Aunt Julia's Bad Day

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Pedo Sex Story: That bad day for Julia Williams started with the encounter with her nephew Nick, and his hair brained scheme to catch her on film naked. It got worse from there, when she had an accident and, through her haze, heard her boss, John Linn Dryfuss profess his love for her, when he thought her dying. Their romance had only begun though.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Beginning With Nick

The day, that horrible day, began with her nephew Nick. He and his Mom, Shawna, Julia Williams' younger sister, were living with Julia, and Julia was providing the bulk of the money for Nick's university education.

It was an uneasy mix at best but Julia was determined to try to make it work. She hated to admit it but she didn't trust Nick. He seemed to be always there, no matter what was happening.

The thing, of course that Julia didn't know was that Nick was going to try to pull off what he was thinking of as his major coup that very morning.

Shawna had married early, the only one of the three girls to do so, and had her Nicholas.She divorced and ended up being a single mother, and Julia helped her along with that difficult task, especially financially, since the marriage 'crashed and burned' about a year ago. It was then that Shawna and Nick came to live with Julia, in her fairly small house. And it was since that time that things had been tense, at least for Julia, where Nick was concerned.

Julia had entered the business world early and was struggling to make her mark. She had done well; indeed, she did well enough to help Shawna out.

She began working for Dryfuss Inc pretty much as a laborer but she worked continually on her education and the effect of her various promotions through the years was to make her aware of almost every part of their process. At this point in her work life, Julia was assistant/associate to John Linn Dryfuss, the CEO and COO, and the owner.

The three girls had grown up in a fairly middle class Afro-American family. They were popular at school and easy to become friends with people. Of the three girls, Julia was the tall one; that is, she was tall and well built, whereas Angelia was rather thin, and tended to be intense -- especially now that she was honing in on her doctor's degree. Shawna was smaller and cute, the cuddly one.

Of course, growing up, for a while, Julia had tended to be the fat sister. No one knew why she'd turned out that way. She favored, in that respect, more her maternal grandmother than either her Mom or Dad, neither of whom were heavy. But Julia was, for years, the fat sister. (Of course, in this respect, she was 'fat' only in comparison to her sisters, who were not.)

It was only, when she finally went to college that Julia had her growth spurts. It was as though it was all waiting to happen at one time. She took up athletics and the spirit of the teams that she joined, especially the volley ball team, seemed to also spur on her new found growth.

By the middle of her college years, Julia was fairly tall, 5'11", and certainly well built. She sported, since those college days, her hair in curls that were close to her skull. She liked the short hair effect. But it was as though her heavy weight simply, over those few years, was re-distributed. She was the busty one of the crowd -- again taking after her maternal grandmother, and her sisters were certainly, at least periodically, jealous of Julia's 38c breasts —- (Julia called them 'her girls'!). She was, like Shawna especially, a lovely looking woman. She also had soft full lips that alone were 'to die for'. At her present age of 33, Julia Williams was a treat!

Her participation in college athletics left her with strong legs and a lovely rounded butt -- which also caused envy, at least with Shawna, who was more petite and had, as she would put it, 'less equipment' than statuesque Julia.

It was just at the time that Shawna's marriage failed and she needed a place to stay, to 'get away from that beast', as she put it at the time, that Julia had gotten her new position with Mr Dryfuss. She was still in the process of learning about that position and getting 'into it'.

The bad day began with Nick's final decision to put his major plan into operation. He lived with constant, or at least a frequent day dream about his Aunt Julia. He was certainly 'in lust' with her and she figured in every thought that led him, especially at night to play with himself.

Today the daydream was strong, and it was today that he was determined to make some progress. He smiled as he rolled it one more time in his mind:


Aunt Julia would ask him to help with a project in the garage. For his part, Nick was super pleased about the request to help his Aunt. He had been in lust with her for as long as he could remember. He had spent, he thought, a remarkable amount of his lifetime ogling his Aunt Julia. He secretly called her 'Julia the Body'.

This was going to be his day with Aunt Julia and that was super fine with Nick! He was looking forward to it.

As he was growing up, he would allow himself the treat of trying to decide which of his Aunt Julia's features were the best: those luscious lips, or her big tits or that wonderfully rounded ass.

It was just such thoughts that would almost invariably lead Nick to reach for his usually growing erection and play with himself thinking of Julia and what her lips would do to him, while he was idly playing with a large, hard nippled tit or bouncing a coveted ass cheek.

His Aunt Julia fairly filled Nick's world.

Nick also knew that one of the very best parts of the day working with Aunt Julia would be the hug that she gave him, when they worked together. They were a hugging family; he'd grown up knowing that and getting regular hugs from his Aunts, Angelia and Julia.

It's just that today he figured that this would be his best chance to get himself close enough to rub up against Aunt Julia.

He tried, of course, to put brakes on that kind of thinking, after a bit, since he didn't want to be poking her with his erection, during the hug. But that very thought caused him to chuckle.

Julia was already in the garage, when he entered."There he is! Mr Gorgeous! The world's most handsome nephew!" Julia proclaimed as she went down the steps and hastened over to the driveway to grab hold of her nephew.

"Look world," he proclaimed, "It's Aunt Julia the body!"

She giggled and struck a pose for him.

"Aren't you ashamed, you brash young man," she declared, "Treating your old Aunt that way?"

"I call them the way that they are!" he said with flair and she squealed and grabbed him into hug that he had been anticipating.

The hug was quick. Nick had to move away quicker than he wanted because his erection was being, on this occasion, instantaneous. But Aunt Julia felt wonderful; she smelled wonderful! She looked wonderful!

He felt at least free enough to tell her those things. It made her preen and grin at him, leaning in and planting a large kiss on him with her world class lips.

"Aren't you the silver tongued one!" she crooned to him, still holding on to him.

"Looks like you're ready to work, Aunt Julia," he said.

"Yep, that's me today!" she said, spinning around and showing herself off, still being the enthusiastic Aunt for him.

Julia was indeed dressed to work. She sported a tee shirt, proclaiming her favorite professional football team, across her large breasts, and she also wore running shorts. They were a bit baggy, which didn't please Nick all that much, since he was looking forward to ogling at her ass. (One of today's projects for him!)

"All ready, sport?" she asked.

"Well," he replied with a grin, "I was intending to ogle just a little bit longer!"

It set her giggling. "Ogling will have to take place, during the job!" she declared.

"So, ogling is allowed!" he asked.

"You mean from my not so secret admirer?" she asked with a grin.

"Got me, Auntie!" he said, "But show me what we're going to be doing, and let's get to it."

"Yes," she said, "Ogling will come later!"

("Not really!" Nick said to himself, knowing that working with his Aunt was going to be that much of a treat for him!)

They went into the garage, after Julia moved her car out, an older Mazda convertible, called Rosinante, and which she coddled and kept on the road, at times by will alone.

"Aunt Julia," Nick said, "This is a beater!"

"Yes, honey," she admitted, "One of these days I'll get rid of it."

"Sell it to me, when you do," he said.

"Might just do that!" was her reply.

She explained to him what it was that she needed to have done, and they began to do it with a will. They worked side by side for a good long time and then she indicated that she needed to get into a pile of things, that were left over from dealing with her Momma and Daddy's house, to see about them.


That's when it happened.

Nick was busy, half the time, staring at Julia's round and firm butt. He was getting, in the process, more and more excited. He constantly had to surreptitiously shift his erection around, to try to not make it too obvious.

It was almost as if she were tempting him with her movements, especially now that she was bending over this new pile of items. It showed him her 'vpl', making him grin, as he stared at the lines that her panties were making, as they pushed against the fabric of her shorts.

Nick was getting hotter and hotter, as he watched his Aunt Julia in her bent over position.

Then, heaven help him, he did the stupidest thing that he'd ever done in his life. He allowed his constantly growing and in-dwelling fantasies get the best of him. He'd been kind of preparing for what was about to happen, as stupid as it actually was, for most of his teenaged life. He just never until that moment thought or believed that it would happen, that he'd do such a thing.

As she bent over there, her breasts pushing against the fabric of her tee shirt and her butt in the air, her panty line showing, Nick, before he realized what he was doing, reached out and, grabbing the shorts at the waist, pulled them down. They were big enough that they moved easily and were soon around her ankles. Leaving Julia there showing a pair of beige panties and her, not really hidden at all, fabulous ass.

His immediate reaction was: "Oh, shit! I'm so sorry, Aunt Julia!"

Her immediate reaction as nothing that he would ever have guessed at all. She made a squealing noise, when her pulled her shorts down, and sprang upright. She gave him a piercing look all the while he apologized. The only, at that moment, good part of what was happening was that now she was turned around and he could see plainly her pussy hair, not hidden by the fabric of her panties at all.

And then, the entire world stopped. Nick's world stopped and shifted its axes and he was momentarily left only looking and trying to take in what was occurring, because Aunt Julia, shuffling along with her shorts around her ankles, grabbed her nephew and kissed him!

The daydream was a grand one. It was so frequently on his mind that it kind of drove him to do something about his 'lust' for his Aunt, half believing in the outcome of the daydream, that she'd end up in his arms.

He considered himself a 'cool operator' but was not pleased that he'd failed thus far to get his heart's desire, namely at least a photo of his gorgeous Aunt Julia naked. But today he'd do it. He'd talked himself into doing it and was ready for the risk. He thought that she'd be so busy with her shower that he could sneak into the bathroom and take the photo and get out again.

(Of course he was 'thinking with his dick', as the phrase indicates but there was no one around to try to talk him out of his hair brained idea, and so, he was determined.)

There were two things that occurred at about the same time. First of all, Nick forgot to silence the phone's 'click' noise that accompanied his taking a picture. He was so intent on the picture, and the wonder of seeing Aunt Julia, finally —- finally, totally naked, 'all tits and ass', as he said to himself at the time, that he never noticed the 'click' noise of the camera.

Julia, however, noticed it right away. That was because of the second thing that occurred at that precise moment. She had just then finished and turned off the shower. As soon as the shower was turned off, Julia heard the click and recognized what it was immediately, spotting Nick and his phone immediately.

Nick grinned, despite himself, when his Aunt Julia looked at him wide eyed and really, really angry. But he wasn't ready for the storm that was coming, not by any measure.

Julia emerged from the shower stall like the wrath of God, shouting at the top of her lungs: "Nicholas, I will kill you!"

He was rooted to the spot for that moment, and didn't get away. He was frozen there by the combination of Julia's total, naked beauty and the absolute fury of her anger.

Then, to make things even worse, Shawna appeared at the door, wondering what the shouting was about. She got to the bathroom at the same time that Julia got to where Nick was standing, rooted, it seemed, to the spot.

Julia was now clutching a towel in one hand by then, with her arm holding it right above her breasts and with the other hand, she simply snatched the camera from him and with a deft toss, threw it into the toilet.

Nick bellowed, when then phone went into the water but he had other problems right then.

"You little pervert!" Julia yelled, as soon as she'd disposed of the phone, she slapped his face. She slapped him with her hand one way and then back handed him the other way with the same hand.

He turned only to meet his Momma coming into the bathroom. And Shawna, seeing what had happened, since she arrived just as Julia emerged from the shower and after Julia's first shout, recognized what had happened. When Nick turned her way, she slapped his face also, back and forth, as Julia had.

"Leave!" Shawna shouted, "Right this instance! Go on! Go to school but get out! How dare you?!"

Nick, totally done in by then, stomped down the stairs, with his Momma following him and berating him all the way. She stayed with him until he was gone, and then she went back upstairs. By the time she got to the bathroom, where Julia now had at least her panties and bra on, she was crying.

Julia met her with open arms.

"I'm so sorry!" Shawna said, "So sorry!"

"I've been afraid that something like this was coming," Julia said.

"Ohhhhhh!" Shawna moaned.

"I've totally destroyed the phone," Julia said. "And will cancel it today."

(In an ironic twist, Julia was the one that was paying for Nick's phone!)

"He's gone!" Shawna said, still sobbing.

"It'll be okay, honey! We'll work this out." Julia said.

"I'm going to send him to his Dad's," Shawna said.

"It might be best for a while," Julia admitted, her own feelings being cooled a bit by Shawna's obvious grief over what happened.

"I'll go and make some coffee," Shawna said, and Julia nodded.

She had other things that she decided had better be done. She quickly dressed; much more quickly that she normally would but she needed to get to work and did want to look over Nick's computer in the meantime, which she'd bought for him also.

It was as she'd thought and feared. She found photos on the computer. They were photos taken of her in various stages of undress, and, worst of all, there were photos of Nick holding his erection against his Momma's lips, as Shawna was obviously sleeping.

Julia didn't want Shawna to see those photos. She quickly took care of it. (She was the computer specialist for the company; it was one of the many jobs that she'd performed there, and this was child's play to her!) She simply erased the material and set it up as it had been, when it was new. The material was all gone.

There was also a back up drive, which she formatted and she found a thumb drive, which she cleared also. Nick's surveillance had been almost entirely electronic and Julia made sure that she took care of those things.

She left a note for Nick on the computer screen, telling him what she'd done:

"Nicholas, I'm ashamed of you! Treating not only me this way but causing this heart ache for your lovely Momma! You may not stay here anymore. You can take the computer, which I bought for you. I've taken everything off of it and the back up drive, as well as the thumb drive. Don't let anything like this happen again.

Aunt Julia"

When she was done, she went downstairs and had some coffee with Shawna, who was still sobbing. She held her sister for a few moments and told her how she'd cleaned the computer and the backup drive, and thumb drive.

"I'll kill him!" Shawna said.

"You just take some time to calm down, honey, and we'll talk about this tonight," Julia said, trying to calm Shawna a little.

Julia took a huge breath then and said: "But I do want him to be out of here today. I know it sounds harsh but that was creepy for me."

"Harsh! No!" Shawna said, "I'll call Gerald and tell him today that Nick is coming to him. I'll take the time to get his stuff packed up. I'm so shaken by this."

Julia, right then, was glad that she hadn't told Shawna about the pictures of what Nick had done to his Mom during the night. She kept that information to herself.


She was in a hurry now. All that fuss with Nick had put her behind her time. She gave the still sorrowing Shawna a quick kiss and hug and said: "Sweetie, I have to leave."

"I promise, Jules, that I'll get this straightened out. He's going to his father's; that's all there is to it."

"We'll talk," Julia said, "Call me at work, if you get a chance. Maybe we can lunch. When do you work?"

"Afternoon shift today," Shawna said, and Julia was gone.

She got to the garage and said a fairly happy 'good morning' to Rosinante, her Mazda sport convertible. That car was one of the things that was guaranteed to lift her spirits, which were indeed, right then, low.

"Hey, Ros," she said, settling herself in. "How are you today?"

The motor cranked a bit before starting; Rosinante was an old gal of a car.

"I promise, promise," Julia said, speaking to the car, "To get you all checked out soon; new shoes, brakes and everything. Things are gonna change; I think!"

It had been one of the things that she set aside, since her money was going to help Nick's university education. But in her present frame of mind, money going for that kind of need was coming to an abrupt end. She was sure of that. Ros finally fired up and Julia was out and away.

She had a precise route that she always took to work. It was a pleasant one for her, since it went past the Dryfuss estate, called by everyone around 'the Hall', and, since she was a girl, she was in love with the Dryfuss estate, with its majestic surrounding wall and the long rolling lawns, going up to what she supposed was a lovely house.

(She'd never actually been in the house or up to it but her imagination always played games with her about how grand it would be.)

As a matter of fact, it was one of the lovely ironic things of her life that she landed a job, while still pursuing her education, at Dryfuss Inc. It made her trip past the estate that much more a treat for her.

She was hurrying in that direction driving much faster than she usually did. Normally, for her, it was a slow trip past Dryfuss to gape at it a bit and let the whole picture of it invade her mind, kind of.

But Julia's bad day was about to get even worse!


John Linn Dryfuss' morning preparations were just about complete and he was ready to head to work. The cats, Mindy and Maudie, had been fed and catered to, and seemed to be content to take their places in front of one of the large windows that allowed them to survey the scenery of the grounds. He was a pretty much contented man, but one, who, at 37, longed for more in his life.

Hen said a 'good bye' to Mrs Darling, his housekeeper, and moved to the garage, through the breezeway and decided it was the Range Rover for today. He was a bit of a car buff and, since he lived now alone, and had done so for a while, allowed himself to purchase cars that he had a fancy for. He was always pleased, when he entered the garage and saw them: a lovely tan Mercedes sedan, a sleek Mercedes sports car convertible and his Range Rover.

John Linn had come up through the business in much the same was that Julia Williams had, at about exactly the same time. It's when they'd met, and, during the ensuing time period, become close friends.

Julia always considered it that way: John Linn was her friend. She'd eventually joined him, once he'd become the CEO, as a member of the management team at Dryfuss, Inc. But the easy closeness of their relationship was always a treat for her.

Of course, it wasn't exactly the same for John Linn. He had been in love with Julia Williams, totally, infatuatedly in love with her for over a year and a half. They had, these feelings, surfaced and ripened after they'd been there and working together for about six months.

John Linn not only found her a true friend but a valuable worker. She was certainly a 'go to' kind of person and never seemed to be out of her depth in working on problems that they faced for the company.

Apart from that quite major thing, he was simply taken by her beauty. He didn't like to dwell on it. He wasn't going to allow himself to be a drooling adolescent about it. But he never managed to not notice the loveliness of her face and the ample beauty of her body. From the crown of her head, with her close cropped hair, right down to her toes, John Linn Dryfuss was absolutely in love with Julia Williams.

He also made it his constantly pursued plan to not let her know that. He was a kind of old fashioned gentleman. He was very reticent about pushing forward his agenda for her, his feelings for her. In that respect, he was unlike her nephew Nicholas totally!

Nor was he quite sure that a lovely Afro-American woman like Julia Williams would fancy or allow 'attentions' from a white man like John Linn. That was shaky ground, he felt and he simply stayed away from it.

But every day, this day included, was a joy for him because he worked closely with her, and he knew that he'd see her that day. It always made his day bright. He told Mindy and Maudie about going to see Julia today. They made appropriate cat noises during his relating of the tale and it pleased him.

He was humming to himself, as he made his way down the circular drive from the absolutely huge house, the Hall, that had been his Mom's total concern in her life. He was living there, he felt, as much from inertia as anything else. He had, apart from the business, no real anchor for himself these days. He knew he should think more about that.

The one question that he did allow himself to ask was: "Where would Julia like to live? Would she like this huge house and these grounds or was she a dedicated apartment dweller or what?"

John didn't know much about her personal life. He tried not to pry there, although now and again she did talk to him, as a friend, about issues: such as Shawna and Nicholas coming to live with her, when Shawna's marriage ended.

He was humming to himself, having just gone over that question about where Julia would like to live, when he entered, even if unintentionally, into Julia Williams' bad day!


Julia was hurrying, as she neared the front of the Dryfuss estate. She didn't see the pot hole, until it was too late and the pot hole combined with her benign neglect of Rosinante, as of late, caused the accident.

She hit the pot hole with her right front wheel and the tire blew totally. The car suddenly jerked to the side, hopped the curb and slammed into the wall of the Dryfuss estate.

It all happened in a nano-second, and, when the car hit the wall, having been traveling at about 40 mph, Julia received a major hit on the head and everything went black.

It just so happened that John Linn was just at the foot of his long, winding driveway, when the accident occurred, and he saw it all happen. He turned the Rover off and jumped from the car immediately. He ran over to where the car was still shaking and wrenched the door open. He reached in and turned the key off. As he did Julia slumped to the side, into his arms, apparently lifeless.

That was his thought; it was his first and worst thought. He imagined right then and there that all his plans and his waiting and his gentleness and slowness about making anything clear to Julia Williams was suddenly put at a naught.

In almost desperation, he said to her:

"No, no, Julia, my Julia, don't die! I've never told you! I've never said things! I've never loved you properly! Don't, don't die on me!" He was simply, in that moment, beside himself.

To Julia it was as though someone were speaking to her from a cloud. She was, right then, sinking into unconsciousness but she heard the voice and the words, and recognized the voice, seeing a very hazy picture of John Linn in front of her eyes, that were, even then, closing.

Someone, who'd also seen the accident and came to the scene, but after John Linn had made his desperate declarations, had called 911 and there was already an ambulance on the way.

John stood back to allow the attendants to take care of her.

"Is she... ?" he asked.

"She's out," the attendant, a woman named 'Wendy' answered.

"Oh," he said, "I thought she was dead!"

"No," Wendy said, "Do you know her? Relative?"

"I'm her boss," he said, "I work with her, she's my ... friend. May I please ride with her to the hospital?" He said this with great emotion showing on his face.

"Yes," Wendy said, kindly, as they loaded Julia into the ambulance for the short ride to the University Hospital, which was nearby.

He clattered into the back of the ambulance, after the gurney was loaded, and sat so that he could be out of the way. Wendy was working on Julia, taking vitals and announcing into her mic the results to the ER at the hospital. He was, however, close enough to be able to hold Julia's hand.

He remarked to himself that it was a shame that he'd never gotten to hold her hand before, and he was terribly afraid that it was now too late to begin to show his amazing feelings for her.

"You okay?" Wendy asked pleasantly.

"Sorry," John Linn said, "I love this woman and she doesn't even know it."

"I bet she does now!" Wendy said, putting her hand on his arm.

"That would be lovely!" he said.

"Boy friend?" Wendy asked again.

"No," he said, softly, "I'm her boss, actually. She's my admin associate; she helps me run the place."

"Well, just take good care of her," Wendy said finally, "I bet she's going to be fine, especially with you in her corner."

"Oh, I hope so!" he said.

There was a sense of unreality for him, as they raced through the streets with the sirens blaring. He's witnessed it so many times but never, never from this perspective.

At the hospital, Julia was whisked away to a treatment room, and shortly thereafter John Linn was approached by someone to ask about her. He gave the information that he had, and indicated that the company would be paying for her hospital bills.

Then, once that task was taken care of, he got on his phone to his secretary, telling her of the situation, and asked her to look at Julia's personnel file and call him back. He said that he needed to contact family.

He got the call in a relatively short time and then tracked Shawna down at home, just getting ready for work.

"Hello?" Shawna said, answering the phone.

"Mr Dryfuss?" she said, after he identified himself to her.

"Yes," John Linn said, and then explained to Shawna that Julia had had an accident just outside of his home. He mentioned the blown tire and her car smashing against the wall.

"I'm at the hospital with her and they are assessing her now; I'll wait with her," he said.

He could tell from the sound of Shawna's voice that she was just barely holding back her own emotions. She said that she'd be right there.

He was busy with one of the ER aides, when Shawna arrived. They needed permission to perform possible surgery to relieve some of the pressure of blood within her skull.

(As a matter of fact, tests later showed that the surgery wasn't necessary.)

At that point, Shawna started to fall apart. John Linn simply put his arms around her and put up his hand to hold off the hospital aid and said softly to Shawna.

"Honey, we'll get through this; please sign their paper. It's going to be fine."

"Yes, yes," Shawna said and signed the needed document.

Then they needed to wait. John Linn went to get some coffee and something at least to snack on for the two of them but they waited pretty much in silence, for a bit, though with Shawna talking a bit, including about 'the trouble'. She was upset or might not have mentioned it to him.

"I appreciate your being here," Shawna said at one point.

"She's such a valuable member of our team!" he said, not giving a hint about his real feelings at that point.

The procedures and tests, they were told, was a complete success and Julia would be taken to a private room.

Shawna wondered about that but John Linn explained that he, the firm would be paying her hospital bills and he insisted on a private room.

This made Shawn cry, and he held her as she did.

"It's going to be a while," he said, "Do you need to go home and arrange anything?"

"Yes, maybe I do," she said, "I'll be back as soon as possible but I never had a chance to take my morning shower and I need to change. Thank you."

He hugged her before she left.


John sat by her bed, and was reading some items on his phone. Julia had lain there silent and, he thought, beautiful for quite a while.

He was finally surprised by her voice. It was soft and tentative but for him it suddenly filled the world:

"I heard what you said," she said softly. "Heard it all, John Linn!"

"Oh!" he breathed and held onto her hand. "I didn't realize that!"

"Shawna?" she said then, as though consciously putting of any discussion of what he'd said to her, as she was fading, after the accident.

"She's at home changing clothes." he said, "Will be back soon, I think. She was really really upset," he went on. "Mentioned the 'trouble' with Nick."

"Oh," she said.

"Are you okay with that? Anything I need to do?" he wanted to know.

"Don't know," she replied, "But just hearing you ask makes me feel better about it; I appreciate it, John Linn!"

She took his hand, as she said it and he bent his head, almost involuntarily and kissed the back of her hand, causing her to smile.

"The business?" she asked.

"Ticking along like a clock!" he replied, "Will do without us for a few days, I think."

"Good!" she said, sighing.

"Did Shawna sign for the hospital costs?" she wanted to know.

(Julia was at all times fairly practical and made sure that she had details in hand. It was what made her such a valued ally in the business.)

"I've signed," he said, "Company will pay the hospital costs."

"You mean you will, you wonderful man!" she said. She smiled at him and said: "Bend you head here!"

He did and she kissed his cheek.

Privately to himself he whispered: "Closer and closer!"

And, as though she were reading his thoughts, she said: "Keep that thought, John Linn!"

He blushed and she gave a soft laugh.

It was then that Shawna burst in on them.

"Oh, Julia!" she proclaimed. "Love, love, love!"

Shawna was draped on Julia for a moment and crying for all she was worth.

"I was so afraid that I'd —- we'd lost you!" Shawna said, wiping her tears away, and taking the handkerchief that John Linn offered.

"Not hardly, not yet!" Julia said. Then she quipped: "Do you like my new look? The swami look?"

All three of them laughed at that.

(She was referring to the bandages around her head.)

Then to John Linn, with a twinkle in her eye, she said: "Hope you like bald women!"

Shawna put her hand over her mouth to giggle into her hand and John Linn just blushed.

"Well, I like you!" he admitted. "Bald or any way!"

"Hear that, Shawna?" Julia quipped and then she reached out for John's hand and said: "Okay, I'll quit teasing you!"

"Please don't!" he said.

"Okay," he said then, "I'll go out for something to eat for us. I think that you've snoozed past the dinner time here."

"Oh, goodie!" Julia said, "I am hungry."

"What'll it be?" he wanted to know and both Julia and Shawna considered that and John left to bring back what they wanted.

When he was gone, Shawna said: "Is this sudden?"

"For me it is," Julia said, "Apparently, unless I miss my guess, it's not for him."

"How do you feel about it?" Shawna asked.

"Well, to tell the truth," Julia answered, "In all the blackness of this damn day, it's the one true ray of light and I want to hold onto that and see where it takes me."

"Ohhhhh!" Shawna cooed and hugged her sister.


"I called Nick and told him," Shawna said quietly, after they'd eaten what John Linn had provided for them.

"Good," Julia answered quietly.

She looked at John Linn, who was back by then, and at Shawna, who was obviously nervous and went on: "I don't think that I want to see him yet; not for a while."

"I understand that, love," Shawna said, tears gathering at the edges of her eyes.

"Come here," Julia said, hugging her sister.

"I love you, Jules," Shawna said, "Love you so much!"

"I love you too," Julia said, and as she hugged Shawna, she put her hand out, which John Linn took and kissed.

As Shawna had her head resting on Julia's shoulder, Julia mouthed to John Linn: "Thank you!"

It was shortly after that, when Julia began to feel the full effects of everything and the nurse, coming in, indicated that she'd be given something to make her sleep.

Shawna was obviously torn by not knowing what to do. It was John Linn who spoke up: "Shawna," he said, "Why don't you go home? I'll stay with her for a while!"

"Oh, I am tired," Shawna said, and had an emotional parting from Julia.

Julia was drifting then, and said a brief: "Sorry!" to John Linn.

"No," he said, "None of that. You just get your rest. I'll be here."

"Yes," she sighed, "I know that; it makes it so much better."

(At this point neither of them were any longer willing to hide the great emotions that had flowed between them. They didn't talk about that, not yet; but the emotions were there, nevertheless.)

She settled down and did sleep. Meanwhile, John had some reports and business items to go over, that his secretary, May, had delivered to the hospital for him. He began the process of going over those things and they took him a good long time to digest and act upon.

Only gradually did he actually start to feel tired himself. There was a lounging chair in the room, which he fixed for himself and laid his head back to rest too.

He was awakened by Julia groaning. She was in the midst of some kind of dream involving the former day's events. He simply went to the bed and leaned over her. She woke then and sighed, seeing him there and put her arms up to hug him. She cried a little then, as he held her, and he held onto her until she fell back into a more peaceful sleep.

He was there, when she woke in the morning. He was, at the time, snoozing a bit. She simply lay there and looked at him.

"My John Linn," she said, almost more to herself, to convince herself of the fact, than to him. It caused him to open his eyes, and he smiled at her.

"Hi, John Linn," she said softly. "Romantic way to spend the night together!" She giggled at the end of the phrase.

"Yes," he said, "But it was necessary."

"Yes, thank you," she said, "For being there for me."

"I am, you know!" he said.

"I'm beginning to realize that very clearly," she said.

After breakfast, they had her off for some tests. The nurse told John Linn, knowing that he'd spent the night, that it would take a few hours, and that he might want the time to go and get himself ready for his day.

He left and went home to shower and clean up. He knew that Maudie and Mindy were being cared for by his house keeper, Mrs Darling. He took time, when he'd gotten home to fill Mrs Darling in on what had happened and bring her up to date.

He also called May, his secretary, and asked her to stop by the hospital later and pick up the documents that he had for her.

Following that, he inquired about Julia's car and found out that it was pretty much a total loss.

"We'll deal with that, when the time comes," he said.

It was a busy time, and when he got back to the hospital, he found Julia sitting up and smiling and talking to Shawna.

"Hey, John Linn!" Julia said with pleasure, getting a hug and a cheek kiss from him.

"Hey yourself," he said, "Looking bright and with it today."

"Oh, feeling that way," she said, "So much better; even head aches aren't bothering today."

"Grand!" he said.

It was shortly after that, that the doctor visited. He was quite positive about Julia's condition and told her that.

"We can send you home today but I'd like you to have rest for another few days or so. Just to be on the safe side. If any head pains reoccur, please contact us as soon as possible."

He left then to do the paper work that was needed.

"What shall we do?" Shawna wanted to know.

(It was normally Julia who made decision in their house hold, and Shawna expected that to be the case now also.)

Julia looked at John Linn at that precise moment, and it was he that spoke up: "This is what I think. I'd like you to come to stay at my house for a few days, just until we're sure that things are going fine and will be okay. Plus, your car is totaled; it's just gone. So, we need to do something about that."

"Oh, dear!" Julia said, tears crowding her eyes at that point.

He reached out for her hand and covered her hand with his: "It's going to be fine," he said. "I promise. Just fine."

"Oh, I think it is," Julia said, and Shawna was smiling.

Julia turned to Shawna then and said: "You don't mind, love?"

Shawna said, "I think it might be the best thing for you. After all, we had that unpleasant stuff and it might effect you just being around. I'd rather have you get totally well first. Why don't I go home and get you some clothes. I'll pack them in a case and I can meet you at John Linn's?"

"Super idea!" John Linn said with enthusiasm.

Then with hugs and kisses, Shawna left to run her errand.

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