Bewitched at a Halloween Party

by Old Freak

Copyright© 2013 by Old Freak

Romantic Sex Story: My friend and I were known for the crazy parties we threw, especially at Halloween. Among those present at this one party were two women, best friends since they were toddlers, who were dressed as witches. These two witches cast their spell upon me that night, which transformed our lives for the better. Find out what happens when I was Bewitched at a Halloween Party.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Magic   Extra Sensory Perception   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Looking back at some of the crazy shit we used to do when we were younger, I'm amazed that most of us are still alive and have maintained our sanity, what little we had to begin with anyway. Thirty some years ago, several friends and I threw what turned out to be one crazy Halloween party at which I was bewitched. Although parts of this story are based upon what happened at several different real parties, a large part of this story is completely fictitious and a product of my over active imagination. I am also changing the names of the participants in the true parts to protect the innocent and not so innocent, and to protect me from any potential libel suits as well.

I was in my mid twenties when this happened, in between marriages, and renting a room, with use of the kitchen, bathroom and yard, in a house owned by George, an old high school friend, who was also divorced. Needless to say, with two bachelors sharing a house, our place became known as Party Central. In order to defray the costs for the beer, we kept an empty coffee can with a piece of paper taped to it labeled "Beer Fund" on top of the refrigerator so that people could make donations to pay for the next keg. When we had enough money in the can, we had another party the following weekend.

We were able to maintain peace with our neighbors by simply inviting them to our parties. Although most of them didn't attend, they felt they couldn't really complain to the police because they had been invited after all. We did try to keep things under control as far as noise and other craziness was concerned, although that wasn't always possible. We also tried to help out our neighbors when we could, such as shoveling the snow off of the sidewalks for our elderly neighbors and sending a pitcher or two of beer over to the sweet old Italian couple who lived next door to us.

Halloween was always a fun time at our house, and I wanted to make up a particularly outrageous costume to do it right that year. I went to a thrift store and picked up an old rain coat and some suspenders. I stopped by the mall, where I picked up a pair of extra extra large long johns, a can of three tennis balls, a roll of wide masking tape, and finally found some flesh colored paint in a hobby shop. I think everything together cost me less than $10.00.

After making sure I had everything I would need, I began putting my costume together. First, after we had finished reading it, I took the Sunday newspaper and rolled it together as tightly as I could and taped it so that it wouldn't unravel. I found several straws and taped them onto the appropriate places on the newspaper, then taped the entire length of the newspaper with the wide masking tape. After I had finished taping the entire length of the newspaper, I pushed the center so that one end was slightly concave, almost like a cup. Next, I took one of the tennis balls and placed it in the cup and taped it into place, using the masking tape to build it up enough around where the tennis ball rested on the newspaper so that the shape would be correct for my costume.

When I had finished all of that, I put the first of two coats of the flesh colored paint on it, adding a second coat after the first had completely dried. After the second coat of paint was completely dry, I used a dark felt tip marker to carefully draw lines over where the straws were sticking up under the tape. My next task was to find an empty bread wrapper, into which I placed the remaining two tennis balls. I rolled the open end of the bread wrapper a bit so that the tennis balls would be the correct distance below the convex end of the rolled up newspaper. I securely taped the open end of the bread wrapper to the convex end of the rolled up newspaper, and the major part of my costume was now ready for the party.

Halloween finally arrived and a bunch of friends came over to help us clean the house and help us get everything ready for the party. Once the entire house was clean and ready for the party, everyone left to get cleaned up and changed into their costumes while George and I did the same. I did encounter one minor problem when I was getting changed into my costume. That was easily remedied however by using a pair of scissors to increase the size of the opening of the long johns so that the newspaper would fit through it.

George and I were in our costumes and had just tapped the keg, which was sitting in a barrel of ice on our side porch, by the time our first guests arrived. I put "Disraeli Gears", the classic album by Cream, on the stereo to begin getting the proper mood set for our party. Several people brought food with them which they took to the kitchen and placed the food in the appropriate places, whether that was the stove, in a crock pot, or the refrigerator. While people were busy getting the food ready, someone went to the keg, filled a couple of pitchers with beer, then went around and filled everyone's sixteen ounce plastic cup with the ice cold brew. I had several people ask me about my costume, but I told them I would show it to them in a little while.

Once the food was pretty well together, several of us sat at the kitchen table and had a joint rolling contest, while Fred, another friend, was busily chopping a bunch of mushrooms into real tiny pieces. When he had finished chopping the mushrooms, someone reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a large container of French onion dip. She poured about a third of the dip into a green bowl and the remainder into a larger yellow bowl, which she handed to Fred. He scraped the large pile of chopped mushrooms into the yellow bowl, making sure he had gotten everything into the bowl. He then took a large spoon and thoroughly mixed the mushrooms into the bowlful of dip, transforming normal French onion dip into "Miracle Dip". Someone had taken a small piece of paper and drew a couple of nuclear warning signs on it, then folded it in half and taped it to a straw, which was then placed into the bowl of Miracle Dip as a warning to any who may not have wanted to partake of it.

When Fred was finally satisfied that the mushrooms were sufficiently mixed in with the dip, he tapped the spoon against the side of the bowl, knocking whatever extra dip which had stuck onto the spoon back into the bowl. Then, like a kid licking the beaters after his or her mother had finished making a cake, Fred licked the large spoon he had used to mix the dip until any extra dip was no longer evident on it. After rinsing it off, he placed the spoon into the kitchen sink, then grabbed a couple of potato chips and tested the dip. A large smile appeared on his face as he announced, "I do believe the Miracle Dip is ready."

By this time, most of our guests had arrived and the party was beginning to get interesting. Quite a few of us sampled the Miracle Dip, although a number of people did not. Music was being played on the high quality stereo we had there, people were eating the food that had been brought, the keg of beer was flowing quite nicely, and doobers were being passed around as people began to rewind their minds and rethread their heads.

After I finished eating, I picked up my cup of beer, got up from the table and mingled with the people who had arrived. I had several people ask me what my costume was, so I put my beer down, unbuttoned my rain coat, reached inside of it to take hold of the suspenders I was wearing under the rain coat, and opened the coat while releasing the top of the rolled up newspaper which had been held in place by the suspenders. The newspaper flopped down in front of me, sticking out about fifteen inches in front of me as I said, "I'm a flasher!"

Everyone cracked up laughing and most people went on their way to talk with other people, although I did notice that I seemed to be getting a bit more attention from the women there than I normally would. I was particularly surprised by how many women came up to me to stroke and fondle my rolled up newspaper, and by some of the comments they made. Florence, whose nickname was Flo, was dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform and gave me the hottest, most sultry smile as she fondled me, licked her lips and said, "This is just my size!"

Her remark was met by a number of comments from the other women, including, "Something that size would tear my little pussy apart!", "That's just a little too big for me!" and "Flo, you always were a size queen!"

After most of the women had moved on, Flo took my arm, pressing it against her firm, well rounded breasts and whispered into my ear, "Your costume has me so damn hot and wet that I'm living up to my name and flowing like a river!"

I chuckled at her remark and replied, "Looks like Ted's going to get lucky tonight, eh?"

Very softly she said, "You could be the one who's getting lucky."

I looked at her very nicely put together body and said, "As hot and sexy as I have always thought you were, and as much as I am tempted to take advantage of your offer, I couldn't do that to a friend, especially one who is as nice a guy as Ted. Why don't you go find him and show him how much you care for him?"

Flo gave me a look of disappointment, but then smiled at me and said, "Jack, you always were a good and loyal friend." She gave me a kiss on my cheek, then went off in search of her boyfriend.

I looked around and saw two very attractive women who were dressed as witches and who obviously were not wearing bras. I walked over toward Anne and Debbie, who had grown up next door to one another and who had been best friends since they were toddlers. Both women were somewhat slender but well built, so there was no doubt they were women. Anne was fairly tall, about five feet eight inches tall (about 173 cm.) with long dark brown, almost black hair which extended more than half way down her back, and the most incredible brown eyes which seemed to be able to gaze into my soul. Debbie on the other hand was about six inches shorter as five feet two inches (about 158 cm.) with strawberry blond hair which reached just past her shoulders and sapphire blue eyes which always seemed to sparkle.

I had met Debbie and Anne at a party thrown by a mutual friend earlier this past spring and the three of us hit it off right from the start. Since then the three of us had become quite close to one another. They had become regular attendees at our parties and had stopped over to see me a number of times since we had met. I had visited them at their apartment, which was only a few blocks from the house, quite a few times as well. I was obviously checking them out as I approached them, and was greeted by bright smiles from each of them.

"Happy Halloween!" I greeted them. "You two are definitely the hottest and sexiest witches I have ever seen!"

"Why thank you kind sir," replied Anne, who was the closer of the two to me, as she greeted me with a really nice hug and a steaming kiss, which included a visit from her tongue between my lips for a moment to greet mine. After a moment or two, she loosened her grip on the upper part of my body while continuing to press her hips against mine, smiled and commented, "I've never had anything this massive pressing against me like that before and I must say that I like it. I think we'll just have to check it out more closely a little later."

Anne released me and Debbie greeted me much like her friend had, kissing me with even more passion than Anne had, if that was possible. Debbie continued to grind against me, smiled and said, "I couldn't agree more! We will definitely have to check this out much closer a little later!"

"That sounds good to me!" I replied. "I'm ready when you are."

Anne and Debbie started giggling as Debbie released me. Anne pulled out a joint as Debbie said, "How about if we wait until after the Miracle Dip starts kicking in?"

I whipped out my lighter and fired up the doober that Anne had placed to her lips and replied, "Whenever you ladies are ready, just let me know."

We moved into the corner as Anne passed the joint to Debbie, who took a big hit before she passed it to me. I inhaled deeply and passed the joint to Anne as Debbie very quietly said, "We'd like to ask a big favor of you."

I held the smoke in my lungs for a moment before I exhaled and answered, "Sure. What can I do for you?"

Anne released the smoke that had been in her lungs, and while Debbie took a hit, Anne quietly asked, "You know that we are real witches, right?"

Debbie passed the joint to me and before I took another hit, I replied, "Yes. You had told me that before."

I gave Anne the joint, and she took another hit before she passed it to Debbie. Anne exhaled and said, "We would like your help casting a spell later tonight."

"What kind of spell?" I asked as Debbie gave me what was left of the joint. I put it on a roach clip, took another hit and passed it to Anne.

Debbie explained to me, "Anne and I can feel that you have some sort of power, but we don't know what kind or how strong it might be. We are hopeful that this spell will help answer those questions. There are several side effects of this spell as well. Among them are that our libidos, endurance and stamina will all be improved and strengthened." She blushed as she continued, "The spell is cast sky clad, or without any of us wearing any clothing, and an important part of the spell is for the three of us to be joined together sexually and to try as hard as we can to climax simultaneously."

"There is something else which you should be aware of before you agree to do this," added Anne.

"What is that?" I asked.

"In rare instances, maybe two or three percent of the time," replied Anne, "the spell can be somewhat of a binding spell, although it's not really meant for that."

I chuckled as I replied, "Now that sounds very interesting! What do you mean that it is somewhat of a binding spell but not really that?"

Anne handed me the roach clip with the tiny bit of the joint that was left on it. I ate the tiny roach, washing it down with a beer, and put the clip in my shirt pocket. "Ever since we met you, I have felt a connection with you unlike any I have ever felt before, except for my connection with Debbie. She and I have talked about this quite a bit and she feels the same way about you."

I looked at Debbie and returned her smile as she said, "She's right. I too feel a special connection and we think that the three of us should explore it further."

I put my beer on the table next to us and placed an arm around the two of them, holding them close to me, feeling their hard nipples pressing into my side, as I said, "I too have felt a special connection with the two of you. I didn't want to hurt either of you by choosing one over the other, nor did I want to cause any problems with your friendship, especially since I know how close the two of you are to one another." I felt each of them place an arm around me and as we cuddled together, I asked, "So what is this binding spell which isn't really a binding spell?"

Debbie replied, "As Anne said, it's rare that it happens, but we wanted to be completely up front with you about what could happen so that you don't feel trapped on the off chance it does." She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing. "There have been a few cases where the people involved in casting this spell end up being bound together mentally, emotionally, and in a figurative sense, physically as well. This binding together is stronger than the bonds of most married couples, even those who are deeply in love with one another."

"If this were to happen," added Anne, "we will be able to feel each others' emotions and their presence, sometimes even their thoughts. We would be completely open to one another and there would be no secrets between us. There have been a few cases where the people involved can read each others' thoughts and can communicate telepathically."

"Anne and I performed this spell together several years ago and we were among that rare two or three percent that were bound together as a result of the spell. Although it was a little scarey at first, and it did take some time to get used to it, we couldn't be happier that it did. Until we met you, neither of us ever had a thought of being with anyone else, male or female. As we got to know you, those feelings have only strengthened for us until we are at the point where we now are."

"Knowing what you now know, would you be willing to participate in this spell with us?" asked Anne.

I stood there and thought about it for a few minutes. I still had one arm around Anne and the other around Debbie, and could feel their hands as they gently caressed my back. I could feel the love they had for one another, but could also feel the love they had for me. I considered how I felt about them and realized that if I wasn't in love with them, I wasn't too far from feeling that way.

I moved my hands to gently move them so that they were both facing me, even though we still had our arms around one another. I smiled at them and said, "I'll do it. I realized how strong my feelings were for both of you, and if the binding should happen, I would be happy. If it doesn't, I am still interested in finding out about whether I may have this power which you mentioned, and if so, what kind of power this may be."

They both let loose with quiet squeals of joy as first Debbie, then Anne kissed me lightly on my lips. Anne then said, "We have these bags with the things we'll need to cast the spell. Could we put these in your room so they'll be safe and out of the way until we need them?"

"Sure." Anne handed me a bag, asking me to make sure that I held it from the bottom so that the half gallon glass bottle would not break and so its contents wouldn't spill. Anne and Debbie each picked up a couple of lighter bags which we carried up the stairs and into my bedroom. They placed their bags onto my bed and asked me to put mine into my closet so it would be out of sight of anyone else who might come into my room during the party. They emptied several of their bags while leaving the others full. They pulled out several small metal trays which they placed on the various pieces of furniture throughout the room, upon which they put the candlestick holders and scented candles which they had brought with them.

After everything was set up to their satisfaction, Debbie handed me a piece of paper with writing on it, asking me to put it someplace safe as it had the words of the spell on it. As Debbie handed me the paper, a full body rush came over me, causing my entire body to shudder from my head all the way to my toes. I smiled at the two beautiful ladies with me and said, "Ah, the Miracle Dip is beginning to kick in."

I put the paper inside my desk and found myself standing between the two sexy witches, who cuddled up to me. I put my arms around them and held them as I felt tremors traveling through their bodies as they too felt the beginning effects of the mushrooms that we had ingested. I slid my hands up and down along their sides from under their armpits to their hips, feeling the sides of their breasts as my hands slid higher along their sides. On my hands' next journey upwards, the two of them turned so that I could feel more of their breasts in my hands. I kept my hands there and gently fondled and caressed their breasts as I leaned in to kiss first Anne, then Debbie while my fingertips neared their rapidly hardening nipples, hearing low moans escaping from their mouths as I did so.

Debbie looked at the clock on the table beside my bed and saw that it was a little before 9:00. "As much as I would enjoy staying here with you two the rest of the night, we should get back down to the party. We should start the spell around midnight, so we should come back up here about quarter of to begin the preparations."

We exchanged one more passionate, tongue twirling kiss then closed and locked my bedroom door behind us before we went back downstairs to rejoin the party. We went into the kitchen and refilled our beers, emptying the pitcher. I went out to the back porch and refilled the pitcher, then the three of us went around and topped off everyone's glass who wanted more beer, talking with them as we went.

As we went around visiting the various people at the party, it became evident that the Miracle Dip was kicking in for more and more people. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, with many people laughing, some hysterically so. Joints and bowls of hash were passed to us. We each took a hit and passed it along to the next person to enjoy.

A guy named Al was sitting in a chair with a look of total wonder on his face. His gaze turned toward the three of us and he exclaimed, "Oh wow! The three of you are surrounded in all sorts of bright colors! It's like you each have an aura around you!" He stopped his rant for a moment and smiled before he quietly said, "I can see what looks like a solid gold rope connecting the three of you together. It goes from you to each of the women and the two women are connected too." The look of wonder reappeared on his face and seemed to overwhelm his entire person. In an awe inspired voice he said, "I can feel the love passing between the three of you!"

I pulled my ladies beside me and put an arm around the two of them, holding them close to me. There was a loveseat near Al's chair, so I sat down and pulled Debbie and Anne onto my lap. Anne reached into the pocket of her cape and pulled out a small case from which she pulled a joint and handed it to Al. I released Anne and reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out a lighter, which I flicked and held to the end of the joint in Al's hand. He took a good hit off of it and passed it to Anne while I put my lighter back in my pocket. After Anne took a hit, she passed it to me, and I passed it to Debbie after I had filled my lungs with the aromatic smoke. I put my arm back around Anne and held the two women close to me as we snuggled together.

Debbie reached into the pocket on her cape and pulled out a roach clip which she handed to Anne when the joint returned to her. Anne put the roach onto the clip, took a hit and held the clip for me as my hands were busy holding and caressing two hot and sexy witches. When the joint was done, Debbie put the clip away and asked Al, "Can you usually see auras, or is this the first time?"

Al replied, "I've only seen them twice before, once when I was straight and once after a couple of friends and I had smoked some really good hash. The colors weren't nearly as bright and sharp as they were tonight, and I've never seen anything like the golden rope or whatever it is that seems to be linking the three of you together."

"Do you see auras around anyone else here?" asked Anne.

Al looked around the room before he said, "No, just around you three."

"Could you let us know if you see anymore auras tonight?" asked Debbie. "I know of a couple of people who say they can see auras, and maybe you might be interested in meeting some of the at some point."

"Cool. I'd like that and would like to know more about it," replied Al.

I noticed that my beer glass was empty, so I asked if anyone else was in need of another beer. Al said he was fine, so the three of us got up to refill our beers. Just after we finished topping them off, someone stuck their head into the kitchen to let us know that Jeff was going to set off some bottle rockets he had brought with him for the party. We all gathered our beers and followed everyone else out to the front yard where Jeff was setting up six empty beer bottles in groups of two with the stems of the small rockets inside of the bottles with the fuses outside the lips of the bottles and ready to be lit.

When everyone was in position to watch the bottle rockets being set off, Jeff lit the fuses of the first pair. Although the bottle rockets were fairly small, everyone there, especially those who had partaken of the Miracle Dip, appreciated the colorful display as the rockets exploded overhead.

Altogether, Jeff had a dozen rockets to set off and everything was going smoothly until he got to the last pair. He lit the eleventh rocket and quickly moved to light the last one. As he fired off the last rocket, he didn't realize that he had bumped the bottle of the one previous to that and that it had fallen over onto its side. He looked over and saw what had happened and exclaimed, "Oh shit!" as the bottle rocket shot at ground level into a bush in the front of the yard rather than into the air like it was supposed to do.

Luckily, the bush stopped the forward progress of the rocket, preventing it from going into the street or into one of the neighbor's yards. Unfortunately though, neither my roommate George nor I had had the chance to rake the fallen leaves, and a bunch of them had accumulated at the base of the bush. Needless to say, when the rocket had used up its propellant and exploded as it was designed to do, the dried leaves which were caught at the bottom of the bush caught fire.

The bush catching fire the way it did caused a number of different reactions among the people there. Some people just stood there and watched, getting off on the colors manifested from the fire. Several others ran inside to grab empty pitchers and other containers and filled them with water so they could put out the fire. Josh, a tall, well built guy who was dressed in a toga, decided that he was going to play the part of Moses and began talking to the burning bush. Three other guys decided to forgo a trip to the bathroom to rid themselves of excess beer and to put their accumulated urine to a useful purpose. They walked to the burning bush and whipped out their peckers and began pissing onto the fire, putting it out fairly rapidly.

Ted and several others exclaimed, "You pissed on God!" and other things to that effect.

By the time the three guys had finished relieving themselves, the people who had run inside to fill some of the empty pitchers with water had arrived back at the scene and dumped their pitchers of water on the steaming smokey remnants of the fire to make sure that it had been completely extinguished. Once the excitement was over, everyone went back inside and the party resumed, with the fire being the main topic of conversation among the various groups.

As I mingled with the people at the party, I noticed that I had Debbie or Anne or both of them accompanying me almost the entire time since we had taken the things to my room, especially if I was talking with another woman. They were not obviously obnoxious about it, and were in fact quite subtle, but by watching their body language and those with whom we interacted, I soon realized that these two sweet sexy ladies were sending a message to the other women. Neither Anne nor Debbie was acting possessive or jealous in any way, but they were somehow able to get their message across to other women that they had staked their claim to me and planned to work that claim at least until they found out what it might yield.

I was standing around with a couple of my buddies, all of us lifetime Phillies fans, discussing whether our favorite team would repeat as World Series Champions after winning their first ever championship earlier that month. While Bill was expounding his opinions, I looked around for Anne and Debbie, as I felt that although they were close by, I could feel that something or someone had come between us.

I spotted them talking with a small group of women, and as I was about to turn my head back to pay attention to our discussion on the future of the Phillies, they both looked up and smiled at me. I smiled and winked at them as they turned their attention back to the women with whom they were having a discussion. I almost lost it though when I heard one of the women ask, "Which of you is going out with Jack? I've been picking up all sorts of 'Do not touch' signals from both of you about him, but didn't know that either of you were even interested in him. So, which of you are going out with Jack now?"

I heard Anne reply, "As of this moment, neither of us is going out with Jack."

Then Debbie added, "But we're hopeful that by the end of this evening, that both of us will be going out with him."

A couple of the guys in my group heard the loud gasp that escaped from several of the women and turned to see if they could find out what was happening. Someone was changing the album on the stereo, putting on the Edgar Winter Group's album, "They Only Come Out at Night" which contains the classic songs, Free Ride and the perfect song for Halloween, Frankenstein, so the room was relatively quiet. One of the women apparently hadn't noticed as she blurted out, "But I thought you two weren't interested in men!" Her face turned crimson when she realized how many people had heard her outburst.

Anne and Debbie both broke up laughing hysterically. Debbie was able to regain control first and replied, "Until we met Jack, we hadn't been interested in men as none that we had met before had appealed to either of us. After we met him, we both realized that we were attracted to him"

Anne had now regained control of herself as she added, "We each realized right away that we were both interested in the same man and that we had to be very careful in what we did and how we handled the whole situation as it could be very messy. Debbie and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. Our mothers are best friends and have lived next door to each other since before we were born. The last thing that either of us wanted was to do something that might harm our friendship."

Debbie picked up the narrative from there. "We discussed this and decided that we would continue getting to know Jack and for him to continue getting to know us and see what may develop. As we got to know him, we found that our feelings for him were getting stronger and we felt that he was developing feelings for us as well."

"We talked with him a little bit about that earlier this evening," continued Anne, "and found that he did have strong feelings for the two of us but couldn't ask one of us out because he didn't want to adversely affect the friendship between Debbie and me. When he said, that, Debbie and I knew what we needed to do." Anne giggled as she recalled what happened earlier. "Once Jack got over the shock that Debbie and I both wanted to date him as a triple as a opposed to as two couples, he said he was open to that possibility and that we would discuss it further later tonight. So, that's where we stand."

I knew where I should stand, so I walked over and moved so that I was standing between my two bewitching beauties and put my arms around them, pulling them close to me. They each put an arm around me and snuggled up to me so that I could again feel their hard nipples pressing into my sides. I looked down and smiled at them, feeling really happy as they enthusiastically returned my smile.

I don't know whether the bitchy woman who spoke next was jealous or just closed minded about different kinds of relationships as she snidely said to me, "You must be loving this Jack, being with two women. I bet your ego is going to explode through your ass. I can see other guys going up to their girlfriends and saying how they want to have another woman join them since you're doing it. It looks like you're going to be in heaven. What will Debbie and Anne get out of it?"

The three of us laughed before Anne replied, "Debbie and I will get to be with one of our dearest friends, someone who is both a gentleman and a gentle man, a man who truly cares about us, a man who completes us. Jack has a lot of love to give, more than enough for Debbie and me, just as we have a lot of love to give him and each other."

I squeezed each of my ladies before I responded. "Am I happy and proud to be with these two ladies? You're damn right I am! What guy wouldn't be? Do I feel that I am now cock of the walk because I am with these two ladies? Not really. But you know what? This whole thing scares the shit out of me! Since I met them a few months ago, Debbie, Anne and I have become very close friends. If we're not careful, this whole thing could get really messy really easily. That could end not only my new friendship with them, but could cause irreparable harm to their life long friendship as well.

"The three of us are going to work like hell to make sure that something like that doesn't happen as that would be a tragedy. The most important lesson I learned from the failure of my marriage was the importance of completely open and honest communications between partners. That will be even more important for us because there will be three of us involved, not just two as there are in most relationships. As a triple, we will face issues that most couples do not need to address, but I am sure that the three of us will be able to sit down and calmly address these issues so they won't become problems for us." I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was 11:15, so I said, if you will excuse us, I see that we are about to die of thirst since our cups have been empty for too long, plus I want to grab a bite to eat."

The three of us managed to escape the Inquisition and headed out to the kitchen, where someone was bringing in a fresh pitcher of beer while someone else was getting some fresh cold cuts from the fridge. After refilling our cups, we sat at the kitchen table and made ourselves some sandwiches, ate them, washing them down with the fresh beer while talking with the other people in the kitchen. As we finished our sandwiches, Fred came over to me, leaned over and quietly asked, "Would you guys like another mushroom or two to top off your buzz?"

I looked at the girls and they both nodded, so I said, "Okay."

Fred asked us to follow him and we went into the laundry room, where he gave each of us two more mushrooms, taking two himself while smiling and saying, "Enjoy!"

I smiled and replied, "Thank you. I'm sure we will."

The four of us popped the mushrooms into our mouths, chewed them thoroughly, then washed them down with our beers. After we had swallowed the mushrooms, Fred looked at the three of us and said, "You guys have a lot of guts. I wish you three the best of luck and I hope that everything works out for the best for you."

I reached over and shook his hand while grabbing his shoulder with my left hand. "Thank you, Fred. We appreciate your kind wishes."

Anne and Debbie each hugged him as well, thanking him for what he said and for the mushrooms before we left the laundry room. As we went back to the kitchen, we ran into my roommate George, who looked at me and started laughing. I reached into my pocket and pulled a joint out of my pocket and handed it to him as Anne pulled her lighter from her pocket and lit it for George.

After he exhaled, George said, "You sure do have people wound up here tonight."

I gave him my most innocent look and said, "Not me. What did I do?"

George cracked up and said, "Yeah. Sure. You innocent?" and began laughing again. "First you got most of the women into an uproar with your Halloween costume. Then, once they had finally calmed down about that, the three of you announce that you are going to try to have a relationship together. They're still in there talking about that!"

Debbie and Anne both started laughing as well. Debbie said, "That's okay. In a little bit, we're really going to give them something to talk about! Anne's a moaner and I'm a screamer. Don't worry, we'll make sure Jack's door is locked before we do anything. I just wanted to warn you that we might be a little loud, especially if the loving is as good as I think it will be."

George was just taking a hit of the doober when Debbie said that, and ended up choking as he tried to inhale at the same time he was laughing. Debbie handed me a roach clip as George passed me what remained of the joint, apologizing to George for making him choke while she was doing so.

After we finished the joint, we each topped off our beers and went our own ways. Debbie, Anne and I all headed to the bathrooms before we went to my room while George went off to see what else was happening with the party. I arrived at the door to my room first, unlocked it, leaving the door slightly open and turned on a light in my room while I waited for my ladies to arrive. While waiting, I retrieved the bottle from my closet and the paper with the wording of the spell on it from my desk.

I heard a light knock on the door and went over to it, finding Anne and Debbie there. I let them in, then closed the door, making sure that I locked it as the two women entered the room. They asked me to light the candles while they made the other preparations needed to cast the spell. Once I had all of the candles lit, I turned off the light in the room and went to see if there was anything else I could do.

Anne and Debbie had everything else ready, so the three of us hugged and cuddled together, exchanging very sensual, loving kisses with one another and together among the three of us. Anne turned to me with a slight look of apprehension on her face and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this with us?"

I gave her and Debbie a warm smile and answered, "Of course I do! You have definitely piqued my curiosity with everything you have told me about the spell, including the slight chance that the three of us will be bonded together as a result of it. I know that if I don't go through with it, I will be kicking myself for missing this opportunity to find out more about myself and to find out more about you two."

They both let loose with a quiet squeal as they launched themselves at me, kissing me with a passion I have never felt before in my life. Debbie looked at the clock and saw that it was between five and ten before midnight. She said, "We should get undressed and get ready to begin."

We undressed and of course I reacted physically to seeing these two gorgeous women nude for the first time. They giggled when they heard me say. "Wow!" as I gazed at them, noting how although their breasts were not real big, they were the perfect sizes for them, nicely rounded and still mounted high on their chests. Their breasts looked more like those of teenagers than they did of women in their mid twenties. Their waists were both relatively flat and their hips flared nicely from there, with each of them having gorgeous bubble butts that looked like they would be fun to hold onto.

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