The Cyclists and the Repair Men

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman seeks sexual company and finds it, not just with one, but with many - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

Blanche gave a smile of satisfaction when she put down the phone. This was one repair man she could rely on, he had proved himself on the couple of jobs that she had, had done over the last month. He was so different than other 'tradesmen' that she found were totally useless, only interested in being paid, but as far as their work was concerned, that was the last thing on their minds. 'He said early tomorrow', she mumbled to herself as she cleaned up the breakfast dishes. 'That would be around nine or so, going by past experience; I guess my shower will be earlier than usual', she finished her private conversation and when out into the garden, it was a nice day and as her small back area was totally concealed from the neighbours, she positioned the banana lounge, took off her top and lay topless in the warm sun, letting the rays caress her rather large melon shape tits. Because the warmth was so pleasant she totally stripped and lay nude, occasionally rubbing that great forest of hair between her legs and enjoying the sensation that had been rekindled one afternoon when she met a cyclist at the railway station.

It had been a nice day but she wasn't feeling great, she was lonely and began to regret her decision to come to the city, but she had and now had to 'lump it'. It wasn't very often she used bad language but this day she did, mainly to reinforce the mistake in moving. "Fuck!" she snapped. "I'm going out, maybe a picture or a gallery, anything to take away the boredom". She knew that she wasn't that attractive but a girl friend had once told her "Blanche you have a decent set of tits, why not advertise them". It was a suggestion that this day she decided to embrace. She threw her bra onto the bed, put on a very loose dress that enabled her tits to flop and shake. She deliberately bent over in front of the mirror and was surprised that so much flesh was on display and when she shook her self, both tits flopped out. Satisfied she picked up her bag and walked to the station along a bike track, which was just a block away.

Harry pulled up and checked the kilometre gauge on his bike. 'Forty kilometres', he muttered to himself. 'By the time I reach my destination I will be clocking nearly fifty'. With that he had a drink and pushed off. The track was in the bush, running beside the rail line; the station was just a short distance away. He had to cross at the station because a fence separated the track from the line, a train had just pulled away as he crossed the track and while he paused a woman was walking down the ramp. The station was one that was not populated very much and there was talk about closing it down. This didn't concern him for he didn't use it and certainly didn't know that the woman coming towards him lived only a block away.

The one thing he gauged a woman on was firstly her tits, second her backside, thirdly her facial appearance and forth the growth of hair between her legs and if he ever got to that forth requirement, he was fucking her. The woman coming down that ramp had his full attention for her tits and they were the sort that he loved, large and sagging were wobbling and bouncing as she walked. As she came level he smiled and engaged her in conversation. "Nearly reached the kilometres I'm aiming for; just taking a breather". Blanche stopped, her mind was actively working, this was the first man to engage her in conversation, although she had, or thought she had tried to make herself interesting, however, to no avail and she was getting very depressed. She threw caution to the wind. He had smiled at her and commenced to chat, that showed he had some interest. She took a breath and said. "Fancy a fuck".

Harry had never been one to show embarrassment. "Couldn't think of anything nicer", he replied. "However, it is a bit open here, but along the bike track there are some sheltered areas where we could delight in that activity without being disturbed". So surprised at the reaction she was sure that she had an immediate orgasm. They walked along the track till they came to a sheltered area. He put his bike up against a tree and in seconds they were embracing. First a kiss, then a feel of a tit and then a finger under the elastic of her panties and into her vibrating cunt; a quick manoeuvre and both tits were bare and as he sucked her hardened nipples she reached for and grabbed his fast rising cock. They sank to the ground and as she fumbled with his bike shorts, he pushed her dress up around her waist and pulled down her panties and as his cock was freed he gave an utterance of delight. "Fuck your hairy; I love women with hairy cunts". She was now so on heat; she dragged that erection towards that hairy target and spat. "Fuck it, fuck my cunt", and fuck he did.

She rose and bucked as he fucked her, their bodies working in rhyme as he thrust she lifted her bum to accommodate that ravishing cock. He sucked on her nipples pulling them up with his lips while massaging that wobbling flesh. They groaned and gasp in perfect time with each other but when he rose and drove his cock in with that thrust that exploded his balls; her cry echoed but luckily was overshadowed by the whistle of a train that just arrived. Slowly he got up. "That was fantastic", he said as he bounced his cock up and down. "I have fucked many women but you were tops. Oh! I'm Harry".

She got up, recovered her tits but didn't put her panties back on. "I'm Blanche and I want to thank you for giving me hope that I can still give a man pleasure" she said.

"Pleasure, fuck Blanche if we were in a more suitable location I would love a repeat, especially to sample that lovely bottom of yours".

"You ... you would fuck me up the bum?" she gasped.

"Absolutely!" he replied.

She was silent for seconds and then said. "If you are not in a hurry I don't live very far from here. We could have a cup of tea or coffee and then we can partake in what you desire. I have never had a cock up my bum but if it gives me the pleasure you gave my cunt, then my bum is yours".

With the mugs put in the sink and now both naked he guided her head down to the level of his cock and pushing that throbbing head against her mouth, whispered. "Suck it Blanche, lubricate it so it can penetrate that lovely bottom". She was not naïve, but she had never sucked a cock before, but had heard about it. She hesitated for a second but with further instructions opened her mouth and gagged. He pulled her head into his groin and thrust his length down her throat. "Lubricate it, slobber over it; make it wet and slippery" he gasped as he moaned in delight for the actions of her mouth almost made his teeth chatter. "That is enough", he gasped. "Otherwise you will get a mouth full and it's your bum that is now to be serviced."

A cock up the bum was a new experience and she shot forward as he rammed it in. Her cry echoed around the room as her entire body vibrated as each thrust opened her backside, allowing another inch of that eight inch cock to ravish her. By the time his balls were banging up against her she was flat on her stomach, her tits crushed against the floor, her tongue darting in and out of a mouth covered in saliva. In that position he fucked her, thrusting and withdrawing till he was covered in sweat but so conditioned to the ravishing that her bottom was receiving that when he emptied his balls, her only reaction was a long drawn out groan.

Slowly he rose above her and as his prick was pulled out of her bottom she collapsed further against the carpeted floor. She stayed for what seemed minutes till he asked. "Are you OK?"

"I'm fucked", was her reply. "My tits are sore and my bum feels as though it has a pole shoved up it".

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