Room Service

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2013 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: Katie was at a low, her job closed down, the family low on money, little did she know that a new job was just around the corner, not only a better job, but a job with benefits. Another true story from Katie's past.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

It was a beautiful Friday in October when Katie headed for the office of the JAN theater group. It was her normal routine five, sometimes six days a week, go to office, pick up her assignment for the evening, and then off to whatever location that she was needed for the evening.

Friday was her favorite day of the week, it was payday. Her check wasn't big, but the few dollars that she brought in helped her and Bill provide for the children and have a little left over for fun times. Friday always meant a big crowd at the movie and that would mean lots of men to flirt with, and if she was lucky she would score with one of them before the evening was over.

As she walked to the door of the office, something wasn't right, there were no lights on inside. Attached to the door was a note written on yellow paper, "Sorry but the Jan group is closed permanently, your final pay checks will be mailed to you." No explanation, no 'thank you's', just we are out of business, you are on your own. Talk about having the ladder kicked out from under you, this was it.

Katie headed back to her car and started the lonely trip back home. She knew that Bill would understand and he would provide all the support that she needed, but she also knew how hard he had to work when she wasn't working herself.

Slowly, as if she were walking the last mile, she walked up the sidewalk to the front door, turned the knob and went inside. "What are you doing home so soon, are you sick?"

"No Bill, I'm ok, the theaters are closed, I don't know why, they said that they will send me my final checks by mail."

"Oh Honey, I'm so sorry, don't worry something will come along, you have never had any problems finding jobs."

After dropping the kids off at school, Katie stopped by the grocery store and picked up a news paper and started searching the want ads. "Let's see--Accountant needed, no can't do that--Medical assistant, no." On and on the list went, nothing seemed to be within her range of knowledge. Then "Local motel has the following job openings – House keeper – Front Desk – General repairman – 422-5555."

"I can handle the house cleaning for sure; I think I'll give them a call." Katie drove back home, picked up the phone, and dialed the number, "Hello, I was calling about the ad in the paper for house keeper. Yes, I know where that is, I only live a couple of blocks from there. See you at two this afternoon, thanks."

It seemed as if time had stopped, but finally it was one o'clock and Katie began to get ready for her interview. She showered and dressed in a very casual business dress and off she went for her interview.

Pulling up in front of the office, she got out of the car, walked the few steps to the door and walked in, behind the desk sat a dark skinned man who appeared to be in his 60's. "Hello, I'm Katie, I called earlier today and I'm here for my job interview."

"Hi, I'm Ed, I own this place and the club next door. Have you ever worked at a motel before?"

"No, but I have worked with the public as a waitress and at the concession stand for JAN."

"Too bad about JAN, after the old man died, the son went through all of the old man's money in no time. If you want the job, I'm willing to give you a try. Show up Monday at eight and we can get the paperwork filled out and start you working with one of the other maids to get you trained. Wear jeans for Monday, we will provide you with uniforms after that."

"Thanks, thanks a lot, I will not disappoint you."

After Katie went back to her car, a young man came into the room, "Dad, who was that?"

"That was Katie, I hired her to take over after Kelly leaves at the end of the week."

"HMMMMMM, very interesting, I think she will fill the spot perfectly."

Katie was so excited about getting hired that she could hardly wait until Bill came home to tell him the good news.

As Bill got out of the car, Katie came running down the sidewalk, "Bill, I got it, I got it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I applied for a new job today and they want me to start Monday."

Trying to remove Katie choke hold on his neck, "Slow down a minute, wait until I get inside, then you can tell me all about it."

Katie was bubbling over all evening; she was so excited about her new job that she couldn't sleep.

"Bill, are you asleep?"

"How can I be asleep with your hand wrapped around my cock?"

"Bill, Make love to me."

"Who am I to argue with a beautiful woman?" This how a great night of love making began between the two. Since Katie had been living the hot wife lifestyle their love making had been sweeter and more regular than ever before. It was great to hear Katie laugh instead of being in a deep depression all of the time, if it took sharing Katie with others to keep her happy, Bill was willing to fill that role.

Monday, Katie couldn't wait to get Bill off to work and the kids off to school so she could go to her new job. She loved the challenge of new things. After the house became empty, she undressed in front of the mirror. Looking at herself in the mirror, she rubbed her hands all over her body, "Not bad, not bad at all for someone my age."

After her shower she dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a loose fitting top and headed out the door.

Right on time Katie pulled up at the motel. Ed came out of the office and told her to move her car around to the back of the buildings and then come in the back door of the office to fill out all of the paperwork.

After all the paperwork was filled out and her uniform sizes were recorded she was introduced to Kelly. Katie was a little shocked; Kelly was about the same age as herself, not a beauty queen but also not a plain Jane. If it were not for the facial differences, they could have been twins. The two of them hit if off at first meeting, it was as if they had known each other all of their lives. Katie was a little shocked by the uniform that Kelly was wearing; it was a black one piece uniform with a white lace trimmed blouse underneath, made to resemble a French Maid uniform, except that it wasn't see-through, the top was open down deep in the front and the skirt was oh, so short. It didn't take Katie long to observe that if Kelly bent over she was showing the whole world the type and color of panties that she was wearing.

The day went by quickly, the job was mostly routine, pick up a list of rooms that had been used the night before, knock on the door to make sure the room was empty, strip the beds, put on clean sheets, clean the bathroom, clean towels all around, run the vacuum, check all drawers to make sure that the guest hadn't left anything behind. If you ran out of rooms, then go next door to the club and help put it in order for the upcoming evening crowd. Katie was amazed when Kelly said that it was time to go home for the day. Together they went back to the office turned in their master key and the check lists for each room that they had serviced.

The next day was an exact copy of the previous day, except that around noon Ed called to Kelly as she came out of one room and told her to bring Katie to the office, her uniforms had arrived and she needed to try it on.

As Katie walked into the office, Ed handed her the uniform and told her to try it on sometime during the afternoon to make sure it fit. "I can do it now," was Katie's reply. Without pausing, Katie pulled off her jeans and her blouse, leaving her standing in the office with nothing on but a bra and her matching bikini panties.

Ed's eyes were wide and fixed on her slim beautiful body. "You are not ashamed of your body are you?"

"No I've been given a good body and I don't mind showing it off."

As she began buttoning the row of buttons going up the front, Ed looked almost disappointed watching her soft skin disappearing underneath the cover of the uniform.

"Look like it almost fits, I'll take them home and move the buttons in just a little to make it tighter, it will be easier to do work in that way."

Kelly and Katie finished up the afternoon working at the club. At 4:30 some of the regulars started coming in for their after work drinks before going home to the wife. Everyone was trying to chat up Kelly and Katie, but they were too busy to pay any attention to small talk.

Finally it was five and time to go home. On the way back to the office to check out, Katie asked, "Do you have to handle that every afternoon? I mean trying to fend off all the guys? And what is the deal with the short uniforms?"

"Some days are worse than others, those guys stop in almost every afternoon on their way home, some of them are going home to mighty strained circumstances and they need to get some strength before meeting up with an evening filled with screaming and fighting, others are just plain lonely. You get used to it after while, talk to them, and even flirt a little but keep your distance; Ed doesn't like us doing things at the club. As for the uniforms, Ed likes to put on a good show for all the guests, if we happen to meet up with a guest he wants to give them a reason to come back. You have to watch it on night shift though."

"What do you mean 'night shift', I thought our job was daytime only."

"Yes, we work 5 days a week, but once or twice a month each of us has to work a night shift on Friday or Saturday. Mostly it is boring, we just have to be there in case a guest complains about something and we are the ones that try and make it right. By working night shift, it gives each of us a chance to make some extra cash, night shift is overtime and there are other bonuses that go along with it. Ed will explain everything to you when your turn comes."

"Extra money always sounds good to me; we seem to be always short."

So went the rest of the week, just normal routines, nothing out of the ordinary. Finally it was Friday at last. After they finished up for the day they reported to the office. Ed handed Kelly her pay and said, "Kelly we are going to miss you around here, are you sure you won't change your mind?"

"I can't Ed, the company is moving my husband to another location and I have to get everything ready to sell the house and move. You have a good worker here with Katie, she will be great at taking my place. Katie, goodbye and I wish you the very best of luck." With that she was out the door, "I'll drop your uniforms off in the morning."

"Katie, we have been pleased with your performance so far, you know that we hold back one check, so you will get paid for this week next Friday."

"I knew that," Katie said with a down spirit.

"Are you tight for money?"

"Ed, I won't lie to you, we are living from paycheck to paycheck and not getting my final two week check from Jan yet, we are hurting."

"Did Kelly tell you anything about night shift?"

"She told me a little about it."

"If you need the money, you can work tomorrow night, be here at five and don't expect to get out of here until after midnight. Does that sound OK to you?"

"Ed, I'll be here we need the money."

True to her word, Katie showed up at five sharp, dressed in her uniform and ready to go. She was surprised that Ed wasn't on the front desk; instead there was a young man there. "Hi, I'm Derk, I'm Ed's son and I run the night desk. We normally are not too busy after seven, even up until then it is mostly routine check-ins, but if we run into a problem, that is what you are here for. Later I will train you to run the front desk in case I have to go somewhere."

"What do I do in the mean time?"

"Go through that door, we have a lounge there, have a seat, turn on the TV, have a Coke, and just relax until we have a problem or a special job."

It was probably around seven when the phone rang, "Hello desk, OK, no problem, we will take care of it in a couple of minutes."

"Katie, room 321 can't get their TV to work; we have had problems with that one before. Stop by the supply room and pick up the spare. Take it to the room and swap it out. It's on a stand with wheels, all you have to do is roll it into the room, hook up a couple of connections, and roll the other one out."

Katie did as expected, after picking up the TV; she took it to the room, knocked on the door and said, "Housekeeping, I have a new TV to exchange for yours."

A man that appeared to be in his 40's opened the door. "I don't watch much TV but the wife wants to watch a couple of shows before going to bed. You know the shows on the special channel."

Katie wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she nodded her head in agreement, rolled the TV into the room, unhooked the old one and hooked up the new one. The plug was in a special socket that was low on the wall, as she bent over to unplug the old one and plug in the new one; she heard a whistle from the bed. To her surprise, it wasn't the man but his wife that was doing the whistling. "This show is even better than the shows on the special channel." Katie didn't know what to make of this, so she just hurried up with the job, making sure not to bend over in front of her again.

Back at the office, Katie asked Derk, "What is the special channel?"

"We have a porn channel that we charge by the hour to watch, it is a way of making a few extra dollars."

"That explains everything."

That was the only serious call that came in that night; there were a few others but just for extra blankets, a couple of room service deliveries from the club, etc. Around midnight, Derk thanked her and sent her home for the night.

On the following Monday, Katie was finishing up a room on the second floor when she heard the lock on the door click. She thought that maybe a guest was coming back because he had forgot something or one of the other housekeepers coming to borrow something, but when the door opened there was Derk.

"I know that you have a lot of rooms today and being new I thought you might use some help and I wanted to check on how well you are performing."

"Thanks, I was beginning to wonder how I was going to finish everything."

Derk finished making the bed while Katie cleaned the tub. While bending over the tub, she heard a low whistle from the other room. She didn't care, she loved showing off her body, to add to the show she decided to shake her ass a little harder while she scrubbed the bottom of the tub.

When they finished they moved to the next room, this time Katie made every effort to brush up against Derk, he tried to cover it, but she could see that there was a rather large tent growing in the front of his jeans. As she was cleaning the bathroom tub, she slipped out of his view for a few seconds then pulled her skirt up so when she bent over to clean she was showing all of her ass. She kept watching him out of the corner of her eye; he was sitting on the bed rubbing his hardened cock through the fabric of his jeans.

After finishing in the bathroom, she started changing the beds, making sure that she was swinging her ass within inches of Derk as he continued to sit on the corner of one of the beds. "I need to change the bed you are sitting on."

As he began to move, "Katie you are a very beautiful woman."

"Thanks, I don't think so, but I've heard that from others. Let's get to the next room; it is the last one for today."

Katie continued her routine in the next room, with the exception that when she started cleaning the bathtub, Derk moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his body. She did not resist, she could feel his hard cock through his jeans, this was something that she had been hoping for all day. Working beside Derk all day had been pushing her to the limits, she knew that her panties were wet and she was so horny that she would be willing to fuck him no matter where they were or who was watching. She pushed herself back into him and began to wiggle her ass, indicating that she was truly ready to fuck.

She could feel his manhood growing as she rubbed against it. Reaching between her legs she placed her hand on his hard cock, she began to stroke it through his jeans, it was still growing. Katie drew herself up to her feet, turned to face him, took his face into her hands and moved closer and closer, now only a fraction of an inch separated them. At that point Katie stopped, waiting to see if Derk was willing to continue with this adventure. Pausing for a minute, he could stand no more; he threw his arms around her body and pulled her the last fraction of an inch until their lips met in a deep kiss. When they broke Katie drew in a deep breath, "Wow!"

"We need to be careful, there are other housekeepers working and one may walk in on us. That is all I would need to be found naked on one of Dad's beds fucking the help."

"Come into the bathroom, I'll roll the cart in front of the door. We will be able to hear the door open and will not be in sight of the door. If someone comes in and sees my cart they will know that I'm cleaning this room."

Derk followed her into the bathroom, watching as she swayed her ass in front of him. "We'll leave the bathroom door open so we can hear if the room door opens."

As soon as they were fully inside the bathroom, Katie dropped to her knees, "We need to make this quick, we don't have time for too many preliminaries."

Wasting no time, she unzipped his pants and inserted her small hand, and began her search, it only took a few seconds before her prize was wrapped in her small fingers. Not large, not even big, but just the right size to fill an empty spot inside of her. Slowly she lowered her lips to the very tip of his cock, lightly applying a kiss to the already slick and shinny head. She could feel a quiver run through not only her own body but also through Derk's.

Parting her lips she quickly drew his cock inside her mouth, it felt so warm, she loved pleasing men, through their pleasure she received her own. Sliding her lips down his shaft until she reached a point where the whole length was buried in her mouth and down her throat. She could feel his heart pumping more and more blood into his hardened cock.

Slowly allowing his cock to slip from her lips, "We don't have much time; do want me to give you a hand job, or maybe a blow job, or a quickie."

Derk did not say a word; he bent over, slipped his arms under hers, lifted her back to her feet, and turned her toward the bath tub. Katie was following his lead, she bent at the waist, grabbing the side of the tub and preparing herself for the pleasure that was about to fill her body. She could feel his hands as they lifted her skirt, anticipation was filling her mind, she was about to be filled with another man's cock, even though she had experienced this hundreds of times, each was like the first. Would he be gentle, would he be rough, how long would he last, her pussy was leaking and it was soaking her panties. Slowly he slid her panties down her legs to the floor, Katie stepped out of them; spread her legs enough to give him full access to her. The cool of the room air conditioner made a shiver run through her body. Soon Derk placed his hands on her ass cheeks, the warmth felt so good, soft yet strong hands, and she could hardly wait for him to continue.

Soon she could feel the heat as his cock came closer and closer to its prize. Derk brushed the tip of his cock against her ass, ever so lightly, just enough to send quivers running through her body. She loved sex, it didn't matter who the partner was, she just loved the feel of a man's cock between her legs. He was now pushing against her pussy lips, she spread her legs a little wider to give him easy access, and she could now feel his cock slipping into her, filling that empty spot, no matter how many times she had sex or with how many different men, the feel of a different cock slipping into her pussy was always a thrill. Slowly he pushed deeper and deeper into her, Katie began to push back against him, burying him deep inside of herself. For the next few minutes two would become one, forgetting all else, forgetting the world around them, the only thing that mattered was this moment, the act that had been repeated down through history, but each time was always new and fresh.

Buried as deep as he could go, he slowly began to pull his cock out, letting it slide slowly until only the tip was still inside of her. This was driving Katie to the max. Slowly he began to push back inside her, not hard but she could feel him putting his weight behind each stroke. She could now feel him reach around her waist and start rubbing her clit; he was driving her insane with lust. "Oh, Oh, that feels so good, drive that cock deep inside me, come on fill me up, don't hold anything back."

Derk was taking his time, no matter how much Katie tried to speed him up; he was very slow and very methodical in his movements, slowly in, slowly out, all the time rubbing her clit. It didn't take long before the desired effect was starting to flow over her whole body. She began to shake all over, pushing back against him, trying to drive him deeper inside of herself, but he was having none of that, he was in charge, slowly he kept up the pace. "Oh God, I'm Cumming, O—O—O—O." Her breathing was now coming in short pants, she could feel her body weakening with each stroke. "Oh, Oh, I'm cumming, OH God, Fuck Me, Fuck Me. Fuck Me Harder."

Katie exhaled and almost collapsed to the floor, the only thing that was keeping her from falling was Derk's strong arms wrapped around her waist. Still he kept up the slow pace, not giving her a chance to recover. Her strength was gone, she was his, and he was controlling everything, the pace, the depth, every part of their coupling.

"Let me have a break, Oh, Oh, it's too much." But still he didn't stop, slowly in and out, never speeding up, never slowing down. All the way out, all the way in, at the same time continuing to rub her clit. "I'm coming again, no, no, please, please, deeper, harder, don't stop, more, more, O-O-O-O-O-O." Ignoring her pleas, he kept up the same pace, Katie collapsed to the floor, Derk didn't miss a stroke, following her down to the floor, he kept the same slow pace, deep in, all the way out. "I can't go on, I can't, please stop, please stop."

Katie had never experienced such a machine driven pace before. From her heap on the floor, Derk pulled her up on all fours without missing a stroke. Slowly in, slowly out, she was burning inside; she could feel her juices running down her legs. He was driving her crazy. The only thing that was keeping her from complete collapse was Derk's strong arms, god they felt so good wrapped around her. Once more she could feel the orgasm building from deep within her, that warm feeling was flowing all through her body but the hottest spot was between her legs. Finally he began to pick up the pace, almost in unison, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." With those words they collapsed in a pile on the floor. Katie could feel the coolness of the tile floor even through the fabric of her uniform, it felt so good and refreshing, a contrast to the hot cum that had just filled her pussy. Slowly Derk's cock began to deflate and slide from its place of warmth.

It took a few minutes for both to recover, but slowly the life began to flow back into their bodies. "Let's get this mess cleaned up before someone becomes suspicious." They both got to their feet, Derk placed his cock back into his pants, and Katie took one of the towels from the rack and wiped herself off. Bending to the floor, she picked up her panties, rolled them into a ball and stuffed them into his pocket, "There is a trophy for you to keep." The cool air felt good on her bare pussy as she went about her job cleaning the room.

Friday as Katie picked up her pay, Derk asked, "Katie, do you want to work the night shift on Saturday?"

Katie knew that her family needed the extra money; she had never received her check for the last two weeks from Jan Corp. "Yes, I can use the money."

When she reported to work on Saturday, there were a couple of notes waiting at the desk, one was that room 112 needed cleaned, because the day shift didn't have time to finish and the second was that room 201 needed to have the light bulb replaced in the overhead light. Katie grabbed up the two notes and went about her job, cleaning and replacing the bulb.

About an hour later, she reported back to the office, walking behind Derk who was standing behind the counter, she grabbed his ass. "There will be plenty of time for fun later."

Katie went to the small room and sat down on the couch and began to watch TV. She must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing she knew Derk was bending over her and lightly kissing her on the cheek. "You have a job. This is one of those special jobs. Most weekends we have several business men traveling through and most have stayed with us for many years. They are always looking for some special companionship while they are away from home. It is entirely up to you as to what you do or don't do. They are great tippers and this is a chance for you to make a few extra dollars. Room 311 has a room service order at the club, pick it up and deliver it."

Katie was more than a little apprehensive about delivering the order. Many thoughts went through her head as she rolled the cart onto the elevator. Could she do this? Should she do this? What kind of extra service would they expect? In the back of her mind she knew exactly what they were expecting, what was she turning into? It was one thing to fuck a man for the thrill of it, but for money, she didn't know. What kind of men were these guys anyway, expecting something like this?

At the door of room 311 she paused, took a deep breath, knocked softly on the door. "Room service."

The door opened to reveal a young man, probably in his early 30's, dressed in a dress shirt and dark pants, behind him she could see his jacket and tie laying on the bed, "Come in." Not what she had him pictured to be in her head, she was expecting a dirty old man.

With the deepest of apprehension she slowly rolled the cart into the room. She started to unload the contents onto the table, setting up a single place setting and putting all the food within reach of him. He had followed her to the table, and was watching her every movement.

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