The Rule of Thirds

by QM

Copyright© 2013 by QM

Incest Sex Story: A young man continues his adventures within his family seeking out the favours of the third sister and finding that sometimes sex is not enough.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   .

"Come on Mikey, you don't want to be late do you?" Mum yelled up the stairs at me.

"No Mum, just putting my shoes on," I yelled back, although I'd actually been lost in thought over the way my life has suddenly changed.

A mere twelve weeks ago I'd been a virgin, struggling to get into the pants of any female, young or old. Now, well, other than the age and relationship to me of the three women I was now enjoying sexually, I had blossomed into a self-confident and sexually competent young man, albeit one who had a startlingly close resemblance to my deceased Grandfather Dan. First my Gran had mistaken me for the now departed husband and had 'seduced' me into taking up Dan's conjugal rights, although I still wasn't sure whether Gran knew at the time that it was actually me (Mikey) or not, as she's often a bit mentally confused ... to put it kindly. Either way Dan or Mikey was more than welcome in Gran's pussy and suddenly I was a virgin no more.

It got even better when my Aunt Becky figured out what my Gran and I were up to and decided that as Dan had been her lover too, which came as a bit of a shock to me, then I could take his place with her as well. Becky was a lot more experienced (and aggressive) than Gran and I learned an awful lot about pleasing a woman from her. I also learned that Dan had probably been having his other two daughters as well and wondered...

It didn't take long after a haircut and a little photo editing to put a picture of Dan side by side with a picture of my head on the same photo and yes, it was true, we could have been twins. I got comments confirming it from my Mum and my Aunt Barbara and naturally seeing how my (sex) life was going, I set my sights on Aunt Barbara only to have my Mum decide that she wanted me too and allowed me to seduce her, appearing quite reluctant at the time but never stopping me from progressing until she had me inside her.

Other than being told that they would nail my balls to a wall with a rusty nail if I even breathed a word of what was going on (in a manner of speaking) I was now having a lot of fun from some very sexy mature ladies, but only if I followed their rules.

Those stories are told elsewhere, as it is, today is Saturday and my Mum is taking me over to see my Aunt Barbara, who had already told me that her family was going out that day...

The reason my Mum was taking me was in case Barbara's husband Ben had a change of plans or was delayed taking my cousins out and was actually still there if I arrived, Mum being my alibi.

Yes, Mum knew what was likely to happen and was planning on going shopping whilst I 'spoke' to Babs as she asked me to call her in a private message. Apparently Dan hadn't liked Ben and thought him a bit of a thug as did Mum and Becky, so Mum believed I'd put a little bit of fun into Barbara's life. I certainly had plans to put something into Barbara, I was pretty sure it would be fun too.

I hurried downstairs to find my Mum waiting, she looked me over and produced a wet wipe from a pack in her bag to wipe away the wounds of an over eager shave.

"Well, at least you dressed smartly," she chuckled. "Not your usual casual rags."

"I didn't want her to be seeing a teenager ... so to speak," I said with a grin.

Mum just nodded and smiled, I'd chosen a shirt, put on a tie and even wore some canvas trousers rather than my usual T-shirt and tracky bottoms. The reason? Well I wanted to look a little like Dan as I'm pretty sure, as was Mum, that Dan had been sexually active with Barbara, at least until Ben came on the scene.

We said our byes to Dad and got into the car, Barbara lived in the next town over, if I'd got the bus it would have taken an hour; in the car, well, it was twenty minutes.

"I hope you aren't simply planning on just leaping on her, Mikey?" Mum questioned me.

"No Mum, I plan to let her set the pace and the rules, same as you did," I replied with a smile.

"My little man's all grown up," Mum crooned, making me blush like mad.

"Less o' the 'little' lassie!" I growled in Dan's accented voice, making Mum giggle again.

"God it's almost uncanny how well you do that, I'm surprised you could even remember how he sounded," Mum finally sighed.

"I remember him quite well Mum. He never talked to me as if I was a kid, more as if I were his equal. He made quite an impression on me," I replied.

"He certainly had the knack of getting people to talk and open up to him," Mum said as a small tear ran down her cheek in memory of the Dad who loved her ... as a Dad and a lover.

I reached over and squeezed Mum's knee resisting a little temptation to slide my hand higher. I knew I'd be wasting my time, Mum was wearing thick winter tights and access whilst she was driving was simply not going to happen.

Mum just sighed and wiped away the tear before smiling again, resting her hand gently on mine as the car ate up the miles to Aunt Barbara's.

Once there a quick check told us that there was no car on the drive so it was likely Ben, Angela and Gerry were out and I could visit without my Mum in attendance.

Mum gave me a peck on the cheek as I undid my seat belt before I turned to give her a full kiss on her soft full lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth.

"Behave! Getting me all hot and bothered with nowhere to go," Mum chuckled when we parted.

"When we can, I'll be there Mum, you know that."

"Yes Mikey, now go cheer your Aunty up before I decide to drive to somewhere secluded where I can have my way with you," Mum giggled.

I got out of the car and approached Barbara's house, before I'd even got to the door it swung open and Barbara stood there looking surprised, but also I thought a little pleased too.

"Hi Aunty," I greeted her.

"Oh my goodness Mikey, I'd forgotten you were coming," she replied with a rare smile. "It's just Ben, Angela and Gerry are out," she replied quite distinctly as if saying it to someone at a further distance to myself.

Fortunately it 'clicked' Barbara was telling her nosey neighbours the stranger at her door was a relative.

"Oh that's a shame Aunty it would have been nice to see them," I replied distinctly and clearly too.

"They'll be sad they missed you," she replied. "Still you'd better come in rather than freeze out here."

I waved bye to Mum and entered the house, Barbara closing the door behind me.

"Sorry about that, but the neighbours here are so nosey and love to gossip. Before you know it the street would be full of rumours about me having a toyboy," she said and gave me a hug.

"It's OK, Aunty," I replied. "I kind of figured that."

"Now what did I tell you about calling me when we're in private?" she asked.

"Sorry, Babs,"

"That's better, now come into the kitchen, it's warmer than the lounge, well at least until the heating comes on," she replied.

I followed Barbara to the kitchen at the back of the house, observing her sexually for the first time. She was thin, almost skinny unlike both Becky and my Mum, yet on Barbara it looked good and she certainly dressed to suit with flowing clothes rather than skin tight ones. Barbara also had dark brown hair, the same colour as my gran used to have before it silvered and looked far like a younger version of Gran than Mum or Becky did. The only other thing you'd really notice about Barbara was that she rarely smiled and also that she appeared to be clenching her jaw as if grinding her teeth in anger or frustration. This coupled with a naturally ruddy complexion always gave me the feeling of a lot of anger held just about in check. Yet, oddly, I'd never ever heard Barbara raise her voice to me, even during my occasional moments with my cousins when we were growing up. Still, the feeling remained and I always tended to be on my best behaviour around her.

"Would you like a drink, Mikey?" she asked as she flicked a switch on the wall and I heard the sound of a gas boiler activating.

"Yes Babs, a coffee please," I replied.

She bustled away filling the kettle as I waited patiently wondering how to play this one.

"I still can't believe just how like my Dad you are Mikey," Babs said as she filled two mugs with powder and milk to await a boiling kettle.

"So Gran, Aunt Becky and Mum keep telling me," I replied. "I have to admit I got curious, hence the haircut and then the photo editing."

"Yes, you could have been his twin ... or brother at least," Barbara said.

"Also since then I've been trying to find out everything I can about him as he seems to have been quite a character," I said.

"Oh he was a character all right," Barbara replied with one of her rare smiles. "A right ladies man."

"Well, that's where we differ," I chuckled. "I get tongue tied talking to girls my age."

"You seem to have no problem chatting to me Mikey,"

"Well no, you aren't a girl, Babs, you're a woman, which makes things a lot different," I replied.

"Oh Mikey, you charmer. Are you telling me you prefer older women?" Barbara said with a smile.

"Yes Babs, they at least take me a bit more seriously ... sort of," I replied.

"Well, your secrets safe with me," Babs said with a wink. "Sort of?"

"Well, I'm only fifteen and don't get to speak to ladies that often, just a few teachers, mind you since I put up that pic of Granddad and me I have had a few odd comments, that and Gran deciding I'm her Dan," I chuckled.

"Oh yes, 'conjergal' rights," chuckled Babs who seemed far more relaxed than she normally did ... then again with no Ben around perhaps she didn't feel the need to keep her guard up.

"I should be so lucky," I chuckled in return watching Babs start slightly.

"No girlfriend then?" she asked as we supped our coffees.

"I er ... dumped her when I caught her kissing another guy," I said quietly.

"Oh Mikey, I'm so sorry, still I'm sure a handsome young man like you will soon find another," Babs replied with a slight smile.

"Aye well Babs, ahm not sure ahm ready for another lassie yet," I growled out in Dan's voice.

"Oh my God! That was Dad! That was him down to a touch!" Babs gasped, her cup trembling slightly in her hand.

"Aye so Grace, Becky an' Janet have said," I growled out again though this time with a smile.

"God, you look like him and sound like him," Babs replied looking very pale.

"Sorry Babs, I didn't mean to upset you," I said, in my normal voice, worried in case I'd blown my chances.

"No, no. Shocked, yes, but not upset," she said.

"It's the voice I use to tell Gran to behave and then I have to give her a cuddle after I do. Aunt Becky too, as she always says it reminds her of good times and it's a shame he's gone," I said a little sadly.

"Yes, I miss him so much too," whispered Babs. "Now come with me, I've something to show you."

Babs led me upstairs to what appeared to be some sort of box room, or storage room, although there was what appeared to be a fold up bed/settee too. Getting down on her knees she pulled out several boxes and began rooting through them whilst I stood and watched and admired the view. I don't know if it was deliberate or not, at least not at first, but as she leaned over the boxes I could see right down Babs loose fitting top and her small breasts encased in a pale blue bra. No, she wasn't 'stacked', not like Mum, or even average like I presumed Becky was, but on Babs they seemed just right, fitting her slim delicate frame perfectly.

"Here," she said pulling out a photo album.

I knelt down beside her to have a look and there were pictures of Dan and Grace and their daughters as little children, perhaps four or five years of age.

"This was taken on our holidays, Dad was into photography as was I, though I think he had his Dad take a lot of these," Babs said and started to go through the album with me.

I was entranced, not just with the fascinating photo's which showed an aspect to my family's life I'd known almost nothing about, nor with all the additional details coming out about Dan, it was also Babs delicate scent which up close was rather heady and reminded me of a summer's day in a scented garden.

The pictures progressed and the girls got older and I recognised the differences between them more easily, Mum the oldest, yet a late bloomer behind Babs with Becky the last to show signs of puberty.

"Beautiful girls... ," I breathed.

"Thank you Mikey. Yes, I guess we were, certainly at that time we started attracting a lot of male attention, though admittedly we didn't really do anything about it... ," Babs vaguely commented.

"Why not Babs, looks to me like you'd be fighting boys off with a stick," I replied.

"Bit like you, boys didn't interest us and men ... well they had to deal with my Dad," she chuckled.

"So Granddad was protective?" I asked.

"In a manner of speaking, yes," said Babs blushing slightly.

We had reached the end of the album when a transparent package fell out disgorging a few more snaps, only these ones were ... more intimate and appeared to be shots of Babs alone, at least the top ones were.

"Oops," muttered Babs as she tried to scoop them up only to reveal several more intimate ones underneath.

"They're good," I said. "Whoever took them knew about light, focus and the rule of thirds."

"You never mentioned you were into photography, Mikey," said Babs pausing in her efforts to pick up the errant pictures.

"I am. Mum and Dad got me a digital SLR for Christmas and I'm trying that out, though it's slow going as it has a lot of features I don't really understand yet," I replied.

"Oh, you'll have to bring it over next time you visit. I used to love photography, but bringing up kids stopped a lot of my hobbies," Barbara sighed. "I used to go rambling and jogging once, now I'm lucky to have time to look at stuff like this."

"It would be a pleasure. I like country walks too; perhaps if you have time we could team up?" I enquired.

"What? You'd like to go rambling with your Aunt?" Babs replied surprised.

"I think I'd love it. Mum and Dad aren't the exercising types," I chuckled, though I had found one type of exercise Mum loved, but wasn't going to mention bedroom sports just yet.

"I'll think about it, but yes ... if you bring the camera too, I think Ben won't mind me walking with you, though if you weren't my nephew..."

"It's a deal, now could I have a look at those pics, I promise not to get pervy," I chuckled.

Blushing slightly Babs handed the photos over and I checked them over, they were essentially glamour shots of a younger Babs and were very well, even perhaps professional quality.

"Quite beautiful and very well done," I murmured. "Who took them?"

"Dad ... Dad took them," Babs admitted. "He'd even submitted some to a modelling agency who were very interested, but then Ben found them and put a stop to it. Didn't want his girlfriend involved in 'porn'. He and Dad had a massive row after he burned most of the pictures."

"I had heard that they didn't get on... ," I admitted.

Bab's shoulders slumped and she took the pictures from me to put them back in the envelope.

"Dad and I were quite ... close, but I was in love with Ben and sided with him. We eventually married and my relationship with Dad was never the same as he refused to come round, save at the odd family do and never spoke to me or Ben," Babs admitted.

"Doesn't sound like the Dan I've come to know and admire," I replied.

"He had his reasons ... oh God, I don't know why I'm telling you this, you must think I'm silly, but Dad hated what Ben did to me. I'd always been sporty, outgoing and suddenly, with Ben in my life, that all ended and we became wrapped up in each other."

"Well people in love do," I replied.

"Oh yes, I loved Ben, still do ... but now I have nothing, no life outside of this house and my kids. Everything I had or used to do has been stripped away and lost," Babs said miserably, a small tear running down her cheek. "I even lost what I had with my Dad and I think now, looking back, that that was the biggest mistake I ever made."

Not really knowing what to do or say I slipped an arm around Babs and gently cuddled her in.

"It'll be ahright now lass, thou've got me now," I growled out Dan style.

"Oh Mikey," sighed Babs. "You've no idea how much hearing that voice affects me."

Babs then slid an arm around me as we enjoyed a cuddle and tears flowed down her cheeks.

"You can't undo the past, only make a future," I said.

"Yes but Dad's gone now," she whispered.

"Ahm still here lass," I growled.

"Yes Mikey and you do remind me of Dad in so many ways," she sighed.

"Well there's nothing stopping you and I from doing all the stuff that you and Granddad did, walks, runs, even photography ... though I doubt you'll let me take pictures of you like those," I chuckled.

"Hmmm? Are you suggesting naughty pics, Mikey?" she giggled.

"Er ... no Babs," I finally forced out feeling my face go red.

"Pity," giggled Babs. "I think you'd make a good model too."

"I meant it though Babs. I'd love to spend some time with my favourite Aunt doing the stuff that you and Granddad did, as its stuff I like doing too," I said.

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