The Disabled Private Detective

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2013 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: Story about a private detective who is disabled.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   White Couple  

Private Detective Clifford Ripley is on his way to his favorite gun store to get his work gun cleaned by the store's gunsmith, when he hits a traffic jam. Clifford hits his car horn several times but the traffic refuses to move. After sitting in the traffic jam for over an hour, it finally clears up and he is finally able to get to his destination.

Clifford parks his pickup truck in the disabled parking place; he shuts down trucks engine, removes his seat belt, then he gets his wheelchair out of the truck bed. After he gets into the wheelchair he pushes himself, to the front door of the gun shop and pushes the automatic door button that operates the front door of the gun shop. After the door opens he goes inside and heads for the main gun counter.

The store's most beautiful employee Miss Amy Washington is standing behind the main gun counter waiting for him. After some brief small talk, Clifford explained to Amy that he needed his work gun cleaned;

Clifford reached under his jacket and removed his S&W Model 10-14.38 caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel that served at his work gun, after unloading the revolver Clifford handed it over to Amy and she took the weapons into the back room of the Gun shop so the gunsmith could clean them while Clifford waited for his revolver to be cleaned he looked around the HUGE gun shop. 1 hour later Amy alerted Clifford to come to the main Gun Counter over the Gun Store's P.A. System.

Clifford quickly went over to the main gun counter Amy handed Clifford his S&W Model 10-14, he reloaded it and put it back into the Diamond D custom Guides Choice chest holster that he carried it in.

After paying the small gun cleaning fee that the store charged he headed for the exit, Clifford was about to push the automatic door button that controlled the door. When he realized that he had another question that he needed to ask Amy.

So Clifford turned his wheelchair around and pushed it back to the main gun counter. He called Amy's name and she walked over to the section of the Gun counter were Clifford was sitting, and waiting for her then he looked into her beautiful eyes and he began to speak. "Amy you and have been friends for a very long time. We have been through a lot things together. What I am trying to say is Amy would you like to go the movies with me Friday night?"

Amy looked at Clifford's handsome clean shaven face and she said to him "Clifford I would love to go to the movie's with you on Friday night." Then she took a scratch pad out of her pocket and she wrote down her home phone number and address on the piece of paper and handed it to Clifford.

Clifford took the piece of paper from Amy, opened the front pocket of his removed his wallet from the pocket of his denim jacket and put the piece of paper in the same wallet pocket that he kept his Driver's license in.

After putting the wallet back into the pocket of his denim jacket told Amy good bye and left the store, got into his pickup truck and he headed home. When Friday night rolled around Clifford went over to his bed took off his jacket, chest, holster and his S&W Model 10-14 and laid these items right next to his date clothes.

Then he got into the shower and he showered and he shaved again. After drying off he put on his boxer shorts and socks then he went back into his bedroom put on his date clothes, after applying a small amount of aftershave Clifford he put on his chest holster and revolver then his jacket and he closed it up.

Then they young detective went out the door of his house got into his truck and he drove to Debbie's house. When he got to Debbie's house Clifford parked his truck nearby, unhooked his seatbelt, opened the driver side door, got out of the vehicle, then he firmly grabbed the side of the truck bed. Then Clifford pulled himself hand over hand to the truck tailgate.

After pulling the tailgate down, sat down on it, then he grabbed his wheelchair unfolded it, put the seat cushions onto the wheelchair seat then he got into the wheelchair hooked his wheelchair seat belt up. Then he pushed his wheelchair to Debbie's front door. When he got to her front door he knocked politely very politely.

After a long wait Amy Came out of her house dressed in a nice casual dress and matching shoes. After some brief small talk they made their way down to Clifford's truck He opened the passenger side down and Amy sat down on the passenger seat and put on her seatbelt.

After got his wheelchair into the truck bed he made his way to the driver side truck door opened it, then he got into the driver seat, fastened his seatbelt, started the truck's engine and off they went to the movie's.

When they got to the movie theater Clifford parked his truck in a disabled parking spot, shut down the truck's engine, and then he removed his seatbelt, opened the driver side door. Made his way to the truck bed and got his wheelchair out of the vehicle.

Once he was safely in the wheelchair he went to the passenger side of his truck and opened the door for Amy. After locking up his vehicle they left they parking lot and went into the movie theatre picked out the movie that they wanted to see.

After paying for the movie tickets they went into the theatre where the movie was playing and they watched the movie. Two hours later when they movie ended they exited the theatre and made their way to the lobby.

They were about to head outside and head home when it started to rain. After finding a place to sit in the lobby of the movie theatre, Amy looked at Clifford and she said "Clifford it looks like we are going to be here for a while, would you mind telling me about yourself? I know so little about you and you never talk about your family."

Clifford cleared his throat then he began to speak. "Amy my life is very boring, I am a Christian I go to church every Sunday, I was born and raised in Kansas my Grandpa is a world war 2 veteran, my grandma is a retired nurse, my mom is a high school math teacher, my dad is a retired Army Sergeant and he served in the Special Force aka the Green Beret's.

When I was 18 years my uncle Clifford died of bone cancer and he left me his private detective business and he also left me his vacation house. So I moved here to Indiana to take over my Uncles private detective business before I left Grandpa and dad presented me with a gun safe.

That contained his m1 carbine and his 1911a1.45 caliber service pistol. Dad included a Beretta 92F 9mm pistol which is an exact duplicate of the m9 he carried when he was in the army. I have many hobbies and interests my main interest is spending time with my family but I don't get to do that very often. Then he pulled out his wallet and showed Debbie pictures of his family.

When Clifford finished speaking Amy looked at him and she said "Wow you do have a very interesting life I don't think that is boring at all. I think you have a very nice life story. " Then Debbie told Clifford her own life story about growing up in Mississippi and Clifford quietly sat next to her and listened to her patiently.

By the time Amy finished telling her life story to Clifford the rain storm finally stopped. So the young couple quickly exited the movie theatre. They got into Clifford's truck and he drove Amy home. After a few good night kisses Amy went inside her house. Then Clifford got back into his truck and he drove home.

Once he was at home Clifford got out of his truck went inside his house went straight to his bedroom and he went to sleep. Over the next 2 years Clifford and Amy dated and got to know each other very well. They even took a trip to Clifford's hometown in Kansas and Clifford introduced Amy to his family and they all loved her.

They also took a trip to Amy's hometown in Mississippi to meet her parents but unfortunately Amy's parents did not like Clifford because of his disability and his occupation. They criticized Amy for dating Clifford She did her best to defend her boyfriend Clifford unfortunately Amy's parents refused to stop criticizing and mistreating him. So the young couple was forced to cut the trip short and return to Indiana.

Finally one day Clifford was out in the field doing some surveillance work for one of his client's when he realized that it was time to propose to Amy. When his surveillance work was done he went home and he looked over his finances, and he realized that he did not have enough money in his savings account to buy an engagement ring for Amy. So he considered using his emergency credit Card to buy her engagement ring. For 13 days and 13 nights of thinking lots of thinking, Clifford got up, dressed ate breakfast then he went to the desk drawer where he kept his emergency credit card.

Clifford looked at the card for a few minutes and he realized that the card did not have a preset spending limit, because of this credit card feature he could go out and buy the most expensive engagement ring the jewelry store had.

But he also knew that it if he did that it would take him the rest of his life to pay the credit card debt off.

He also knew that Debbie was a very modest and very humble young woman and she would NOT want the most expensive engagement ring. She would want a ring that was beautiful but modest. So with these thoughts in mind, Clifford locked up his house got into his truck and drove to Wal-Mart.

When he got to Wal-Mart he parked his truck in a disabled parking place, got out of his truck got his wheelchair out of the vehicle then he got into the vehicle and pushed his wheelchair into the store and went straight to the jewelry department. Clifford looked at every single engagement ring that Wal-Mart had for sale in there Jewelry department.

Until he saw a simple gold ring with medium size diamond on top of it. Clifford asked to see the ring. He carefully inspected the ring. He noticed that on the outside perimeter of the ring that there was some fancy yet tasteful engraving. He also noticed that inside the ring there was a small amount of space that could be engraved.

So Clifford had the phrase I Love You engraved on that part of the ring. After paying for the ring, Clifford put it in his shirt pocket then he left the store, got into his truck and drove to Debbie's house. When he got to Debbie's house Clifford parked his truck across the street.

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