Mom's iPhone

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Romantic Sex Story: Mom's son Harold not only gets turned on by his mom's half-glasses but puts his pics on her iphone as well. Mom comes across the pics and loves them. Things hapen when she drops in one night to take pics

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   .

I never had an idea, or at least on a concious level that moms various styles of half-glasses got me turned on, maybe it was the feminine look with her glass beaded neckchain, I don't know but I do like the looks of a serious older lady.

Well one day Mom asks if I could come over before I went to work the afternoon shift to let her Pug out for a walk. Sure, no trouble. I had been reading sex stories on the internet and some were from this guy called Edison3wire and his stories were about older ladies and their half-glasses and maybe that with moms old pairs of reading glasses I started to get some ideas.

So one day after I took Puggy out I came back in and got a nice cold glass of lemonade, I saw moms glasses on a counter and took them to the spare room.

These glasses were a gold half-moon style with a neck chain of small pearls with a purple bead every twentieth bead or so, very feminine. I started to wonder what this scene would look like as a picture and knowing moms old iphone could take pics, yeah I put about half a dozen pics on her phone, half had me in a blue silky dress and I had a couple of pics where her half-glasses were smothered in love sauce, she would not be reading through these for a while. I don't honestly know if I was going to delete said pics as I knew mom had a newer iphone so I guess I just left it where I found it and thought no more of it.

A month later mom offered to take me out to dinner at an upscale Italian eatery known for a great salad and bread sticks. There soups are also totally delicious.

"Mom, this is so nice of you, thanks."

"Well I love my Puggy and it helps him to do his thing a few times a day, great for his kidneys."

Mom was reading the bill of fare through a pair of silver half-square style glasses and I found myself giving them a good look.

Mom put her hand on mine and smiled when she said, "I know you like the looks of me when I wear my half- glasses but to leave six erotic pics of you on my iphone?"

The way she said it made me think I went just a bit too far this time and I figured I had better apologise, but there was something weird here. I mean she smiled and put her hand on mine and said she knew I liked her looks when she wore her half-glasses, it seemed she was mad about this and yet she takes me to lunch?

"You are right mom, I was wrong to have left these pics on your iphone, I am really sorry but if you are mad, why take me out to lunch at the Olive garden?"

"Who's mad? I'm not. Only six pictures though? You have to do a lot more than that. A few hundred anyways, than we can talk about the pics and maybe I want to take some pics as well and who knows what else could happen in our time together?"

"Harold, at first I was wondering how the pics got on my iphone than I started to think how you look at me with such lust as I am reading the paper. When I realised it was you enjoying my reading glasses, I got hot and yes very much turned on, the fantasies I had. I found myself doing things I had'nt done since my teenage years and I think it is great that you love my dress;heels and reading glasses, so I want you to take more pictures a few hundred of them and I will ask a few of my friends if they have any old reading glasses, I think Joanie may have a few pair, black and brown half rounds I think. You know Joanie ... don't you?

"Yeah Mom, I have seen her here at times reading the paper through her half-rounds, sipping coffee and although she seems warm she seems quite serious as well. Frankly there have been times I wondered what it would be like to date her, since I have had fantasies about her. Telling me to do things with her reading glasses in a serious tone of voice, yes I think she could be a good dominatrix." and have a steady thing going."

"You know Harold, I am really glad you have these fetishes, I mean women have dildo's and vibrators which do a pretty good job but I am rather pleased you like taking care of your needs with my clothes; heels and half-glasses."

Well I was very glad about this, I had girl friends in the past but thinking about it, I'd rather be with their moms, I knew I loved older ladies and I knew beyond a doubt I always would.

Lunch with mom was almost over and she ordered the zipoli which are Italian doughnuts with various dipping sauces.

"Harold, I am going out to Bingo tonight but will leave a few pair of my half-glasses on the kitchen table, they have beaded chains so I am going to expect to see a hundred pics pics, and you may want to experiment with the lighting, low soft lighting or medium for the same pic will give a different result."

Needless to say my workday went pretty good, I have a new fetish and mom likes it, makes me think that there is a chance we could really get close. Damn that would be great.

I did have a nice evening. I slipped into a nice dress got up on the bed and started to snap some erotic pics for my mother and I did mess around with the lighting and some pics came out in b&w and still looked erotic. I made sure a few pics showed moms sexy black or brown half-rounds smothered in her thirty yr. old sons thick white love sauce and I could only think of how nice it would be for mom to have a pair of glasses down her nose with the beads hanging from them and seeing the light of the room sparkle in her silver half-round glasses as her head bobbed up and down on her sons rock hard cock.

So as the month went by I did my thing, taking moms Pug out for a walk, then off to work and her thirty year old son would spend time and make some erotic pics for mom and e-mail them to her as well as leaving them on her old iphone

One night around nine or so I was dressed in a blue silk dress, bra and fake tits and patent black pumps as well and the door chimes rang.

"Hello dear, it's Mom"

So I am thinking to myself, she saw pics of me in her dress, yeah nothing to get my self in a knot over.

"Comming Mom."

So I opened the door and she came in.

"Oh Harold, you look good," and as she squeezed me, I felt her hand go down to the promised land, YUP right up under my panties and yellow slip.

"You really have something there Harold." She said with a funny grin.

"I have something for you."

She went to the kitchen table, took from her purse a rolled up brassiere that held five nice pair of womens half-glasses all of which had a nice beaded neck chain. these were black and brown abd a nice pair of half-glasses in blue and Mom saw me getting hard.

"These are from my friend Joanie, and she now knows about your fetish and how you like serious looking older ladies. I told her you have had fantasies about her and she was very pleased and wondered why you never spoke to her about them, but she is going to call you one of these days."

"So you set me up with Joanie?" I looked at Mom surprise.

"Are you mad?" asked Mom in a hurt voice. "I just thought you'd like to get closer to her, what with the fantasies you told me you had about her."

"Oh no mom I am not mad, quite pleased really, Joanie likes antiques and as you know I love them too but mostly electrical antiques, phones, ringer boxes glass insulators."

"Let's go to your room and see what we can do with all these nice glasses, Harold. I might want to take some pics with my new iphone, it also has video so you could make a movie for me. Imagine Daryl F Zanuck making erotic movies for his mom."

Mom had her clothes off by now with only a black lacey bra, matching panties, slip and low pumps in patent black. Mom had a nice pair of silver half-round glasses with sweet little pearls beads as a neck chain and my cock was taking notice

"Oh my, it looks like he is saying hello."

"That's right Mom."

"Here is the deal Harold, touch your self all over with my half-glasses and beads as I make a movie of it, then I will blow your socks off with what I have in mind."

So I did as she wanted me to and Mom was really liking this and I was getting rather turned on looking at her dressed as she was.

"O.K Harold let me see you wrap those beads around it then kiss my half-square glasses as you beat off over the small gold ovals, I want to see some of that man sauce all over them. Do you hear me?"

My hand was a blurr as it went up and down clutching a pair of moms old gold small ovals...

"Oh Harold, you look so sexy." Mom said as I was breathing and grunting...

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