Homosexual Indoctrination: Liberty Man Versus Lady Mindtaker

by theobedientboy

Copyright© 2013 by theobedientboy

Mind Control Sex Story: Lady MindTaker has enslaved a ship of drones to her will. Can Liberty Man rescue them before it is too late?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Slavery   Gay   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Robot   Superhero   Space   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science fiction mind control story.

The drone formerly known as robby lined up in three columns with 29 other drones. Some drones were left with, or had programmed into them, some kind of personality, but these were not only docile and willess, but their minds were empty, blank, slates remotely controlled by a surgically implanted chip in their brains. The drones began marching behind their handler, who had taken them off campus in a train that had now arrived at a military base of some sorts. The chip controlling them kept each marching in unison, eyes blank and staring straight ahead.

Their handler stopped suddenly, which brought robby-drone and the others to a complete halt. They snapped to attention and waited blankly for command.

Their handler, a young man with two stars on his uniform collar turned and smiled. "drones, the campus you served on has sold you to the military. you are now the property of the Air Navy. He pressed a button on the controller n his hand. Each drone blinked rapidly and announced "NEW PROGRAM LOADING" loudly at the same time.

robby-drone blinked again. it was Air Navy property and would die for the glorious country that owned it. A deep sense of patriotism flooded it; duty and obedience became its only reason to live. Its cock became hard in the tiny shorts and tank top it now noticed was practically painted on in the colors of this great nation.

After the drones snapped to attention, their Handler had them follow him again. They marched obediently across the large military center towards a naval ship. A handsome, middle aged, man in uniform, with three stars on his shirt, waited for them with two of his own drones waited at either side of him in latex body suits. The drones marched until their handler stopped them a few feet before him and they waited silently for orders. Each drone stared directly at their handler, as if there were no other humans on the planet.

The Handler nodded to the ship captain and turned to the drones. "Each of these drones has been assigned to Captain Richard here. He is your commanding officer." He paused and walked a few steps closer to the lines of drones. "As commanding officer, what is its purpose?"

"To please, Master." Each drone proudly recited the mantra. robby-drone stared at the Captain, instantly and madly enamored for him, willing to die if commanded to please.

"Good." The Handler tapped a few more buttons. "I now officially give full control over to you, Captain, and wish you success in your work for our glorious country." He shock hands with the Captain, whose expression he could not read behind a pair of Air Navy given shades.

The drones marched onto the ship in two columns. They followed their Captain inside and then stood at attention when he stopped in a large common room. There was a a pile of boxes all around the room. The Captain turned around. "Please put on your uniform. You will not take it off unless commanded."

"Yes, Master," each drone said in unison as they moved forward to take a box. robby-drone picked up two boxes and handed them to other drones before take another one in its hands. There was a pink latex uniform inside which, once the red haired drone slid it on, snugged in all the right places. Each drone put its on and then lined up again before the Captain.

"I will now assign duties." He tapped a button on the tablet in his hand and each drone became firm and wide eyed. After a minute. each began moving to their assigned tasks. robby-drone followed the Captain and five other drones to the bridge of the ship. The red haired drone would be the Captain assistant, devoted to serving his every command. it stood at attention, announcing absolute devotion to the Captain.

The Captain nodded. "Set our destination to quadrant to sector 4.564 on the auto pilot." drone chirped the command to the other drones, who mindlessly entered the commands. A spiral came up on each drone's screen, putting them in trance to perfect their skills. drone turned and smiled at the Captain, acknowledging the command. it did notice the other drones were under the spiral's siren dance, but did not say anything. it assumed The Captain had a good reason.

After a few minutes, satisfied that the drones were all deeply under control, The Captain put his hand on drone's arm. "Follow me." drone padded along next to The Captain as they made their way off the bridge, up an elevator, and into a programming chamber. "It must be reprogrammed to serve on this trip." The Captain pointed to another person in the room, which made drone gasp in surprise. "Alert!" it yelled before freezing in place. A moment passed before it blinked a few times. "drone personality wiped. Please install new personality."

it stared straight ahead as the newcomer to the room tapped a few commands on The Captain's pad. After a final button push, drone had a new personality and new beliefs installed. drone stared at the newcomer in the room, hard cock tight and painful against the latex and feel instantly to its knees. it crawled over to the new person and bowed next to the drone that had been imitating a Captain.

Both looked up at the woman, staring lovingly into her gray eyes. "Lady MindTaker, how will it obey?" Lady MindTaker smiled and petted robby-drone.

Lady MindTaker smiled down at the two drones at her feet. Her blond hair swung forward to hug her breasts, which robby-drone now found irresistibly sexy. He was mesmerized by their movement. "Stand up, my pets." Both drones rose and snapped to attention.

She came over to them and ran a long pink tipped nail over robby-drones' face, grinning proudly at its rock hard cock, screaming to get out of the latex uniform the drone formerly called Captain favored in its drones. The former captain had been one of her first captives, an experiment while it was away on a vacation. She had been experimenting with conditioning drones wirelessly and had found the perfect frequency to do so individually. The gay captain was now a full on heterosexual submissive devoted to Her.

Now, she had a full ship of drones to experiment on and bring her plan to enslave all drones around the world to her will, and, eventually, all men, to fruition. "drone," she pivoted to look at the former captain, "install the virus on the ship's computer and add it to the next programming update for the drones on the ship." She glanced over her shoulder to see that the update was in about half an hour. "Once the ship is at my command, you may take on your new job."

"Yrs, Lady MindTaker," the drone proclaimed before swiftly moving to obey its Lady's command. Once all drones on the ship were enslaved to Lady MindTaker, their personalities and orientations swapped to obey her without question and find women to be aesthetically perfect, the drone would take on the job of janitorial staff, basically becoming an empty vessel that cleaned the ship until commanded otherwise.

robby-drone remained kneeling at Lady MindTaker high heeled feet. She examined it for a moment. it was cute, red haired with pretty green eyes. The latex uniform the former captain made it wear caused the bulge in its pants to look massive. The cock was massive because of her reconditioning programming, which reoriented it from being gay to undeniably heterosexual. "drone, what is your sexual designation?"

drone smiled and proudly proclaimed that, "drone finds the female form to be perfect in all forms, Lady MindTaker."

"You don't find men attractive?" Lady MindTaker asked with a bemused smile.

drone frowned. Why would drone like men? "drone thinks that is disgusting, Lady MindTaker!" What an abominable idea. Unless Lady MindTaker wanted drone to do it? it would happily!

She instructed drone to stand and it did. Lady MindTaker walked around it and mused to herself about the attractiveness of the red haired drone. "Take off your uniform." drone obediently tried to get out of the latex outfit, but the Lady had to move behind it to finish the unzipping. "Of course, he made them have to work together to even dress," she mumbled to herself, cursing the egotistic frivolities of the former captain.

drone was as attractive as she thought. it had toned arms and legs, was hairless below the shoulders, and had a pretty decent sized cock. "drone," she began, red lips smiling, "I have decided to promote it to my personal assistant. it will be at my side at all times on the ship to carry out my commands." Lady MindTaker pausing and caressed its face. "All times include in the bedroom. Does it understand?" She squeezed the drone's left hand.

drone squeezed back and nodded. "Yes, Lady MindTaker."

The older drone that had been programmed the crew walked over to Lady MindTaker and drone. "Lady MindTaker, the crew has been reprogrammed to please you." it walked away to begin its new life without further pronouncement.

Lady MindTaker took drone's hand and brought it back out to the bridge of the ship. Each drone on it stopped what they were doing and snapped to attention before their Lady. "Back to your duties. If I have reason to need you, you will know." Each drone went back to their work as the Lady and drone made their way to be center of the bridge so she could sit in the Captain's chair. drone took its place next to her.

The blond villain examined their course and approved of it with a nod to drone. Content with their situation, she sat back and enjoyed the trip, confident in her victory. Soon, all drones would be under her command.

Later that evening, drone cooked for Lady MindTaker and then massaged her. She turned and faced it, kissing the drone, which enthusiastically returned the embrace. At her command, drone methodically stripped her down out of the elegant dress and high heeled boots she wore. Lady was stunning, with long legs and full breasts. A pink tipped nail gently motioned the drone to come into her tight embrace. drone was madly in love and thrilled that it was worthy of Lady MindTaker's touch.

Lust in her eyes, Lady MindTaker forced drone on the bed and pushed herself into of it. She used drone's cock as a pleasure device for herself, commanding it, between moans, to not cum until commanded. After four orgasms, she finally tapped a pink nail against its cock and said the magic word. drone sprayed cum all over the floor, which would have to be cleaned up later by the new janitor, she giggled to herself.

She pulled the drone close to her. Lady MindTaker would toss this drone away eventually, but for now it was a nicely shaped distraction.

Another drone walked through the corridors of the ship, heading back to the engine room. drone was a blond, muscular, thing that's muscle could hardly be contained in the latex uniform it wore. drone entered an elevator and quietly idled, blank eyes staring forward. Suddenly, the elevator stopped. drone blinked and moved into action to see what the problem was. This would prove to be a mistake.

A much stronger hand grabbed drone and turned it around. The spandex clad man jammed a chip into the interface of drone's collar, causing it to whimper before going soft in the man's arms. After a few minutes, drone snapped to attention. "System error ... personality data corruption ... checking ... checking ... personality corrupted ... deleting ... reverting to default..." drone blinked, saw Liberty Man and curtsied low. "Master, drone only exists for your next command."

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