Every Now and Then...

by Teloz

Copyright© 2013 by Teloz

True Story: If you're looking for stroke, this isn't it! Just a short, gentle, story about a couple of women it's been a privilege for me to see this summer. Not even a story really, just a slice of life. Life's pretty boring most of the time, but every now and then ... This was written over the course of a few hours, without benefit of an editor. All errors are mine, and I apologise for them in advance.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   True Story   Humor   Slow  

Nearly every day I go down to the local shop to pick up a few groceries, and a pack or two of cigarettes. I've got into the habit of sitting outside the shop in my disabled buggy, when the weather's fine anyway, smoking a couple of cigarettes, watching the antics of the shoppers as they play dodgems in the car park, and talking to any friends or acquaintances that happen to walk by. No, the buggy's not disabled, that's me, old and decrepit.

Of course, in the summertime, there's the added attraction of all the nubile young ladies! There's the horsey ones, in tight jodhpurs, young mums in tight jeans, and don't forget the teens, in skimpy shorts, or short skirts, all of them wearing tops that range from frumpy to skimpy. Before you say it I happily admit I'm a dirty old man, after all, I've been in training for more than sixty years. I get immense enjoyment from watching the ladies, but I'm harmless. Even if I felt inclined to make a nuisance of myself, the condition of my old body makes it impossible. I'm closer to seventy than sixty, and pretty knackered to boot.

A few weeks ago, I was lounging around as usual, parked next to the drain I use for an ashtray, enjoying the sunshine. I always park in that spot, with my back to the cash machine (ATM), I can see what's going on there in the mirrors on my buggy, I keep an eye out as sometimes the oldies less able than me get fucked up, and I give them a hand. This particular day must have been a Friday or Saturday evening, as a young couple walked past me to the cash machine, laughing and joking, touching each other as young people in love are apt to do. They were both well dressed, so I assumed they were going out for the evening, the young lady was wearing a short black dress, with a pleated skirt, and black tights. She was nice looking too, tall and slim, with long legs that seemed to go on forever.

Time for another confession, if you hadn't guessed from my mention of jodhpurs and tight jeans, I like looking at ladies bums. There's something uniquely arousing about a nicely shaped bum! I know, I know, breasts are great, but there's just something special about a nice bottom. Anyway, I digress.

The aforementioned young lady was busy working the cash machine, when for some unaccountable reason (to me, anyway), her boyfriend decided to lift her skirt. Whether it was the instinct of a dirty old man, luck, or coincidence, I don't know, but I just happened to be looking in my mirror when her beautiful panty-clad bottom was displayed, to my great delight. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a lewd display, she had on the tights and a pair of black briefs, so there was nothing showing that couldn't have been seen when she was wearing a swimsuit. Even her knickers were pretty ordinary, not overtly sexy, but the situation was sexy, a beautiful heart shaped bottom, displayed in my mirrors for my enjoyment.

I wish I could say I sprang an instant boner in my monster ten inch dick, but unfortunately, even at my best, I've never sported more than an average seven and a half inches, and although the boner would be delightful even so, "The spirit is willing, even though the flesh is a bin liner full of yoghurt!" to quote Stephen Fry, so nowadays I need a fortnight's notice, and a dose of Cialis, to get a woody. That doesn't stop me enjoying the look of a sexy woman though, and I can still see that black panty-clad bottom in my mind's eye.


I was sitting in the bright sunshine in my usual spot a couple of days ago, the temperature was pushing 30ºC, so it was really warm. A BMW Mini, with a Union Flag painted on the roof, rolled into the car park. I noticed it was a young lady driving, so being the old pervert I am, I kept an eye on the car to watch her get out, hoping she was wearing a short skirt, and that I'd get a flash of her smooth young thighs. My initial disappointment when she stuck a jeans clad leg out of the car soon evaporated.

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