Stuff Her

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An angry husband is confronted by a woman who ask for change for a coffee. He offers more with the condition she sucks him off, so begins an arrangement that eventually turns her into a whore.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

When Warren drove out of his drive he was livid, a rage was boiling up inside him that made him pause before changing into a forward gear to continue to the community office. Every Wednesday he spend a number of hours at one of the council offices for volunteers, these volunteers were for an array of activities, his was in general maintenance for elderly individuals who could not do that sort of activity. However, this morning he had finally flipped with his wife in one major row. For ages he had managed to manoeuvre and avoid a head on clash, but finally the dog turned and teeth were bared.

It had just been a small thing that, added with all the other items of discontent, tipped the scales. He was fed up with coming home from the volunteer activities to find the washing still sitting in the basket, not hung out and it had been sitting for a number of hours, or to find the breakfast dishes still sitting on the sink, or an overturn pot plant that hadn't been picked up or his clothes taken out of the wardrobe so that there was more room for new items that she had recently bought. It wasn't that his wife was busy, she hadn't gone out but was either reading the paper or her book on the mythology that she was into, a sort of cult was his opinion, but it took up a good bit of her time which meant other items that kept the 'ship of state' moving were ignored or forgotten. It was his clothes thrown onto the bed so that a couple of new dresses could be hung up that were the 'turning point' and the row.

He was still fuming as he walked towards the community office. As he was the first to arrive he opened up and other volunteers generally arrive half and hour or so later, however, this morning he was very early. 'I'll make myself a coffee', he muttered as he turned the corner. 'The others won't be coming in for some time, I'm quite early but I couldn't stand another minute in her presence'. He had just finished muttering when a woman confronted him. She was well into middle age, but was very untidy in appearance; her dress was definitely from an opportunity shop, it was unattractive and too big, it just clung to her, giving the impression that she had once been fat, but had lost weight and had not compensated in the attire that she wore. "Could you spare some change so I can have a cup of coffee", she asked but in so doing the lines in her face showed the pain that such a request was making, it cut to the very fibre of her being to know that she was now in such a position to made such a request.

It hadn't always been like that. She was a professional in business and had been in a management position that was till the economical crisis hit and like so many areas, the business that employed her was hit hard. At first it was the ordinary employee that was made redundant and then it was middle management, of which she was and finally the business went into receivership; a company that had once flown high and took out opportunities that, if the crisis hadn't come, would have weathered its borrowing commitments; however, the crisis destroyed that and despite the removal of staff it couldn't survive and was handed over to the receivers.

Her lifestyle, like that of the company collapsed around her. She also had put a borrowing commitment around her neck, which now was beyond her ability to honour. She had to move from a comfortable residence into what was but a hovel in the lower ends of the economical scale and try to adjust what income she had to just keep afloat, with the result that she was now asking a stranger for funds for a coffee.

Warren was too hostile to view the woman with sympathy, she was the sex that for years had treated him with contempt, so his reply was more out of rage and wasn't a personal attack against this individual, it was more against her sex. "I'll tell you what", he snarled. "I'll give you twenty dollars and make you a coffee with nibbles if you suck me off. I'm about to open the office and those facilities are available". The woman was so taken back that her mouth opened but no sound came forth and she was still standing with that stupid expression when he moved on, however, as he put the key in the lock she came up and said. "All right". They entered the office area; off that was a smaller room that was mainly used for storage, he opened that door and ushered her inside. He put the briefcase that he carried with various notes etc inside, on a table and asked. "Have you ever sucked a cock before?" The woman just gave nod. "Good!" he said as he undid his belt. "I don't want you agreeing to something that you have no knowledge off" and as his trousers dropped and his hardening cock was bared, sneering said. "Well open you mouth and suck me dry".

As that pulsating head slipped between her lips she did something that she had done on many other occasions, but under different conditions, she sucked a man's cock. In her position of a manager she had been involved in many of the company's social activities and with plenty of drink available she succumbed to many suggestions and more than once she had been on all fours sucking a cock while having a cock up her cunt and one up her bum while trying to give another throbbing cock a manual job for most times she was the only woman and despite her position she was told in those drunken times that she was there to entertain and that entertainment meant 'fucking' and she fucked and sucking cock was just part of that circle of entertainment, so now in this store room she did again an activity that she was very good at, or so she was told.

As for Warren there was nothing better in the sexual world as being sucked and that meant a total draining of his balls and the woman receiving a mouth full of cum and then letting it drain out, that to him was a real turn-on. He didn't give a stuff to who the woman was, she could be fat or thin, ugly or beautiful; all that mattered was the actions of her mouth and as this woman accommodating his length he moaned in appreciation. "Lovely!" he gasped. He pulled her head hard into his groin so that her nose was buried among his cock hair and not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth. Where or how she managed to take his full length and it was nearly eight inches in length, didn't concern him. Really he couldn't give a fuck, as long as she sucked him, how she accommodated his length was her problem, not his. He was there for the enjoyment and this woman was giving him that. "Take the lot you cunt", he groaned. "Every fucking inch, suck me dry". The woman struggled as he pulled her head into his stomach while shoving his groin hard against her face and as he felt the explosion beginning to stir snapped. "My balls, grab my balls". It came with a thrust and although she struggled he held her till every drop had been sent into her mouth even though saliva and cum were seeping from the corners of her mouth, he kept his cock in that mouth till not a drop was left in his now reddened balls; he then released her.

He handed her a tissue from the box on a bench as well using one to wipe his prick. "I'll take you to where the conveniences are so you can wash your mouth and while you are doing that I'll make us a coffee", he said as he did up his belt. She was in the bathroom for several minutes so by the time she came out he had a coffee ready and an array of biscuits that were always there for the volunteers. "I don't even know your name", he smiling said. "But you were fantastic. I have been sucked off many times and I have had no reason to complaint, the women were good, but you certainly knew how to suck. I don't know if you would be interested but I come here three times a week, I have the keys and open up if you happen to be in the area at the same time as today, we could have a repeat performance and maybe even up the financial outlay, I wouldn't mind if you 'showed your tits'. I would also not knock back a fuck either", he concluded.

She was silent as he drank the coffee, her mind was active, digesting what she heard and wondering about the offer for in a way the offer was the doorway to prostitution, being paid for sexual favours. "My name is Karen", she said. "I could be in the area if I knew the days you mentioned".

"Monday, Wednesday and Friday", he said. "That is the days I'm involved in the community work I do. I generally open at nine in the mornings. I was early this morning because of a row with my wife, I just had to get out of the place; the bitch was making life uncomfortable. I could be here a little after eight on those mornings", he concluded. She didn't ask about his domestic problems but the possibility of a financial return, maybe on a regular basic was something that she was prepared to do, even if it meant becoming a whore, after all fucking and sucking were not something she didn't know about. "Maybe we could come to an arrangement", she replied. "I'm certainly open to your suggestion".

"Terrific", he replied. "Say you drop your tits out if you just suck we make it fifty dollars, for a full fuck, naturally naked around eighty plus and if you give my balls a thorough handling we make it an even hundred". She smiling accepted the offer and as she left thanked him, not telling him why for she didn't think he would be interested in her present lifestyle.

He returned home, armed and ready for another 'blew', his wife was not there – 'Stuff her' was his only comment, however, that is another story.

As for Warren this Karen was just another name put into his 'black book'. There were a few names in it, names that he called upon to ease a desire his wife refused to accommodate. Each woman had a speciality and depending on what he wanted the woman who could handle his request was the call up for that day. Karen's name was put down into the 'oral' section of his 'black book'.

It had been Wednesday when Karen had first appeared, now it was Friday and the question on whether she would front was on his mind as he arrived at the community office. He need not have worried. He didn't know her circumstances or how his offer was going to be a help in her everyday affairs. He showed no indication that deep in his mind he doubted she would front. He greeted her with a smile and proceeded into the small store room. "What will it be?" she asked.

"The full Monty", he smiled as he undressed. "Totally strip, give the cock a suck, give my balls a yank and then bend over for a 'doggie' fuck".

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