Lisa Plays at the Team Party

by R U Goode

Copyright© 2013 by R U Goode

Fiction Sex Story: Lisa chaperones the party for graduates from the high school football team, including her son, Dillon. When two black friends of her son, D, put something in her drinks, she ends up naked and playing with five black team members while her son watches. For Lisa the party ends when she leaves naked to find her way home.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   School   .

Lisa Gager pulled her car into the field next to the Washington house where she saw all the other cars parked. Just what I need, she thought, chaperone a party for the senior members of the high school football team. Even though they graduated, this was the first chance Coach Allen had to throw the party for them.

She climbed out of the car and straightened her sexy white dress. It was backless down to her waist with a zipper starting there and ending below her butt at the back of her thighs. She wasn't wearing a bra and the front exposed a lot of her 46DD white tits. She tugged it down even though it rode high up on her legs. Walking toward the house she smiled thinking, if I'm going to chaperone a party I might as well enjoy the boys stares and even a few whistles.

Coach Allen met her at the door.

"hi, Lisa, thanks for doing this. Now the bad news. I just got an emergency call and I've got to get home. You'll be the only chaperone here tonight. I hate to leave you like this but I've got to go."

"That's ok coach, I can handle a house full of high school boys and girls. You go. I hope it's not to serious."

After coach Allen left, Lisa walked through the living room and dining room saying hi to all the girls and boys. She told them all coach Allen left but she was here to chaperone. She talked with her son, Dillon known as D, who was standing with two of his team mates, Dex and Lamarr. Both boys eyed Lisa up and down. Their wicked grins told her what they were thinking. Lisa couldn't help thinking what a hot looking pair of boys they were. Their muscular black bodies stood out in the white t shirts they both wore. She gave them both a sexy glad you like what you see smile in return.

"I'm glad you could come Mrs. G.," said Lamarr, "Dex's parents wouldn't let us use their house without a chaperone."

Dex's parents, who were out of town, okayed the use of their house with chaperones for the party. The boys wandered off and Lisa found a spot on the wall near the hall door to lean on. She saw Lamarr and Dex at the drink table pouring spiked punch into three glasses. They glanced at her, talking and laughing. D watched from across the room as Lamarr, carrying his drink, walked over to his mom. D saw Dex pull out a packet and pour powder into one of the glasses and mix it up. Then Dex took both drinks and joined Lisa and Lamarr.

Handing the drink he put the powder in to LIsa, Dex said, "here Mrs. G. have a drink." D watched his mother take it and smile, then raise the glass to her lips and down some of it.

"Thanks, Dex, I need this. And please, boys, call me Lisa. Looks like a good party."

"Yea, all 15 guys showed up and 5 of the senior cheerleaders too. it's going to be fun."

"I'm sure it will be," said Lisa, finishing her drink. "Umm that was good."

"Here, Lisa, let me get you another,"said Dex, grinning at Lamarr as he took Lisa's glass and walked back to the drink table. Once there, Dex poured more spiked punch into Lisa's glass then added another packet of the powder and stirred it. D knew Lamarr and Dex bragged about the knock out powder with an aphrodisiac in it that they often gave girls to get them to have sex. He watched as Dex took the drink back to Lisa and handed it to her.

"You sure look hot tonight, Lisa." said Lamarr. "That dress shows more than it's covering."

Already getting a little glassy eyed, Lisa grinned at him and said, "are you complaining?" Sipping her drink, she felt the room getting hot but thought it was all the people in it.

"Oh, I'm not complaining. I like what I see," said Lamarr.

"Yea, your husband must get an eyeful when you take it all off," said Dex, as both boys laughed.

"He don't even notice any more," said Lisa, finishing her drink.

D watched as Lamarr rubbed his hand over Lisa's hip, slowly moving it to the front of her dress till he was rubbing her pussy. Dex traced her bust line, letting his fingers tickle the tops of her big white tits.

"Let me get you another drink, baby," said Dex, taking her glass and going back to the drink table. Once again, D watched Dex pour another packet of powder into Lisa's glass. Lamarr and Dex always bragged about how one packet was all they needed to get any girl out of her clothes. D knew they were about to give his mom her third packet in this drink.

Dex returned and held the drink up in front of Lisa, who couldn't see clearly to take it. Lamarr took the glass and held it to Lisa's lips. He tilted making Lisa drink until the glass was empty. Dex leaned against her, cupping one of her big tits in his hand, playing with it through the cloth, while whispering in her ear. Lamarr put the glass down and started rubbing her pussy again. D saw his mom smile and nod her head yes. Both boys took her arms and walked her out into the hall and up the stairs. D followed them.

Lamarr and Dex had Lisa half way up ther first set of steps when D gots into the hall. He watched the boys play with Lisa's ass. Then Dex slid his hand up to the top of the zipper at Lisa's waist. As she took one more step up, he pulled the zipper down all the way to the bottom of her dress. Her bare ass cheeks fell out the back of the dress and D saw the waist band of the thong his mom wore. Lamarr and Dex quickly grabbed her ass cheeks and began playing. Both boys laughed as they walked her up to the landing.

Reaching the landing they turned her around to start up the rest of the stairs. Still playing with Lisa's ass, the boys rubbed their free hands over her big tits, running their fingers under the top of her dresses bust line. They pulled the top of the dress out from her body and let it fall down to her waist. Lisa's big white tits bounced free as she stood there half naked. Each boy grabbed a tit and began sucking furiously on her nipples. Swaying, Lisa smiled as the boy's mouths excited her. Dex and Lamarr started walking her up the rest of the steps to the second floor.

Lamarr and Dex walked Lisa up two steps then stopped her. Together they slid her dress down over her hips and let if fall around her ankles. Lamarr slipped his fingers into the front and back of her thong and pulled it down to her dress. Dex ran his fingers over her pussy while Lamarr unhooked her shoes.

"Now Mami, kick off them shoes and step up one step," said Dex.

Lisa pushed off her shoes and stepped up to the next step, standing there completely naked. Lamarr picked up her thong, sniffed it and shoved it into his pocket. Just then three black boys from the team came to the top of the steps.

"Damn, Dex, Lamarr, how you get that fine bitch naked?" shouted one of them.

"Shit, Mrs. G. got some big fucking tits there," shouted another.

"How you two always get the good white pussy?" asked the third.

"You can get some too," said Dex, "help us get her in the bedroom."

Lamarr tossed Lisa's clothes up to the one of the boys who threw them onto a chair. Lamarr and Dex walked Lisa up the last few steps as the boys at the top reached out and grabbed her big tits and pussy. Lisa swayed and grinned at the boys as she let out a slight moan. They guided Lisa into the first bedroom and all five boys followed her in. D slowly climbed the stairs watching it all. Reaching the top, he looked at the closed door, then went down the hall to the bathroom.

The five black boys pushed Lisa down on the bed, watching her big white 46DD tits bounce all around. All five stripped naked and climbed onto the bed with her. Dex moved up to her head, grabbed her black curly hair, then rubbed his cock and balls all over her face. "Open wide mama, that's a big chocolate stick you gonna swallow," he said. Lisa smiled at him as Dex slid his big cock over her lips and into her mouth.

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