What Are You? I'm Just a Fuck

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman seeking escape from a toxic marriage befriends a gardener from Sudan, unaware that he and his brother plan to fuck her. They do destroying all her moral upbringing, turning her into an available woman for all comers - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

"I'm going for a walk", were the words that echoed across the yard. Only a grunt came as a reply, however, for the woman who had said them, such a reply was standard. She knew that it was only the customary thing to do, for in reality her husband didn't give a darn. He didn't care where she went or for how long and she knew like him that it was a loveless marriage. She shrugged her shoulders as she closed the door.

She had been going for her solar walks for a long time now and she had a number of different routes, however, over the last week or so she had been going in one direction, a direction that took her past a garden, that despite the harsh conditions was being lovingly attended to by a man who she found most enjoyable to chat to. However, unbeknown to her, her conversations with the gardener were also welcome, even if they were a bit surprising – for he was from Sudan and was as black as coal. 'Would she fuck?' Was a question he asked himself and it was a question he shared with his brother, who lived with him; for the aim of both these men and other men of their culture was to 'fuck a white woman'. It was considered a badge of victory over a culture they loathed. To have white women crawling on their knees to them, begging for cock or to have those dropping black kids from swollen bellies was the greatest contempt they could give. "Will she come?" was the question these men asked as they pottered in their front gardens. However, it was a question that was beginning to evaporate for it was getting a bit late, she generally had arrived between three and four, it was now well after four. "She's isn't coming", the brother said.

"We will give her another fifteen minutes', the other replied. "Today I was going to invite her in to show her the dried flowers. She will have to bend over for they will be on the low table. That will give you the chance to rip her slacks down and shove that enormous length up to your balls in what I hope will be a very hairy snatch". His brother smiled and said "The thought of a white cunt, is already making me hard." It was only a few minutes after the man has spoken, then his brother uttered. "Here she comes, one can't miss those tits. I reckon if she was on all fours, they would be rubbing against the floor".

"Hello! Alice", the man said. "Bit later today, I was wondering if you would come. I really enjoy our little chats. Oh! This is my brother Ambros", he said. She stopped; a smile crossed the face and her tits wobbling a bit, an action that wasn't missed. "Yes I was a bit later in setting off", she replied.

"We are nearly finished here, but I have some interesting dry cuttings that I put into a frame that you may find interesting", he said as he opened the gate. She smiled and said that she would be interested in the collection and followed him inside. "They are lovely", she said as she bent over making her large backside a target for Umber as he dropped his trousers, freeing an enormous prick, not only in length but thickness as well. As Alice moved from one picture to another, totally ignorant of the preparations being planned her only reaction was one of surprise when Umber ripped her slacks down and that large lily bum was a beckon to his throbbing prick. He positioned himself between her well spread legs as he grabbed her wobbling tits after ripping her blouse to threads' he inserted the head of his enormous cock between the cheeks of her arse and shoved.

She bucked, boy did she buck, her whole being exploded, however, fully anchored she was lifted up by her tits as Ambos fumbled with his trousers till his very erect and very thick and long cock was aired; he gripped her legs and spat "Spread your legs you white cunt'. He then began to fuck her now pulsating cunt, although it took three thrusts to get his cock up to his balls, but now anchored both cocks began to fuck.

Boy did they fuck. They sandwiched her against the kitchen table and fucked her, they goosed stepped her up the hallway and fucked her they sandwiched her again on the bed and fucked her. They turned her over and just fucked her bum then they took her back into the kitchen and started all over again, this time it was Umber up her bum, the classic 'double dip'. They fucked her till her cunt couldn't take any more cum and it was running down her legs. They fucked her bum till it was an accommodating as her cunt and they made her suck cock till her mouth could accommodate virtually their entire lengths so by the time they had finished, she was just clay in their hands and walked as though she had a fence post up her arse, and so abused were her tits, that when they 'doggied' her, they were dragging on the ground.

"If you fancy a repeat performance", Umber said as she left totally confused and barely able to register where she was or what had happened and staggering from left to right like a drunken sailor. "Come again, we have a number of friends who would love to service you. They want cunt especially that of a white woman and your cunt Alice was fantastic. She staggered a few feet, colliding with the gate for she felt as though a baseball was up her bum and the men laughed. She arrived home well after eight, she had been away for over three hours and all her husband said was – "Your dinner is in the fridge". He made no reference that she was wearing an old jumper that belonged to Umber for her blouse was RS. "Can't have you staggering home with your tits bare", Umber had laughed. "You could be arrested for indecent exposure".

"I want a shower", she gasped. Seconds later she automatically said. "Do you want the water?" Because of the dry conditions all 'grey water' was being kept. He nodded, however, on entering the bathroom he was confronted with an image that only appears in the best of dreams. His wife was naked and leaning over the bath. Her large tits swung back and forth but there was no hiding the bruising and her nipples were enlarged and still covered in saliva; great goblets of cum were running down her legs, and her bum was covered in it. It told him one thing his wife had been fucked. He smiled. However, he now had the opportunity he had waited for, without any further ado, he dropped his trousers and rammed his cock up that, cum covered bum. It slid in without any effort for it was so lubricated, however, if he had known that it was cum from black cocks, he may have hesitated; for he was a racist and was totally opposed to the mixing of the races.

His wife just gave a grunt, but didn't alter her position, she stayed bent over till he finished, only then did she ask. "Was it a nice fuck?" The use of a four letter word did take him back for he had no idea that she had been forced and later enjoyed using it, but finally he answered. "Yes! It was. I have always wanted to fuck your bum". She smiled. "You are just one of many", she said as she turned on the shower. "I have been fucked all afternoon, my bum as well as my cunt; it was magnificent".

She came out of the bathroom naked and sat down at the table. "Fancy it again", he asked. She smiled. "Well my dear husband what do you want my bum or my cunt, or would you like me to suck you off? She asked.

"Your bum", he replied.

"I love it up the bum", she replied as she bend over, banging her enlarged tits against the edge of the table. "Ram it right up my arse", she snapped. "Fuck my bum and smack my tits around". He gripped her bum and fucked his wife up the arse. Later that night, sitting on the edge of the bed, she sucked him off. They fucked again before breakfast and then she phoned Umber when her husband left to visit his friend Eddie Jones. "You promised me cock", she said. "Well this is my address, come here, my husband Charlie is out". Come they did, four carloads of the blackest men ever to come out of Africa. Now she fucks and sucks who ever comes by, especially Umber and Ambos and their relatives and when asked 'what she is?' her reply if only a gargle because of a mouthful of cum is. "I'm just a fuck". Charlie has no idea of what turned his wife from being conservative to the type of wife he has always desired, but he is very grateful especially as she takes his cock into her mouth and does things to it that makes his teeth rattle

Charlie arrived home, a bit later than was expected. His wife was reading as he entered. "You were quite some time", she said.

"I met up with Eddie Jones, who you have met. He has invited us down to his beach house tomorrow. He works on it at weekends. We were down there a year or so ago", he said. "He wasn't home that day. However, tomorrow he said he would be. I asked him what would be a suitable time to arrive and he said sometime after ten. He would be there all day and has suggested a BBQ."

"Oh!" his wife commented.

"I can give him a ring", he replied. "He gave me his mobile, if you don't want to", he concluded.

"No!" his wife sighed. "No! It will be alright. I was going to give Gwen a ring and pop around for she has had a bad turn; but that can wait till Monday". He knew his wife and if such and such a plan devised by him, didn't meet with her approval she would put on the 'poor me' act. Generally this would bring results, not that he would be included in her plans, but that his own, if it involved her, would be scrapped. "I can go by myself if you wished to visit Gwen", he said. He had never met Gwen but had spoken to her over the phone and he knew from those conversations that his wife and her were friends. Immediately she spat back. "No! I am quite content to visit Eddie. The forecast tomorrow is for a nice day and it is quite awhile since we were down at the beach". He shrugged his shoulders. This time he would get his way.

Eddie's house was just a fraction above being called a hovel. "Not much has been done since we were here last year", Charlie said to his wife as they parked on the gravel drive. His wife didn't say a thing, but the expression on her face registered 'total disapproval'. He got out. The door to the house had seen better days, perhaps even years. The bottom was cracked and broken and the lock was as antique as the door itself. He called out, there was no answer. He then went around the back, and caught Eddie as he was about to go the opposite direction. "Eddie!" he called. Eddie turned a big smile across his tanned and rugged face. "You made it; my instructions must have been on the ball because of the new road works, the old way is now closed".

"I had no trouble at all", Charlie replied as he gripped his friend's hand. Together they walked around to the front. Charlie introduced his wife, who had met Eddie only once before. "Dear!" he said. "You remember Eddie?" She smiled. Eddie didn't shake her hand, but gave her a kiss. Charlie smiled. He knew Eddie had a bit of a reputation with women and generally women accepted his embrace without hesitation. He had been told by a friend that Eddie had even charmed the panties off a nun. He had said that it was the most fantastic fuck he had ever had. However, his wife was now a totally different woman, gone was her religious and very conservative views. 'I wonder what she is thinking.' Eddie then broke contact, for his wife's face was crimson and she was almost gasping for breath. Eddie ignored her reactions and asked. "How would you like a cup of tea or coffee, or maybe a beer?" "A beer would be nice", Charlie replied. "Alice wouldn't mind a weak black tea". As they walked around the back Eddie muttered. "Your wife has a terrific set of tits on her, mind if I give them a feel?" It was a request that he had heard Eddie was quite good at suggesting, generally it would have been met with a 'you have to be joking', but in Charlie's case he just shrugged. 'Be my guest', he replied, for he knew his wife didn't like Eddie so it would be interesting to know if she would let him fuck her. "Go for it mate and if you get the chance 'fuck the arse off her''.

"Done!" Eddie replied with a big grin. He led them around to the back entrance. "I haven't got around to clearing up the front patio yet", he said. "It is covered in tiles and wood for the renovations, but I'm only here during the weekend and the house is quite old. I have spent quite a bit on the re-blocking which is now finished; anyway come in". As they stepped over the assortment of paint tins and boxes Charlie couldn't help smile at the horror on his wife's face, however, in a couple of hours she would be more than willing to stay the night.

Eddie put on the jug and produced a couple of cups and small plates from a cupboard. The crockery was clean. "I don't have any biscuits, finished off what I had last night", he said.

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