Two Freaks

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He was 25 years old and nicknamed "horse" and the butt of many pranks by his mates. She was a performer who had the amazing ability to contort her body. They met at her performance, and got together later at her hotel to explore their freakish bodies together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

I'm Grant, and I'm 25 years old. I bummed around after school and did nothing but travel the world on a shoe-string budget. I did that for a few years before deciding that it may be time to study a profession. So I set about studying physiotherapy. I was now in my final year and looking forward to working for my keep.

To survive financially in the interim, I took a role as a personal trainer and was earning a reasonable wage. My role meant that I looked after my body, and had become very fit. You would think that I'd have the girls and women hanging off me, but I was insecure and didn't mix well socially with members of the opposite sex. Dates were few and far between.

My mates made it there business to make my life difficult. In school I'd acquired the nickname "horse" and it had stuck with me throughout my life so far. They teased me constantly and tried to set me up with dates, making fun of me and warning the lady involved to beware of the "horse's cock". That scared off the half-decent ones, and attracted the ones that did nothing for me.

My mate Brad begged and cajoled me into taking his security guard shift on Saturday night. He had a hot date and he was hoping to score. He'd made second base on a previous date, so a home run was his expectation that night.

The shift tonight was going to be a "no-brainer" - sitting behind a desk in the foyer of a deserted office building and watching the security screens. The foot patrol guys looked after checking the floors in detail every couple of hours.

When I arrived at the building at 5 PM I was met by my supervisor Tim.

"Hey Grant ... I need to reassign you tonight. It's only a short shift" explained Tim. He continued "Robbo has come down sick and you need to take his place at the Spiegelworld performance tent down by the theatre complex. He was providing security in the passage way between the stage and the performer's dressing room".

"Ok boss" I readily agreed knowing that anything would be better than sitting at this office building's desk. Besides, I had been to see the show last week and some of the female performers were real lookers.

I was in place in the passageway by 5:30 PM just in time to greet the first performers and their support staff. They were all really friendly and said hello as they passed by.

It was all hustle and bustle for the next 2 hours until just before performance time. The first of the performers started making their way to the stage. The one that caught my attention first was a male performer - weird hairdo on an Asian guy wearing just thin white pantaloons with suspenders. His little package was quite prominent in his pants. I remembered how he flaunted it when I watched the show.

I got smiles from the girls as they passed by. One commenting "Hi ... you're much more handsome than the other guy" as she ran her fingers across my chest as she walked past.

The traffic back and forth was frenetic in the lead-up to the start. I remembered that the first act was a slim short haired brunette in a blue leotard who performed suspended above the small stage in a clear sphere. She was an absolute contortionist who could bend her body in all sorts of directions.

I'd wondered when watching her perform last week if she could actually lick her own pussy. Her face got so close during her performance. That would be truly freaky.

It was then that I realised that I wasn't alone. Looking to my right it was her standing just a couple of feet from me as she waited for her cue to go on stage.

"Do you get nervous?" I blubbered out nervously myself.

"Huh..." she said then added " ... all the time".

"I loved your performance ... I saw the show last week" I added as she moved closer to make talking easier with all the loud music coming from the performance arena.

"Thank you" she said with a beautiful smile.

Then she got her cue, and was running off into the arena. I heard the gasps and the clapping as she went through her routine for the next 5 minutes until she got a round of thunderous applause at the end of her performance.

She came running back through the passageway. Without thinking I raised my hand, offering it for a "high five". Totally unexpectedly, her small hand slapped mine as she passed by smiling broadly.

The traffic past me was constant, including the three slim young ladies in their black leotards. How they could bend their bodies into those positions amazed me when I watched the show last week. They were good lookers with sensational bodies - two blondes and a brunette.

It was about 30 minutes later that I heard a "Hello again" from behind me. I turned to see that it was the blue leotard lady. She had returned wearing a matching silky gown plus she'd added some high heels.

"I'm Anna" she said as she stuck out her hand to shake mine. I took it in mine, shaking her petite hand before saying "I'm Grant".

For the next 30 minutes or so, the conversation flowed back and forth between us. It was really light chat and very pleasant. There was a lull in the conversation before Anna said "You are nothing like the other guy ... he was constantly trying to hit on me. He was quite crude too."

"Ah yes ... Robbo stirs all of us too ... and regales us with tales of all his supposed conquests" I added.

"Yeh ... he said that he should set me up on a date with a guy named "horse" ... but only after he'd dated me first" Anna explained.

"Oh no ... he didn't" I gasped.

Anna looked at me with a concerned look before asking "Why does that really seem to worry you?"

I pondered my answer before deciding that honesty was the best policy.

"Anna ... my nickname is 'horse' ... and my mates and co-workers make it their business to make my life hell by arranging 'dates' for me" I explained before continuing " ... but the dates are normally with girls that I wouldn't like ... or who cancel at the last minute" I explained.

"Oh..." Anna replied. She was silent for a few moments.

"Horse?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Yep" I responded.

Anna then continued "I've been around guys and girls long enough to know that when a guy is called 'horse' it means one thing in particular ... I assume that that applies to you too huh?"

I looked down averting her eyes. I couldn't find my voice to answer ... all I could do is nod my head.

"Hey Grant" I heard her say. I looked up slowly to see her grinning and about to laugh.

"I have enjoyed our chat in the last half hour ... and finding out that you are this 'horse' guy has done nothing to change my opinion about you" Anna explained and then added after a short pause " ... but it has made me curious".

We didn't get to chat anymore with her needed on stage for the farewell finale. All the performers were rushing through the passageway so I lost sight of her as she was swept up in the crowd.

My job wasn't finished until all the performers had exited the dressing room at the end of the show. They filtered out in dribs and drabs until Anna and the stage manager walked in my direction.

"Oh my god" I muttered under my breath. She was dressed in a thigh length tight black skirt with a thin tight-fitting shimmering white shirt on top. It was so thin that I could see the peaks of her nipples and areolas pushing it outwards.

The stage manager said "That's everyone out now. You can finish up". With that said he left me with Anna.

"Would you like to walk me back to my hotel room Grant?" she asked.

The hotel door had only just clicked shut when Anna plastered her hot body against mine with her lips locked to mine in a hot scorching kiss. My hands went to her ass, pulling her hard against me and my awakening cock.

She had the softest and most active of lips ... and tongues. I was pushed back against the hotel door when we finally broke off the kiss. Anna fell to her knees saying "I want to be introduced to Mr Horse". Her hands rapidly unbuckled my trousers and unzipped me before pulling both my trousers and undershorts down to my ankles.

My very awake cock popped free.

"Oh my lord" she gasped with her hand grasping my cock around its root.

"Fuck that's big" she added in a whisper as she led my cockhead to her mouth. She ran her tongue around the perimeter of my cock's mushroom-shaped head before slipping the head into her mouth for a firm suck.

"Ahhh fuck..." I moaned as I enjoyed her oral attentions. I pulled off my black shirt and dropped it to the floor beside her before returning my hands to her head to run my fingers through her silky smooth dark hair.

Her mouth was working on just a fraction of my long fat cock ... and she was one of the best cock suckers that I'd encountered so far. But I wanted more so I eased my cock from her mouth and drew her to her feet with my hands at the hem of her shirt, drawing it up and off over her head.

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