New Life for a Family

by Prac T Cal

Copyright© 2013 by Prac T Cal

True Sex Story: Things are changing in Santa Clarissa. Not just for this one family. but the Hoer's are a good example. The HS is getting better football players, the new Principal has different principles and the football coach is happy. And lots of the cheerleaders too.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Ma/Ma   mt/mt   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   True Story   Wimp Husband   MaleDom   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   White Male   White Female   First   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   Doctor/Nurse   Violent   School   Transformation   .

My name is Mike Hoer ... and this is the first day of the rest of my life! Be careful what you ask for...

I was really looking forward to my Junior year in High School, some of my tormentors had graduated last year. We had a new Principal, Ms. Black, and a new Vice Principal, Mr. Stall, and they brought hope of a better place. My first two years at Stanton HS were clouded by fear...

But that is OVER! It will be great this year. Last year was complex because my little sister started as a freshman - she was cute and popular to some extent. And she was a bit of a book worm ... me too as far as that goes. But Tara was better with people than I.

So I was in an upbeat mood when Mom dropped us off at school. That didn't last as long as I would have liked because a few of the football players greeted me on the way to my first class...

"Hey, Michie! Have a good summer whacking off?"

"Yeah, Michie! Or did you blow ... blow ... blow your blokes!"

and the others laughed...

I should point out that I go by Mike, however since my Father is french my name is spelled Michele - so they think it is funny. It doesn't help that I am rather small of stature and 'pretty' instead of handsome ... which is why I had a few issues last year!

I did my best to ignore them, but the two vocal ones followed me into my first class. And were actually in it! Which really sucked! However, I was forgotten as they greeted others of their ilk and teased some other nerds. The class had something we didn't have last year. Four new students ... ummm ... black students! Here in Santa Teresa, CA we didn't have very many African American families. And Stanton had no black students, well, until this year I guess. There were two boys and two girls! The guys were big ... bigger than most of the football players and arrogant like football players. This would make sense later because they WERE football players! The smaller of the two looked at me as if I were prey ... and smaller didn't mean small like me ... he was easy 6'2" and 220ish and all muscles! The other was bigger 6'6" 280lbs ... turned out Michael Hardin Stone was a QB, and Leon Traxas was his left tackle!

i took a seat near the front - its safer near the teacher - and got ready.

Class went by quickly and I was not paying attention. I got up and ran right into Mike ... Michael I mean, he doesn't like it shortened.

"Watch it fuckwad! I'll kick your little white ass!"


"Sorry WHAT?"

"Err, Sorry Sir?"

"What you don't think I'm a man? Little fuckin dick, you dissing me cuz I'm black?"

"NO Sir!" I was shaking... "No no, I just didn't know what you meant!"

"So, now I don't talk right? You can't understand my ENGLISH?" and he gave me a nasty look of warning and left as Leon pulled him saying "Next Class Michael! The little shit ain't worth getting in trouble our first day!" I think I heard him add "Wait until tomorrow..." as they got to the hallway.

Shit! Already getting threatened ... it looked like just like last year. I had no idea how much it wouldn't be like last year.

I was just done eating lunch when Michael startled me

"Michele? Figures you would fuck up my name by being a french fag. Any reason I shouldn't kick your ass for dissing me in class?"

He said it with a little sneer ... but almost politely.

"I didn't mean too..." which sounded whiney

"So you just accidentally dissed me? You think that is better?"

He was getting angry

"No, no, I..." I was about to cry - this couldn't be happening...

"What about your sister? You introduce me? She's pretty hot..."

I looked up fast ... really? Just introduce him to Tara?

"Yeah, she is pretty cool..." trying to give myself time to think. Would I be hurting Tara? I loved my sister a lot. She was really sweet to me and cool. But, she was my little sister and this was a big football player with anger issues. Guys like that hurt girls like Tara.

"Don't want little sis to be with me? Cuz I'm black?" he was angry now

"No! No! I would be happy to introduce you!"

"Cool, tell her we're friends! You got a new friend your first day of school!"

and he nodded to where Tara and two of her friends, Brandy and Mandy were eating lunch. Obviously wanting it done now.

We walked over...

"Hi Tara! How is school going so far? Hi Mandy, Hi Brandy!"

and they all looked at me like I was a space alien! I continued

"I wanted you all to meet my friend Michael! He just transferred in and I thought you would like to meet him!"

They looked at him, then at me and then they all gushed about how great it was to meet him.

Mandy added "Finally we got a QB that might win!" she was rubbing her hand on his arm.

Michael turned to Tara "It's an honor to meet you Tara! I have heard nothing but good things about you! From Mike and lots of others!" and he held her hand while touching her cheek for just a second. Tara practically swooned. Then he said "Mandy and Brandy! Quite the group we got here!" he was still holding Tara's hand but looked over Mandy and Brandy like fine meat in the store. They were ready to have his children ... I started to leave but Michael stopped me.

"Michele, don't go right away..." here sit down with Mandy and Brandy while I get Tara something to cool her off!" and he put me in the seat giving Mandy and Brandy a look that made them cuddle close to me.

"Mike, how did you meet him? He is soo ... so HOT!"

"He's in my first class, History, and I just bumped into him as we were leaving." knowing better than to say he was going to kill me.

Mandy knew everything about Michael Hardin Stone! And she provided all that information in the few minutes it took him to collect drinks. He was from Compton and was transferred because of family issues. His mother and father had been threatened by gangs and they sent him here. He led the football team at Compton to the finals last year, but lost the Championship. Nobody in Compton was happy he left. Stanton and Santa Teresa were glad he came. They were a smaller school so would play a different division but hopes were high they could win. Especially since Leon Traxas and two other football players had come with him.

Michael returned with cokes for the girls but nothing for himself or me.

"Michele I thought you had to head to the library for that paper Ms. Dyson assigned."

I took that as a request to get the fuck out of there and I did. I headed for the library just to be safe and the two assholes from earlier grabbed me and threw me into the bathroom.

They said nothing just started hitting me ... ribs, kidneys, a couple punches to the stomach and I was down.

a voice said "Put your hands on your balls ... good..." and he must have kicked me five times. My fingers took a beating and so did my balls.

"FYI, don't tell anyone! But Michael wanted some time with Tara while we kicked your ass! Don't fuck with Michael!' and I had dropped my hands when he placed a well aimed kick to my scrotum and I vomited and passed out from the pain.

I woke in the school nurse's office ... I had been here before! It was a new nurse, younger and prettier, but they are all the same. This one had given a thorough exam to my balls ... sorry all of me but it was the ball exam that stuck in my mind. Especially since I was embarrassed to get a hard on.

She was rambling about something and then shot something into my ass.

" ... and that is for pain and inflammation. Not to mention the first one was for some infections that could be dangerous. You will need a repeat each day for two weeks."

"Okay, really? Two weeks?"

"Well, it is only if you want to protect your testicals ... that is where the infection is a problem!" she was smiling brightly.

"Sure!" very fast and sharp. Crap...

"Mr. Stall will be around soon, get yourself dressed!" and she left.

Great! Mr. Stall was coming and will want to know what happened. Lots of people saw Michael threaten me, of course I have a history of getting beaten up at school - something I hoped was behind me. And why did Tyler and Brian beat on me and blame it on Michael? Were they lying? Sometimes I wished I could not analyze shit! Just take it a face value! Not going to happen but hey, one can hope.

Mr. Stall didn't bother to ask who did it. Just took me to his office and called my parents. Then I waited in his office until Dad came to get me. The gist of the conversation was that the students that had been a problem in the past were no longer here. Some of the kids in my first period indicated I had an altercation with a black student just after. It was unclear what went down, but most said I had started it by running into him. I tried to protest but was silenced and told to listen. Further it seemed that I had quelled the issue at lunch as I was seen with that student and appeared friendly.

"Michele was found in the boys bathroom near the Library just after his lunch period. He was brought to the Nurse's office and checked out. None of the injuries are very bad but she suggested an xray of his hands. Evidently someone kicked them."

"I did not talk to Michele, however the nurse indicated he did not remember what happened. She considered it truthful based upon his injuries."

My Dad just talked a while and then we left. Mr Stall seemed kind but he also seemed to think I brought these issues upon myself. Something that I started thinking about too.

We went to the doctor and they x-rayed my fingers, no broken bones, and found a cracked rib. He had heard from Ms. Goodnight from school and verified that the injections for my infection should be continued. However, he thought two weeks would not be long enough. I should check in with him at that time and we would decide on continuing checks and shots!

I was just glad to be home a little later and crashed on the couch to watch crappy TV. I was still there when the terrible trio entered: Tara, Mandy, and Brandy!

They were all excited about meeting Michael at school and before practice he went with them for Ice Cream. Leon came along and one of the other transfers. Then they split when Michael and the others went to practice.

I kept quiet and listened while they gave up all the gossip. Tara was enamored of Michael and I was a little scared. Still wondering if Tyler was truthful and if I even heard that or just imagined as I was being beaten.

A month later...

Things continued in that vein for weeks ... the beatings were daily until the middle of the next week, and the shots continued. My balls were swelling and didn't go down much. Mostly because THAT was what took the brunt of the beatings. I didn't tell them everyday but was in Mr. Stall's office three times that week. He kept calling me Michele and seemed to get more annoyed each time. I cannot blame him because I wouldn't tell him who was doing it. The first couple of times it was Tyler and Brian, after that it was Mike - fuck him wanting to be called Michael! About the middle of the second week he sat down with me at lunch to tell me he had a date with Tara AND to negotiate my not getting the shit beat out of me everyday.

It was a very strange conversation in that he asked bizarre questions and that he didn't want to negotiate a plan - he wanted to just specify what could keep me from getting beaten.

They were questions about if I had ever had sex with a girl? With a boy? How often I jacked off? Was I really a fag? Or did I just look that way? A few comments about things. I dressed like I was wearing my sisters clothes - did I try on her skirts? My lips looked ideal to suck cock, had I ever done that? When I said no about being gay, sucking cock, or dressing in girls clothes he said "Well, maybe you ought to! At least then you wouldn't be a walking lie!" All of this I just answered and listened. Getting mad would just get my ass kicked. In the end he said "Well, here's the deal ... I think you ARE gay and are into cross dressing AND you are in denial. That said if you want to keep getting the shit beat out of you, we can do that. If you don't then I want you to DO that shit and find out if you like it!"

"You want me to what? Suck cock? Wear Tara's clothes? But,..."

"No butts just yet. If this was a normal thing, like a girl I thought ought to suck cock! Then I would have them do mine, but I really don't like guys sucking my cock! So, I made arrangements with Tyler to get a few guys to let you suck their cocks - everyday for, I don't know, a month will do it! Just until you KNOW you are a cock sucker! And I want you to dress in skirts at home. Wear women's underwear all the time. Maybe even get a training bra! Of course, this is all your choice! You can NOT do it and we go ahead and beat you up ... maybe two, three times a day from now on..."

Fuck! Fuck! he saw my lips move "Naw, maybe later you can take it up the ass like the fag you are, but that isn't the plan!" he was smiling like that was funny!

I stayed silent and he said "Well, that's the deal! Take it or leave it! If you want to do it then get your ass and mouth down to that bathroom where you first got beat - there are several guys waiting for you. Blow all of them! Meet them there everyday for lunch - you get cum for lunch ... or you get blood and pain! You fucking choose little buddy!" and he got up. Then he paused and leaned in with his hand on my back. You got ten minutes to get there... " and he left.

Regardless of my choice I had to leave ... I spent the whole ten minutes wandering, knowing the whole time that I was about to suck my first cock. Well, more than my first since more than one was indicated. I had NEVER thought about sucking a cock! Well, honestly I had thought of sucking my own but couldn't reach it - and I had thought of asking a friend to do mine and I would do his, so I would know what it felt like. But, just sucking a cock ... without anything in return? No, I hadn't thought about that ... now I was thinking about it. In return I would not get the shit beat out of me everyday! And when I thought that I remembered Mike said it could be more than once a day...

I fooled myself into thinking I wasn't going to stoop so low ... right up until I pushed open the door to the boys head near the library and found eight guys besides Tyler and Brian in attendance and a few of them had them out and hard.

I won't give a blow by blow ... it wasn't like I had no idea how ... I had watched videos on the net. I had read dirty stories! But real is real, and it is very different. Especially with most of the guys being assholes that had bullied me around for years.

Somebody tripped me as I walked towards Tyler and then someone pulled me to my knees in front of a relatively large cock. Relative to mine at least ... anyway since I was doomed to do this ... I put my hand around about seven inches of meat, said hand barely reaching around it and licked it while trying to get as much saliva out as possible. A few seconds later a hand in my hair pulled my lips over the head and then it was shoved into my mouth. It was pretty big around and I did my best to run my tongue over the head. My hand moved up and down the shaft, just like it had moved up and down my own, but it was all different. It went on and on as whoever owned this cock kept trying to ram it down my throat. It didn't make it and I moved my other hand to massage his balls. I was trying very hard to remember what to do and do it as best I could. There was no way it could go down my throat and finally I was allowed to lick and suck and then was rewarded with cum! Lots of cum! It filled my mouth and up my nose a bit, and then he pulled out and it sprayed all over my face and chin. Lots of noise and moving around and laughing and then another cock was in my mouth and I was doing it all again. I remember Tyler whispering into my ear that Michael said that my cock had to get HARD while I sucked these cocks, if not today then tomorrow or all bets were off. He also said that Michael figured Tara would be sucking his cock on their date tonight!

There were ten guys in the room, some were bigger than that first guy, most were smaller. Three of them I sucked off twice. As expected with experience I would get better at sucking those cocks. I cannot say I liked it but it was satisfying to get them off very fast. Tyler was one of the last and probably had the biggest cock. Over eight inches and a fat fucker. I think I did a very good job of getting him off. It was much more tasty than the others and I even got a little hard while sucking on it. I had cum on my shirt, cum in my hair, cum on my knees, cum everywhere. But the biggest share had gone down my throat and was making me ill. When everyone left, and they just left me laying on the floor. I crawled into a booth and puked a little. Not nearly all of it, but some. I felt better then until I looked in the mirror! I used paper towels to clean up as best I could and then combed my hair - I looked like a greaser from the old days! My hair all slicked back! But I smelled like cum and knew I couldn't go to class. When I finally left the bathroom it didn't matter because school was done. I had sucked cock for three class periods, almost three hours. I managed to get home and shower without seeing anyone. Then I took some Ibuprofen because my jaw muscles were beginning to hurt. Quite the workout for them today!

Unfortunately then I had time to think...

Man, this sucks! And I laughed because I wanted to cry!

No longer able to deny what I had to do ... I logged into the net to find out more about sucking cock. I needed to get better or I was going to miss lots of classes. Chat rooms were the best help and the least embarrassing to learn about techniques. After all was done I looked at some of the conversations and was beginning to wonder if I might not like being a cocksucker...

The next morning Tyler met me as I walked into History class.

"Word got around and you going to be busy at lunch!" and he was gone

I just sat thru class and then the next - during the break as I was walking to class a couple guys called me a fag and a cocksucker and when I didn't respond one of them hit me - right in the face, my nose started bleeding and then both of them hit me over and over. Mr Stall broke it up and took me to the nurse. My nose wasn't broken but I had two black eyes and lots of bruises on my face. One of them had nailed me in the balls and I was in dire pain. Ms Goodnight gave me a shot and then another for vitamins. Then I was off to Mr. Stalls office and waiting for Dad. Dad didn't come, Mom came! Mr Stall talked about my previous issues going back two years and my recent troubles. Then I had not attended class yesterday afternoon and some serious rumors were wandering the halls.

"I don't understand why he gets picked on all the time!" Mom was pretty upset "He is such a good kid, he is a little small but I just don't understand!"

Mr Stall gave her a handkerchief and made all those sounds of understanding.

"In the beginning I thought everyone was picking on Michele! But, after yesterday I am not sure he doesn't do things that cause these problems. The rumors are that he was performing sexual acts in the boys restroom all afternoon. And someone claimed they saw him in the boys room and he was wearing girls underwear." then he looked at me and back to Mom. She wasn't quite as teared up. "Maybe Ms. Hoer, you should check..." Mom looked at me and decided not to check.

Back to me "Are you gay son?" I shook my head no "Michele, I just don't know what to do with you. You get beat up, but won't tell us who. Well, at least this morning we know! And where were you yesterday afternoon?" I just said "At school!"

"Well, I think Michele needs some time to think about this! I am going to send him home now!"

And Mom took me out and led me to the car. We didn't quite make it ... Mike called "Ms Hoer?" and continued when he caught up "Is something wrong with Michele? I heard some guys attacked him. I hope he isn't hurt!" he never looked at me and was holding Mom's hand and rubbing her forearm.

"I think Michie is OK, I am just taking him home to rest!"

"That's good Ms Hoer! But she probably shouldn't miss school! She has a few extracurricular things going and is just starting to fit in a little better. Would it be OK if I got her home later? I can make sure she is home before I have to practice!"

"Well, that is a great idea, but won't it put you out?"

"Oh no Ms Hoer! I feel almost like family after meeting you and Mr. Hoer! You were so welcoming when I picked up Tara! And Michele is a good friend, I try to protect her."

I kept wondering if Mom would ever correct all those pronouns but she never did.

"So, she can stay? I will make sure nothing untoward occurs this afternoon! Ms Hoer!"

"Please Michael, call me Flexi! And yes you can take Michie, please keep her safe!"

And even she called me a her? WTF?

And off we went...

My Day with Mike!

We stood together watching Mom leave. "Didn't want you to go without your daily ration of cum little Michele! I pounded the guys that hit you, no more of that shit! Let's get over to the practice field," and he pulled me in that direction. "Now we get to let you get all those cocks all afternoon. I know you love it, otherwise you wouldn't have done it all thru classes yesterday. Word around is you are wearing Tara's panties, so we are all good today."

I didn't say anything ... I had on Tara's silk panties, they were a bit small for her. I was skinny not curvy. I also had a silk pajama top on under my shirt. I didn't want to get beat down today. I sighed "Chill little Michele, we got special cocks for you all day long."

There was a little shed, 10x20, that had football and track stuff in storage. The door was open and a few guys were inside. "Do what you know you want..." and I just looked over the guys and chose one, knelt down and unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock. I was inside the storage shed and it only took a few minutes for him to cum. But that was just the first of many and Michael, true to his words, took me home before practice. He borrowed Mr. Stall's car and came in to talk with Mom.

Mom was on the couch in the living room, she looked a little tipsy but that wasn't all that out of the ordinary.

"Good Afternoon, Ms. Hoer! Here is Michele, she is all safe and sound. I even made sure she had lots of fluids today. Don't you think she is pretty? I think all the attention she is getting at school is doing her good!"

Mom looked at me and tipped my head back a little with her hand. "Oh Michele, you look absolutely great! Color in your cheeks and a nice pucker to your lips."

"See Michele, I told you the treatments would do wonders for your lips, full, wide and all that cream rubbed into your hair and cheeks are a wonder. Not to mention your cleavage is getting better. Right Ms. Hoer?"

"Oh, Michael, I said to call me Flexi ... And Michele you are starting to look much prettier. Pretty girls need to make an effort. You should be more like your sister Tara."

"Oh yes, Flexi Hoer, Tara is a fine example for Michele! She has a wonderful talent for puckering her lips. They just seem to stretch so wide when she smiles. I am sure she gets that from her parents. I noticed that both your's and Mr. Hoer's lips are full - wide - I would like to see them smiling much more often."

"Oh, Michael! I am glad you like Tara! Did you have a good date last evening? Tara seemed to have enjoyed it very much."

"Oh yes, Tara enjoyed the entire night, we enjoyed our ... conversations ... very much. Tongue tied a bit since she is so shy. But, her tongue got going very well later. And my tongue was wagging just being close to her. I am sure that Michele will enjoy a few dates soon!"

He leaned into my Mother and slid his hand up her arm to rub the side of her breast, then he leaned in to whisper in her ear. Mom giggled and looked at me. Then Michael kissed her on both cheeks like in a movie, Mom tried to get his mouth but he was quicker. Then he leaned back a little " close your eyes Flex hoer " and when she did he kissed her one the lips. A long deep kiss that got deeper as both their mouths opened to french kiss for what seemed like forever. Then Michael whispered in her ear again.

"Michele!" my mom said "I think its time to try on some of your new clothes! I got them from the Goodwill ... but they will be good for a start!" and she shooed me away.

As I went up the stairs I noticed Mom kneeling before Michael, obviously about to suck his cock. I was afraid, but had no idea what was going on. Tara, Mom, Mr. Stall,

I was still thinking when I got to my room. Scattered on my bed were about ten girls outfits complete with bra's ... scared that Michael might come up here to look for me I chose one and put it all on. Which turned out to be a good idea because he and Mom came up after their ... act.

I was looking in the mirror when the door opened. I was a Manga fan and had chosen one of those catholic school girl outfits, white blouse, plaid short skirt, knee socks, patent leather shoes, a collar like necklace, and even a band on my head that held my hair back. I had always had longer hair, like my Dad, and it was almost long enough for a decent pony tail.

Mom came in and gushed over her little girl "You look so great honey! We need to get you a date real soon!" then she turned to Michael "Oh Michael, don't you think Michele looks adorable? Can you double date with Tara and Michele? You can find her a guy?"

"Well, just for you Flex! We'll make sure Michele enjoys a truly wonderful night out on the town!" his grin scared me almost as much as how much I liked my outfit.

I spent a little time wondering how to warn Tara about Michael. I had no idea what he had in store for her, although I was sure it had started with their date last night. How he had gotten Mom to give him a blow job was truly unbelievable. But the more I thought about it, it seemed that Tara hadn't been very helpful in his time of need. She had even called him Michele for most of the last week, and referred to him as 'she' on most occasions. And Mandy and Brandi had gone way overboard in that vein. Calling him Michele and suggesting make up and lipstick colors. Maybe he should worry about himself and not his sister. And maybe he should talk to Mandy and Brandi about make up ... it looked like he had no choice.

A Dog's Life it is...

Michael brought Tara home after football practice. He must have walked her home because when Michele had come down when he thought his father was home Mr. Stall was in the living room.

"Well, hello there Michele! Glad you are beginning to dress properly!" I was still in the school girl dress. My father looked in pain, my mom said "Yes, our little Michele is becoming quite a pretty little thing! Doesn't she look wonderful Max?"

Dad looked awful "Yes, things are coming along. I haven't seen him ... err her look so happy in years!" and he turned away.

"Yes, amazing how that happens. She even looks to be filling out finally!" commenting on my cleavage, which had been enhanced by a push up bra. At least, I hope that was it.

Dad looked right at them at the comment - shocked, then excused himself.

That was when Michael and Tara came in the front door.

"Well, what a surprise to see you Mr. Stall!" Michael came to shake his hand. "And of course, it is always wonderful to see you Flex Hoer!" giving my Mom a hug that lasted just a little too long. "Here is you daughter Tara, safe and sound as promised!"

Tara just waved and said a quiet "Hi!" and hugged Michael. She looked a bit worse for wear. Obviously not wearing a bra, and her shirt was open a little showing the T-shirt underneath. It had writing on it but not much was showing. It seemed stained with something that I was familiar with ... cum ... so Tara was sucking Mike's cock too! Not just Mom! She didn't look real happy but didn't say anything. I guessed the T-shirt said BLACK COCK SUCKER because the letters visible where her shirt was unbuttoned were CK CO, I had seen a few around school in the last week. Making our new transfer students welcome!

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