Rocking and Rolling

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A sexual active housewife accepts a lift with a group of men who ravish her. She accepts what they offer as she does for tradesmen, religious figures and friends - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   .

There could have been a number of reasons while this housewife got into the car that stopped beside her as she walked back from the hairdressers. It could have been because she was now sexually active and would take any opportunity to saddle a cock. It could have been curiosity to have three men interested in her or it could have been that continuous desire to be fucked by a black cock and the men in this vehicle were all black. As for the men she was their ultimate desire, plump but not out of proportion for her large tits were balanced by her bottom, long dark hair and she wasn't too bad in facial appearance either; for them she was their goddess of sex and as they stopped all were eager and hopeful that she would get in and let them fuck her off the planet and each also hoped that she would suck their cock till cum flowed continuously.

"Would I like a ride?" she repeated their question as she leaned against the door, making sure that the deep cleavage between those melons of tits was on full display. There was really no hesitation on her part; she knew what they wanted and the thought of three black cocks ravishing her was already putting her on heat. "Well it is a bit hot for walking", she smilingly said. "Yes I think a RIDE would be quite pleasant". She put emphasis on the ride and hoped that they would also understand what sort of ride she was referring to and it wasn't associated with a car. Eagerly the car door was opened and she slipped inside, immediately the passenger in the front quickly transferred himself to the back and now she found herself between two eager men and there was no hiding the large swelling at their groins.

"I do think we should at least know one another", she said as her legs were pushed apart and one great paw was already anchored to one of her large tits. "I'm Mrs Cooper..." No further recognized comment came from her as the first finger slipped under the elastic of her panties and sought the entrance to her cunt through the forest of hair that covered her groin. At the same time his companion had pulled open her blouse, pulled down her bra and bared the item of his desire a massive melon of flesh with an extended and hard nipple and while he sucked and his mate fingered, she reached for those growing erections and unzipped the pants as she gasped with pleasure; she managed to release two throbbing cocks that continued to grow and thicken as she worked them up and down.

"Suck, suck" grunted the tit sucker as he pushed her head down towards that erected piece of polished black ivory. Her tongue gave the shaft a long lick but the black wanted more than a licked cock, he wanted her mouth to suck it. "Don't lick the fucking thing, suck it", he growled as he pushed her mouth onto that pulsating length and only when her mouth opened and the head, followed by the length began to disappear, did he give an utterance of satisfaction. With her head now anchored his companion altered his position and managed to remove her panties and positioned her into such a position that, that hairy target was level with his cock. He undid his belt and pulled down his trousers, baring his throbbing cock and giant size balls and as he companion pushed her head hard into his groin at the same time thrusting his groin up, he grabbed a tit and shoved, not one, not twice but three times till his balls were banging against her backside and now totally anchored he fucked, boy did he fuck while she unable to object sucked till those balls exploded and then remain, a mouth full of exploded cock until the cock so ravishing her cunt, emptied its load, only then was she released, to fall onto the floor of the vehicle; her face covered in the seed of man.

With cum and saliva dribbling from her mouth, over her now fully exposed tits, her appearance was comical and it bought out a bout of laughter from the two men who she had satisfied. "What ... what's so funny", asked the driver who had now pulled off the main road into a side track. "Our cock sucking Mrs. Cooper she is a real picture, a mouth and a crack full of cum", was the reply as she was lifted back up onto the seat and her remaining clothes removed. Now sitting, with legs wide apart, both tits being sucked, the driver reaching over and fingering that great tangle of hair, her muttering of enjoyment was marred because it was more of a gargle for her mouth was still dribbling from the deluge that had been poured into it.

Only one cock had fucked her, but now all nude they took her on the back seat, the car rocked as cock after cock ravished that hairy cunt and she bucked with every thrust. They turned her over and serviced her bottom while she sucked and pulled and massaged those massive balls.

She had spend dollars on her hair, but now it was a mess, cum was imbedded in it so it was a relief to get into the shower and let the water wash away the evidence of her afternoon activities. "I will tell my husband that I changed my mind about the hairdresser", she said as she dried herself. "I'm lucky that he was out, but maybe he wouldn't have cared if I told him what I really had been doing, as long as I was prepared to give him the same service".

She stood and vacantly gazed out of the kitchen window. As she automatically washed the dishes she let her mind travel back to the beginning of the year. It was funny that she could recall the past seven months and the first couple of months of the year, but from that time in February when her husband when interstate to when he returned it was a total blank; almost as though those weeks hadn't existed. She gave a sigh of defeat for no matter how hard she tried to remember, she couldn't place her activities during that period of time. 'I know something happened', she commented to herself. 'I have just to stand in front of the mirror to notice the difference. At the beginning of the year I was terrified of appearing naked or semi naked, now I don't mind walking around the house in the nude. I certainly don't wear panties to bed any more and I certainly don't push my husband away' in fact if he doesn't get on top of me I bloody well get on top of him. So what did happen to alter that position?

She finished the dishes. 'My husband said that the plumbers would come this morning', she muttered to herself. 'I hope they keep to that time for I would like to give Greg a ring and see if he would like to pop around for a coffee'. That private comment made her smile. It was one of the perks that had developed over these last months. Sex had been a 'no', 'no' at the beginning of the year, now she found it was a definite 'yes' and unbeknown to her husband she had been rooted by other men, besides the elders and pastor of the church she attended and that including Greg who was her husband co-worker. She may be 62, but she had a good figure, despite the fact that some would call her overweight, her weight was in good proportion to her build, large and sagging tits and a large bum and she wasn't bad in appearance and when she either bent over, or spread her legs, age and weight didn't stop the cocks of men springing up to, what is called 'hard ons'. She smiled as she remembered the afternoon Greg had fucked her stupid in her bed while her husband was cooking on the BBQ in the back yard; she wondered what he would have said. Not because she was rooted, but because Greg was black, as black as coal. Her husband was very much opposed to a mixing of the races. The result of that encounter was that whenever the opportunity arose Greg had his cock firmly placed in her very eager and accommodating cunt. 'Cunt' she giggled to herself. A word that would have made her faint if said to her at the beginning of the year, now, with its associate 'fuck' was a word that she frequently used.

It was nearly eleven when the bell rang. She hadn't dressed or even put on a dressing gown, she was still wearing her semi transparent nightie. She opened the door. Two men stood there, one was middle aged and the other was in his early twenties. "Yes?" she asked. "Mrs. Cooper", the elder of the men said. "We are the plumbers that Mr. Cooper booked".

"Of course", she gasped. "I'm sorry; my mind was on other things. Please come in and I'll show you the problem". The men nodded, but then their mouths opened and a sort of silent moan came from them for with the sunlight shining through the kitchen window, the nightie that she was wearing was totally 'see through', she may as well have been totally naked. Her large, melon tits swung freely as she moved. The veins in the nipples were clearly visible and the dark triangle of hair between her legs left nothing to the imagination and as she turned her backside, her large smooth bum made their cock spring up in salute.

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