The Plot Thickens

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It was so much easier for Lucy to write about the kinky thoughts that floated through her head. The idea of actually asking a boy to do those naughty things to her was too hard for her to consider. She felt certain she would find the right partners to make her do some of the perverted things she liked to write about. If only she could be like her friend Alice who seemed to have all the luck in finding partners to push all of her female buttons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   .

Lucy liked to write naughty stories about bad girls needing to be spanked for their own good. She enjoyed writing the stories because she had often felt a need to be addressed in that manner but she was really quite too shy and introverted to even imagine anyone of her acquaintance taking such a step with her person.

Her father was a good candidate but he was far too soft-hearted to be effective in such an enterprise and he blushed terribly whenever he happened to see her in her altogether or accidently came upon her in her bath. It was so embarrassing that she didn't even consider it for a single second. Then there was her brother Jake who bragged to her one time how he had whaled on Margaret White's pretty ass right in front of her approving older sister. Jake was 18 then and far too immature to make a decent impression on the older sister Gloria who was already 21 and had been exposed to many of the indecent activities one usually found rampant at a large university.

Margaret was slightly older than Jake at the age of 19 but she was still a "cherry" girl who giggled whenever he showed her his happy cock hoping to make her more submissive to his demands. Her laughter often sparked him to take remedial action by placing her over his knee.

Lucy thought about broaching the subject with her brother but the possibility of incest prevented her from following through on the plan and she kept silent.

She did have a little group of male student admirers but none that struck her as being capable of administering a proper bottom spanking with any degree of conviction. In fact, the very thought was so ridiculous that she steadfastly refused to mention the possibility to any of them.

Lucy did have a certain pool of males who read and enjoyed her light-hearted spanking adventures. Some of them were convinced she was well versed on the subject since she was able to write about it so much with depth and description of emotions. Of course, none of them knew her real name, only her pen-name that she liked to pretend was really the inside her when she grew bored with her boring existence. Sometimes in her stories, she had even gone beyond the spanking exercises and given voice to the sordid use of the female backside for things other than mere reddening with the palm of a hand.

She was ashamed of the fact that she was still a virgin even though she had almost reached her 20th birthday. Her best friend Alice was only just 18 and she never tired of telling about her experiences with not only one boy but with two boys at the very same time. It made her want to shout out,

"What ever happened to sharing, Alice?"

Her latest story was a real humdinger and she knew the little printed sheets were being passed around the school by the boys with a penchant for such things. Her female character was supposed to be patterned after her fake writer of naughty tales and they were thought to be a reflection of her.

Her pen-name was Sally Submissive and the boys all seemed to be enthralled with the thought of getting her over their knees. She wished that would be possible as well but she knew she was far too shy to ever initiate any action to cause it to occur.

When Alice invited her to a party at her house, Lucy accepted with gratitude because she was beginning to think life was passing her by and she was just standing there watching it with a sad look in her eyes.

Parties are parties, but Alice's party was a bit different. She had invited not only male and female students but a number of local youth as well. They were butcher's boys and maids and even men who repaired the streets and roads with their shirts off in the hot summer sun.

Lucy was a bit of a wallflower, but she didn't care because the chaos of all the mingling guests and classes made her tingle with excitement like she knew something was about to happen but she couldn't quite put her finger on it to determine if it would be good or bad.

They started playing silly games but Lucy enjoyed being part of the mix and partook with great gusto. Suddenly, she found that she was in a closet with a big lad from the street repair union who didn't say very much but let his huge hands do the talking for him.

She was panting not from the bit of running but from the fact that her normally well hidden boobs were being molded like putty in the hands of Robert the workman with no thought to her personal dignity and lacking any concern about her feelings on the matter. Actually, Lucy was quite pleased with the aggressiveness of Robert because she was relieved of all responsibility in the matter and that served to dampen her knickers and make her knees quiver with anticipation.

The sounds outside the closet receded and it was obvious the partygoers had moved to another room. Robert took the opportunity to lift her party dress and yank down her knickers baring her bottom to his greedy eyes. When she attempted to pull them back up before he could proceed further, he pulled her over his knee and commenced to spank her like she was being a naughty little girl. It was the culmination of her secret desire and her unbroken pussy wept copiously with sheer delight.

Poor Robert had no idea he was dealing not only with a virgin panting to be set free from the bounds of undisturbed hymens but an anonymous writer of the most shocking spanking tales ever written. The solid meaty sounds of Robert's heavy hands pummeling her hindquarter flesh sent Lucy into the throes of a joyous orgasm wetting his dark colored trousers with her female juices.

Sensing her wetness and her attitude of complete submissiveness, Robert set her down in front of him on her hands and knees and steadied her for mounting. Lucy was not at all certain what to do in this situation which was entirely new to her so she merely relaxed and allowed her new coupling partner take charge of the entire affair.

The probing of her drenched female slit was not tentative or gentle. Robert made haste to shove his thick cock into the back end of her waiting vagina with little ceremony and grabbed hold of her ears to keep her from getting away from his demanding shaft. The shredding of her unwanted hymen was unnoticed by the lad as he secured his beachhead and moved inland to explore new territory inside her vaginal recesses.

Lucy was sorely tempted to shout out more in happiness than in fear but her voice was dry and no sound exited her pretty mouth. All that could be heard was the steady slurping of her impalement and the shameful whimpers that she seemed to repeat like a litany of depraved release.

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