Tristane of Eloise

by Emerson Laken-Palmer

Copyright© 2013 by Emerson Laken-Palmer

Fiction Sex Story: An abused, comatose girl is placed in the care of a French, female doctor who is struggling to overcome the male dominated world of the 1960's.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Interracial   .

Doctor Tristane Janelle had seen some sad cases, in the many months since she had arrived here, just after her graduation, with honors, from the prestigious Université Montpellier and her internship at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. But nothing like the girl who had been brought in, three weeks ago, to the psychiatric ward here at Eloise, the name given to the complex that was the Wayne County Mental Hospital.

The girl, to all appearances, was in her late teens – maybe seventeen or eighteen years old. She was blonde and frail-looking and so feminine, with her thin waist, rounded hips and firm-looking breasts. She had wide blue eyes and a pert nose above her full, rose-colored lips. She was more than just pretty.

A couple of Detroit policemen had found her wandering the streets, at two in the morning, barefoot and wearing nothing more than a full slip, crying her eyes out as she stumbled around aimlessly in the dark.

Taking her into their squad car, they tried to question her but got nowhere as she seemed unable to hear them or respond to their questions. Doing nothing but continued crying.

For her own safety, she was brought to the Bedford police station where she was again unsuccessfully questioned, given hot chocolate (which she managed to hold and sip down) and then taken to a holding cell where she was given a blanket and spent the night sitting upright on a hard, wooden bench.

There were no missing persons reports on her and inquiries turned up nothing so, that next day, she was brought - as all county indigents were - to Eloise.

Dr. Janelle had been given the girl's case because of her extensive training and her past experience with drawing responses from catatonic patients.

Tristane Janelle was a slight but shapely young woman with long legs and thick, unruly brownish-blonde hair that she kept parted and cropped short, to just above her shoulders, so that she didn't have to deal with it. Being attractive, to her, was an unnecessary chore that she had no time for. She did nothing to enhance her appearance ... no make-up or jewelry and nothing done to hide or augment that fact that she had such petite, girlish breasts. Despite her efforts to the contrary, she had always been considered demure and very pretty, with her doe-like brown eyes and her full, cushiony lips. Her unmistakable, natural beauty had misled the men of the world into believing her to be far less capable then her strong male counterparts and that was one of the reasons that she had abandoned her native France, and it's bottom pinching chauvinists, to come to America.

Being female had kept her from landing the more prestigious psychiatric positions in places like Boston or Philadelphia or New York City and even the likes of Belleview Hospital had rejected her. She had landed (and then lost) a position at the Royal Victoria Hospital in francophone Montreal before she was accepted here at Eloise. She took the staff position even though Detroit was not a place that she had dreamed of residing in during her girlhood in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a posh suburb of Paris. It was a job. It was another start. It was a place where she could maybe finally prove her-self to be as competent as any male in her chosen profession.

Dr. Janelle had visited the girl many times, since she had been brought in, either in the room in which she had been placed or in therapy sessions here in her office. She had tried so hard to get through to the girl and was always disheartened when she did not respond to her soothing words or the soft touches to her arms or her cheek.

"'Ow you are feeling today, sweet'eart?" Dr. Janelle would ask, in her thick, French accent while the girl just stared forward in her chair. "You 'av been ear almost a whole monse, vous jolie fille. Won't you speak wit me today? Tell me please what 'appen to you?"

The girl still uttered not a word but, as Dr. Janelle watched, a large tear appeared in the corner of her eye and then dripped down over her cheek and off of her chin to the front of her flower-print hospital gown.

That tear was a response, Dr. Janelle's training told her. Despite what all of her colleagues here had been telling her, this girl was hearing and thinking and remembering some-thing inside of her head that brought on that tear and Dr. Janelle was determined to find out what it was.

"Please, tell me," Dr. Janelle, wearing her usual white, starched lab-coat over her plain, white blouse and dark-navy pencil skirt, said as she dropped to her knees, not worrying about the effects of the dusty floor on her sheer nylons. Leaning to the girl, she spoke gently, close to the side of her face saying, "I know you 'ear me, ma belle amie. Say som-sing to me."

But, even though a few more tears appeared, no words came from the girl and soon her hour of useless therapy was over and Darnell, the huge black orderly, came to put her into a wheelchair and take her back up to her room.

Dr. Janelle wrote a prescription, on the yellow page of her chart, for an increased dosage of thorizine to be administered to the patient just as old Dr. Bloom, the head of the psychiatry staff, came into her office.

"Any words out of the Jane Doe yet?" he inquired.

"Pas de mots," Dr. Janelle replied, lapsing into French as she often did when she was flustered. "She jus sit sare and say nussing but sen sa tears come, Doctor."

"Yes," he sighed deeply in agreement. "Something awful happened to that girl, Tristane," the grizzled old head of staff observed. "I think it's time we try electro-therapy on her."

"No," Dr. Janelle turned to face him and stated firmly. "Shock 'er brain to life? She ees much too frail for sat. I 'ave tole you so. She can't take sat kind of treatment."

"Insulin shock then?"

Dr. Janelle closed her eyes, thinking of the dreadful pain and stress caused by such arcane therapies. Patients restrained with leather straps and injected with high doses of insulin causing their bodies to go into such extreme convulsions that wooden pegs had to be forced between their teeth to keep them from biting off their own tongues. "No," she said. "Sare 'as to be sumsing else we can do for 'er."

"I'll give you another couple of days with her," Dr. Bloom said before he turned away from the pretty, young doctor and left the office for the rest of his rounds.

Darnell Loomis loved his job carting around the loony females here at Eloise. There were normally no men allowed in the women's ward, other than the male doctors. But there had to be at least one male orderly strong enough to lift the women and girls into their beds and wheelchairs and Darnell was the lucky one.

Don't think that he hadn't learned how to take advantage of that situation. Lifting and moving the women presented him with plenty of opportunities to touch and feel places that he wasn't supposed to touch or feel but the women never reported anything and who would believe them if they did? After all, they were crazy.

Having to live at the hospital when he was on duty gave Darnell a chance to make his own kind of rounds, late in the evenings. And he would go from bed to bed, of the sleeping females who were the most crazy, and he would fondle a tender, warm breast or put his hand up under the hem of a hospital gown and feel up between the delicate, hair-covered cushions of some white woman's pussy, his stinky finger becoming a trophy for him to take back to his room and sniff while masturbating himself to a spurting climax.

When Darnell first saw the lovely blonde teenager he knew that he had hit the jackpot and he could hardly wait to get his meaty black hands on her supple-looking, curvy white body.

The first night, when he had observed that her eyes had been closed for a while, and that the sedative medicine they had given her was in full effect, he crept to her bedside and pulled down her blankets. Her alluring feminine curves were evident even within her hospital gown and they beckoned to him as he stood menacingly above her.

Cautiously he set his large hands upon her, feeling her curves and supple bumps through her gown and luxuriating in how warm and soft the pretty girl felt.

Her eyes not opening or reacting and his building lust gave him the courage to place his hands on her legs, just above her knees, and then he ran his hands up her silken thighs until he came to the prize waiting for him at the juncture of her limbs.

This girl's pussy was downy-soft and its outer lips pillow-like and dainty under a soft covering of thin, straw-colored, almost-straight hair.

Darnell let his hand play over the alluring mound of her pussy for a time, watching the lovely features of her child-like, sleeping face all the while as his finger found the moist cleft between the outer lips of her vulva and he probed inward, feeling the moist, supple protrusions of her delicate inner lips and rubbery clitoris within.

He toyed in the warm slickness there for a time and was thinking of pushing his long, thick finger right into the wet opening of her heated vagina when he heard the sounds of the cleaning crew in the hallway and quickly pulled his hand from her and covered the girl back up, leaving before he was caught with her.

Going back to his room and laying on his bed, Darnell placed his moistened, middle finger to his nostrils and deeply sniffed.

He was not disappointed. The drying evidence, that the moisture of the girl's pussy had left on his finger, was sharply sweet with her intimate feminine fragrance and Darnell wasted no time in using his free hand to extract his hardened, black cock from the waistband of his scrubs and he began frantically masturbating as he sniffed the girl's intoxicating sexual odor. It took less than a minute before he erupted, spewing his copious seed all over the shirt of his scrubs and the woolen blanket covering his cot.

His mind reeled with ideas of just how to use this beautiful girl for his future carnal pleasures.

When the time was right, he decided then and there, calming from the height of his lust, he was not going to miss this golden opportunity with such a pretty, white girl and he was somehow going to maneuver her ass over to the side of her bed, jam his rigid cock deep into her delicate pussy, fuck her hard and deep and then blissfully get his nut off inside of her.

After the next day's early staff meeting and completing her morning rounds, Dr. Janelle sat at the desk in her first-floor office and thought about the lovely blonde girl on the third floor and what she could possibly do to help her.

She must have parents and family somewhere looking for her, she reasoned. A familiar face, or the encouraging voice of a loving family member, could be so helpful to her right now. So why hadn't anyone seen news reports of her or heard about missing person's notices from the police?

Though not any of her business, Dr. Janelle picked up the phone and placed a call to the detective bureau of the Detroit police department and was directed to Sergeant Trombley in the missing persons bureau.

"No," he said in the telephone receiver, "we have had no missing persons reports involving any teenage girls. Not in a long while."

"But someone mus be looking for 'er," Dr. Janelle insisted. "She ees such a lovely, young girl, Sarshent. Some-one, somewhere mus be worried about 'er."

"Well, if they are, Miss, they haven't contacted the police or I'd have it on the wire. Nothing from Ohio or Indiana either. But I'll tell you what ... I'll contact the State Police and I'll stop by your hospital later and have a photo taken of your Jane Doe. We can put that on the wire and see if anyone is looking for her."

"Je vous remercie beaucoup, Sarshent. Sat would be mos 'elpfull of you."

When lunchtime arrived, Dr. Janelle ate her tuna-salad sandwich and her apple alone at her desk and reviewed her patient charts and case papers before she had to attend the afternoon staff meeting.

It was there, at that meeting, that Dr. Dickman spoke up about Dr. Janelle's Jane Doe patient before the other members of the staff.

"Dr. Janelle has badly dropped the ball again as far as this girl is concerned," he said, standing from his chair with his beady snake-like eyes squinting at everyone from under his freckled forehead and its hanging shock of riotous red hair. "I have talked it over with some of the other doctors, on the staff, and we feel that this girl requires the normally prescribed, immediate use of electro-therapy to set her mind straight and get her returned into society."

Dr. Janelle was used to Dr. Dickman's pushing of his archaic methods on all of the male staff members and she had a distain for him that was becoming increasingly hard for her to conceal. "Dr. Dickman is not correct, chentelmen," she told the gathering at the long conference table. "Sis girl, she need ferry delicate care to bring 'er aroun'. Zis ees 1969 and not se dark ages, Doctors. I am making progress wit 'er and I feel it ees only a matter of time before..."

"Dr. Janelle has always had a problem with being far too soft on the patients here at Eloise," Dr. Dickman said now, "and with little success to show for it. She is far too concerned with a patient's "feelings" and with being "gentle" to be an effective member of this hospital's staff. Oh, it's not really her fault, gentlemen. After all, women should never try to compete with men in a professional atmosphere. They're way too weak and naturally incompetent."

"Come, come now," Dr. Bloom slapped his hand on the table to gain everyone's attention. "There is no need for a personal attack here, Dr. Dickman. I have always stated my support for Dr. Janelle and her methods."

"Well," Dr. Dickman said to the other doctors at the table, "I have had about enough of her ineffectively effeminate ways and I am writing a letter to the medical board to have her put under review."

Dr. Bloom bristled at his subordinate now. "Only I have the authority to do that, Dickman. And I don't feel that extreme of a measure is required. I have faith that Dr. Janelle is about to have a breakthrough in this girl's case."

"Merci tres bien, Dr. Bloom," she managed to say while, at the same time, frantically struggling against the tears that were about to erupt from her eyes in front of all of her male colleagues.

"I'll agree to hold off until this "breakthrough" happens or doesn't happen," Dr. Dickman said now. "But, when it doesn't happen, I fully intend to contact the board and report her European-bred, female-induced shortcomings to them."

Dr. Janelle had heard enough and, despite her urge to verbally attack the pompous braggart, she instead stood and rushed from the room, holding her hand above her eyes to hide her tears until she could be alone in the outer hall.

How dare he? she thought as she grabbed a wrinkled tissue from the pocket of her lab-coat and dabbed at the salty drops that were now uncontrollably gushing down both of her reddened cheeks. Had the other doctors seen her start to cry? Were they against her now as well? Was she going to lose yet another position for appearing too weak compared to the men?

Dr. Janelle turned her body to the cold, hallway wall and cried a bit more before she felt the large hands on her shoulders. Quickly turning, she looked into the kind face of Dr. Bloom.

"Come now, Tristane," he said in the same voice that her father - now so very far away from her - had used to comfort her when she was a little girl. "The hospital is no place for tears and we can't let the patients and other staff members see you like this."

"I am sorry," she sniffed. "It's jus sat Dr. Dickman, 'e 'es such a bess-terd."

"Yes," Dr. Bloom agreed, trying not to chuckle at her use of the fractured curse-word. "He is that. But don't let him get to you. I'm on your side, Tristane, but I just don't know for how long I can hold out against him and the others on the staff. This girl is your test. You have to bring her out of herself and show your own strength and abilities to these doctors before he turns them all against you."

Dr. Janelle stood erect, as she watched Dr. Dickman pass them in the hallway, staring back at her the whole time, and then she said, "I 'ear what you are saying, Doctor. I am seeing her sis afternoon."

The afternoon session didn't go much better than any of the others had. The girl was no longer crying but she was still near catatonic though she was able to use the bathroom with minimal assistance from the female orderlies and she would wash herself and eat if fed. But this was just about the same state she was in when admitted.

Sergeant Trombley arrived during the session and he brought a State Police photographer with him who took several pictures of the blonde girl for distribution to police agencies across the country and Canada.

After the girl was wheeled away, Dr. Janelle couldn't help but feel despondent over her lack of progress. Nothing was getting through to the girl and it was clear that Dr. Bloom's patience was running out.

Tomorrow would be her last chance to bring the girl to reality before she would be removed from the case and Dr. Dickman's more primitive methods would be used on her.

Dr. Janelle placed her hand to her brow as she felt herself near tears again at the thought of that lovely girl's fate. If only she could take her away from the sterile confines of Eloise and place her in a more pastoral setting where she could rest and look at the grass and flowers and get her mind back.

Shaking those thoughts from her head, she tried to make herself mentally prepared for the long evening ahead of her. It was her turn to be the physician 'on call' and she would have to stay awake all night to take care of any medical emergencies that might crop up, plus work her regular shift tomorrow. These were the worst nights for doctors at Eloise.

By six o'clock all of the staff doctors had departed for the evening and the patients had been given their dinners. Visiting hours would soon end and then medications would be doled out before bedtime at nine. Then it would be a lot quieter, for everyone, until morning.

Dr. Janelle assisted the orderlies and helped the nurses administer medications before taking a dinner break in the hospital's cafeteria. The food there wasn't at all good but she picked at a plate of cold chicken and a salad before downing her coffee and returning to the nurses' station to finish any needed medications.

Nurse Hillenbach reminded her that she needed to administer the strong sleeping sedative to Mrs. Beal before ten o'clock. Mrs. Beal was a very obese woman who was hard to control at any time but even more unruly at bedtime. It was near impossible to get the woman to sleep. The nurses had gone through every sleeping pill known to medical science and it was only a large dose of tranquilizer that had any effect on her now. That extreme of a dose had to be given by injection and that injection had to be administered by a certified physician.

As ten o'clock neared, Dr. Janelle prepared a hypodermic with the required 200 milligrams of sedative and checked Mrs. Beal's chart to make sure that the dosage was indeed correct.

Dr. Benton surprised her as he approached the nurses' station with a troubled look on his face. "Dr. Janelle?"


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