A Teddy Bear Stole My Girl

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A short story that explores the fetish of "furries" with the use of a life size Teddy Bear. This fetish borders closely on the role-playing costume fetish using furry animals as the arousal technique. Usually, rabbits or bears or pandas are employed as the spur to passion. The costume renders the players as somewhat genderless until organs come into play and all doubt is removed. Teddy Bears are almost always male and are probably the most popular.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Furry   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Hairy   .

It all started very innocently after I saw an ad on the internet for one of those life-sized Teddy Bears to send your girlfriend for Valentine's Day. It had a beautiful red ribbon around the neck and looked very lifelike and fluffy in the photo. I was worried that it would not arrive before the magical romance day but it showed up at my Doreen's door right as promised the afternoon just before Valentine's Day.

She called me on her phone and texted me a nice thank you message and a photo of the thing sitting on her bed with all her other small dolls and furry animals. I was just a little bit jealous because I had never been inside the "inner sanctum" myself because her parents frowned on male friends in her bedroom.

My Doreen was a petite brunette with the prettiest backside in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We pretty much used that portal to get all the important business out of the way on those special times when she allowed me to pull her panties down. I had been constantly reminded of the 1,001 reasons why sliding my cock into her baby maker was simply "out of the question".

I was not beyond begging Doreen to use her mouth on me when she was pressed for time and unable to get into position for spreading her ass cheeks nice and wide for entry. I figured we were both happy with that arrangement because it relieved her from the stress of worrying about an accidental pregnancy and I was able to shoot my loads with heartfelt satisfaction whenever I wanted. I felt certain that Doreen's mom knew exactly when her daughter was taking it either in her pretty ass or between her soft red lips. Doreen's mom was an attractive woman with lots of dedicated work at the church committees under her belt.

The father was always a little bit out of it and I suspected he was either on some sort of medication or he was slipping into early Alzheimer's in a relaxed sort of way.

I know it probably sounds a little perverted of me but had sort of a thing for Doreen's mom ever since I had seen her in her undies on the back porch hot tub. She had a small pot belly and her round globes did droop slightly instead of standing up pertly like Doreen's brilliant ass cheeks. There was just something about the way she moved or licked her lips when she was thinking that never failed to get me aroused beyond hope of relief. Most of the time, I just cornered Doreen in a closet and let her take care of things with her mouth while I imagined it was her mom's head between my legs.

Doreen sent me a couple of more photos of Ralph. It was the name she had given my present and I have to admit I was a little put out because I knew she had a relationship with a guy called Ralph a scum pond piece of pure trailer trash doing time in jail for being a public nuisance. He was stupidly pissing on the mayor's flowers right in front of city hall under the influence of too many beers in too short of a time and he expressed no regrets in the courtroom. That earned him a stiff six months in the city jail with no time off for good behavior. I was incensed that "Ralph" was sitting right on top of Doreen's bed and I couldn't even get in the door. The last picture she sent me was a little confusing because a pair of Doreen's pretty thongs was wrapped around Ralph's neck instead of his pretty ribbon. It almost looked like he was kissing the damn things with a devious intent.

I had asked Doreen for a pair of her used thongs one night after we had a real good anal session but she told me they were too expensive and she liked them too much to part with them. I suspected she was just being obnoxious not wanting me to get my jollies with them alone in the bed at home in the dark.

The sight of the silly Teddy Bear called Ralph with my Doreen's thongs around his neck was too much to bear. I had these images of her coupling with the toy like it was a lover and riding him hard until she exploded in a frenzy of female juices and shouts of joy.

To prove my point, I snuck into her bedroom when they were all downstairs eating a dried out roast that was so far overcooked, I suspected Doreen was instrumental in its preparation. I was supposedly visiting the washroom, but headed right to her room to set up a tiny spy cam in her air vent. It was in perfect working order and aimed right in the center of her pink fluffy bed. I was on my way home early because Doreen had complained of a terrible headache and I was only too glad to be on my way to view her activities on top of the soft fluffy bed.

It was pretty quiet until about 11PM when I saw my girlfriend come in from the bathroom wearing only flip-flops and an orange towel on her head to hold her wet hair. My hand went immediately to my crotch as soon as I saw her pretty cheeks bouncing with every step. I knew how tight her back door was and how much she liked stretching it for my thick cock. She pulled the big bear from the top of the bed and placed it underneath her in the middle of the bed. Doreen leaned forward and kissed the stupid toy right on his plastic lips and wrapped her naked legs around his brown shaggy hair. The cam had a little sound receiver and I could hear her talking to the fur ball like it was a real person.

"Oh, Ralph, I need it inside me real bad baby."

I could see her rubbing her naked body all over the silly thing and heard her groan like she was being made to take it like a bad girl waiting to be punished. I watched her hand move to her own backside and pull her cheek open to gain access to her tight little pucker hole. When she started to push her finger inside the special place, I knew she was starting to work up a fine orgasm on top of the life-sized toy.

She took the hairy paw and shoved it between her ass cheeks as hard as she could. I could see the bed moving with the force of her humping and pressing the toy down hard into the mattress.

The orgasm came with a whole lot of shaking and whimpering like she was getting it for the very first time. I began to wonder if her little acts of excitement were just an act to make me feel good and that she was not as enthused about my cock after all.

I wanted to run down to her house and beat the shit out of that son of a bitch Ralph for making my girl take it like that. Then, I saw her situate the bear's head right under her heart-shaped bottom and she rode his happy face with her ass crack until I could see the beads of sweat break out on her forehead. She was kind of half-gasping and half-whining now just before she lost all control and tried to rip his legs and arms off in a fit of uncontrollable passion. I had never seen anything like that before and I was suddenly a little sorry for poor Ralph because he didn't ask for any of this.

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