No Holds Barred

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: Two individuals of a bowling club are introduced, one needs a maintenance manfor work. After the job is finished their talk turns to personal experiences. He tells her he fucked a woman he picked up, she is very interested and from there she earns a nickname - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

Blanche opened the door on the third knock. "Hello Burt" she said as she showed him into the lounge room. "I was out the back just getting the items that you will need to work on the back garden".

"That is fine Blanche", he replied as he followed her into the kitchen which was the general area where afternoon tea was served or any general gossip was discussed, for he and Blanche were very much on the same wave length. He had met Blanche when she joined the 'senior' bowling club, a club that he had been a member of for some years. They had hit it off immediately and when he told her that he liked gardening and was a bit of a house maintenance fellow, she informed him of the mess her garden was in and that it was a bit too much for her to handle. He offered her his assistance if she required it and it was because of that invitation that he was now standing in her kitchen.

The work on the garden was hard and heavy, but finally it was finished and after giving his work her nod of approval, showed him where the bathroom was so he could wash up. "I'll put an afternoon tea on Burt", she said as she disappeared back into the kitchen. The afternoon tea was finished and with the table cleared Blanche moved onto the subject of 'house maintenance' another must do in her diary. "I certainly will be able to handle the areas you have mentioned Blanche for they are not difficult and I certainly have put on doors and adjusted locks", he said. The conversation continued on general chit-chat till it branched onto personal relationships. She knew Burt wasn't married, a position that she was also in. "Have you ever considered marriage Burt?" she asked.

"Not really Blanche", he replied. "I'm pretty independent; I like to be able to move around without any problems. Like sometimes I just finish at the club and jump in the vehicle and go up North to a seaside town I like or travel south to explore some of the national parks, one can't do that if one is married. I certainly have female friends, but that is what they are – just friends".

"Oh! The reason I asked", she smiled "I heard that there was a Sue that you were quite friendly with, a little more than just the casual 'good day' type".

"Cripes!" he gasped. "How did you know about that? It was a very brief encounter, very brief. I met her one evening, had a very active association and then it was over. I'm not too sure how it began I think I had to go to a friends wedding; I knew no one and stationed myself around one of the tables with the refreshments and it was there that I spoke to her, she replied and we got into conversation. I took her home and she was very obliging".

"How active were you and how obliging was she?" Blanche asked.

Burt paused before he answered. 'Could he tell Blanche just how active he was and would she show interested and if she did what her reaction would be? However, she is braless and those tits have had me virtually on 'fuck alert' since I arrived; they wobble so much it is very erotic, fuck lets open that can of worms' he thought. "Oh! We fucked and she sucked me off a couple of times", he replied. Blanche was silent for minutes; however, her whole being was on fire. She felt extremely uncomfortable, she was sure her nipples were erect and must be visible for she was only wearing a light skivvy and the muscles of her sex were vibrating so much that she felt giddy. For some time she had been drawn to this man, the very first time she had been introduced something in her being came alive and now that he described what his encounter with the woman was, her inner thoughts were 'would he fuck her if he had the opportunity?'

"Was ... was it nice", she muttered.

"What was nice?" Burt asked.

"The ... the fuck and the suck?" she replied with a nervous giggle. Burt was silent. 'What was she getting at?' he asked himself. The idea of her using the four letter word only added to the feeling that was arousing him, in fact any woman who said 'fuck' immediately attracted his attention. Since his first introduction he had fancied her for she processed a set of tits on her that made him comment to himself 'I bet if she was on all fours they would be dragging against the ground', he now he decided to push the conversation to the limit.

"Oh! The fuck was very nice, especially when I rammed my cock up her bum, in fact Blanche I think her backside was more enjoyable than her cunt and it was nice" he said. She nearly fell off the chair. She gasped and then muttered. "You ... you fucked her up the bum". He was feeling quite aroused and there was no mistaking the indents in her skivvy. "Yes!" he replied. "She was very good at sucking also', he continued. "Added to that while she sucked she yanked my balls, gave them a really stretching so by the time I emptied my load my balls were twice their size but it took her some time for the cum and saliva to flow out of her mouth; I found that a real turn on. There really is nothing better than having your cock sucked and shooting a load into the woman's mouth. Sue wasn't the only woman to do that however, for as I mentioned I do have female friends".

Blanche was almost in a fit, she began to shudder and beads of sweat were noticeable on her forehead and the indent in her skivvy had increased. He decided to throw caution to the wind. He stood up and taking out his mobile he flipped through the wallpaper till he came to the picture he wanted. "This is a photo of a woman I had an association with, I arranged the camera for this shot, she is sucking me off", he said as he showed her the image. Blanche just stared at the image but there was no hiding the way she licked her lips or the small dribble of saliva that was running down her chin. With her pre-occupied he dropped his trousers and taking his already enlarged cock, bounced it up in front of her face. "Suck it Blanche", he said. "Do what that cunt is doing, swallow it and while you are doing it, yank my balls". For seconds she was stunned, totally enchanted with that bouncing cock and the image on the mobile; however, they were only seconds of hesitation. She grabbed those hanging balls, and dragged that throbbing cock into her mouth and began to suck and yank.

For minutes he gave gasps of pleasure and he pulled her head hard against his groin till her lips were buried in his cock hair and his entire cock was down her throat. "Lovely! Oh! Suck it Blanche, suck it and keep yanking those balls". She obliged she sucked and yanked till suddenly he cried. "Enough! Enough! Now I want your cunt". Saliva was dripping down her chin when his cock broke free. He pulled her up, bent her over the table, lifted her dress, pulled down her panties and drove his lubricated cock right up to his redden balls in her very eager and accommodating cunt. She let out a groan of pleasure and as he pumped, she swayed her backside. In and Out his cock went, every thrust greeted with gasps and moans. He managed to lift her skivvy and eagerly cupped her enormous tits, squeezing and pulling her nipples. Then with his balls almost at the point of explosion, he gasped. "Now your bum".

Before she could accommodate what he had said he had pulled out and in a flash had rammed it up her bum. Boy did she buck. This time her cry echoed around the room. Her tits bounced and saliva was sprayed from her open mouth as each thrust only made her gasps ever louder, but he held her and fucked her, till finally he gave the finishing thrust that not only filled her bum with his blow, but actually moved the table. For minutes he lay sprawled across her back, his cock still buried. "That was fantastic", he said as he pulled out. She lay across the table; saliva was dripping from her mouth when he pulled her up. She made no attempt to interfere when he removed the clothing she still wore. He smiled for her enormous tits were quite red from where they had been crushed against the table top, however, the nipples were erect and hard. "You are one very desirable woman", he said.

He led her into the bedroom, sat her down and then totally undressed. He ran his cock up and down her tits, across her mouth, over her nipples till it began to harden again. "Suck me dry", he said as he pushed the enlarged head against her mouth. She obeyed. "Now my balls", he groaned. "Yank 'em". For the next ten minutes he groaned with delight and pain as her mouth performed magic with his cock and her yanking stretched his balls to the point they were triple their size and he was sure must be down to his knees.

He had told her about what happened when a woman received a mouth-full, however, she had only heard about it, not experienced it; now Burt gripped her head and blew. She struggled, she tried to pull away, her face turned pink as saliva and cum spilt past her lips and dribbled down her chin, but still he held her and only when every drop was gone did he release her. She fell back, her tits bounced, but it was her face where the real expression was, her mouth opened and a deluge flowed from it as she struggled to get breath, her gasps were just gaggles. He cradled his enlarged nuts and just laugh at her antics and it was minutes before she could recover to hurry to the bathroom.

"Next time warn me", she said as she immerged from the bathroom. "I will be tasting your cum for days, despite my efforts to get rid of it". However, her voice wasn't hostile and there was the evidence of a smile on her still rather red face. "If I tell you", he said. "You may pull away. A lot of women don't like a mouth full; they don't mind you shooting over their faces, but a mouth full is a bit doubtful, ' he concluded. She gave a grunt; she didn't quite know what to do, suddenly he said. "You know it is after five how about we eat out, I know a nice quite restaurant in the hills. I could give them a ring. What do you think?" She was seconds in replying. So far everything was going her way, a dinner out, supper back here and possibility a 'stay the night' recommendation would be 'icing on the cake'. "That would be fantastic", she said. "What do you think I should wear?"

'I think you look perfect as you are", he laughed but then said. Wear anything you like but don't wear any panties and as you don't wear a bra we don't have to consider that".

'Oh! Why don't you want me to wear panties?" she asked.

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