Birthday Girl

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2013 by Prince von Vlox

Erotica Sex Story: It's Robin's birthday. Her co-workers at Hubbard help her celebrate it in their own unique way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

"Do you get good things on your birthday, Grandma?" Johnny asked.

Robin Masters smiled. "Yes, dear, Grandma gets lots of good things on her birthday."

"I mean where you work."

"There, too, dear." Robin pulled over to the curb. "Okay, have fun at school today!"

Johnny slid out of the car. "Love you, Grandma!" He ran toward the school entrance.

Robin watched until he'd run inside, then checked the traffic—always chaotic just before classes started at the elementary school—and pulled out. She turned up the radio's volume slightly, though she really wasn't listening to it. Another day, another dime before taxes. That's what everyone said, and there were times she agreed with that view. It was hard to believe it was her 50th birthday. She knew she looked young for her age. More than a few people, women as well as men, though she was in her mid-to-late 30s. She worked hard to keep her figure and looks. She knew it was a losing battle, but she wasn't going to submit to age gracefully. It was only going to claim her after she put up as ferocious a fight as possible.

She stopped in the lobby to get her usual breakfast, a cup of yogurt and a cup of black coffee. Since it was her birthday she decided to splurge and bought a granola bar. She might get to it, or might not. It depended on how busy the phones were.

She nodded politely to a few people she knew only by sight, a spare woman of medium height with her dark hair styled fashionably in something easy to care for. Today she was wearing her light blue long-sleeved blouse and her navy blue slacks. She carried her sweater over one arm; it got cold, sometimes, and you came prepared.

"Morning Doreen," she said when she got to the Receptionist's Desk on the Ninth Floor. By then she had clipped her badge to a belt loop. Doreen smiled politely. Robin used her keycard to unlock the gate, and again to unlock the door. Then, in the main room, she proceeded directly to her desk.

She was a few minutes early. She used that to read any email, take a sip of coffee, and get herself organized. Finally she plugged the headphone jack into the socket.

She was an SME, down here on the Ninth Floor to help this particular team in Customer Service with any problems. They were still shaking down into shape, but it was felt another couple of weeks should allow her to return to her own team on the Tenth Floor. Hubbard & Associates believed strongly in mentoring, and that's what she was doing these days. It wasn't as stressful, or as boring, as regular customer service. It did keep her on her toes, though. These people were still making some beginner mistakes. If the company hadn't expanded so fast they all would have gone through an already existing team and the mentoring wouldn't have been necessary. That wasn't the way it worked out, though.

She spent the next hour listening in on calls, cutting in after one or two to discuss the call with one of the reps and showing them ways they could have handled things better, but otherwise just listening to the constant babble of voices in her ears.

She did get to the granola bar. It remained about half-eaten in her desk drawer, though because a message had popped up about 10:30. "You are invited to a birthday partying Meeting Room 10-F at 12:00."

Robin smiled at the message before keying her acceptance. Where else would you be invited to your own surprise birthday party?

The team she was mentoring had the lunch hour off. Later on they would divide their lunch into two or even three shifts, but during training they were encouraged to go all at the same time. HR believed that it built a form of unity. Robin sighed. Whatever. It was better for her, though.

She logged out and taped a note to the front of her terminal that she was in a meeting. Then she gathered her sweater and headed for the elevators.

Access to the Tenth Floor required a proper keycard, and that was just the start. She had two security doors to get through before she was in a room filled with lockers. The floor was warm—Ms. Hubbard, the owner of the company, had insisted on radiant heat as well as a complete HVAC system—and Robin wiggled her toes in the carpet after removing her pumps. Her slacks and panties went into her locker as well as her sweater. She felt freer than she had all day.

She took a deep, appreciative breath of the sweet-smelling air. She'd tried to identify what it was in the air, but could only say it was something floral. Whatever it was, though, it seemed to charge her blood. She felt more alive, more eager than she had all day.

A half-naked woman walking down the aisle would have stopped everyone in their tracks anywhere but Hubbard * Associates. Here she got a few nods, and that was it. The women were mostly just as bare as she was, that is from the waist down. The men were, too, the difference being that their cocks wobbled and wiggled as they walked. A few of those cocks were a bit redder than others, suggesting they'd been used recently.

Meeting Room 10-F was down one side of the building. Like all meeting rooms, it had windows that let in light and let you see out, but no one was looking in. That was good as they might have seen things they weren't supposed to in an American business office.

"Hey everybody!" she called as she walked into the meeting room. She was greeted by a chorus of Hi's!" and a few waves. Some of the voices were muted a bit as the women who gave them were also giving blow-jobs.

Half the team were already naked, and she lost no time in removing the rest of her clothing. She rubbed her bared breasts. She'd worn a bra every day since she was 13 and still didn't like them. She could never find the right size, or the right fit. If she didn't want her boobs to be staring at her toes in a few years she would have stuffed them in a drawer and forgotten them.

"It's the birthday girl!" George said, coming over. His cock was already hard, and it poked Robin in her hip as he gave her a hug and a kiss.

One thing about her team, the women weren't shy. They gave her hugs, too, and not the chaste ones favored by most women, but full-body ones, though their kisses fell on Robin's cheeks, not her lips.

"We have everything ready," Alexa said. She took Robin by the arm and led her to a chair. "You sort of kneel in the seat of the chair, and hold on to the arms or back. The vibrator is here." She put her hand on the round knob. "We aren't using the slim one because something else will go there."

"Do I move, or does it get positioned?"

"Both. You can adjust the strength, and move back and forth to get it right. The guys will take care of the rest." She said this last with a smile.

Robin licked her lips in anticipation. "Where's the goop? I can't wait."

Robin squirted a large glob of petroleum jelly in her fingers and rubbed it all through the folds of her sex, especially at her entrance. Then, amidst calls of encouragement, she knelt in the chair and gripped where Alexa said she should. There was a rheostat in her right hand. She felt Alexa and someone else move the vibrator until it was in contact between her legs. She turned it on, jerking in surprise at the sensation.

"Okay boys," Kelly called, "I think she's ready."

"Fill me up!" Robin added.

The vibration against her clit felt good, but not as good as the first cock sliding into her. That whole part of her was hanging out in the open, and the guys were lining up to take advantage of it.

She had no idea how the guys had decided who went first, or how they were dealing with the come left by their predecessors. That wasn't her concern. All she felt was a seemingly endless series of cocks. Each one seemed to get deeper, opening her more and more. Somehow she was able to take each of them. Somehow they all felt large and hard, and every one of them came, groaning or grunting their release. Through it all she felt the steady vibrations driving her up to that point where she couldn't hold back. She'd come, and then feel it all start over again, more cock, more vibrations.

Finally the last guy had come in her. Then Alexa was on the floor and somehow Robin was over the woman's face, the come so recently deposited in her dripping and oozing into her mouth. She did the same to Kelly, and again to Virginia.

The rule was simple: every guy had to come with Robin first. After that they could have fun with the others. There were six guys on the team, and four women, counting Robin. When she finished dripping come into Virginia's mouth she looked around a little dazedly. Kelly and Alexa were both already involved with guys. A third guy was kneeling between Virginia's legs. That left three guys.

Robin wasn't sure she could take much more. Her whole middle was still vibrating, but George came over, his cock jutting out fiercely. She liked the idea of taking a guy the regular way, and so she took him by the cock and after a few licks, she lay on a blanket, her head on a pillow. George was right there, not wasting time. She felt him position his hardness against her entrance, and caught her breath as he pushed in.

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