A Word to the Wise

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2013 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Be carefull what you ask for.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   .

I am writing this to warn all of you husbands out there that fantasy is one thing, but reality is something else altogether. Stop and think before you destroy your marriage trying to make a fantasy a reality. You may think that you want your wife to be what some call a 'hot wife' but take it from some one who learned a very hard lesson.

No; I am not one of you. I am not the husband of a hot wife.

I am the hot wife.

Believe me and learn from our experience. You can spend the day thinking about it, dreaming about it, but if you are anything like my husband you will not be able to handle it and it just may destroy your marriage.

My name is Ellen and I am thirty-eight years old. I have been married to Frank for thirteen years and we have two children, a boy of nine and a girl of seven. We have a good life, pretty much the American dream, the house, the picket fence, two cars and basically the whole nine yards. Frank is an engineer and I'm a CPA and I woke from home. Frank is 6'2" and is in great shape at 190 pounds. I am a big girl at 5'8" and have always been a bit heavy. We did not have a red hot sex life, but we enjoyed each other and were best friends. I love my family and I love my husband.

Soon after my daughter was born my father, who had always been way overweight, died of a sudden heart attack. It was a wake up call for me and I started going to a gym. I really started to feel and look good. I slimmed down to a size six and my previous 40Ds became 36Cs and I started to buy new clothes. I was pretty proud of myself. Frank was busy working though and he did not seem to notice the difference until one night I walked into the bedroom in some items from Victoria's Secret. He got an eyeful that night and though I didn't know it at the time it fired up his imagination besides firing up our sex lives.

Like a lot of husbands (I should say men) Frank surfed the net and spent some time on porn sites. He didn't hide it from me and in fact we shared some of the sites late at night after the kids had been put to bed. Eventually he found this site and he began to role play about me having a lover. I played along because all it was was a fantasy and fantasies are good for romance.

It escalated. Frank began to ask me to dress a little more suggestively and I went along because I did like showing off my new figure. Frank would point out guys he would like me to have sex with while he watched and I played along calling him by some other guy's name when we made love.

Somewhere along the line Frank started finding personal ads from guys. He would read them to me and I would make comments. Finally, when he started showing me the responses he had gotten, I realized that he was getting carried away, but the more I tried to keep it a fantasy the more he would beg me to just read the ad, just tell him what to say to the guy. From there he asked me to pose in my underwear so he could send a picture. I refused and he begged me for days and I gave in. No faces so it couldn't hurt, right?

This went on for months. What had started out as photos of me in just my bra and panties became topless photos that Frank promised were for him only. The next night he was reading me the comments from some guy about how perfect my breasts were. The guy wanted more photos and Frank begged and I told him hell no. For the next two days Frank begged and I finally gave in just to keep the peace. I had no idea what Frank was getting out of all of it, but I was getting nothing out of it. I actually found it quite boring.

Then Frank started talking about a guy he corresponded with on the Internet. According to Frank the guy was really cool and good looking and he wanted to get together with us for cocktails. I looked at Frank and asked just what in the hell he expected to happen. Frank said that it would just be drinks and socializing and that nothing would happen that I didn't want to happen. I finally exploded on Frank. This had gone way too far. Frank and I had a pretty big fight and did not even speak to each other for days.

Friday night we made up and made love and when I was really hot with Frank doing all the right things to me he brought up the guy again. I was really on fire when Frank said he wanted me to read the guys last email. He had it under the pillow and he pulled it out and handed it to me and I read it while Frank fingered me. This guy wanted to lie on the floor on his back while I stood over him in a mini dress and with no panties on. He wanted me to stand there while he looked at my goodies and masturbated. Frank was manipulating my clitoris as I read the email and my mind envisioned the situation. I began to shudder and climax.

It continued to escalate. One evening he came home with a beautiful baby doll nightie. It was black and see through and he wanted me to try it on immediately and made sure that I understood that I was to wear nothing under it. He even got me matching shoes with five inch heels. I went into the bedroom, undressed and put on the nightie and the heels. I looked at myself in the mirror and really realized how much my workouts had helped. My breasts stood straight out with no support required. I was thinking about how much I was about to turn on my husband.

I strutted out of the bedroom and found Frank, video camera in hand, shooting video of me. I told him to stop, but he kept shooting as he informed me that one of my Internet lovers had bought the nightie and shoes for me and didn't I think that I owed the man a look? I went berserk! I grabbed an ashtray off the table and threw it at him and made so much noise that I work up the kids. We really had a fight that night and Frank did not bring it up again for two weeks.

Then, after making up, he started talking about it again one night while we were playing with each other. While fingering my clit he told me that he had sent the video to the man and the man had sent one back showing himself masturbating while watching me. I refused to watch the video, but I do admit that the thought made me horny and Frank kept saying "What does it hurt?"

Joe began to become my husband's fantasy. Frank came home one night with a Nordstrom's shopping bag. Another present. I told him to throw it in the trash and that I wasn't going to go through another nightie incident. He showed me the receipt to prove that he had bought it and told me that he wanted to play out Joe's fantasy. Just him and I and no cameras. Seemed safe so I agreed to do it. After the kids were in bed I put on the black mini dress and heels and when I came out of the bedroom Frank was lying on the floor. I walked over to him and stood over him, one foot on each side of his head. He laid there looking at my bare pussy and started to jack off. I felt a little naughty, but what the hell, he was my husband right? His hand moved faster and faster and then he spurted. The white stuff came straight up out of his cock like a geyser. I got a little weak in the knees as I imagined that blob of cum shooting straight up until it hit my pussy. Frank was looking up at me with a smile on his face and said:

"Wow honey; that was great. Joe is going to love that."

We played the game the next evening except after a couple of minutes my knees bent and I was down and riding Frank before he could cum.

"Is this what you are going to do to Joe" he asked.

I moaned, "Yeah baby; I'm going to fuck his brains out."

Frank went nuts jamming his hips up at me and driving his cock deep until he came.

That happened on a Thursday night. The following Saturday Frank was going to take me out for our anniversary. The kids were going to spend the weekend with my parents so we were free. We went downtown for dinner and after we had eaten Frank told me that he had a surprise for me. He had taken a room at the Grand Marriott. He pulled a suitcase out of the trunk of the car and we checked in and went up to a really nice room with a great view of the city.

When we got to the room Frank opened the suitcase and took out the mini dress. The dress was really short and really not all that appropriate to be out and about in, but Frank insisted that we go down to the bar for at least one drink. I figured what the hell; we weren't likely to see anyone we knew. Then he wanted me to wear the heels my 'lover' had bought me. Just before leaving the room Frank told me to take off my panties. I complained, but I let him talk me into it. I could feel the cool air on my pussy as we walked down the hall. It felt pretty good and three whiskey sours later it felt very good. I was going to attack my husband when we got back to our room.

Frank opened the door and I was about halfway in when I stopped and screamed. There was a man lying on the floor at the foot of our bed. I stood there shaking and Frank held me from behind or I would have fallen. Frank's voice was calm as he said:

"Honey, I want you to meet Joe."

I turned to face him. "Are you fucking crazy?"

"Don't panic on me Honey; he is really a nice guy. He just has a fantasy. We can all have some fun here."

I was a bit tipsy, but I wasn't crazy, I stared at my husband and asked:

"How do you know this guy? For all you know he could be an axe murderer. Some kind of serial killer."

"I know him. He is okay. He won't hurt you. I promise. You have nothing to fear. He just wants to admire you."

I turned and looked at the guy who was lying there looking up at us. He was tall, lanky, fully dressed and probably ten or fifteen years younger than us. Frankly, he looked retarded. He had a head full of curly red hair and I remember thinking that he looked like a clown. As I stood there about four feet from him I realized that he was already looking up my mini dress. Frank's hips gently pressed against mine urging me closer. I resisted and he pressed harder. My feet didn't move, but my hips swayed toward the pervert at my feet. His eyes moved slightly and he inched closer to me.

Frank was behind me, holding me and keeping me from running. His cock pressing against my ass. I suddenly remembered that I wasn't wearing panties and I pictured for a second what I must look like from down below. Frank was pushing me forward and my feet bumped against the guy's head and I almost fell forward. I spread my feet to keep my balance and I ended up standing directly over the guy giving him what Frank told me that the guy wanted – a look straight up at my uncovered pussy.

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