ploughed her pussy from behind. That night, for the first time in her life, in her marriage bed, Pierce fucked her ass and left a load of cum in it.

Pierce remember that Franklin told him he did not put anything in the home as it might pick him up talking with one of his many bimbo's and that a few times, at a little get together he might actually fuck one of them fast during the soiree. Franklin was not a man to do something to allow himself to be caught. Even on his "sales trips" he never did anything except in the privacy of his own room, where he knew everything was clean and safe for him.

Pierce thought it was funny he took her virgin ass in Franklin's bed. Serves Franklin right for not just letting Pierce fuck his wife, but for paying him to do it.

That just about ended all of the resolve that Audrey had. That next morning she want to see Pierce dress just like a fuck toy should be dressed. Nylons, garters and those huge tits of hers with the four inch nipples showing through the top. She yelled and screamed; she told him to stop and then threatened to kill him when he did.

By the end of the week she would walk into the house and announce that his slut was here and then would suck him hard if he wasn't already that way and ride him like the cowgirl she now was. She would impale herself on his cock, get her pussy filled and happy, lift up and drop her brown hole down on his cock to fill that hole too. She drained him daily.

"How you doing buddy? Got any pictures yet?" Franklin asked.

"I'm going to get you something better than pictures. People can always say they were drugged or forced, but what I am going to get you is 100% proof. Give me three months and you can have your divorce and at least one quarter of a million dollars." Pierce told him.

Franklin was reluctant to agree to all that time but he finally agreed. After all he could still "travel" all he wanted and that is exactly what he did. Franklin now spent more time on the "road."

It only took another sixty days before the yelling and screaming started.

"You fucking whore. Now I know you have been fucking around on me you bitch. I work my ass off for you and what are you doing; out pushing that fat ass as some drunk to get that smelly cunt of yours packed. Well now I have you. I will file for a divorce tomorrow. Now get your ass out now." Franklin said as he forcefully shoved her, naked, out the back door.

Having no where to go she ran to Pierce. He was ready as he and Franklin had discussed this.

"What if she is pregnant but has an abortion or kills herself? Will you get the money or not?" Pierce asked.

"Shit! I never thought of that. When you told me you would knock her up I thought it was a good idea. How about I send her out and she ends up with you? You can watch her and make sure she stays healthy and has the baby. I will just tell the judge she is knocked up or if I have to wait for the baby I can get the DNA and I get the money. You sure as hell owe me so that is now part of the deal; you have to keep her healthy or no fucking money for either of us." Franklin said.

So when she was tossed out she went to Pierce, who played the good friend. She was naked of course.

How did it come about?

"What the fuck is this bitch?" Franklin demanded.

There in the master bathroom was a home pregnancy test and it showed pregnant.

"I don't know? I have never seen it before" poor Audrey said.

"Well I found this earlier so I went out and got a brand new test kit. So get naked you cheating fat whore because we are going to find out about this right now." Franklin said.

Audrey took her clothes off because Franklin demanded she be naked and they waited with her sitting on the pot in the bathroom for her to piss.

"You are just a fat pig!" Franklin said to a shaken Audrey.

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