My Aunt Agnes

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Romantic Sex Story: My aunts clothes dryer went on the fritz so after I fixed it I hit the john. Spying a gold bra I had to try it and auntie walks in without knocking, she was not mad and liked the results of donning her bra and one hard thing led to another.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   .

Hello, my name is Ron, I grew up with no siblings and a father who was always on the road as a trucker. Although he made some damn good money, I wish he made a bit less and was able to spend more time with Mom and I.

I finished H.S. having taken a trade in refrigeration and air conditioning and worked for a pretty good company till the old man decided to sell the business and retire in Florida.

In my late twenties I was looking for my own place. Mom wanted me to live at home although I could afford to be out on my own and still save a few bucks. I think she was just lonely and getting to the point where if Dad never returned it would not have matt- ered all that much anymore. I mean he would come home late at night, get up and want breakfast made, Then it was sex with Mom, sleep some more and go back to work that night or early the next morning.

I never dated in H.S. not that I did not like girls, I just wanted them older, like around forty five or so, and I enjoyed visiting moms sisters. I was pretty good with other major appliances as well, stoves and clothes dryers and I knew where to get parts cheaper as having a license to do refrigeration I could go to the parts ware- house and buy them wholesale.

As it so happened my Aunt Agness's clothes dryer went on the fritz and she called me to see if I could fix it for her and visit too of course.

I had finished fixing her dryer, a whirlpool job and had to hit the John and while I was in there I saw her bra and a nice one at that, gold satin like with lots of lace. I wore a bikers shirt from Harley Davidson and that shirt came off quickly.

So I tried her bra and I never expected to get hard because of it and Aunt Agness walks in, no knocking just walks in. She was not mad.

"Oh, so you like my bra ... Ron?"she said as she smiled as if she already knew what could happen.

"I guess so, If I thought enough about it to want to try it."

Agness is a pretty cool aunt, not judging but curious.

"I would like to talk to you about this over coffee and Mother Parker doughnuts if that's all right."

I liked the way she stood there in the bathroom looking at me over the tops of her silver oval reading glasses and then she noticed her nephews crotch was tented.

"Well ... is that what happens when you wear a bra ... Ron?

"Is it what you'd like to happen Aunt Agnes?"

"Let me say I am not against the idea."

Now my aunts husband like my father is a long distance trucker and she has her lonely times as well, meaning she is not getting it anywhere as much as she would like to.

We sat at her kitchen table and drank coffee and finished a fresh box of MP's doughnuts.

"Ron, why did you never date girls in High School?"

"Probably because I was thinking about dating their moms."

"Oh, so you still have a thing for the older lady?"

I loved the way the lamp shone in her silver oval glasses, they were a medium size pair so she had to wear them down her nose to see for distance or look over the tops and I guess I was mezmerized by her looks as well...

"Oh Ron...

"Sorry Aunt Agnes.

"What were you looking at and thinking of exactly?"

"To be honest, I love seeing the reflection of a lamp in your glasses, somehow I find it oh, quite fetching and then how nice it was to ear your bra."

"I think you want to wear my clothes ... Ron."

That was direct! like six hundred volts of D.C.! Her words were too true and I did not expect tha

"Are you angry I asked that?, I should have thought before I spoke."

Aunt Agness seemed rather sad.

"Not at all Auntie, I guess maybe you are right, I mean I liked wearing your bra and I suppose it would only be a matter of time before I really did something along that line."

I got up to kiss her, I guess she knew what I was going to do and she took off her glasses which could use a wipe from a t shirt.

As I kissed her she put her hand on my crotch which was tented due to the hard-on I was sporting.

"Oh yes Ron, you like being with older ladies all right."

Aunt Agnes said with a smile and I could see some pretty nice things happening here.

I took her silver oval style glasses and cleaned them with my yellow bikers shirt and they came out sparkling clean.

It would not be long before I found out my aunt had a real need for some cock.

"Stay for dinner Ron?"

"Yup of course." She had a nice stew with turnip going and would make a thick crust with Bisquick to go on top, when served the stew would be on the crust.

I think she made sure to let her glasses fall into some gravy she was making as that is what they did. She ran some water over them then sat in a chair and called me over.

"Come here Ron."

I did so and she took my shirt and cleaned her glasses with it, that was nice. Then she unbuckles my belt and lowers my pants and starts touching me all over with them and I could not believe it. She looked up at me and smiled warmly. There was a spark in her eyes that was new.

"Go into the parlour and by the sofa is another pair of glasses, get them for me and don't bother with your pants, o.k.?"

GAWD I can't believe this!

I did and gave them to her, these too were silver oval and she put them on then she took my cock in her lovely, sexy, warm mouth looking at me through her silver glasses and once again the light of the room sparkled in them and in her eyes which was turning me on as much as her sucking my cock and rubbing her other pair under under my balls. Damn could she suck cock and yeah I came better than I came in a while.

My aunt took in every bit and lost not a drop. I could tell she was going to want this a lot more.

"So Ron, how would you like to wear my clothes as I get you off, could you like that and if so what would you like to wear? Skirt and blouse or one of my smooth silky dresses and what size shoes do you wear?"

"I'll go for that smooth blue one with lace and I wear an eight and a half shoe."

"Oh that is good, means my size ten heels will fit you."

She excused her self for a few minutes, well more like fifteen minutes and came back.

"Come on in Ron."

My aunt was dressed in a skirt, low patent black pumps and a white blouse with a ruffled V neck and still wearing her silver oval style glasses and my cock stood right out to greet her.

Aunt Agnes walked over to me, grabbed my cock and led me into her bedroom.

"Ron, when I saw how hard you were as you wore my bra, it awoke feelings in me I thought were long since forgotten."

"You are going to make love to your sexy and horny aunt as I need it, you and your hardness that is and you will want to come over much more often."

"So what I would like is, if you don't mind, to have you dressed as a woman."

I thought this just a bit weird, I loved her going down on me orally and would have no trouble 'doing her' but in drag? should I care?

I guess she saw my reluctance.

"You don't want to do me ... Ron? I mean we could have a lovely time together."

She said it in a very meaningful way and quite sad.

"So I guess as long as you get your needs met, fine?"

"Actually I would love to do you and I bet you are nice and tight but I will want some good foreplay, playing with your boobs and pussy as well, but what's with doing it in drag?"

"It is because a guy in drag, if he likes that and you seem like you would love that, well it would make you hard as cement. Ron, this old aunty of yours needs it so bad and I would be forever gratefull. You feel like a guy on that Sportster ... right? well it is a guy like thing and for me, getting laid from time to time is a woman like thing. It would make me feel whole, loved and desired. I'd really like to think you desire me and want me and what I could do for you. We could be the best of friends and lovers."

"So, you would not have a problem with me wanting you to touch me with your sexy silver oval reading glasses, to wear them and touch me with'em down there as you give me the best head ever?"

"I have no problem with that Ron, maybe I want you to cum in my bra at times as I watch you or cum all over my glasses so I can lick them nice and clean. How would you like me to be your dominatrix, could you like that?"

"Well to be honest Aunt I have had fantasies about you for some time and those silver ovals were always a part of them."

"Do me Ron, give an old lady your hard cock and make her happy, by the time George gets home from work, he is so tired and at best it is a third of what that monster cock of yours is. I might just call your cock the "Aunt slayer."

Well by now I would wear anything she wanted me to, I mean she is a damn nice lady, sweet with big tits and I am gonna have to cum them for her. I wonder if she has any beaded neck chains.

"So Aunt Agnes, do you have any beaded neck chains for your reading glasses?"

"I do for my half-glasses ... why?"

"Oh I have other uses for a beaded neck chain and half-glasses than what they are known for. Are they the half-round or half- square style?"

"Both, I have a few pair of each style, what do you have in mind ... Ron?"

Her eyes were wide with wonder, like what has he got in mind?"

"Tell you what auntie, I am going to stuff this cock right up between your lovely sweet melons as they are in the bra you are going to give me for fixing the dryer."

"And what else do you have in mind ... Ron?"

"Well you'd let me kiss, suck, and lick your lovely boobs and when I got your nipples nice and red I'd rub your half-glasses over the top of your nipples and run the beads against the side of those sexy nipples and they'd flutter as the beads went past them. How does that sound?Then I'd rub your labia with those half-glasses and you'll have the most intelligent looking labia in town."

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