Halloween: New Treats for Me

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2013 by Richard the Third

Incest Sex Story: My birthday is on Halloween. I've been always having to choose between Trick and Treat, or birthday presents most of my life. Finally, I'm looking forward to it!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Halloween   .

Being born on October 31st has its privileges. I was born in 1995 on a Tuesday. This year the date falls on a Thursday. I turn 19 this year. Yippee!

I feel older than that most of the time. I turned 6ft tall when I was 15. I'm rather muscular, working out and on the university wrestling team. I have gone undefeated since I started high school. I weigh a steady 175 pounds.

Besides all of that, I am the youngest of three children. Our parents really spaced us out. Charlene, the oldest, is 31 and living with a painter somewhere in Paris, I believe.

Next to be born in the Handley family household, was Charlotte. She is 24, through college and living at home again. She told mom she hadn't found what she was good at.

Char, as I call her, deserves to be described: Red hair, like our mother. She is 5ft7, beautiful legs, blue eyes and an outstanding silhouette rivaled by those marvelous actresses who have all of their brains stuffed in their running bras. She might be a 36DD. Charlotte was a brilliant student in high school and was in the top five of her college graduating class.

I must mention our mother, Charlieze, having just turned 50. She could pass for thirty easily enough. Red hair and pouty lips accentuate her beautiful face and figure.

Dad, first name Chase, is the breadwinner of the family; taking in a high six-figure salary since he has been 25. He works in the Software Engineering industry. He personally helped develop the early mobile phone software. He was paid in stock and cash. We are what the middle class might call the 'uber wealthy' or the 'one percent' you hear in the news. He is 53 and gone for long stretches of time.

I am Chase, the younger ... technically Chase Allan Handley Jr. My close friends call me Allan. I hate being called Chase, or Junior.

Our home is different from most. The front door and the garage door are at the street level. Once in the front door, you turn left for our parent's bedroom, or right for the other three bedrooms. If you walk straightforward; there is a two-story four-foot wide semi-spiral staircase that leads down to the living room, kitchen and dining room. The living room can be made very large by simply moving a few pieces of furniture to the left or right. We have an exit hidden behind the kitchen that takes you up to the back of the garage, the way you get stuff to the kitchen.

There is something I've never told anyone, so I guess you are it. I love my sister Charlotte. Not the traditional brother/sister kind of love, more like the haunting and forever kind.

Of course, she doesn't have a clue. There have been times when I wanted to walk up to her and blurt out that I love her. Maybe come up from behind her, grab her breasts and say, "Guess who?"

Yeah, I would likely end up on my back with blunt force trauma as the cause of my death in either situation. I may be taller and heavier, but she always could knock me off my feet. That was meant both metaphorically as well as physically. She knew I adored her. I just never had the nerve to explain it completely to her face.

With Charlene out of the country and mom either shopping or doing something to raise her personal loftiness, the house felt empty with only Charlotte and me in it. I would often find her in the back yard 'chillaxing' as she called it.

I went out to ogle her. I spent some time in the pool and sunning myself, but my main purpose in life these days was to ogle her.

"Hey Junior," she said.

"Hey, Char," I said. I think I just swallowed my tongue.

"For being only 19, you sure are buff. If you weren't my brother, I would jump your bones in an instant."

"Consider me the pool boy. I come over once a week to skim off the top of the pool. You could tell me there was some work in your bedroom you needed taken care of?"

"How long have you been working on that line Junior?"

"Every day of my life Char. That's how long I have yearned for you."

"Yearned ... are you telling me that you care about me? Sexually?"

"Guilty as charged," I admitted.

"If I let you do what you want, what would you do for me?"

"Anything – anything you want."

"I plan on having a Halloween party. I need a bouncer. You know what a bouncer is?"

"Sure do. A guy who decides who gets in and who doesn't. All you need to do is tell me the parameters of the people not to let in, and I'm all yours."

She thought about it and apparently made up her mind on the spot. As a partial payment, she removed her top allowing me my first up-close look at her marvelous breasts.

A smile formed on my face, and I said, "Thank you. I assume that after the party is over, I get the rest of my payment?"

"You got it, are we good little brother?" she asked.

"Could I get a kiss on the lips? I've never kissed a beautiful half-naked girl before."

She got up, still bare breasted, and pushed herself up against me. We touched lips first, mouths second and chests third. I felt her arms embrace me. The kiss lasted a good thirty seconds. She pulled from me and said, "I can't wait until after the party is over. You need to wear something intimidating. No costume for you."

I walked away from her with a fully formed erection in my pants. She giggled and got on her back again.

I took my personal credit card and bought us some delivery dinner to arrive at 7pm.

I asked her to dress up for dinner. She wondered if I was cooking or not? I avoided the question and suggested she took a bath and to meet me in the dining room at 7:30. The delivery arrived while she was still upstairs. I had us a nice setting with moments to spare.

Her heel clicking got my attention. I looked up and saw her red hair pulled behind her back. A beautiful black dress that couldn't allow a bra to be worn was hanging off her gorgeous body. I went over and took her hand, helping her down the stairs.

We walked arm in arm to the dinner setup.

"Everything looks so yummy," she said.

"Even the food," I added.

That caused her to titter a bit. I went to my chair right next to hers. "You did all of this for me?" she asked with her eyes glistening.

"I've told you how I feel. You deserve to be treated like this every night," I said.

She started to eat, as did I.

We struck up a conversation, "So how many people do you expect at the party?" I asked.

"Forty to fifty. I told them they had to wear a costume. That's one of the criteria you need to know. If they don't, politely ask them to get a costume or get out."

"And if they don't want to leave nicely?"

"Give them one of your wrestling moves, but don't break any limbs if you can help it," she said. "This is very good. Where did it come from?"

"That is my secret, doesn't a couple need to have secrets?"

"Oh," she said. "Are we a couple?"

"By November first, you won't want any other man in your life. That's a promise."

We finished dinner in silence. I should have put on some music ... maybe next time.

I took our plates to the sink, and came back to help her get up. I walked her to the staircase and said, "I sure would like to take you out sometime."

"You mean on a real date?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Sure, but let's get through the party first. I have some girlfriends coming over to dress the place up tomorrow. You can be here or you could leave. I don't want any of my friends trying to jump your bones before I get the chance."

"None of them compare to you Char."

"You are so sweet. Can you unzip me please?"

'This is real, isn't it Chase?' I said to myself.

"Certainly," I said. "I had better leave before my hormones take over and ravish you."

"Love you Jun ... Chase!"

"Love you back, Charlotte."

At the end of the following day, October 30, the place looked ready for the inevitable Slutty Cheerleaders, Katy Perry's and Miley Cyrus's, plus whatever the male twenty-something's are wearing these days.

I got myself some good hard shoes and shin guards (expecting to be stepped on or kicked at) plus a black long-sleeved undershirt with a shirt over it labeled "Bouncer" in three-inch tall lettering. Charlotte liked it and gave me the other criteria. I stood guard by the front door.

She got the only booze allowed at the party, so anybody who brought their own would be asked to take it back to the car or pour it down the sink in the kitchen.

The first guy in was smaller than me, and had vodka in one hand and Cutty Sark in the other. There were people lining up behind him as I gave him his choices.

"Yeah, try to take from me, why don't you?" the little weasel dressed up as Rick Castle said.

Less than three seconds later, I had his arms behind his back. "You can stay, but your booze can't!" I said in the huskiest voice I could.

He handed them to me, and the line was moving again. It didn't stop until a guy walked in without a costume.

"Sorry," I said. "Costumes are required."

"I'm the boyfriend of the bitch whose house this is!"

"I'm the lover of the lady whose house this is. Hey Charlotte, come here?" I said.

She came up the stairs and took me by the arm. "Yes, Loverboy!"

"Show this loser who you love, why don't you?" I said.

She and I locked lips and tongues together for about twenty seconds.

"Sorry dude, try that line again somewhere else."

The party started, in earnest, as everyone she asked had shown up. I locked and latched the door.

I took the bottles I had just confiscated and locked them away in a cabinet. I got myself a bottled water and watched my sister take charge of the party.

She was dressed as a slutty cop, revealing most, but not all of her breasts. The black skirt had a slit to insinuate, she didn't have any panties on.

There was some Catwomen, Miley Cyrus's, and a Vampira with a chest even larger than my sister's. She was har ... difficult to keep my eyes off.

I stayed by the door in case anyone decided to leave or if there was a late participant who followed the rules. The doorknob turned. I opened it to see mom looking spectacularly dressed as an angel in all white, but she was drunk.

"Junior, what arrre you doooing here?"

"Don't out me, I'm the bouncer for Charlotte's party. I didn't expect to see you here tonight. Why are you here?"

"I — I donn't really know. I left a paarty earlier, and the taxi left me here. Take meeee to my room Junior!"

"I like yourrr costume. You look alllll grown up."

"Mom, I'm 19 ... I am grown up."

"Take meeee to my room please?"

"OK Charlieze," I said.

"Say myyy name again."

"Charlieze, it's a beautiful name for a gorgeous woman."

"Ooh, you saaaid that almost like yoooou meant it."

"Here we are at your room," I said starting to leave.

"Help meeee get to my bed please?"

I opened the door, and walked her to her bed.

"Unzip meeee please," she said looking really out of it.

As her dress dropped revealing her magnificent mammaries, she asked, "Am I pretty Junior?"

"Yes, you are," I said wanting to return to my post. I think I left it unlocked after mom came in. "I need to leave you alone. Talk to you in the morning."

I walked down the hall seeing some uninvited gentlemen with many bottles of unauthorized alcohol with them.

The closest was only six feet away, so I did a move with my foot that I learned from my wrestling coach and slapped his bottle into his face. He went straight down with a thump.

I parlayed that to a flying arm to the neck of the main guy, then grabbing him by his neck and not letting go.

"Excuse me, you were not on the list. Leave before someone calls 911."

He made no effort to move, and I turned my hand into a straight-on chokehold. The third guy put down his bottle and left. The other guy came to and left as well.

I picked up this fellow by my chokehold and let him drop. I caught the bottles he was holding. He left.

"Don't worry everybody, get back to the party!" I said to everyone below.

There was a hurrah for me. Charlotte came up and gave me another hot kiss. I told her mom came home. She went back to her guests.

There was a best costume award for girls and guys. There was also a best boobs award, which my sister easily won! Right about one am, the people started leaving. Some of the guys gave me a high five. I got some kisses and some phone numbers from the ladies.

After locking the door, I went down and helped Char clean the place up. She was so happy that there wasn't a big drunken mess. We got the cups and bottles in bags. I vacuumed everything and it looked like there had never been a party there.

Charlotte took my hand and asked, "Do you want your payment now, or sometime tomorrow after mom goes back out again?"

"You know that I love you, but I think a got a buzz from the liquor other people were consuming. I would really like to not be under the influence of anything except you."

"You certainly know how to turn a phrase little brother. Whenever you are ready, I am willing to take your virginity."

"Goodnight Charlotte. See you in the morning. I love you!"

About noon the next day, mom came out of her room and knocked on my door.

I opened it.

"Did I come home drunk?" she asked.


"Who undressed me?"

"I did with one eye open and one eye closed."

"Did I come on to you last night?" she asked with a look of fear in her eyes.

"No! Eck ... No!" I said. You did ask me if I thought you were pretty or not?"

"And what did you say?"

"I told you that you were the prettiest, curviest and the most beautiful mom of all of my friend's mothers. Most of them have told me how graceful and pleasing to the eye you are. I've even admitted it to myself."

"I heard some roughhousing, is everything OK?"

"I was showing off some of my wrestling moves to a few of the guys. What are your plans for the day?"

"After my shower, I'm going to meet some friends and play tennis. Don't expect me back for dinner. One of us always talks the rest of us into going out and talking smack about our husbands. Be nice to your sister please?"

"She is almost as beautiful as you are," I said. "I usually leave so she can do some nude sunbathing without me bothering her."

"Have you ever seen her ... caught her ... watched her?"

"The word you are hunting for is 'naked' mom. I have seen her accidentally, but I leave and she covers up."

She left my doorway and said, "You are a wonderful young man. Any girl who gets you will be very lucky."

"Only if she is as gorgeous as you and Charlotte are."

"Stop it, before I stay here and let you foist upon me heaps of sweetness and delectable remarks."

I decided to let that go. I heard her shower start.

She came out dressed to kill. She twirled to show off her new outfit. It was a pink bra top, full of her delicious looking breast meat. Over that was a white linen blouse that didn't quite make it to covering her belly button. Her skirt was what I believe is called a pencil skirt. There was a slit up the right side, showing off her legs.

"Are you checking me out?" she asked.

"Sorry, you are too beautiful. If I was a bit older and saw you out with some ladies, my goal would be to separate you from the herd."

"After you did that, then what would you do?" my marvelous mommy asked.

"Can I show you instead?"


I walked the two steps it took to get really close. I took her face into my hands. I pulled her to me and said, "Let me take you somewhere quiet, Charlieze. Do you know how hard you have made me?"

She looked dazed as she looked at me and said, "N-No, why don't you show me?"

I took my hands off her and said, "Have a great night with your friends. Charlotte and I are going out, but I'm not sure where."

She moved her hand down and felt my hardness. Then, she left. She knows how to play this game.

With her gone, I walked towards my sister's room and opened the door. She was still asleep, probably sleeping off the alcohol she had consumed. Like sleeping beauty, I hoped my kiss would wake her. She was still in her costume from last night. I decided just to cover her with the blanket and wait for her to come to me.

However, I was hard as a rock with what my mother just did to me, so I stripped and started whacking off. I was near my orgasm when my sister walked into my room.

"I thought I was going to help you with that?" she said taking off her outfit leaving her in only a black pair of panties.

"I didn't want to wake you up. You were sleeping so soundly."

"Aww, that's sweet. I really want to fuck you right now. I'm so horny. Can I climb aboard you?"

"I'm likely to come the moment you climb on me," I said.

"That's OK, everybody needs practice," Charlotte said taking off her panties.

Oh. Dear. God! She was naked and she took my hand off my cock, and positioned herself so I was about to impale her. She was using the tip to play with her own pussy.


She let go and dropped easily down on me filling her up.

A few of my buddies on the wrestling team told me about sex, explaining how it changes your life when you have it. This is what they were talking about. I had been so focused on grades and athletics. This was all brand new to me!

I felt myself explode inside my sister. Her eyes were closed; she was playing with her nipples as I felt explosion after explosion. There might have been six in all. I moved my hands to her breasts, taking her nipples between my fingers.

"Ooooohhh, baby brother. Who knew you could be so ... big!"

"Char ... I've loved you forever. Don't let this be the only time we make love, please?"

"Hush," she said. "I knew that. I've known about your feelings for some time."

She leaned forward giving me mouth access to her tits. They tasted as nice as they looked. Doing this reinvigorated my dick, and I saw in her eyes, she enjoyed my flexing as much I was experiencing her tits.

She was dripping all over me, but I didn't care. It was helping me get some traction. She let me roll her over on her back. Now, I was in the power position, to borrow an expression from wrestling. Her tits were still so massive; I was in awe of her sexuality. I took hold of them and began the rhythm of a nice long fuck.

She opened her eyes and said, "Take your time Chase; we have all day to do this."

I was sluicing my dick inside my sister Charlotte. She loved it. I was going as deep inside her as I could. Every time I hit bottom, she was taking a big breath. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, I exploded again even deeper inside my sister Charlotte.

When she called me Chase, I liked it so much I felt myself growing even harder.

"You might be young, but you have natural talent, little brother," she said.

"I've been watching porn for a long time. I never realized it would help me to know how to fuck such a beautiful woman."

"You are fabulous. I may stop going out and getting fucked, since I could stay home and give you some more practice."

"What about mom, she does come home from time to time?" I countered.

"Use your new charm skills on her. I looked up last night and saw you taking her to her room. You had your hand on her ass the whole time. I was so jealous."

"You've got to be kidding me. You want me to seduce my own mother?"

"Yeah, I can personally attest to your lovemaking abilities. Maybe we could share you?"

That got me hard again, so we got into it, and I kissed her this time while I fucked her. Kissing is hard to learn from watching other people do it? I must have some innate ability to learn how because I was enjoying it as much as she was.

We made love and fucked a few more times, until my sister said to stop. We took a shower together. She showed me a few things that are fun to do in the shower. After that, I told her to dress up. I was taking her out to dinner.

As we left the house, mom pulled up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, before she went into the house. She was less drunk than the night before. She waved good-bye to us.

We went out to dinner, then Char wanted to go clubbing. I reminded her I was only 19, but she said not to worry. Our dinner was very good. The young man waiting on us was named Oscar, and after taking too long of a look I said, "Her eyes, look her in the eyes. Or we are leaving!"

"Sorry sir, she is quite beautiful, but you know that, don't you!"

"Oscar, bring our food and leave us alone until then?"

"Yes sir. Sorry sir!"

He scurried away. I took Charlotte by the hand and pulled her next to me. I leaned in and gave her a nice wet kiss.

"You have gotten really good at kissing Chase. I think we'll go back home and have our own party. How does that sound lover?"

"Marvelous. Anything in particular, you haven't taught me yet?"

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