When the Music's Over

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy and Gary, freshly back from their holiday in Texas collect their friend Pixie and take her to a hotel for a day of pampering, the masseuse is a pretty girl called Tina. Amy sees a little of herself in Tina and sweetness follows...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Size   .

Following on from All My Lovers, Amy and Gary get back to work, try to figure out how to explain their new car and plan their wedding. This story is from Amy's point of view again.

I managed to squeeze my car past the Aston Martin that Geoff had placed in our driveway as an early wedding gift, we'd not even arranged a date for it yet, but it was a very sweet thought. I think we'll have to break into some of his money to pay the insurance for it, I'll be taxing the insurance comparison sites tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm too tired to think, it's 5am and we'd just had an energetic holiday followed by a long flight in a big shiny aeroplane, so it's time for bed.

We slept pretty much the whole of New Year's Day, I woke up in the early evening and made us some coffee and sandwiches, then we made long slow love and fell asleep again in each other's arms.

The clock radio woke us to the sound of some god awful pop song at 6:30am, back to work for us both, I padded downstairs in just my bunny slippers, Dot the elderly lady from down the road was walking past and saw me through the window. I waved her over, she's used to seeing us naked, and is amazingly cool about it for a lady in her 80's.

"Happy new year Dot"

"Oh happy New Year to you Amy, did you have a good holiday?"

"Yes, it was fantastic, so great to see Julie and Jackie again. Gary was especially pleased to meet them both."

"I bet he was, and how is everybody?"

"They're all brilliant, Geoff is thriving over there, his business is doing better than ever, I never knew that they had a big Polo scene in Texas, but they do. He's got about 250 square miles of land including a really big lake. Oh that reminds me, we're getting married, look at my ring..."

"That's beautiful, did he get down on one knee and do it properly."

"That's the funny thing, we both proposed, without the other knowing we'd both decided to propose at the same time. We even bought our rings from the same shop and we didn't know."

"I think that's a good sign, you're meant for each other. Whose is the fancy car outside?"

"Oh that, it's ours, Geoff bought it for us as a wedding gift. Secretly he had us test drive as part of a game he plays, then he asked us which was our favourite and bought us one. If I'd known that was what he was doing I'd have picked something more difficult to find."

"Well look at the time, the church won't open itself, so I'd better get going, nice seeing you again dear, say hello to lover boy for me."

"Good bye Dot."

The coffee was ready, so I took a mug up for Gary and stepped into the shower, we swapped places after I'd finished, kissing quickly as we passed in the hallway.

I dressed and headed downstairs, popping some microwave porridge on to cook whilst I poured some more coffee for us both.

Gary came downstairs tying is tie and tucking his shirt in. I told him about my chat with Dot as we ate our porridge, then we had to make a decision about which car to take to work. It wasn't that hard a decision to be honest, so despite the lack of valid insurance, or a tax disc, we decided to take the Aston because we can get from home to school without hitting any main roads.

The drive was not as fun as I'd hoped, yes the noise from the 6 litre V12 engine was incredible, and the burble from the exhaust every time I changed down did something very interesting to my insides, but driving this £190,000 down a narrow country lane in the dark, is probably the most nervous I've been since my driving test.

We turned a view heads as we drove into the car park though, the school is still closed to most students for a couple more days, but there were a few around who had one-to-one sessions with tutors, and they made straight for us as we parked. They had many questions for us, so to keep things simple we'd borrowed the car from a friend who was away for the holidays.

A few of the staff had heard the car rumble into the car park, so they got the same story until we could think of a reason we could possibly own a car like this.

There really wasn't much work to do, so most of the day was spent chatting with the rest of the girls in the office who'd spotted my engagement ring like hawks, they wanted all the details about how Gary had proposed, they loved the fact that we'd proposed together, and had bought rings separately from the same shop.

--I trawled the price comparison sites for insurance, the prices ranged from very expensive to eye watering. In the end I phoned our solicitor, Martin, he had some experience in this area as he'd handled Geoff's insurance. Martin said he'd check with some brokers direct and sort it all for us. An hour later he rang me back saying he'd managed to sort our insurance for a little under £3,000, which was more than expensive but less than eye watering, he was also sorting the tax disc out, which would be about £1000 for the first year. Running a supercar certainly wasn't going to be cheap, but I couldn't really complain seeing as it had been a gift from our generous benefactor Geoff.

The rest of the week was pretty boring to be honest, we used the Clio as our daily transport, driving the Aston along the narrow roads in the dark wasn't at all relaxing, even Gary, who admitted he loved the car almost as much as he loved me wasn't happy driving it.

On Friday though we drove it into Lancaster, we picked up Pixie for a double date, she could handle us both with ease. As the smallest of the three of us I got to try out the almost non-existent back seat and Pixie sat up front with Gary.

"Wow Amy, this is fantastic, did Geoff buy this for you?"

"Well we didn't steal it, and I didn't win the lottery, so that's the only other option. He bought it as an early wedding present."

"Oh right, what do you mean early wedding present, you getting married?"

"Yeah, look at my ring..."

"You bitch, you leave until now to tell me, I need to hug you and this seatbelt make it impossible. Oh I'm bursting with happiness."

She jabbered like this for a few more minutes while Gary wove the car through Lancaster and onto the M6. For a car with so much power it was very easy to drive slowly, it was also very easy to drive very, very fast, something Gary demonstrated as he pointed the car north up the M6, nudging 140mph as we headed for the border.

"Holy shit, this car can shift. I don't think I've ever travelled this fast outside of an aeroplane."

"Oh yeah, she can move all right, it'll touch 180mph on a long straight road, but 140mph is fast enough for now. About 90 minutes to our destination. You OK back there Amy?"

"I may never walk again, but I'll live."

"Where we going anyway?" asked Pixie.

"We've got a suite booked for two nights at the Malmaison in Glasgow. You deserve a bit of pampering, so I've got some sessions sorted for us both in their spa. Gary can read a book in the bar for a while he waits."

"That must have cost a fortune, let me pay something towards it."

--"No you won't, if you knew how much it had just cost us to insure this car you'd go mental, two nights in a hotel booked through late rooms is nothing in comparison. Gary can you stop at the next services, I've lost the feeling in my legs..."

We parked up at the hotel just before 8pm, Gary lifted our bags out of the boot and we climbed the steps to the hotel reception. The doorman gave us a funny look as he opened the door for us, I suspect he may phone the police about the car as soon as we're out of earshot.

Gary & I booked in, having a third person booking into a double room may be frowned upon almost as much as arriving in a car well beyond your apparent means.

Pixie followed in our wake as we took the lift to our suite, I'd managed to bag a duplex suite, the bed up on a mezzanine level with a roof window looking out across the Glasgow skyline.

As Gary unpacked our bags I embraced Pixie, her huge boobs pressing against my chest.

"It's been so long since we've spent any time together, I've missed you baby." I said

"I've missed you too, and then you go and get engaged and don't tell me for ages."

"Well we've been busy since we got home and I couldn't tell you before because it was a secret."

"Make sure you keep me in the loop about the wedding."

"No fear on that part, you're my chief bridesmaid, and if you'll accept the mission, my wedding dress designer."

"Holy shit, that'll be an awesome job, as long as you don't want a white wedding."

"I'm hardly a virgin, so a white wedding would seem a little fraudulent."

"Excellent, so what are we doing tonight?"

"Well dinner downstairs, a few drinks, then sleep, how does that sound?"

"I was hoping for something between the drinks and sleep..."

"Of course, I doubt Gary will be able to sleep with the huge hard-on he'll get just being in the same room as you naked, so don't worry about that part."


"Anyway, time for dinner I think, I think you'll like the menu downstairs, lots of rare steak options. Come on Gary, we're hungry."

We headed down to the restaurant where Pixie had a rare sirloin steak with chunky chips, I had sea bass and Gary had calves liver, we washed it down with a couple of bottles of Chateauneuf Du Pape.

After dinner we moved through to the bar, they had a dance floor and a DJ playing some decent tunes. Gary danced with us both in turn, he got jealous stares from some guys, and Pixie got daggers from their partners, which may have had something to do with her pink V-neck sweater showing plenty of her perfect cleavage.

If there's one thing I wish I had, it's decent sized boobs, mine are just c-cup, and Gary is happy with them, but he's even happier with Pixie's boobs. I've told him that under no circumstances am I having a boob job, and he assured me that he's fine with that. I believe him as well, because we both just proposed to each other.

We danced until midnight, then we went up to our room, as soon as the door closed behind us Pixie pulled off her sweater and unhooked her bra, then she pulled Gary forwards and smothered his face between her breasts, I could hear a muffled spluttering sound as he started to slowly expire, so I saved his life by dragging him away by his shirt collar.

"Please don't kill my boyfriend Pixie, he's got many miles left in him yet," I laughed.

I leant into Pixie and kissed her hard, her bare breasts pressing against my chest, she pushed her tongue into my mouth, twisting it round mine, God I was getting hot.

After what seemed hours but was probably under a minute we pulled apart gasping for air, I struggled to undress but my mind was scrambled and I was all fingers and thumbs, Gary took pity on me and removed my clothing for me, laying me carefully on the bed.

Leant over the end of the bed and placed her head between my thighs then delicately flicked her tongue against my clit a few times, that was enough to tip me over the edge as an explosive orgasm rolled through my body. I bucked hard and nearly threw Pixie off, but she held tight, continuing to work my clit as she slipped a couple of fingers in my pussy.

Whilst Pixie was occupied Gary saw his chance, he dropped his pants and lifted her skirt, and presented with that gorgeous backside he had did what any man would do in the situation, he stuck his huge cock between her cheeks and deep into her pussy. Pixie gave a little yelp then a deep satisfied moan and renewed her work on my pussy with extra vigour.

Gary gripped Pixies waist tightly as he pounded her pussy harder and harder, this made her pump her fingers into my pussy faster and faster, harder and harder, until I couldn't help myself and I just had to let go, I came so hard I lifted almost my whole body off the bed, I also did something I rarely do, I ejaculated, squirting all over Pixies face, she squeaked and must have tensed up, because just then something triggered Gary, and he came hard, sending jet after jet of hot cum deep inside Pixie, which set her off too, she fell forward on top of me, panting hard.

--We were all pretty exhausted, and tomorrow was our pampering day (well for me & Pixie anyway) so we cleaned up and went to bed, Gary in the middle as usual, a thorn between two roses.

Saturday was pampering day, I'd booked full body massages, hot stone therapy and facials for me & Pixie, Gary was have a wander round the shops and going to watch Celtic play Hibernian, he would have preferred to watch Rangers but they were playing away and apparently in a lower league.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Gary with long luxurious kisses and sent him on his way, then dressed in just panties and the lovely fluffy hotel bathrobes we headed down to the spa.

Our day started with a sauna to open our pores, then a Dead Sea Salt-water bath for deep cleansing followed by a fresh water shower.

Wrapped back in our fluffy robes we moved down the corridor into to massage room, a pretty girl greeted us at the door and asked us to remove our robes and climb on the beds. Neither of us being shy we simply dropped our robes and lay down.

"Oh, most people wait for me to leave the room before lying down, but why should you be shy when you have such gorgeous bodies? My name's Tina and I'll be massaging you both today, we'd normally have you in separate rooms but the booking stated both in the same room, so if you don't mind I'll do you both alternately."

Tina moved over to Pixie, "oh wow, your back is beautiful, are you Amy or Pixie?"

"Thanks, I'm Pixie. A tattoo artist by trade, I've done the modest selection of tattoos on Amy, I won't let her have any more because her skin is too pure to be totally obscured like mine."

"So are you tattooed all over?

"Almost, my boobs are clear, so is everything that shows when I'm fully clothed. Whilst I love body art, I can't understand people who have their faces and hands done, there are times when it's important to present a facade of respectability."

"Do you mind me asking, are your boobs real?"

"I don't mind you asking, and I don't mind telling you that they're fake, but very good fakes. I was originally about the same cup-size as my beautiful friend Amy," I rolled over to demonstrate Pixie's original size, "but I always wanted bigger boobs, I felt they'd give me more confidence, so one way or another I gathered together the funds to pay for these beauties, went to a top surgeon in Beverley Hills thanks to a generous friend."

Pixie sat up to show them to Tina properly, "feel them, they're as good as real, go on I don't mind."

Tina moved closer and tenderly touched Pixie's left breast, then she put her whole palm under the breast and felt its weight, squeezing it gently, "yeah it feels real, I've a friend with real big boobs, these are almost as soft. Hers are heavier than yours, she needs a big sturdy bra or she gets back ache. Anyway, you're not here to talk about boobs. Lie down and we'll get started, oh and if you want all over you might want to remove those panties."

We quickly wriggled out of our pants whilst Tina started to warm the oils.

Tina started on Pixie first, pouring some of the warm oil over her back and bum then she started to massage the oil into her skin, gently at first until Pixie was fully relaxed, then she put some effort into it, kneading knots out of Pixies muscles, working down her spine and lower back, I could see Pixie visibly relax as Tina worked on her shoulders and back. Tina moved onto Pixie's buttocks and upper thighs, working the muscles with her strong fingertips, easing the pressures of Pixies life out of her body. Tina worked all the way down her legs to her ankles, working the stresses out of Pixie's feet and ankles elicited a deep sigh of pleasure.

After the massage was over Tina placed several hot stones down Pixies spine and legs with a couple on other chakra points.

Pixie was left to luxuriate whilst Tina had a quick coffee break before starting on my back, I'd almost nodded off by the time Tina came back from her break, the sensation of the warm scented oils pouring down my back was a bit of a shock and I must have jerked a little.

"Oh I'm so sorry, did I startle you honey?"

"A little, I think I was asleep, I didn't notice you come back in the room."

"Sorry, I'll make a little more noise next time I come back in the room, promise, now let's get to work on your back. You have such lovely skin, and you seem more relaxed than Pixie, not as many knots to work out."

"I am more relaxed, Pixie hasn't had a good life and I'm trying to make things better for her. I've got lots to be thankful for as well, I've just got engaged to a wonderful man and we've got a generous friend who's given us a house and superb car, so I feel that I should try to make Pixie's life as good as mine."

"You're very kind Amy, and I'm sure your sleepy friend there will appreciate how good she feels when she wakes up."

Tina worked my neck, shoulders and back, kneading my spine to work out some stiffness. She started on thighs, working the large muscles on the backs of my legs, then she moved down between my legs, working out some tightness there, once or twice I felt her hand against my pussy, whether it was an accident or all part of the service it felt nice.

Once Tina was finished she fetched a basket of the hot stones and placed them down my spine and legs, with a couple on my shoulders and just above my buttocks. Some of the stones were quite heavy and Tina checked that I was comfortable before she moved over to Pixie and removed her stones.

"Now Pixie, time for your facial, you can put your robe on if you like."

"No, I'm fine as I am thanks."

"Very well, I'll enjoy the view then, move over to this chair please."

Pixie sat in a big barbers type chair which Tina tilted back before she applied a small amount of warmed oil to Pixies forehead and cheeks, and with her thumbs she gently massaged Pixie's beautiful face, once that was complete she used cleansing wipes to remove the oil and applied a mask made from Dead Sea mud.

"I'll leave that mask for 20 minutes then we'll wash it off and see how you look, OK?"

Pixie mumbled assent whilst Tina removed the stones from my back, I felt so completely relaxed I almost fell as I got off the massage table, Tina caught me and led me across to the other chair, "that happens surprisingly often, I once hurt myself trying to catch this really fat woman who feinted as she climbed off the table. Now close your eyes whilst I apply some oils to your forehead."

As Tina moved in close to massage my face the smell of her perfume, mixed with the smell of the oils and her gentle voice as she talked through the facial procedure got me really worked up. I suddenly realised as I sat there naked, being ministered to by this pretty girl with her lovely voice, how tough guys have it, their sexual arousal is just so blatantly obvious, a big lump appears in their trousers, or worse, if Gary was here dressed in just a towel it would look like he was building a tent or something. For us girls we just get a bit of a flush and some dampness down below, my pussy lips were swelling some, but I don't think it was obvious.

Just in case, I slipped my hands under my thighs to prevent me playing with myself, I think Tina saw me though, as a cheeky smile crossed her lips and enigmatically whispered "later, OK".

After Tina had applied my face mask she moved over to Pixie and tipped her chair back some more so she could wash off the mud in the sink, then she patted her face dry with a warm towel before applying some foundation and make-up she'd matched expertly to her facial toning, I have to say that no matter how pretty Pixie looked before, when she stood before me I was breathless, she was beautiful, and I had to sit harder on my hands.

Tina retuned to my chair and washed my mud off, towelled me dry and applied some make-up she'd selected for me. When she turned my chair round so I could see in the mirror I was again breathless, I never normally wear make-up, just a little lipstick and eyeliner when we're going out, but today, even though I say so myself, I looked stunning.

"Well, I can honestly say it's been a pleasure working on you girls. I get people in here who leave the room looking 100 times better than when they arrived because, being brutally honest, they were ugly to start with, but you started gorgeous so I've not been able to improve you much. Still, I hope you like it. I've printed out your colours, so you can buy the make-up from Boots or whatever when you get home."

"Oh, Tina, you've done so much, I look so good I could cry, but I don't want to mess up what you've done. I need to give you a tip but I don't have any money on me, what time do you finish?"

"I finish at 6."

"Can you meet us in the lounge at 6 then?"

"Of course, I'm doing nothing tonight; I was resigned to a night in front of the TV anyway, so an hour in the bar won't spoil anything."

We both kissed Tina and left the spa. We both felt so relaxed we just went up to our room and fell asleep on the bed still wrapped in our fluffy robes.

Gary woke us as he returned from the football, it was about 5:30, we'd been asleep for 4 hours!

I jumped up and ran over to Gary and hugged him.

"Had a good day?" I asked

"Yeah it was OK, I've bought a few things and the match was as exciting as it could be when you don't care about either team. You look stunning by the way."

"Thanks, the spa treatment was life-changing, so relaxing and sensual, and we need to get dressed quickly, wake Pixie because I think she's in a coma, while I sort my hair out, then get yourself showered and dressed in something smart."

"What's up?"

"Tell you later," I answered with a smile.

Twenty minutes later we were presentable, Gary had put on a pair a chinos and a very nice purple Ralph Lauren shirt, Pixie wore a sweater that revealed a respectable amount of her assets and I wore a green dress the twins had bought me in Texas.

We headed down to the lounge and arrived just as Tina was sitting down at a table in the corner. She smiled as we approached.

"Tina, this is my fiancé Gary; Gary this is Tina, she has magical hands."

We sat down at the table and I slipped a few notes across to Tina, "that's for this morning."

Tina counted the money, "wow, that's a lot of money, you sure?"

"Seriously, we had a fun morning, you definitely earned that. Now I seem to remember you had a free evening, so could you show us the town?"

"Of course I can, would you be able to swing round to my house so I can change out of my work clothes."

"That would be no problem at all, let's go. Oh I should warn you, the back seat in our car is, errm how should I put this, cosy."

We headed for the car, it was freezing out, so we didn't hang about.

Tina saw the car, "shit, this is yours? I saw this as I arrived this morning and wondered if we had any footballers staying. I love Astons, they're just so sexy."

With some effort Pixie managed to get in the back seat with me to allow Tina the pleasure of a front seat ride in her dream car. It wasn't far to Tina's house and after the same amount of effort Pixie managed to get out of the car, she's a big girl and Aston Martin back seats just weren't designed for someone her shape, poor dear.

Tina lived in a 10th floor flat, and naturally the lift was out of action, apparently some fuck-wit decided to light a bonfire in it a week ago. After seeing the building and the surroundings we were concerned about the car, and Tina spotted us checking the car park from each landing in the way up.

"Don't worry, all the dickheads are either asleep or in the pub, we'll be gone long before they stir."

The flat was quite big, two decent sized bedrooms, a large sitting room and a tiny kitchen.

"You live here alone?" I asked

"I do now, my last boyfriend is in prison, 10 years at least, so I hope to be somewhere he can't find me when he gets out. I've been thinking of moving to Edinburgh, I can get a transfer to our hotel there, but flats are so expensive. You may have saved my life with that £1,000 you just give me, that'll get me the first month in a nice flat with money to spare."

"Oh Tina, I wish I could do more to help, go and get yourself changed and we'll have a night out you'll remember for a long time."

Whilst Tina was in the shower I made a couple of calls and had a plan in place before she came back in the room.

"Ok, I'm ready", she was indeed ready. Her work uniform did her no favours at all, because it hid a very nice body, she had a trim waist, nice bum and a very decent set of boobs, which she'd displayed with a V-necked sweater similar to Pixie's although a size or two smaller.

"So, where are we off to?"

"Well I'm not sure, I tend to eat in McDonalds then go for a drink in the Wetherspoons on St Vincent's Place, I'm a cheap date."

"I think we can do better than that, tell you what, imagine that money is no object, you want a good meal and a dance, where would you go?"

"Ashoka on the Southside, then if I'm honest I'd go back to the hotel because they have a good DJ on Saturdays."

"Well that's what we're doing then. Oh, are you working tomorrow?"

"No, it's my day off, but I do the odd bit of freelance work if you need anything doing, I can cut hair as well you know."

"Oh, no I don't want to you to do anything, just checking that's all."

We headed back to the car and I hung back with Gary, "Geoff's got someone looking for a flat in Edinburgh, we should have a couple to look at tomorrow, we can't all go in that car though, we'll need to rent something with proper back seats or Pixie will need another massage."

Ashoka was everything Tina had promised and more, authentic Indian food served in modern surroundings, we ordered a selection of dishes and sampled them all, washed down with Kingfisher lager. Pleasantly stuffed we managed to all fit back in the car, Tina in the back with me and Pixie now in the front, and we headed back to the hotel to dance the night away.

As we entered the hotel Tina took the clips out of her hair and shook it out, with it set free she looked totally different, she had a lovely smile now she'd literally let her hair down, it was auburn, naturally wavy, and reached past her shoulders.

"I think I'm going to have fun tonight."

"I know you're going to have fun tonight" I answered.

She was right about the DJ, last night's was OK, but tonight we got a mixture of dance music from the late 80's to current, we all danced with each other, swapping around after each tune.

At the end of the night I found myself in Tina's arms, our lips touched naturally and we smooched through the song, Tina whispered in my ear "About that later I mentioned earlier, I think now's about right."

"You can come up to our room if you like, I'm sure the bed's big enough for us all."

"What about your fiancé Gary?"

"Oh he's not bothered as long as he gets to join in."

"I've never been with a girl properly before, just kissing and stuff."

--"We'll be gentle I promise, and we've got a treat sorted for you tomorrow."

When the music was over we collected our shoes from the corner where we'd stashed them and headed upstairs, Gary stopped by the bar to buy a bottle of champagne with 4 glasses, the barman asked about Tina, asking us to be nice to her as she'd had a tough time of late after her ex killed one of her friends in a bar fight, Gary promised we'd be nice and followed us upstairs.

When we were all together we toasted the night with champagne, Bollinger no less. I put my glass down and stood in front of Tina, I took hold of the bottom of her sweater and slowly lifted it, she raised her arms pliantly as I pulled it over her head. Beneath the sweater was a pretty bra, black with pink flowers and a pink bow at the front, by the sounds of her ex-boyfriend he didn't deserve to be treated to this sight.

I reached round and unhooked the bra and placed it carefully on top of her sweater, her breasts were a little bigger than mine, they had a nice shape, full at the bottom with upturned nipples that were already showing signs of life.

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