The Triangle of Hair

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman abandoned by her husband, takes in a lodger and finds in him and later his friends total satisfaction re her sexual desires

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

Lois had not intended to take in a 'lodger', but following the departure of her husband and the rather liquid circumstances of her casual position, she could not think of any alternative, also it was going to be reinforced by a girl friend who knew that she was desperately lonely. "Try it Lois", her girlfriend had said one evening as they sat in one of the local coffee shops. "Your husband was a real bastard and you could get a lodger that would make you forget how you were treated; maybe a man that would again make you 'walk on clover'".

It made her mad to think of her husband and his comment that morning, now months back, when he told her that he was leaving. She wasn't sure as to what she had done wrong. In all their association she had tried to please him in her everyday activities and in the field of sex she had held no bounds. More than once she had offered her bottom, just for something different and hundreds of times she had sucked till he emptied his balls in her mouth. He always found the cum flowing from her mouth a 'real turn on' and she had willingly obliged him. Letting it fall down her chin, over his cock and balls and then taking it back into her mouth till her entire face was covered in the seed of man. Only once did an activity balk her and that was the evening they attended a 'swingers party'. She had understood that it was just a bit of swapping, but that night she had found herself and one other woman expected to accommodate over twenty-five men. Not only was she exhausted and sore but also humiliated. She didn't mind the course language between herself and her husband. She knew he liked her to say 'fuck' and 'cunt' and she willing obliged. But that night her husband had pushed her into the arms of many men and told them all. "She loves it rough and loves to be called a cunt and she loves it up the arse". They had fucked her roughly and if she didn't get a cock in her mouth or up her cunt or in her arse quickly enough she was abused. "Get your fucking arse up, cunt. Come on you fucking slut, suck my fucking cock. Come on cunt, get your legs wider. Now fuck, cunt fuck" and so it went on and on.

It was days before she could again take her husband without remembering that it was him that had willing set the wolves onto her and maybe, just maybe that was the reason he had taken his leave. 'If I wouldn't fuck for his friends it seems I'm no further use to him', she commented and generally would then cry for she missed sex and had not had a cock for months. The idea of going out with the intention of being 'laid' had not really been considered. However, loneliness was something that was gradually eating away any objections that she may consider regarding seeking another man. It didn't come easy and a couple of times she was dressed and ready to go when doubts and hesitation resulted in her declining the urge that was slowly consuming her; it was then that she remembered her girlfriends suggestion about a 'lodger'.

She didn't have any idea of the obligations of a landlord and after all that was what she would be, once she took in a lodger or lodgers. She asked around and considered that she would try one individual. She put an advert in the paper and waited; she wasn't that interested in the local paper so she didn't notice the article on 'landlords are charged for discrimination'; or that the local town had a big population of different cultures who were finding accommodation difficult. She also didn't know that under the discrimination legislation if two individual appeared for a position and one was coloured and a different culture, that person had to be given that position before someone of the Anglo-Saxon race. She had never considered the fact that she may get, in answer to her advert, an individual of a different culture, so when she opened the door to find a tall, but well built black man she was taken by surprise.

She was a bit lost for words, but finally managed to show the fellow the room and then explained what she had been told was the correct procedure for a 'lodger'. The man beamed and gave her the advance that she requested. He then left and said he would return later with his luggage. She informed him that breakfast would be around seven, unless he requested an earlier one. "Seven would be fine", he said. That was that.

She was up pottering in the kitchen. She hadn't dressed but was wearing a dressing gown. Her lodger's room was down the hall and the bathroom was on the other side of the kitchen. She heard him enter. She turned and her 'Good..." Gagged in her throat. The lodger was only wearing pyjamas trousers. His top, his totally black top was bare, but what gagged her greeting was that hanging out of his trousers was the longest and thickest cock that she had ever observed and not only that but his balls, two great black balloons, covered in hair were swinging back and forth. She grasped the table. He gave a yawn and a rough 'good morning'. Whether he knew that his sex was on display she didn't know, but as he passed the only part of his form that took her interest was his cock. It swung, back and forth, like the pendant on a clock. It reminded her of the one occasion she had gone to a 'horse show' and as she passed the holding yard for the horses one great stallion had just got off a mare and his enormous cock fell free, she has gasped for it was enormous, now within feet of her was a cock equal in size and thickness.

She was beginning to sweat. She grasped her dressing gown and then nearly fainted. She had touched her tit and her nipple was so big and hard that the shock was like an electrical pulse. She was beginning to pant. 'No ... no man can be so big', she muttered to herself. It was then that she realised how desperately she wanted to be fucked. The months of denial now hit, she reached between for her groin and found that she was wet. 'Fuck I'm on heat', she groaned. 'But ... but what am I going to do?' It was a question that almost bought on a panic attack. She wanted that cock so much, but she just couldn't charge into the bathroom, that would be unladylike. She heard the shower turn off. She didn't have much time. She almost ran into her bedroom. In seconds she was standing nude in front of the mirror. Her tits had swelled and both nipples were jutting out. The triangle of hair between her legs was already beginning to glitter with moisture. She put on the gown and returned to the kitchen.

"I have made you a continental breakfast', she said as her lodger came into the kitchen.

"Thanks!" he said, but that was all for she turned towards him, her gown was opened and what fronted her lodger were two very large and lovely tits, a large belly that did show signs of fat and a very hairy triangle of hair between two plump but still attractive legs. Where as she had been turned on by the size of the lodger's cock, in his culture women with a lot of hair between their legs and large and heavy tits were the most sought after. Added to that was the belief that white women loved 'black cocks' and for a black man to fuck a white woman was also a sign of importance, it was a badge of honour like a mark on the stock of a gun, like in the American West for the gunfights one had won - now before him he had all the ingredients that custom and desire demanded. His pyjamas dropped. Her mouth opened and a sort of gargle noise came from her throat as advancing towards her was the object of her desire, but now it was a throbbing length of hard and thick piece of black polished ivory; pulsating with life.

That great head buried itself into that thick triangle of hair, slid between her legs and rubbed itself against the quivering lips of her cunt. For seconds they both just gasped, then in one move he stripped off her gown, lifted her against the wall and rammed his cock - home. She let out a cry as he rammed again and again till that enormous length was up to its balls in her very eager and accommodating cunt. She held onto him as he goosed stepped and fucked her to his bedroom. Then without a fraction of cock coming out, pushed her onto the bed and ravished her so that she was transferred from one organism to another in seconds. The bed shook. Her cries echoed around the room as her bottom rose and fell in rhyme to that pounding cock. She bit his shoulder, she bit his neck; she clawed his back and his bum, desperately hoping for another inch. She begged him to suck her tits... "Please!" she begged "Kiss them, suck them; bite them". So on heat was she that even a bitten nipple was worth the pleasure that was ripping up into her belly. How long they fucked, she didn't know. All she hoped was that it wouldn't stop, but stop it must. He gave a cry and rose above her. His skin was wet with sweat; his muscles were taunt like wire. She knew it was coming. She pushed her groin up as he plunged down and as his balls exploded her cries of pleasure were only dimmed when she bit into his shoulder as burst after burst of hot cum flooded her cunt.

Exhaustion overcomes them. She had no idea of how long they had slept only that he was still deep inside her. Maybe it was the muscles of her cunt working against his cock that stirred him, or maybe it was the opposite his cock muscles working against her cunt. He smiled down at her. "Again?" he asked. She only smiled but then began to raise her bum, working her cunt against that cock that immediately began to grow and thicken. This time it was slower, longer and harder. This time they fucked as one. His thrust was met with a thrust of her own and when he finally shot his load his entire 12 inch cock was totally lost in her cunt. This time he rolled over. She gave off a whimper of regret as his cock fell out, however, she had no idea of how exhausted she was, or him for that matter.

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