Sex, Alcohol and Family

by Happenstance

Copyright© 2013 by Happenstance

Incest Sex Story: It's a story of how I fell in love with sex, alcohol and my own family members.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Uncle   Niece   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Prostitution   .

"What are you wearing?" asked Mom looking at short black leather skirt and the white top under which my purple bra was clearly visible.

"What?" I said turning toward her.

"She can't leave the house dressed like this," she told Dad, who was watching TV in kitchen.

"Let her go, she's fifteen," he replied as his eyes wandered over my cleavage, blossoming breasts and long legs and then turned his attention back to some car chase.

As soon as he said that, I left the house and joined my best friends, Irene and Jenny. They let out a whistle when they saw me, but I ignored them although their reaction did make me happy.

After spending couple of hours watching a movie with them at Irene's house came back home and changed into T-shirt and pajamas.

Mom again screamed at me at the dinner table, but Dad and I ignored her while my brother Steve, who's one year older than me, pretended to agree with her but at the same time kept winking at me.

"So, what were you wearing?" wondered Steve when he came into the room I was sharing with him as the house had only two rooms.

"Nothing," I replied getting into bed.

Hearing that, he came near me and playfully slapped my bums.

It was around ten in the night when I heard what were by now familiar noises and opening my left eye saw Steve under the sheets with his girlfriend Andrea.

Turning my face slightly toward them, I could see her locking her lips around his mouth while his hand was caressing her behind. Bringing his hand to her chest, he began taking off her top and bra and started feeling her breasts and sucking her nipples.

While he was busy with her tits, she lifted a tissue box from the floor and I saw her hand move back and forth as he sat on her thighs and then apparently came on her boobs because she immediately began cleaning her naked breasts and stomach.

Steve, who still had the sheet around him, shifted his body as she got up to put on her bra and top and tip-toed out of the window to her house adjacent to ours.

"Go to sleep," ordered my brother as soon as she was out.

"Why does she have to come here? Can't you find someplace else? This's the sixth time she's come," I countered.

"Shut up and go to sleep," he hissed back.

In the afternoon, Mom went out for some chores, so took out a cropped top I had borrowed from Irene and wore it with shorts.

"Ingrid, you'll be in trouble if your mother sees you in that," warned Dad when he saw that the top was not only exposing my shoulders and belly button but also the shape of my already handful breasts and pink nipples.

I smiled at his warning and sat down in front of TV while he sauntered off to his room.

Our house had a narrow passageway with kitchen and bathroom on either side of it while at the corner of the passageway was a couch that had holes in it and springs that went right into your ass.

The pathway led to two adjoining rooms, one of which was occupied by our parents and the other by Steve and me. Our room had two beds on either side of the wall, a cupboard, a table and chair and a window that opened to the alley behind our house.

Our folks' room, meanwhile, had a king-size bed, a big cupboard and a chair facing a full-length mirror.

I was engrossed in a movie on TV when a hand crept over my right tit and putting the palm around it squeezed my nipple. I jerked my head sideways and saw Steve staring at my boobs and smiling.

"Mom will kill you," he said cupping my left one this time.

Moving his hand away from my breast, I ran after him and chased him to our room where I began raining punches on his back but he kept laughing and then pinning me down on the bed sat down on me.

"You can't keep your eyes closed at night, can you?" he said putting his hand inside his jeans and taking out his dick.

"Touch it," he ordered pushing my hand toward it.

I clenched my fist and refused to move my arm but he simply brought his cock near my fingers and began humping my hand, just like he had done it so many times time before.

Opening my eyes, I saw the head of his erect dick pressed against my thumb and tried to get up but he pushed his hand under my top and started squeezing my boobs.

"Do it with Andrea," I shouted as I again tried to escape his clutch.

"She isn't as big as you," Steve replied pushing both his hands inside the top and revealing my breasts completely.

Bringing his crotch forward, he brought his cock near my lips but this time instead of kissing it I shouted "dad" and got away from his grip.

I ran straight to my father's room and saw him reading a magazine on the bed, so lay down next to him.

"What happened, darling,"? Dad asked putting his arms around my bare waist and embracing me.

"Nothing," I replied putting my face on his stomach and pressing my boobs against his side.

"Go change before your mother comes," he said caressing my long brown hair.

"I will," I nodded looking at him with my dark brown eyes. "Do you like my dress?"

"Yes, but you should've worn a bra because you're a big girl now," he said admiring me from head to toe.

Instead of replying, I pressed my body tightly against his tall and lanky frame.

I knew Mom would be arriving soon, so after staying with him for about ten minutes, got up and changed back into T-shirt and pajamas. Steve, thankfully, was out when I was changing.

From that day onwards, I began wearing skimpy clothes and although initially my mother did make a scene but slowly she got tired and simply gave up.

So, not only Dad, Mom and Steve saw me walk around in skimpy clothes but also the neighborhood boys and friends.

The only person who didn't get to see my charms was my eldest brother Jake as he had moved out and was working in another city.

As my clothes got shorter, Steve's groping and cupping increased and he kept making me touch and kiss his cock while also enjoying the nightly visits of Andrea.

Dad, on the other hand, never objected to my dresses or discouraged me when I hugged him tightly or sat down on his lap wearing braless tops and short skirts.

He would lovingly put his arms around my hips, kiss my cheeks or forehead and ask me not to irritate my mother too much.

Soon I began enjoying the attention of boys and even men and one day was in Jenny's room with a classmate who was always following me everywhere and was ready to do anything when I saw him looking to my legs, so took his hand and placing it on my bare thighs, kissed him and then one thing led to another and we began having sex.

He was squeezing my boobs while desperately trying to fuck me as hard as he possibly could when Jenny tried to open the door I had locked, so told her to wait. Luckily she didn't have to wait long as he came soon, all over my stomach.

When she finally entered the room she didn't suspect us of doing it simply because she never thought I'd be doing with him and was therefore pretty surprised when I told her about it.

The whole experience wasn't good because we were in a hurry plus I didn't like him that much. But what he inadvertently did was that he opened the flood gates.

Having tasted the fruit, even if it wasn't too delicious, I simply couldn't have enough of it and began enjoying classmates, neighborhood boys and even men. I was up for it with just about anybody, from fifteen years old boys to seventy years old men.

With me sleeping around so much, the news was bound to reach Steve although thankfully my parents weren't yet aware about my reputation.

Steve, of course, took full advantage of the information and began making me suck his cock, give him handjobs and started fingering my hairy pussy and playing with my breasts whenever he wanted.

Before experiencing sex, I was always a little hesitant when he made me kiss his dick or when he squeezed my tits but now after having tried men of all shapes and sizes I let him do whatever he wanted except screw me.

He, meanwhile, kept bringing his girlfriends to our room at night and then he not only stopped hiding his naked body under the sheets but also began making love to them while being fully aware that I could see him fucking them.

But just when I was getting into swing of things, I missed my period and was carrying a baby even before my sixteenth birthday.

The development did dampen some of my spirits, but not completely. I kept having sex and even allowed Steve to enjoy the changes in my body, especially when my already big boobs became fuller.

I began wearing loose clothes to accommodate my growing size and that meant my braless tits were on display more than ever before and both Mom and Dad got a nice view of them.

On the day the baby was due, went to hospital and gave birth to a boy who was named Chris by my father after his own dad.

When I came back home from hospital, I began feeding him breast milk in front of Steve, who after all had already seen and played with my boobs countless times, but didn't feed Chris in front of my father when my mother was there.

It was different when she was out. I would go to Dad's room and while talking to him open my top and cupping my tits bring Chris's mouth to my pink nipples right in front of him.

He would sit there and watch his own daughter expose her milk-filled breasts.

By the time Chris was three-month-old, I was back to my old self, but this time I not only started enjoying sex like never before but also fell madly in love with alcohol and drugs, so it was a heady cocktail.

My day began with rum, couple of cocks in the middle and ended with whiskey and all kinds of drugs with Steve usually playing with my body as I lay high on the bed.

Sometimes I was so out that he would have to change my clothes, or too passed out to know whether Steve was only playing with my naked body or actually fucking me and sometimes I would be too out to even feed Chris.

My love of sex didn't bother me or my parents, but my growing addiction did worry everybody, including me, but all attempts to leave it were proving to be fruitless.

In couple of months I was again pregnant and just like last time had no idea about the father's identity.

With the second child about to arrive in such a small house, Steve was forced to move out to his friend's place.

This time I gave birth to a girl who was named Daphne by me because I had always liked that name.

Initially, Chris slept with me but after Daphne was born and Steve moved out, I joined the beds together and all three slept together, with Chris on one side, Daphne on the other and me in the middle.

At the beginning this sleeping arrangement wasn't a problem, but as Chris began to grow up, I again separated the beds and gave him his own space.

As the bathroom was pretty small all of us, including my parents, brother and kids, usually came out with just a towel wrapped around our bodies after taking a shower and wore clothes in our respective rooms.

This meant that everybody in the house, even Dad and Steve, saw me walk to my room with only a towel tied around my body from an early age.

Since I wasn't even seventeen and was drunk most of the time, I was surviving on whatever money my parents were giving, but taking cash from them couldn't continue for ever, so started charging money from guys who were sleeping with me.

Although I was thoroughly enjoying my drug- and alcohol-fueled lifestyles, there were incidents that I wish hadn't happened.

In the middle of it all, I became pretty desperate for money, so began hanging around seedy joints, dark alleys and parks in search of men willing to pay.

Sometimes they would come and signal me to follow just by looking at me, but sometimes they would come and run their hands on my bums, make me touch their cocks, squeeze my boobs or put their hands inside my clothes, just like people check vegetables when they shop for groceries.

To say it felt weird to stand there while strange men felt and cupped by body in front of other men and women would be an understatement, but I needed the money for my fix.

One evening I was standing on a kerb when a man near a van signaled me and when I went up to him he opened the back door of the van and I saw four men sitting inside it. When I discovered that there were five of them, I tried to back off but they put a duct tape on my mouth, dragged me inside and forced me to lie down on my stomach on the floor of the vehicle. Then after pulling my skirt down and taking off my top, they parted my legs as wide as they could and holding my arms and legs all five began fucking my still-virgin ass while I kept trying to escape their clutches.

They were screwing my hole so mercilessly that I began crying and dreading whether they were going to damage it permanently. After coming inside my ass, on my bums and thighs, they threw me out of the van along with my clothes and sped off.

But that wasn't all. Men would come up to me in the seedy joints or in the dark alleys I was frequenting, feel my tits and bums or make me sit on their laps, with their cocks either pressed against my ass or rubbing against my hand, haggle over price and then telling me that only they would fuck me take me either to their place, their car or to an abandoned shed and once there one or two of their friends would join them and force me to have sex with them and then dump me without either paying full money or in few instances no cash at all.

If I was too high on drugs or too drunk then they would take full advantage of the situation and fuck me repeatedly, including in the ass; take my photos in various stages, such as out naked on the floor, with me on the table with their cocks in my mouth, bum and pussy; me holding their dicks in my hands while their hands cupped my voluptuous boobs; or me lying on the bed with their cum all over me, including in my mouth. Some men would call me names, such as whore, bitch, slut, or slap my face and ass.

I would come back home late in the evening after spending hours sleeping around, drinking and popping pills and would be so out of my mind that I had to take my son's help to put me in bed and change my clothes.

He would help me lie down on the bed; take my clothes off and turning me around would get rid of bra, leaving only panties on, and then help me with night gown.

Although he had his own bed, but sometimes he would come to the bed I was sharing with Daphne and throwing his arms around my stomach would put his face near my bosom and cuddle me tightly.

As I was absent most of the time, both physically and mentally, to supervise them and even though my mom did try to drill some discipline into them it just wasn't the same thing.

Chris started getting into fights with local boys and Daphne began smoking and copying me from young age.

"Put something on," I said to her when I saw her lying in bed exposing her perky breasts and pink nipples under a green top and her young thighs in tiny shorts.

She just rolled her dark brown eyes and looked at me for preaching decency.

She started wearing tops without bra and the fact that her budding breasts were clearly visible didn't bother her. She began changing her clothes right in front of Chris and me although she did keep her panties on. She started going to bed wearing just cropped tops and panties and would lie there exposing her growing assets to all of us, including my mother and father.

It wasn't just her clothes that got risqué, she began wearing lots of bracelets, nose ring and dark lipsticks, purple and red were her favorite colors, to school.

My love of sex and drugs continued for at least fourteen or fifteen years, but with my parents getting old and children growing up I knew I had to leave drugs and all other associated temptations if I wanted a better life for myself and my kids.

After borrowing some money from my eldest brother Jake, I bought a shop and gave it on rent to ensure monthly income and moved to a log cabin that Dad had built years ago deep in the woods.

I wanted to live there alone for about a month, but both Chris and Daphne didn't want to leave me, so had no choice but to take them with me.

After buying all the essential stuff, all three of us got into Steve's truck and he dropped us off at the cabin.

Since Dad had built it just for his fishing trips, the wooden cabin had a square-shaped hall with a bed in the middle and a makeshift kitchen on the side. There was no cupboard, window or a bathroom. The toilet was outside the cabin with a wooden door and only a toilet seat, nothing else.

As it didn't have a place for shower or bath, we brought an old bathtub with us and placed it in the corner of the room after fixing all the plumbing and strung a plastic curtain near it for privacy.

We had also brought one extra bed with us but the noises coming from the jungle and complete darkness was making Chris nervous, so he joined his bed with ours and we went to sleep, with him on one side and Daphne on the other.

After cleaning the place and trimming the grass in the morning, Daphne went behind the curtain for bath, followed by Chris and then me.

By now I had started dressing appropriately but Daphne still roamed around exposing her thighs and tits under braless tops. I told her several times to wear a bra but she completely ignored me, just like I used to ignore my mother, and continued showing her round perky boobs and pink nipples to us, including her brother, Chris.

The first few days were very hard for us, especially for me as I was still craving the pills and booze. Mornings and afternoons were fine but as it used to get dark early the long evenings were extremely boring as we couldn't go out and nor was there anything to do in the one-room cabin.

To somehow get through the day and to take my mind off drugs, I began growing whatever vegetables and flowers I could find and started playing board and card games with the kids in the evenings.

Initially, I was snapping at them over every little thing, such as shouting for sleeping late, not washing their dishes or dirtying the floor, but life became more pleasant as desire for alcohol subsided.

"Wake up, sleepy heads. Let's get going," I said one morning.

"Go away, Mom," replied Daphne lifting her face from the pillow.

"Nope, not today," I added slapping her bums hidden under the sheets.

They finally got up after some cajoling and all three of us went for a walk. On reaching the top of a small hill, we sat down under a tree and I was smoking a cigarette when Daphne said she used to be afraid of me when she was younger.

"Why?" I asked looking at her in surprise.

"Because you used to fall down on the floor and make a mess all over."

"Hmm," I admitted nodding my head.

"I wasn't afraid," chipped in Chris.

"No, you weren't, sweetheart," I replied running my hand through his black hair. "Both of you were very helpful."

"She wasn't. I did everything," countered Chris.

"No, you and your sister both helped me."

Hearing that, Daphne came near me and stretching her five feet and five inch body on the grass laid her head on my thighs.

"You're looking lovely," I commented caressing her shoulder-length brown hair and admiring the way she had tied the knot of the shirt just below her bust, leaving her stomach naked and the shape of her breasts visible, while her thighs and legs were bare as she was wearing short shorts.

"Thanks, Mom," she said burying her face into my chest.

We stayed there for about fifteen minutes and enjoyed the closeness all three were experiencing.

Since Daphne was in many ways like me, she would sometime get out of bath with towel wrapped only around her bums, completely revealing her boobs to Chris and me.

At other times, she would change her clothes in front of us or walk around in just bra and panties.

Couple of times I saw her wrestling with Chris and also noticed that his hands were all over her, including on her ass and breasts, but didn't say anything.

He tried to involve me also in wrestling matches by pushing me on the bed and wrapping his arms around my stomach and shoving his crotch into my bums as deep as he could while acting as if he was fighting me.

Not satisfied with making my ass feel his erect cock; he would push me on my fours, put his arms around me and nearly hump me from behind, with his five feet and seven inch body firmly pressed against mine.

Once or twice, he laid me down on my back, sat on my pussy and started wrestling with me although I suspect his main purpose was to feel my big boobs as he would press them with the back of his hands and elbows.

At nights, he would sleep in our bed and pretend to be well-mannered, but I could feel his erect dick pressed against my thighs or bums, especially when he cuddled me, or his hand would brush against my tits. I would tell him to go to his own bed but he would reply that he was too afraid to sleep alone.

One afternoon I was cooking lunch when Steve came unannounced to check whether we were fine. I was in a knee-length skirt and blouse with bra while Daphne was prancing around in a cropped top that was exposing not only her stomach but also the shape of her breasts and nipples as she wasn't wearing a bra. Chris was busy outside making a slingshot.

"She's beautiful," commented Steve looking at Daphne, who was reading a comic in bed.

I lifted my head and saw that her tits were clearly visible but didn't say anything because I knew she wouldn't listen.

"How are you, Ingrid? Was missing you," he said caressing my bums and tightly hugging my five feet and six inch full-figured body.

"I'm fine," I replied removing his hand away from my ass.

"Come on, show some love. Have come just to see you," he pleaded putting his arms around my stomach and pressing his crotch into my bums.

"Please don't do this," I requested.

But he began cupping my boobs and kissing my shoulders and neck. To escape him, I removed his hands from my breasts and tried to get away, but he spun me around and started touching and caressing me everywhere, including my thighs, bums and tits, so I stopped fighting him and putting my head on his shoulder surrendered to his kisses and my rising desire.

"Wait here," I whispered.

I went to Daphne told her that Uncle Steve was taking me to show the lake where her granddad used to fish and will be back soon.

Then turning toward him, I winked at him and we began walking towards the woods and were deep in the jungle when he pinned my back on a tree and started touching me and unbuttoning my blouse.

His touch had reawakened the urge I had been fighting since arriving here, so hugging him tightly began kissing his lips, face and neck and then lifting my skirt removed my panties and spread my legs for my own brother's cock.

"Don't waste time," I said as he looked at me in surprise when he saw me taking off my panties.

He immediately unzipped his jeans and forcing his underwear down to his ankles started fucking his own sister. While his dick was making each and every fiber of my wet pussy ache for more, his mouth was all over my boobs and nipples and my fingers were digging into his bums.

He was biting and sucking my pink nipples like a hungry child and his hands were probing my naked body. But since there wasn't much time, after all we didn't want Chris or Daphne to get suspicious, so he fucked me really hard and came inside my vagina and on my thighs.

"Can I ask you something?" I said to him when we were walking back to the cabin.


"You've made love to me before haven't you? When I was out drunk?"

"Yes," he confessed without looking at me.

"How many times?"

"Don't remember that."

"Then I guess it was more than once. Was it good?"

"Yes, but today was the best."

We walked rest of the way in silence as both of us were lost in our own thoughts.

After talking to Chris and testing his slingshot, Steve went inside the cabin with me and sat down near Daphne.

"I've brought something for you," he told her taking out a pair of silver earrings from his pocket.

"Thank you, Uncle," she replied spreading her red lips in a big smile.

"You're like your mother," he said looking at me as I saw him stare at his own niece's breasts.

"Come sit here," he added patting his thighs.

She, of course, went and placed her young tight bums on his legs and her clearly visible boobs near his face.

Putting his arm around her bare hips, he began caressing her soft thighs while his other hand rested on her knees.

"If you want anything just tell me, OK," he told her kissing her cheek and embracing her tightly.

I knew where it was going so getting up from the chair told Daphne to call her brother for lunch.

"Why don't you stay back," I asked him even though I knew that his eyes were on her.

"Already missing me?" he commented feeling my bums.


"Don't worry, will be back soon," he said squeezing my tits and putting my hand on his erect cock struggling under the jeans.

It was late evening and I was in bed still feeling the strong urge to have a man inside me when Chris and Daphne lay down next to me.

Usually it was Chris who cuddled me but today I turned my body toward him and placing my hand on his chest and one leg across his crotch pressed my big boobs against his arm. I could feel that his dick was already hard and was rubbing against my bare leg, so decided to try something.

Turning to Daphne I asked her to massage me knowing fully well that she won't. When she replied that she was too tired, I pleaded to Chris, who immediately agreed.

Lying on my back, I told him to unbutton my blouse but he just sat there looking at me.

"Come on, open it otherwise how will you massage me," I said in a harsh tone.

He sat down on my thighs and began unbuttoning it and then stared as my breasts and blue bra came into full view.

Turning on my stomach, I ordered him to unbuckle the bra and massage me nicely.

I lifted my body a little on my elbows as he opened the bra and pushed it over my shoulders and arms and got rid of it.

Sitting down on my side, he started running his fingers over my bare back and began gently massaging it as I lay there hiding the side view of my boobs with my elbows.

Turning my face toward Daphne, I saw that she had turned her back toward us and was apparently sleeping, so whispered to Chris to separate our beds as didn't want to disturb her.

Keeping my back toward him, I got up but then realized that had to help him shift the wooden bed, so turned around and dropping my hands to my sides lifted the bed and saw him stare at my naked breasts and pink nipples as he lifted the other side of the bed.

Although he was openly staring at my voluptuous assets, instead of asking him to avert his blue eyes I went and lay down on the bed but this time on my back and told him to massage my stomach.

Sitting down near me, he tried to grasp the whole scene of me lying there with my big boobs fully exposed and nipples inches away from his open mouth.

Sensing that he was going to sit just sit there looking at me, I took his hands and putting them on my naked stomach asked him to massage me.

He hesitatingly began moving his fingers near my belly button but just kept circling the area.

"Move your hands, you lazy bones," I said poking my bare knee into his stomach.

Without looking up, he brought his fingers a bit up and started running them over my stomach.

"Come on, haven't got whole night. Do it properly," I told him in an exasperated tone.

I closed my eyes as his hands began caressing my shoulders, my neck and then felt them cupping my big breasts and squeezing them lightly.

Putting my hands on his hands, I squeezed my tits tightly and started enjoying the sensation of my own son playing with my breasts and noticed how his touch was making my nipples erect.

While he was squeezing and cupping my voluptuous boobs, I began unbuttoning my blue shorts and slipping my hand inside them, started fingering myself right in front of him.

When he saw me pleasuring myself, he stopped and began watching the movement of my half hidden hand between my legs.

Instead of feeling any shame, I pushed his hands on my breasts and started squeezing them while my other hand continued to screw my pussy.

With him sitting there looking at me while his hands were cupping my boobs tightly, I felt a sensation engulfing my whole body and soon my juices were drenching my fingers and inner thighs completely.

Turning my nearly-naked body toward him, took his hand in my hand and moving it toward my wet pussy guided his middle finger into it as my other hand went inside his pajamas and wrapping my fingers around his erect cock brought it outside and began jerking him off.

While my hand was on his dick, his hands were enjoying the feel of my big breasts, including the pink nipples, and the wetness of my vagina because within seconds I felt his warm cum all over my stomach and even on my hand.

As he came, he looked up, saw that I was smiling, so got up, brought the tissues and began cleaning his cum as I worked myself to second orgasms. I lay there exhausted for couple of seconds and then kissing his lips told him to join the beds.

When I went to sleep, his hand was on my stomach and his crotch was nestling against my round bums.

The next morning, I was taking a short rest after working in the garden, Daphne was hula hooping outside, when Chris sat down near me and started complaining that he wasn't able to take a proper bath because there wasn't a shower.

"The bathtub is good enough for Daphne and me, but not you? You like being dirty, that's all," I replied after hearing him moan.

"Well, I can't. I need a shower," he countered scrubbing his neck with his fingers.

"Then go and get one."

"There's so much dirt on my neck and arms, Mom. If we can't have a shower then could you at least wash my neck?"

"OK, get in the bathtub, will scrub it."

Getting up from the chair, he went behind the curtain and then called me, so got up and saw him half-stretched in the tub with his shorts on.

Sitting down behind him on the edge of the tub, began scrubbing his neck and shoulders with the shower gel.

"My knees are also dirty," he said lifting his leg up. "Would you please scrub them, too?"

"No, my clothes will get wet."

"Please, Mom."

"Fine," I said lifting my orange skirt just above the knees and sitting down in the tub opposite him.

I began applying the bodywash on his knees and legs and started washing his feet and toes. As I was scrubbing his feet, I realized that his sole was resting against my stomach and his toes were touching the front of my completely wet T-shirt and feeling the shape of my big breasts. But instead of removing his feet I continued washing them and then moving a bit closer began scrubbing his knees.

"Mom, your clothes are totally wet," he said as his eyes scanned the T-shirt clinging to the contours of my drenched boobs.

He was right. My clothes were completely soaked. Holding my hands up asked him to take off my purple T-shirt as there was soap all over my hands.

Leaning forward, he held its sides in his fingers and slowly lifted it up over my black bra and over my head. Then getting up on my knees, I turned my back toward him and told him to unzip the skirt as it was drenched, too.

Putting one hand on my wet bums, he began opening the zip and then slid it off my thighs and legs leaving me in black bra and matching panties.

Now half of my tits were completely exposed and the other half, including my pink nipples sticking out from under the soaked bra, was barely hiding.

When I resumed washing his knees, I noticed him admiring the way my boobs were moving back and forth with every motion and how my bare thighs were rubbing against his naked thighs.

Instead of saying anything, I slid closer and putting one arm on his shoulder began applying the shower gel on his back, which meant that my breasts were now not only pressed tightly against his arms and bare chest but were inches away from his mouth.

He, on the other hand, put his hands on my hips and bowing his head a little enjoyed the view I was providing him of my tits and nipples by my bending and scrubbing.

Sliding his hands, he placed them on my round bums and lightly cupped them as I washed off the gel from my hands and his body.

"Take off your underwear and dry yourself," I said getting out of the bathtub and handing him the towel.

Turning my back toward him, I wrapped a towel and was about to take off my black bra and panties, but just then he came from behind and putting his arms around me hugged me tightly.

"Come on, get ready," I told him without turning my head.

"What's the hurry?" he replied enveloping my big boobs and squeezing them.

"Daphne will see us," I whispered trying to wriggle out of his embrace.

"No, she won't," he said sliding his other hand under the towel and lifting it up from behind.

As soon as he lifted the towel, I felt something against my thigh and turning my head saw him standing behind me completely naked and holding his erect cock in his hand.

"Are you crazy?" I blurted out.

"Why not?"

"She will hear us," I again reminded him.

"Please, Mom."

"OK, keep your voice down," I pleaded wrapping my fingers around his hard dick and giving it a good shake.

"Will you let me massage you again tonight?" Chris asked putting both his hands on my bra and squeezing my breasts tightly.

"Yes, now please put this towel on," I said giving him the towel that was wrapped around me.

Just then the cabin door creaked and heard Daphne's voice.

"Where are you, Mom?"

"In here, honey."

"What are you doing?" she asked when she saw her brother standing there with a towel around his body and me in wet bra and panties.

"Was giving your brother a bath."

"OK," she replied as her brown eyes wandered over my naked cleavage, my visible pink nipples and bare thighs.

"Both of you now get out as I've to take a bath," I said putting my hands behind my back to unbuckle the black bra.

I was rubbing my thighs when heard Chris ask Daphne to get the hula hoop as he wanted to practice it.

As soon as she was out of the door, he opened the curtain and came inside the makeshift bathroom.

"What are you doing here?" I asked when I saw him standing near me and watching the water splash against my fully exposed boobs.

Putting his finger on his lips, he sat down on the edge of the tub and began caressing my tits with his right hand.

"Get out," I said loudly but instead of listening to me he brought his lips near my mouth and started kissing my red lips while his hand squeezed my breasts and nipples.

"Get out or won't let you message me," I warned him pushing him away.

As expected, the threat did work. He got up and left me alone but not before running his hand over my bare thigh.

But the impact of the warning didn't last long. I was in kitchen preparing lunch, Daphne had gone to toilet, when he came from behind and ran his hands over my round bums without any shame or hesitation. When I tried to push him away he simply shoved his crotch into my skirt and wrapping his arms around my stomach began kissing the back of my neck and shoulders.

"Please don't do it," I said when I saw him moving his hands inside my top.

"Just once, Mom, please," he pleaded cupping my bra and tits.

Although I wanted him to stop, primarily because didn't want Daphne to catch us, but his warm breath on my neck, his kisses on my shoulders and his hands on my breasts was arousing each and every bit of me.

Tilting my head a little, placed it on his shoulder and closed my eyes as his fingers felt the softness of my cleavage, the voluptuousness of my boobs, my tight stomach and then his hands enjoyed the feel of my round bums and the supple thighs.

I didn't stop him even when he put his hands under my skirt and started rubbing his fingers on my panties and not even when his fingers felt how wet his touch and kisses were making me.

At that moment, I would have allowed him to put his fingers inside the purple panties or maybe even his cock, which was enjoying my full-figured bums, but then felt him tighten his grip around my inner thighs as he gave couple of quick shoves against my ass and slumped his face on my neck.

"Go, clean yourself up," I said turning around and putting my hands on his broad hips.

Was reading an old magazine in the bed in the evening when Daphne lay down next to me and asked me why I never talk about her dad.

"Talking about him makes me sad, that's all. He's with God and He's taking care of him. He would like us to be happy, not sad," I said continuing the lie I had told both of them that their father had died in a car accident although the truth was that I had no idea who their dad was.

"Did you love him?"

"Of course, I loved him. He was a nice and handsome man. He was tall, had dark black hair and was very strong. He loved you a lot."

"Do you miss him?"

"Yes, every day."

"Will you again start drinking?"

"No, honey, I won't," I replied turning my body toward her and burying her face into my bosom.

Chris, who was sitting on the floor cutting his nails, jumped on the bed and sat down near my legs.

"What's strip poker, Mom?" Chris asked putting his elbow on my bare thighs.

"Why do you ask?" I said adjusting my skirt around my bums.

"Back in grandpa's house you had once told us that you were out playing strip poker."

When he said that it took me a minute to recall but then I remembered that four guys had paid me good money to play strip poker with them. The game wasn't really exciting simply because all they wanted was to see me naked as soon as possible and after stripping me down completely they spread me on the table and all four took turns fucking me.

"It's just a card game."

"But my friend told me that you've to take off your clothes."

I wanted to tell another lie but couldn't come up with a quick story, so blurted out the truth.

"Yes, sometimes when you're playing with friends."

"So, did you?" Daphne asked lifting her face from my boobs and looking at me.

"I was playing with friends and we were just having fun."

"Everything?" Chris queried placing his arm on my stomach.

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