The Gunsmith and the Police Officer

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2013 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: romance story about a handsome gunsmith and a beautiful female police officer.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   White Male   White Female  

Gunsmith Robert Barnes is on his way to work when he hits traffic heavy traffic. For the next 45 minutes Robert sits in the traffic until it finally clears and he is able to get to his destination his gun store, once he is at his gun store Robert parks his car in his usual parking place. After shutting the car's engine he takes off his seat belt gets out of the vehicle. Then he unlocks the front door of his business and goes inside. Once he is inside he turns on the open sign and gets ready for business.

All day long Robert is swamped with customers in his little gun shop. Then two hours before closing time Robert's good friend police officer Miss April Smith walked into the store carrying a small gun case He quickly walked over to the waiting area of the gun counter. Then he said to her "Hi April how can I help you"?

April cleared her throat then she looked at Robert and she said "Robert my service revolver needs to be cleaned would you please clean it for me?" Robert opened the case and he saw April's service revolver a S&W Model 10-14.38 caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel. After making sure the revolver was unloaded he looked it over and he saw that it was incredibly dirty. Then he said to her "April my dear cleaning this revolver is going to take a little while so please look around the store as much as you want I will be back as soon as I can."

Then Robert carried April's service revolver into the back room and proceeded to clean the weapon. He cleaned it thoroughly so thoroughly in fact that it almost looked like a brand new gun. After giving it one final inspection he carried out of the back room and to the main gun counter, placed the freshly cleaned gun into its case, then he closed the case and handed over to April. She picked up the gun case and was getting ready to leave the store when Robert suddenly blurted out. "April would you like to have dinner with me on Friday night?"

Without skipping a beat April turned around, walked back up to the gun counter and she replied "Robert I would love to have dinner with you Friday night." Then she left the store. When Friday night arrived Robert got home, he showered and shaved then he put on his best suit and he got into his car and he drove to April's house. When he got to her house he got out of his car and he walked up to her front door then he knocked on the door politely.

10 minutes later April came out of the front door wearing a very bright blue dress after locking her front door she put her keys in her purse, then she put her arm around Robert and they walked out to his car got into it, put on their seatbelts then they drove to the restaurant for their dinner date.

When they got to the restaurant Robert parked his car in a parking place then he turned off the engine, they the couple took off their seatbelts and got out of the vehicle. Once they were out of the vehicle Robert saw that there was a large mud puddle between the parking lot and the restaurant's front door. So he picked April up and carried her to the Restaurant's front door. When they got to the front door Robert gently put April down. Then he opened the door and they walked into the Restaurant and they were warmly greeted by a well-dressed waiter. Robert cleared his throat then he looked at the waiter and he said. "Sir I have a reservation for two under the name of Robert Barnes."

The waiter looked through the reservation book for several minutes then he found the reservation and he said. "Ah yes Mr. Barnes I see you have reserved the best table in the house please follow me". The young couple followed the waiter to their table and they were seated he handed them menu's and left the table. For the next several minutes Robert and April looked over the menu and decided what they wanted to eat for dinner.

When they waiter returned to the table April and Robert gave him their dinner order. The waiter wrote it down then he carried it to the kitchen for the cooking staff to cook for April and Robert. A little while later the waiter returned to the table with April and Robert's dinner, after saying grace they ate. When they finished eating Robert paid the bill then they got up to leave after the got outside the Restaurant Robert picked April up again and carried her to the parking place where he parked his car. Once they were safely in his car, they put on their seat belts then Robert started up the engine and drove April home once he got her home they shared a kiss goodnight Robert got back into his car and he drove home.

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