The Soft-hearted Monster

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Danny was large and had muscles from hard labor every day. He had a reputation for delivering the goods that females flocked around to test in isolated alleys and basements in the neighborhood. Everything was looking good until Constable O'Toole managed to catch him in the act with Molly Malone pressing her hard into the brick wall of the funeral parlor. Then everything changed for poor Danny Donovan.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Size   .

My lawyer, Mrs. Greeley told me that I would be sent to a maximum security level prison for the remainder of my life and that I was lucky not to have gotten a more severe punishment. That kind of confused me a bit because it really felt like that was pretty severe to me.

I was going to just tell you my prisoner number DOC12662791 but I figure what is the point of being secretive since I won't be in any position to object to insults and jeers from the general public.

My name is Danny Donovan and I was born to immigrant parents with brogues so thick only people born in County Mayo could possibly understand a word they said even if it was supposed to be English. I was lucky to be under the care of Sisters of the Poor who beat the correct pronunciation of English into my tear-stained face. The good sisters seemed to make a special effort with me probably because I was a really big boy growing up and towered over my short father who barely came up to my shoulder. I also was overly fond of food and like to eat my poor family out of house and home.

My academic endeavors were cut short by the necessity to put food on the table so I joined my dad in the loading and unloading of cargo from the large transport ships that lined the piers only a short distance from our neighborhood. The heavy labor helped build my body into a hulking mass of muscle that made most men avoid getting into conversation with me unless forced to do so.

However, I discovered that most of the young girls and even some of the desperate for loving wives in the neighborhood were more than willing to talk to me and encourage me to display my love tool just to see if its size and girth matched my fearsome bulk. In fact, my long shaft was most impressive and soon a lot of the local females had dubbed it, "The Monster".

Since my parents were not comfortable having a cock-wielding youngster of 18 running around with females in his bed and room, I found that the best way to take care of business was to just push the girls up against the wall in a deserted hallway or the basement of some building nearby. I had some favorite spots but I generally just headed to the closest wall and banged them until I shot my load in their happy pussies.

My only rule was that I would not make any female under 18 take it and I would immediately cease all physical contact whenever any female told me to stop with a tone of sincerity. Sometimes they would immediately tell me to start again because it was just a ploy to show they were being made to do something and that they were not responsible for getting fucked standing up against a wall. I could easily understand that because most of the girls and the housewives were really good girls at heart and they just wanted a little bit of excitement in their lackluster lives.

I generally did at least one different girl each day and some days I did a couple of them if I felt really rambunctious and eager to hump. I like doing it standing up because the feel of having a pretty vagina stretched around my thick cock with the girl facing the wall was so inspiring that I drove my cock deep and true into their wet little pussies. Sometimes the girls would look over their shoulders at me and I could tell right where they were at in their approaching orgasm by the shine in their pretty eyes. I seldom played with their defenseless behinds because I felt it was a trifle unseemly and beyond my needs to achieve full satisfaction. However, some of the older women, usually the married ones, begged and pleaded with me to give it to them hard on their backside with my heavy rough hands. I was only too happy to oblige them because I liked the meaty sound of my hand on their plump rounded globes.

It was a quiet Friday night that I met up with Molly Malone who lived directly across the street from my parent's house. She was a little unsteady because she had already had a couple of beers down at McGinty's Alehouse and was in a very playful mood to be sure.

She almost dragged me into the alley between her house and the funeral parlor next door and told me to lift her skirts in the back.

"I want to be pounded by your "Monster" Mister Donovan. Show me no mercy!"

It didn't take me but the blink of an eye to get her bent forward and tight against the wall of the funeral parlor. My cock slid inside smoothly and I read the advertisement on the wall over her pretty head that promised complete satisfaction with all interment services or money cheerfully refunded. I thought it to be very amusing but restrained from laughing out loud for fear of disturbing Molly's concentration on the job at hand.

We were right on the final dash to the finish line when Officer O'Toole from the 13th Precinct stuck his head in the alley and said,

"What do we have going on here?"

I was already beyond the point of no return and delivered my load to pretty Molly's pussy moaning my happy release. Poor Molly was totally dismayed to realize the handsome Terrance O'Toole was viewing her bare bottom split wide open by my Monster cock.

"Oh, officer, please stop this awful fellow from abusing my poor bottom. I am Molly Malone and my father is Councilman Malone. A good girl I am."

I immediately withdrew from pretty Molly's buttocks and restored my huge cock inside the confines of my trousers. I showed Constable O'Toole the palms of my hands in a sign that he would not get any trouble from Danny Donovan.

At the instigation of Councilman Malone, the charges of felonious assault were drawn up and I faced a trial of 12 of my peers who listened to the long sordid story with little effort from my court-appointed Attorney Mrs. Greeley. She was a nice middle-aged woman with several children but she still insisted that I reenact the entire scene in the alley with her facing the cement wall of my small cell. We had complete privacy because of the Attorney-Client privilege and I more than happy to pound her pretty upper-class arse against the barren wall. We did it every time we were alone and she did her best for me but was faced with the political influence of the Councilman on the other side.

I guess I was lucky they didn't string me up for a worse crime even if I was only fulfilling a young girl's dream of satisfying a Monster.

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