The Sisters of Depravity

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A husband has to attend a wedding that his wife refused to go to. He meets an accommodating female guest who makes it clear she wants sex and the more depraved the better. He obliges and stays the night, come morning meets her sister who know how to use her mouth - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Big Breasts   .

"Now you will attend the wedding and give our gift to Shirley", the woman said as the call to board came through the loud speaker. "Alice I will go to the wedding and I will give the gift to Shirley, if I can't give it to her personally I will put it with the other gifts. There will be a table or such like for them", her husband replied. With that she presented her boarding pass, gave a wave and disappeared down the corridor. With a shrug of his shoulders he walked towards the exit and the car park. 'Bloody wedding', he muttered to himself. 'The bride is one of her old school friends, I only know her slightly but one has to 'hold the flag'. The interesting thing about it is that she is attending the birthday of another school friend, one would think the wedding took priority but because it isn't a church wedding only one of those civil ones, my dear wife doesn't approve so the birthday girl gets the 'brownie points', he continued to mutter as he opened the car door.

The wedding wasn't a big show it was being held in the grounds of the groom's home and the reception was also on the same property, in a large marque. 'At least one doesn't have to travel from one venue to the other', he muttered as he put the gift on the table with others. 'Now what?' he asked himself as he stood around like a 'shag on a rock'. His question was answered when all were summoned to the large rose garden which had been decorated and to be fair it was attractive, it was here that the ceremony would be conducted and under a canopy of flowers a table had been set up for the signing of the various documents, something that he was grateful didn't take too long, it was then a matter of meeting the couple and exchanging best wishes and for him to offer an apology for his wife and whether the bride believed him was of no concern, he had done his duty and if it wasn't for the smorgasbord laid out in the marque he would have left.

To give the organizers full credit for the 'eats' that were available would have been his first comment if he had been asked. The 'eats' were a variety of everything, one could really indulge themselves and as he didn't know a soul he just moved from one section of the tables to the other, sampling what was on offer and to add to what was laid out a waitress with hot finger food was constantly circulating among the guests. "I certainly won't need to do any cooking tonight' said a voice behind him as he hovered over an assortment of fruit. He turned. The woman was average in height, not over attractive, but certainly not ugly, very plain would be his description of her facial appearance. Her bust was fair but not the melons he loved but she was the only person that had made an attempt to create a conversation, so he immediately responded.

"Yes you are right", he replied. "I give the caterers full points for their efforts, the cold and hot foods are very appetizing and I haven't even tackled the sweets".

"Neither have I", the woman said and then added. "I'm Sue. I know the groom not that well but sufficiently enough to be invited; we work together in the same office as do a number that are here".

"Trevor!" he replied. "I'm here to hold the flag for my wife, she knows the bride from her school days but she was also invited to an interstate affair, a birthday party with another school friend and it was that friend that scored her presence".

"You would think a wedding would take priority", she said as she took a hot sausage roll from the circulating waitress. "My wife is quite religious", he said as he also helped himself to the array of hot finger food. "She believes that a wedding should be a church thing, this is a civil one and I think that was the reason she is not here, privately she doesn't approve". The woman smiled and as she seemed quite happy to linger they proceeded to the table fully occupied with a 'mouth watering' selection of sweets.

As they sampled the array of 'goodies' she said. "I hope this is not a long night for I have to be home by nine o'clock for I have a carer minding my sister and I also will have to get a taxi; I came in one this afternoon". Whether it was a general comment at conversation or whether it was a hint to get a lift could be open to interpretation but Trevor took it as a hint and responded to what he believed was a her desire. "I'm a loose cannon, the wife's interstate visit is for a week. I would be delighted to drive you home", he said.

"Thank you Trevor" she cooed. "I would be so grateful". Her gratitude was not only in words, but physical as well, she now clung onto him so when they were invited to join the 'couple' on the dance floor; it was just natural to dance together. They danced cheek to cheek, like it had been decades ago when the Saturday night dances were the highlight of the week, so it wasn't surprising for their lips to meet, even if briefly, but it was an indication of how the dice was falling.

"How about we drift off into the shadows and have a decent kiss?" he whispered. She didn't reply but didn't hesitate in allowing herself to be

manoeuvred into the shadows of various shrubs. He kissed as he once had done, decades before, an occupation that was absent in his marriage, however, as he kissed he pushed hard against her groin and because of the light cotton of her skirt and then only the same material of her panties he felt the sponging bounce of a heavy haired growth between her legs. Without moving the closeness of her lips which had been nibbling at his ear whispered. "You said a kiss not a fuck". Maybe if she hadn't used the 'f' word he would have backed off and therefore ended a desire that was building that the lift home could be quite productive. She had said 'fuck' so now he threw caution to the wind and decided to open a full broadside. "It is a nice night wouldn't you like to feel my cock sliding up your cunt?" Seconds hadn't passed before she responded. "It will have to be 'doggie' style. I don't think the ground is too comfortable", she said with a giggle. She turned around hitched her skirt up and bent over. He pulled her panties down, revealing a beautiful lily white bottom. In seconds his cock was thrusting away and as it appeared and disappeared up that hair covered crack, she turned and between grunts, gasped. "Ram it hard, really fuck my cunt". A request he willing accomplished and as he emptied his balls with a thrust, she gave voice to pleasure and satisfaction.

Their duties that were required of guests at a wedding were fore-filled so it was a relief to be able to now drift off. Whether it was something that she was familiar with after being picked up and after a satisfying sexual adventure or whether it was because she hadn't put her panties back on, but she sat with the gear lever between her legs and every change of gears meant a decent 'finger fuck' and Trevor made certain there were a lot of gear changes. By the time she gasped, "I live here, park up the drive", her skirt was pulled up around her waste that heavy haired triangle was fully displayed and saliva was dripping down her chin. Her blouse was open and she had pulled her bra down so that one tit was fully displayed and she had continually pulled and squeezed the erect nipple that it was leaking. "If I didn't have to go in I would suggest we circle the streets again, I just loved what your fingers were doing. I'm so fucking randy and the quicker I can dismiss the carer the quicker we fuck; so lets go in", she gasped as she opened the door and got out.

The door opened before she used the key, the carer was middle aged, plump but not over the top, large breasts and short brown hair. She smiled at Sue and informed her that her sister had got up only once, had a drink and returned to her room. "She hasn't come out again", the carer said. "I did investigate but she was asleep". Sue thanked her and gave her a sealed envelope. The carer departed with a 'thank you'. "I'll just check up on Karen", Sue said as she left him standing in the lounge; it was only a brief visit, a matter of opening the bedroom door, a quick entrance and out again. "Now!" she said as she removed her blouse and undid her skirt. "Get undressed, I want your cock". By the time he had got his trousers off, she was fully nude. "Fuck you are fantastic", he said as he finally removed the last of his clothes. He didn't have to say 'suck it', she was down and slurping on his hardness and giving so much pleasure that he pulled her head hard into his groin so not a fraction of cock was out of her accommodating mouth. "Suck it, just keep sucking it", he groaned as he worked her head like a piston pulling it back and forth as her mouth slobbered over his entire length till it was dripping saliva. "Now we fuck", she said as she grabbed his cock and pulled him into her bedroom, then falling onto the bed pulled him on top of her, spreading her legs wide and as the cock head slip in among that forest of hair, gripped his bottom and pulled him forward so his cock slid with ease to the utter depths of her cunt, now he fucked, boy did he fuck.

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