Vanessa's Anniversary Dinner

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2013 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Interesting things happen at Vanessa's anniversary dinner

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Last month I met the most amazing man. We met at a book store. I wasn't paying attention and I bumped into him. When he helped me up, it was love at first sight. We have been dating for a month now.

Tonight is, our one month anniversary. He is taking me to a new Italian restaurant in town. I picked out a black dress, black lacy bra and black thong. I had a Brazilian wax a few days ago, in case we have sex.

I am so excited to be with Mark. I am just wondering, if we will finally have sex tonight. I really want to and hope he does too.

The restaurant, we are going to, is also a catering hall. The restaurant part, has many rooms that are broken up into smaller intimate rooms. All the rooms have working fireplaces in them. The lightening is dim, and there are beautiful pictures hung on the walls. The restaurant is crowded, and there is soft Italian music playing in the background.

The hostess takes me to a booth, in the corner of the restaurant. I am noticing, that the table cloth hangs over the table and it hits the floor. I think to myself, how interesting that this table cloth hangs so low.

Mark's meetings were later in the day, so we agreed to meet at the restaurant. I arrived first and after awhile Mark walks in. I stand up and give him a kiss and then we both sat down.

Mark orders some wine for us. We are drinking it, and the conversation is flowing. I am feeling a little tipsy. His leg is brushing against my leg. We are sipping our drinks. Mark is smiling, and he moves closer to me.

We are talking and laughing and sipping our drinks. Mark's hand is now on my thigh, and he is moving his hand up and down my leg. I am aroused, and not sure what he has on his mind.

He moves my dress up higher on my leg. He moves my panties to one side. He starts to rub my clit and moves his fingers around my pussy. His fingers are knuckle deep, as he is turning and twisting his fingers in my wet pussy. I start to moan quietly. I am trying to keep it together.

His voice is hypnotic and soothing. He tells me to go to the bathroom, and remove my panties, and bring them to him. I get up, I go into the ladies room, and remove my thong. I have my panties in my hand, and I bring them to him. He takes them out of my hand, and smells them. Mark then puts my panties into his pocket in his jacket.

I sit back down, and mark spreads my legs very wide, and begins to finger fuck me in the restaurant.

The table is very interesting. There is a very long table cloth, and you cannot really see around it. Mark then goes under the table and is hidden under the table cloth.

He spreads my pussy lips with his tongue and starts to tongue fuck me very fast. His thumb is massaging my pussy. I am squirming in my seat, as his tongue is fucking me deeper and deeper. I am pushing my cunt further into his face. I am so wet and I am trying to hold it together at the table. Mark replaces his tongue with his fingers and starts to finger fuck me fast.

My body starts to shake, as I cream my juices along Mark's tongue. He then comes out, from under the table, and wipes his mouth, and gives me kiss.

"Did you enjoy, my love?" he whispered.

"Yes, I did," I whispered back.

"Vanessa, I got us a room tonight at a hotel," he said handing me the room key, "I want you to take this key, and go to the room."

"I want you to open the box and read the note, and follow all the directions like a good girl." He continued saying as he leaned over and gave me a kiss.

We left the restaurant, and drove off in our cars. I got to the hotel first and am feeling nervous and excited. There is a vase filled with pink roses, that are for me. The note reads, Happy Anniversary Vanessa. There is a black wrapped box, with a gold bow on the bed.

I open the box, and there is a pair of black stiletto pumps, a blindfold, and some silk scarves. The note says to undress, put on the shoes, and put the blindfold on, and wait on the bed.

I am not sure what Mark has on his mind, but I am doing as I am told. I am waiting on the bed.

I hear the key turning and the door opens and closes. Mark tells me he is taking off his clothes.

"Vanessa, I want you to lay down on the bed," he tells me, "please lay on your stomach."

I lay down and Mark sits on top of me and begins to massage me. He opens a bottle of massage oil and pours some liquid onto his hands. His hands feel very warm, with the massage oil on them. He works his fingers slowly on my neck.

His hands are pressing along my back and shoulders. His hands then move along my buttocks. He is working each cheek and is pressing and using nice deep strokes. He pours the oil on my legs and on my feet. His hands are pressing and rubbing the balls of my foot. He is sucking on my toes. It feels so good, I start to moan.

My body feels so relaxed, as he is giving me this wonderful massage. He tells me to turn over. He drips the oil over my breasts and starts to rub and caress me. He works the oil, slowly along my breasts. He pulls and pinches my nipples. His mouth is sucking and biting my erect nipples. He pours oil on my stomach, legs and feet. His hands are massaging and caressing my body.

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