A New Agenda

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An overweight woman is told to start exercising. She then learns, because of her appearance, her husband leaves. She teams up with a cyclist and then his mates and enters a new chapter of erotic adventure - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

When Karen got out of bed that Monday morning she wasn't to know that by evening she would have been hit by two 'whammies' that were going to shatter her and eventually open a new chapter in her existence, in other words point her towards a 'new agenda'.

The first was her doctor's advice. "Karen!" he said. "If you don't start loosing weight you will create for yourself a severe medical condition. I know you have been dieting, but you need more physical action. I would suggest bike riding. I have suggested that to other over weight people and it has bought on spectacular results. Now do you own a bike?"

"Ah! ... Ah! Yes", she stammered. "However, it hasn't been used for ages. I'm not sure what conditions it is in", she said. The doctor finished closing the file on her. "What about your husband, surely he can check the bike out and if not there are a number of bike stores that could assist you there", he concluded as he got up to escort her to the door. She thanked him but as she drove home the thought that circulated in her mind was 'would her husband take an interest in getting her onto a bike'. That was a question that she never even put to him, let alone had it answered for that evening, just after tea she was hit with the second 'whammy'. "Karen I'm leaving you".

For almost a minute she sat stunned in the chair and it was only when the reality of the statement hit her did she respond. "Your ... your leaving me ... why? What have I done?" Her husband just smiled as he got up and then in a quite voice said words that were like a two sided blade, cut her to the core. "Have you had a good gander of yourself in a mirror, you are a fat slob. You are a lousy fuck, you have no sex appeal, your tits are almost dragging on the ground, you show no desire to make yourself attractive and you have no idea of how to give me oral sex and I like my cock sucked Karen and you haven't a glue on how to give me satisfaction and besides I have met a another woman who not only is attractive, dresses nicely and fucks, boy can she fuck and when she sucks my prick my teeth rattle". With that he went into the bedroom, picked up his large overnight case and departed; leaving her in a state of total confusion.

Over the following days she wandered around like a zombie, unsure of what she should do and it was only as she just stood at the window that a cyclist rode past. This was not a first for he was quite regular and by the way he dressed, either he was a professional or belonged to a cyclist group; she knew where he lived for she had observed him turning into his drive, one day when she was returning from the medical centre. Later that day after he had returned she walked up the street and spoke to him for he was doing some gardening; she explained that she had been advised by her doctor to commence an exercise and that he recommended bike riding and as he was a cyclist could he make a suggestion and could he give her bike an examination as it hadn't been used for ages. She then realized that she hadn't introduced herself. "I'm sorry", she said. "I'm Karen! I live just up the street".

"I'm Trevor", he replied with a nice smile. "Regards the group I ride with they are all retired, all of us are over fifty and we certainly would welcome anybody who was interested and regards your bike, I'm almost finished here I would be happy to examine it and do what was necessary to get it mobile, if that was required", he concluded.

Karen was like a mother hen, hovering around as he worked on the bike, it certainly showed neglect but with soap and water, a good scrubbing and amply injection of oil, the bike was working perfectly. "Well all done Karen", he said as she examined it, bending this way and that till her massive tits were wobbling and bouncing for it was obvious that she was braless, something that he had observed the moment she spoke to him. Maybe it was the way she acted; maybe it was the way she smiled and was constantly at his side as he worked decided his next action. "Karen you have a fantastic set of tits, they are magnificent". She nearly collapsed on the spot for his statement took her by surprise for up till that moment she was beginning to regret the size of her tits, she knew they were massive and had always believed that her husband appreciated them; she never suspected that he loathed her and that meant every part of her anatomy.

"My ... my husband thought they were obscene, in fact he called me a fat slob", she sobbed.

"Karen I think they are fantastic. I like women with heavy breasts and loath women who have or seem to have no tits at all". She purred, her face lit up and he was sure pushed those melons out just a little more. "You really think they are attractive?" she asked.

"Yes Karen I do think that, they are great but if you dropped them out I bet they would be absolutely erotic". Never before had such a suggestion be put to her, but it was a suggestion that she was going to embrace and without an 'ado' undid her blouse and removed it, displaying the largest set of tits that he had ever encountered. "Fuck Karen they are beautiful", he said as he lifted them up and massaged the nipples till they became hard enough to suck and suck he did, while she began to rumble and give off little gasps of pleasure. It didn't take long before her panties were on the floor and she was bending over a work bench, totally naked.

He pumped her cunt till she was gasping and working her backside in rhyme to his thrusting, then with it lubricated he pulled it out and rammed it up her arse. She virtually rose off the floor, her original gasp was replaced with a 'Ahhhhh!' Her tits bounced and swung as she bucked from the thrusts that were now driving hard flesh up her bum. Her cries and gasps sprayed saliva and spit over the wall. She struggled but could not dislodge him, finally with a thrust that almost sent her over the work bench; he was up to his balls. Now he fucked. In and Out his cock went till all struggling ceased and her cries were almost silent, except for an occasional grunt. Finally he blew. He stayed joined for several seconds then he pulled out. "That was fantastic", he said as he straightened her up. "Your bum was magnificent". She just stood; her facial expression was one of total loss for she had never been fucked up the bum before. Saliva dripped down her chin, sweat dribbled between her tits and the light glittered on the moist hairs of her cunt.

However, he wasn't to know that her husband had 'up and left' and that he had called her a slob. She had always tried to satisfy her husband, but now she decided to throw away the code she had been taught regards sex and marriage. She was going to turn a page and become the woman that her husband had said she wasn't, she was now raw clay waiting to be moulded. "My husband left me because he considered me just a slob, yet you have called me fantastic, did you really mean that or were you being nice because you just fucked me".

"Karen I can assure you I meant it, I have fucked many women and many of them up the backside and I'm not criticizing them for they were good and certainly gave me satisfaction, but your backside was the most enjoyable bum I have ever fucked. I'm not saying your cunt wasn't much, it was and I wouldn't knock back fucking it again, but your bottom was tops", he concluded. She gave a yelp and crushed him into her tits; she kissed him repeatedly till his cock began to take an interest.

"You are making me hard again", he smilingly commented. She pulled away and took hold of his hardening prick. "My husband said I was a lousy suck, would you like me to suck you off", she asked. He didn't reply but just pushed her head down till her face was level with his now throbbing length. She took hold of it and shortly he gave off an utterance of delight as she began to suck. "Suck ... suck it Karen", he gasped. "All of it; take the lot into your mouth, suck me dry". She responded. He always wondered how a woman could take a fully erect prick into their mouth and accommodate the entire length, it was only a thought, for in reality he couldn't give a fuck, as long as they sucked and took a load in the mouth, he was on clover. Karen sucked till he gasped and pulled her head into his groin, so her nose was buried in his cock hair and let his balls explode. He held her till his balls were drained and although she did erupt; it was only a mind eruption and when he released her, she wiped her mouth, a few times for a lot of cum and saliva were pouring out and smiling asked. "Was that as fantastic as it was with your cock up my arse?"

"Did you say your husband left you because he didn't think your were very good in the sexual arena?" he asked. "I don't know what he expected but as far as I'm concerned Karen, you are tops in the field of fucking and sucking". That statement, plus the other 'uplifting' comments only made her more determined than ever to continue on this path of making herself available, especially to this man who had given her a new lease on a very dull existence.

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